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Comfortable but Workmanship disappointing

Purchased queen bed mattress, doona, pillows and herbal underlay approx 6 yrs ago. One thing they neglected to advise was that the mattress was not ideal for anyone with menopause. I find the mattress very comfortable but I am unable to maintain a good night sleep because of the heat generated due to my menopause. I know it is the mattress as I have not had problems on numerous other mattresses and it’s because of the type of material its made of.
On the other hand my husband loves it for the support and comfort it provides. We originally purchased it because of his bad knees and leg problems. He also loves his pillow.
Unfortunately, the stitching unravelled on side of the mattress cover a few years after purchasing it and we have been extremely careful not to unravel any further. Now, today the zipper pull came apart from the zipper on the mattress cover. Frustrating... I think for the price, the stitching and zipper could have been of better quality considering how long the mattress is suppose to last.

Product Quality
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Hi Rob, Thanks for your comments and feedback. If you would like to get in touch on 1300 858 139 or at enquiries@wenatex.com.au we can see if there is anything that we can do to resolve the issue you are having with the mattress cover. Kind regards Andrea (Wenatex The Sleep System)

We are new owners of a Wenetex king size bed plus linen and doona

We are so pleasantly surprised with the comfort of the bed and the ability to adjust the support frame for individual sleep patterns.
Bart, David and Andrea were extremely professional and co-operative to deal with and we would recommend the Wenetex products to anyone who is trying to sleep in comfort, particularly if they have the same issues as me in dealing with ongoing pain after breaking my back in a car accident.

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Hi Louise, Thanks so much for your feedback. We are so pleased that you are sleeping well and enjoying your Wenatex products. All the best Wenatex The Sleep SystemHave a good week Andrea Louise

Best mattress ever!

I have had a Wenatex mattress for years & wouldn’t sleep on anything else. I have a bad back & never wake up with aches & pains.friends who have slept on it reckon best night ever

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Hi Anne, Thanks so much for taking the time to give feedback. We are thrilled that you are so happy with your Wenatex mattress and wish you many more happy nights with Wenatex. All the best Wenatex The Sleep System

Best bed ever

We bought our bed at an afternoon show & we have had it for 10 years. Couldn't be without it.

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Thanks so much Kerry for your review. We are so pleased that you are enjoying your Wenatex bed, even after 10 years. All the best Wenatex The Sleep System

Fantastic mattress and service

We live in Brisbane and we have 3 wenatex mattresses in our house. I bought my first one about 12 years ago. I have had a spinal fusion 18 years ago and couldn't get comfortable on any bed. I slept at a friends house and woke in the morning feeling amazing and had to have the bed we had slept on. So we bought a wenatex. My visitors are always so happy when they stay because they get a fantastic nights sleep.
We now have the electric bed which is amazing. Our motor on one side stopped working and the same day it was fixed. I highly recomend this mattress.

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Hey, Thank you for sharing your experience! We are so glad you can get comfortable in bed now and enjoying our sleep systems. Thank you


People laugh when I tell them I paid nearly 300$ for a pillow but when u put in perspective you spend half your day lying on it so why not especially if it’s as comfortable as a WENATAX!

I want to get one for my husband here in nz can you tell me where please.

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Hello, Thank you for your review! We are so glad you are enjoying the pillow. You can contact us at enquiries@wenatex.com.au and we can organise posting one to New Zealand for you. Thank you

Our best buy ever!

We have also had our mattress for about 10 years now - bought at a demo afternoon - and cannot imagine life without it! We even took it with us when we used to do house-sitting. My husband was originally very sceptical (given the claims and the price) but even he now swears by it. I no longer have back aches or hip joint soreness. Another big plus: No more "partner disturbance" as this mattress does not transfer the movement from tossing & turning! Our best buy ever!

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Hey Marianne, Thank you for your review! We are very happy to hear you are loving our mattress. Thank you

I have slept in beds through my working life throughout Australia and have never experience a bed li

My 85 year old Mother suggested to sleeping on the bed as i am a Insulin Dependent 22 years, Best thing Mum told me to Do. I would not trade it in as i have Sheets And Pillow, And now no wet pillow from Dribbling ... You no what Old Age can do ...

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Hey Rob, Thank you for sharing your experience we love hearing it! Thank You

Fantastic bed, has done my back wonders

All good reviews from me for Wenatex, I was sleeping on a old spring bed that was very soft(I though was comfortable). Moving to a Wenatex bed was hard to adjust to at first but 1 week in and I'm feeling great every morning. And now i cant sleep on any other mattress. No more back pain!
Thank Wenatex

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Hey Jon, Thank you for your review! We are very happy to hear you are enjoying your Wenatex bed and sleeping better!

BAD Wenatex..!

BAD Bed..! mine is already squeaking in the under bed and I've got no support from the vendor!
They have send me to Ortho-tex this company replied a couple of times but done nothing as well.

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Hey Sandy, You can call us on 1300 585 139. Thanks

Lump in middlel of bed

I suggest when you unzip the mattress cover you will find that the herb underlay has bunched up in the middle. Simply straighten the overlay and the mattress will be smooth again.

I have had my doona and 2 pillows now for nearly 2 years and I cannot live without them..take them w

My purchase was in Coburg Victoria, from a rep... and I just love them...
Cant get to sleep without my own bedding.

Wenatex Bed and Doona

Four years ago I purchased from a visiting Wenatex distributor a Wenatex Queen bed, doona. and 2 pillows. The bed was delivered and installed within days and is still as good as new . The mattress has not lost support and is easy to turn over, which I do every every 6 months. The doona washes up beautifully and the filling stays in place - big bonus!.

Due to a power surge the little black box that operates the up and down mechanism blew its fuse. I called the Brisbane services department and they were here within 4 days with a new box. Problem solved at no cost. Such good service, and such an ethical company to deal with.
I cannot imagine I will ever need a new mattress in my lifetime due to the excellent quality of this product.

I tried to give the products 5 stars but the last star rating it as excellent would not work.

Hump in the middle

We purchased our bed 16 months ago and have a massive hump in the middle, you feel like you are on a mountain top when in the middle and if you try to sleep off centre you roll back to the edge, not happy and cannot find a contact number to report it.

Best bed I have ever slept on I am 73 years old slept in many beds at last I HAVE purification

I was pleasantly surprised by this sleep system absolute delight to sleep on the Wantex bed the best nights sleep night after night even if I have a short nap I do not want to get up I use it in conjunction with an electric throwover blanket.

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We have had our bed for about 9 years. No problem. Use to get headaches and stiff neck. No more. The pillows do get a bit flat with time, but after you wash them they come up and every year just add a bit more filling. No problem.

The worst

I have had the pillow for about 5 years and I regret it ever since it is the worst pillow I have slept on. I wake up with a stiff neck every morning, can't believe I paid so much money for it!


Purchased the Q size delux mattress in 2014 and still get headaches and sleepless nights .
We contacted wenatex about 8 months ago they said some one will get in contact with us and still no phone call.
Yesterday my partner rang the finance company to see what is going on with wenatex , she was informed that wenatex in Perth is gone and if she had rang 8 months ago she could have gotten out of the contract but not anymore.
My question is what ever happened to warranty but no one seems to be able to give us answers
I don't think that these mattresses are worth the money we pay
Wenatex do the right thing and replace your faulty product or give us our money back!

Fabulous mattress

It is quite simply the best mattress that my partner and I have ever slept on.I look forward to bed-time now instead of the sleepless tossing and turning events that used to be the norm for the both of us.I don't have back ache any more and we thought that the initial presentation was truthful.
I'm not too sure about the doonas however-they are a bit too warm for Sydney..but only a bit.
We've had the bedding now for about 12 months and they still look as good as new-I'm looking forward to the next 12 months ...of nights!

Must depend on your own preferences

We have had a double and single mattress with herbal underlay and winter doona for 8 years and both still going strong. Still giving us a good nights rest and how difficult we find it when we sleep elsewhere. I admit my pillow now needs a top up, but still very serviceable.

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Dear Sir/ Madam Are you still salling your wonderful product Pedimol 55 Cream? I have use this product for many years. and would like to order some more .looking forward to hear you . Regards: Johannes Bon .
1 answer
Hello Johannes, Thanks for your message. Yes, we certainly are selling pedimol. We now stock the pedimol 110, which is the 110ml tube. You can either purchase online at www.pedimol.com.au, or we can take your order over the phone. Feel free to contact us on 1300 858 139. Kind regards Andrea Wenatex The Sleep System

I posted a review about my pillow and how very disappointed I am with it. Its lumpy and very uncomfortable. I would not be complaining if I hadn't paid the ridiculous large amount of money for it. I was originally promised some more stuffing to be sent to me. I never arrived!!!!
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Hello Wenatex Team, We own from new a Queen size V EL bed on wenaflex base with all the Wenatex trimmings. We experienced a power cut and, from the time the power was re-established the two electric motors are out of order. Connections and power supply to controls have been checked and testing OK. Is there a reset function? Please forward a solution to this situation. Best regards [details removed]
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Hi Philippe, Thanks for getting in touch. We'll give you a call to work out how best to resolve this issue. It may be as simple as resetting the motor. Regards Wenatex The Sleep SystemI wish I could help,but I only have the mattress. So I don't know the solution. Sorry about thatThanking you Kerry for the input. Regards PhiLippe K.

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