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I had troubles sending money online on their website (I did many transfers in the past & was no problem ) The same recipient (family member ) I did transfer money before . But this time it want me answer the questions about my occupation relations to the person I'm sending money and my source of money . Which I did answer and it says on website that I need go to western union agent and do this transaction via them which will be costing me more in fees as I always using Poli payments which is cheaper . Anyway no help over phone and emails I've got from representative of western union web support who didn't ever introduce himself herself even I did asked that person to introduce . No explanation what is the reason for declining my transaction on my request to explain what was the issue. I will never be using their services in the future . There is another services around without such a crap.

Worst service

Horrible Service. Huge failure as poor web service. half the time it des not go through. Very poor customer support. It's astounding, thinking of the stature of this company and the service they provide


I send money to the Philippines just now after a few minutes it was cancelled and my money is gone in my account. I rang the customer service and he told me it will take 1 to 2 weeks to get my money back?! Really?! WU you get my money so quick and now my refund will take long! How ridiculous. I need my money back please for god sake! Your customer service is really BAD! One of you customer service is not helpful. I will never ever use again your service. DODGY! I read all the reviews here and it was really really BAD!

Fed up with wu as they are not refund my money. Already 15 days gone

9 days gone after cancel the money transfer. Still my money not in my account. When I call they say they are investigating the problem. fed up hearing that. Fed up calling your call center.

Avoid them like an STD

I am purchasing property overseas and agreed with my lawyer (licensed, registered, completely legitimate) to transfer money via Western Union.
They took the money from my account and half an hour later called me from the USA to interrogate me. After I explained that I know the receiver and he is my lawyer, I was told that the transaction was declined. Mind you it was a small amount about $1,100 dollars. When I asked why it was declined I was told they could not tell me. Then I asked them to refund me the money right away because I needed the money to complete the legal transaction overseas. I was told it would take 7 business days.

These guys are dodgy. Surely sending money to a lawyer in Europe is not a riskier transaction than sending money to Pakistan, Afghanistan etc but it seems Western Union would prefer to accommodate shady transactions to terrorist zones than legitimate transactions with lawyers in Europe.

Avoid them like you would avoid an STD.

Western Union - pfff! It might take time, but you'll get screwed eventually.

I've been a Western Union user for 2 years or so. All the 7Elevens had terminals which made life easy at the time - but not now. The terminals disappeared from the 7Elevens and about the same time, my transactions started being randomly declined with mysterious error codes being reported. The rare times that I was able to get through to a service agent, they either said they didn't know what the code was or that I had reached my transaction limit. Limit? - $50??? My total didn't even add up to more than a couple of hundred a month, if that and all of it to pay for some groceries for little nieces and nephews in the Philippines.

Finally, an agent told me my transactions were deliberately being declined and all further transactions would be declined. No reasons given. They just decide you're some kind of criminal and end your rights to send money. This is when I got a condescending suggestion that I *could* fill out a request to have my situation appealed and after that I would need to fill out a questionnaire giving complete details of why and who I wanted to send money to. I jumped through those hoops and heard absolutely nothing since.

I still can't send money with Western Union. They aren't interested and they certainly don't care.

My advice to one and all - Stay the hell away from western union!

They are a law unto themselves and they make you feel like a criminal and completely helpless to do anything at all about it.

Poor service, no solution offered even though it was their fault

Never again. Send money for nearly a week now and received a confirmation through my email. Only to found out that the bank where I sent the money transfer is no longer affiliated with Western Union. However, this bank still exist on their app. I was never contacted by any western union staff. When the time money needs to be picked up, no transaction found. Called twice, been told that the money is with the bank and I need to wait for 10 days to get a Refund. What a rip off! The money is needed urgently, and Western Union will not even offer that the money can be pick up in their outlet since it was there fault not mine. I was so dissapointed as they won’t offer any sort of solution. So, for those who will use their services think twice or more.

Terrible! Don’t use their online service

Don’t use the website or app to make payments! Go to the Post Office. After I had registered on the WU website, provided identification for verification and paid my money and fees, I was advised that they wanted a screenshot of my bank details - name, BSB and account number. Note this was after I had paid the money, not before. I also could not find anywhere on the website that advised I needed to provide these details. I couldn’t understand why this information was required and wasn’t happy to provide it, so I tried to cancel the payment. It took a number of emails before this request was acknowledged and over 12 business days later, I am still waiting for my refund. Calling WU is a nightmare! I have now lodged a dispute with my bank and they are chasing it for me. I ended up making the payment through the Post office - still Western Union, but no problems at all - ID provided, payment made and received at the other end immediately.

Worst service ever

Wanted to help.somone i meet online buy some kfc he was in philpines what the hell.ill send 15 aust bucks easy western union claim.well not relly had to call them.up they made me feel like a crimanal.asking personal question and saying dont waste ur money sending to third world scammers i said its 15 bucks ur surely joking after 20 min of dumb questing my send was blocked took 5 days to get my money back.a joke never again

Saved the day!

My son was in London and his bank card would not work so he was left with no funds. He located a Western Union agency near Victoria Station and while on the phone, I transferred the money and he had it within minutes.

Western Union is shonky

I went to the Darlinghurst, Sydney WU branch to get money sent to me from overseas. They said they don't have cash available, so I said put it in my bank account instead. They said that it wasn't possible. Then they pointed me to an address to go to where they have cash. The place was non-existent. I spent 2 hours looking for it until the supposed closing time.

I will now lodge an online complaint to the Financial Ombudsman. I urge everyone who has had a bad experience with Western Union to do the same. Here is the link: https://www.fos.org.au/

Useless. Never Work

I have been sending the money through the website and never work after 30 attempt.

This is the worst money transfer website every. Don't use them!!!

Waste of time and effort!

Poor service

Western union’s calling centre service is sooooo poor. I made a cancellation on a transfer and i kept asking for a email confirmation to send to my bank. They kept saying it will be sent in 24 hours and still nothing. I am tired of calling back asking for the email. I dont know what kind of service they have they are very frustratin


Dont ever use this company for money transfer. They litteraly dont have a clue what they are doing.
Im currently living in Australia, and I lost my wallet. So I wanted to send some money from my Danish account to Western union. Because on the website, they tell us it takes minutes! And I needed the money fast, to pay my rent! Its now been 48 hours, and I litteraly have to sleep on the street, because they don't know whats going on. And won't tell me either. I choose this company because they say it takea minutes. And I needed money fast! But now, calls after calls. Messages after messages. Still in the same situation. No moneys. I should have chosen another company or bank. This is the worst experience ive ever had with a company.

Total scum

After sending money through wu and them taking money out bank they say it has been held for no apparent reason and they will not be completing the transfer and will return my money in 2 weeks! Please do not use this disgrace and total scum of a company if you are transferring money to family or friends who are in urgent need as there is a high possibility they will not even complete the transfer and just hold your money for two weeks, total joke!

BEWARE!!!!! Took several transactions out of my account without showing the history record

I have been sending money through with the western union website and app for a long time. and this incident has made me even more scared to process money transactions online. WILL NEVER EVER SEND MONEY THROUGH WESTERN UNION and will spread the word so people don't go through what I am going thru with them.

So I was sending money to the Philippines for my wedding fees through the western union website and I've put in my card details and then as i proceeded with the transaction and put in the security code sent by my bank to process the payment, the website kept saying technical difficulties or the transaction has failed. As I kept trying, thinking maybe the card details or receiver's details I've put in was wrong. Same thing kept happening. So I kept trying several times, only to check my bank account and see that western union has taken out total of $16K AUD. I then check my western union account for history of transaction but nothing is shown. I then contact western union but they kept saying they have no record of transaction and it will be investigated. I then call them up the next day as I was told to call back the day after the incident only to get the same outcome, they dont know what has happened and that its under investigation.

Very upset and frustrated with western union, I needed to pay these wedding fees ASAP and now I cant because they have more than $16K and have been left with nothing but to wait until the investigation is resolved. Will never ever again send money through with this company. Obviously someone behind the western union company is responsible for this.

Case No: 52143586

Will update once I get to the bottom of this incident.

Service is pretty bad

At travellex Capalaba, the old Chinese man is very uncivilized. He talks very rudely and looks like he doesn't want you to go there back.


These people are fraud. I did the transfer $4500 and they told me bank canceled it. Although they took the money from my account and create all sorts of problems to make sure I dont get my money back. Issue is still going one and I spoke many manager including Mona 042 but no body is willing to help. I didn’t a terrible mistake pls don’t use it.

Quick to take - slow to return - impossible to find out how to cancel !

I made a mistake which I realised within 5 minutes.
On line it is impossible to find out how to either rectify the mistake or how to cancel a transaction.
That was my fault.
I have now written two letters to wu. No reply, no acknowledgment and of course NO money returned.
That is their mistake.
It is extremely simple to put a large CANCEL button on any web-page so it is not a technical problem
it seems very much like a racket !

Never try to send money through it

Issue the bank has already sent the money, and people in WesternUnion say they haven’t received. At the moment its 10 days and the issue is still going on. Customer service of transaction team is horrible.

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Questions & Answers

My name is victor brown w/u card number is [Number Removed] why cant I send money to a lady in the philippines I try to day?
1 answer
Good luck they block u

When a person get banned...how long does the banned lost for...when can they start use back western union?
4 answers
I cannot answer that as I have not experienced nor have I heard of a person being banned. You should ask western union Hope that answers your questionI cannot answer that as I have not experienced nor have I heard of a person being banned. You should ask western union Hope that answers your questionI got banned and blocked from western union. Because they thought I was being scammed. I tried to tell them in no uncertain terms that i wasnt as it was my husband who I was sending money too. But they wouldn't have a bar of it. Anyway to get out if it. I had to send reciepts and receipts from the other end of who it was going to...I told them that was ridiculous tried and tried to explain to them my predicament... but they said the only way I could get unblocked was to do what they said I politely told them to f.....off Cat

I have recently started seeing a girl from Thailand, and want to send her money, but she says she isn’t blocked and can’t receive, why would this be and how can I get her unblocked?
1 answer
You can’t. Western Union will flag this as a romance scam, even if it’s legit. They have nothing to lose anyway, but they’ll block you from sending your money. They’ll take the money though, then hold on to it for at least 7 days before they return it to you after you nag them endlessly.

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