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Wertheim Dog and Cat W2000/2500

Wertheim Dog and Cat W2000/2500

W2000 and W2500
3.2 from 47 reviews

Best vacuum especially for dogs!

We have short hair working dogs who lose hair constantly. This vacuum is so quick and easy to use. Great suction to pick up everything and it’s high speed suction makes it super quick to do so on tiles/carpet and timber floor and I don’t need to repeat vacuum/mop all the time. The variety of heads are also super useful for different surfaces.

Date PurchasedDec 2017

Poor Design Leading to Frustration

This model has a few good features but lots of negative ones that make it a flop.
The Pros: The large wheels at the back make it easy to move. It is lightweight so it is easy to pull around and occasionally tips over, but I do not see this as a hassle.
The Cons: The tubing is upside down with the extension button at the bottom so when you have to extend it, you have to stop, reach down to the head end and extend, if you want to retract, the same process has to happen again. The pipes are fluted against the air flow which results in fluff and dust collecting at the attachment points. This results in dumping dust on the floor when you change attachments. There is no place to store attachments or to travel around with you, so you have to carry them in your pocket. The 2000W is has mild suction and requires a second go over carpets but Wooden floors are great. The attachments do not click into place and as they slip on and become misaligned and have to be removed with force and reattached. I can see that eventually the attachment will no longer stay in place as the piping and connecting areas will wear out requiring the parts to be replaced.
Overall I would give this a miss and spend a bit more and buy the other German brand.

Date PurchasedAug 2018

good at start until motor burnt out

the vaccum was sold to us as a great high quality european from Godfreys. Quite honestly it was fantastic at first, however after couple of years of use (although we took it back for maintenace to Godfreys as part of the deal) the motor burnt out without any pre-warning without any previous issues. we change the bag and keep the machine clean however this has been a dissapointing over-hyped machine by Godfreys.

Date PurchasedJun 2015

OK machine but Godfreys not great

This machine is alright but I felt majorly "sold to" by Godfreys and would not shop there again. They made me believe that Wertheim is the same as Miele or Bosch and kept on emphasising it as a high quality European brand when really its their own house brand and they push them to make to maximum profit - machine is OK godfreys, not so much

Date PurchasedOct 2016

very hard to change heads also very hard to push on the carpet . The suction is good. Almost too goo

I have tiles and a synthetic carpet. I had a berber before which the cleaner handles well. But very hard to push on longer pile. I am disappointed with the performance on the carpet as it takes too long because I have to push it too hard, even with the turbo. I have to have it on the low setting as it pulls the whole carpet The normal head is even harder to use if I use the higher setting.I would not recommend it for longer pile.
It is good for tiles as the suction is good but it is very noisy.It does vacuum the pet hair which is the main reason why I bought it as it was specified that it is good for pet hair. This is correct.
It is too hard to manage on my carpet. My old cleaner was much easier to manage. It feels like a workout when I do my carpet. I don't think it is easy to manoeuvre either it fell over as I pulled it today.

Date PurchasedJun 2018

Mixed bag - good motor bad body!

Where to start with this? It's a mixed bag.We definitely got "sold to" with this. We went into Godfreys wanting a Miele and got told that this was much better. It turns out that its their house brand and they make a lot on these models. It actually performs pretty solidly - it has a lot of solid suction that doesn't die off to badly as it fills BUT the plastics they use are not good and the wheels came off within the year. We still have it and it still works (no wheels) but I won't be buying from Godfreys again, they are manipulative!

Date PurchasedJan 2017

fantastic machine

fantastic machine - I've had this product for over 3 years and it is still going strong
fantastic suction power for what I need it for - I only have tiles and hardwood floors in the house and also use the turbo brush for the car mats when they need a clean

great compact machine - highly recommended

only downside is that the wheel on the standard brush head is rather noisy

Date PurchasedApr 2015

Worst vacuum cleaner EVER

This is the first time I have ever spent any real money on a vacuum cleaner and I'm so disappointed. I have to sweep before I vacuum or it clogs. It clogs all the time and won't suck. I should have stuck to my cheap Bunnings vacuum. I spend more time unclogging it than actually vacuuming.

Date PurchasedFeb 2018

Not A Good Vacuum

I wanted to get a top notch vacuum like a Miele and somehow got sold this by Godfreys. They suggested it was better in every way but after two years of use I feel annoyed and ripped off. Its build quality is just not up to scratch and both wheels have already fallen off so we just drag it around now.
I knew the first time I used it that it was a not that good and it does a poor job at picking up dog hair. You can feel it just doesn't have the suction requited on flat bits of carpet.
I cannot recommend this machine. I wish I hadn't bought it.

Date PurchasedSep 2016

Great product

Purchased this after my previous vaccum stopped working. Very happy with it great suction and all only downside is its abit heavy but ither that that very good.
I liked that it comes with interchangeable heads for different flooring type, was good for me as my house has every type of floor

Date PurchasedJan 2017

Decent vacuum for the price

If your wanting a vacuum that will blow you away, spend more money. This vacuum is cheap enough for everyday use that gets the job done, but expensive enough to be worth the money. Pros its light with decent suction. Cons the turbo head leaves a bit to be desired.

Date PurchasedOct 2017

Not worth the money

The salesman at Godfreys told me it was great value and i wouldn't be disappointed. The machine just doesn't do the job. An example of its lacklustre performance is when you are trying to pick up lint on flat carpet. It doesn't have enough suction to remove it. You always have to remove the head and place the pipe over it. The cord is not very long and we have to use an extension lead to operate the unit. I will have to count my losses and buy another. It wont be from Godfreys.
Don't buy this unit.

Date PurchasedFeb 2016

Not suitable for daily use

I need to use my vacuum daily, this just did not last.

It has decent enough suction (I've had better on cheaper machines) BUT it just isn't suitable for a large house nor daily use. Within a year the hose broke at the neck (it just unraveled and looked like a slinky) and the seal broke off the base and eventually the white cover on the head (the one underneath you remove to free any large bits stuck) fell off and now requires heavy duty duct tape to keep it in place.

It's noisy and really requires you to push down in order to get the best result from the cleaning head. It's horrible for corners and it always, always, tips upside down, even on straight hallways. Also we just use the one head now because within a few months it just became too hard to remove the heads, now impossible, so the hair revolving brush head is the one that is permanently attached. It's a nightmare to clean the rotating brush.

My mother has one, she has a smaller house, less foot traffic, no pets and only requires a light vacuum once or twice a week, it's lasting for her, me on the other hand (larger house, constant foot traffic and pets) it is literally falling apart in my hands.

It's just too much of a delicate snowflake for me.

Date PurchasedMar 2016

Great power from a small bagged vac

I've had this vac for 2 years now and it's done a good job of sucking up just about anything that gets in its way. Though the unit is small there is plenty of bag size for collecting dust, the machine is light weight and easy to move around with adjustable power scale. Comes with several attachments including hard floor chammy and turbo head for carpets. Spare Chammy available and Godfreys stocks the bags for a very reasonable price.

Couple of annoying issues and design flaws wth this machine. The crevice tool sits on the metal bit of the hose causing it to bang into walls and furniture causing it to fall off all the time. The power cable is to short. the machine tips over easily upside down. There is no locking mechanism to stop the metal hose rod from coming out of the plastic bendy hose. If not pushed in tight the hoses come part. Surely over the years this will become worse with use.

If they fixed these things up this vac would be top notch. Bagged vacs are far superior to bagless, no mess!

Date PurchasedMar 2015


Seems to work well, although haven't had it for very long. Suction is good but I do find the heads very hard to remove (to change to a different head as it comes with various heads for various suction/floorings) once one. It does remove hair like it claims, seems to do the job.

Date PurchasedOct 2016

The best vacuum ever

I've been having my wertheim for some time and and I Love it. I have to say if you don't want to pay $900 for a Dyson and wasn't the sameness results you definitely buy this vacuum. I purchased a cleanable bag with it so I don't even need to spend any more money on bags

Date PurchasedFeb 2015

The best I've had for removing cat hair

I have been using this vacuum cleaner for a while now and find it to be ideal for removing cat hair from all surfaces. I really like the upholstery head as this makes life easier to clean cat fur off the quilts on our bed. I love being able to increase and decrease the power as needed. I definitely recommend this cleaner. Cleaning floors and furniture is no longer the chore it used to be.

Date PurchasedMar 2015

Incredible !

I have a toddler and this vacuum does the job amazing ! I vacuum easily 3 times a day and absolutely love using this vacuum! It never leaves any trace of crumb behind it literally picks up everything! And comes with multiple different heads ! You can also control how powerful you want it to be ! Love !

Date PurchasedFeb 2017

One fatal flaw

Good vacuum for general use. But - how on earth do you change the heads? It takes two fit people to remove and change the attachment, before continuing the job! I am 77 and am simply not strong enough, especially when the attachment has been pushed on hard by use. Surely someone might have noticed this and installed a quick-release system? I am back to using my old $40 Volta whose wheels fell off years ago. At least I can use it.
Housework should not be so difficult!

Date PurchasedJun 2014

Great Vacuum, powerful motor

This vacuum is excellent at picking up everything, including tuff to remove pet hair from lounges and rugs. Great on carpets and hard floors and moves behind user with ease. The only downside is its weight, and being slightly akward to store. Other than that its perfect and highly recommended for animal owners.

Date PurchasedMay 2016

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Questions & Answers

There's a light near the variable speed control. What's it for?
2 answers
How strong the suction isAs above, it is the suction indicator. However, if the light flashes it's letting you know that the bag is full and needs to be changed.

How can I change the head without having to ask two fit men to help? Why isn't there an easy way to do this simple task?
1 answer
I have not had this issues with my W2000 but did have similar issue with a previous model and found that the best solution is to take it in to a Godfreys store and have them adjust the clip so it is easier to interchange. Hope this helps.

Where can I buy bags for the 2000 please?
2 answers
Dear person the w 2500 is bagless. Godfreys. They aren't showing the picture of w 2500 on product review. I'm sure Godfreys sell them. Good luck. Cheers mate rod coxMy locall godfreys had w2000 bags. Ebay have bags menalux make oem bags


Dog and Cat W2000Dog and Cat W2500
HEPA Filter YesYes
Price (RRP)$399$349
Bin Capacity2.3L0.85L
Cord Length5m5m

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