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Westinghouse WFE946

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WFE946SB (Ceramic Glass) and WFE946SA (Stainless Steel)
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Hi i have a westinghose oven the window glass door has circles in it can't get rid of about 5 of them
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Hi I have the Westinghouse 90cm freestanding oven and the glass on the top has been smashed how do I take the glass top off to replace it?
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Lock mode is stuck on and following the instructions won't turn it off. Any ideas?
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Same here. Any quick fix?

Can't get the pyrolytic function to work. Any suggestions?
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my oven keeps turning off,and coming up on display is F105. Any ideas?
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Hi we have the WFE946SB 900 wide elec ceramic top and oven. The digital numerical display is temperamental for the cooktop, the digital numbers will not display a 0 8 or 9 properly. Is there a solution to address this?
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Do you have 3 phase power. This is required for this oven & cooktop. Many don’t seem to know this. We were told before purchased from Harvey Norman

I've had my cooker for 3 years and have been very happy with it,but I've had a problem this week that my oven timer has gone to a really quiet bleep so I can't hear it,also when I. Pressing the oven settings the bleep is really quiet when it used to be loud,any advice? Thanks
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Mmm yes. I've always found the timer beep rather quiet so can't help I'm afraid. I set the timer on my phone if the baking is really time critical! Sorry to be not very helpful.

I have the Westinghouse oven model WFE946SA was told when bought it that it could Self Clean. How do I do this?? Can't find any instructions on what to do to set Self Clean? Thanks
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Hi it has self cleaning panels inside But it is not a full on self cleaning oven as they fully lock them self s and reach high temperatures to vaporizes any grease ect to soot. you sill need to remove rails and clean plus top and bottom of oven and front glass ect. some fully self cleaning ovens need rails/tray removed as they can strip the chrome of them.

I am considering purchasing this stove but have some concerns about boil overs the top doesn't appear to have anything to stop liquid from running down the sides, has anyone experienced this and how can you clean up if this happens. Liz
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Easy to clean, we have had slight boil overs & cleanup no issue, if it were severe it could flow down sides I suppose .Thanks Jim There isn't much available like this think we will go down this path. LizHi nothing will stop water from going over the sides, Only the back if you use the stainless trim provided may help. Very easy to clean I use a razor blade to scrap off any burnt food and ajax spray and wipe (Green label stone top) to take care of anything else on it. The element rings seem to be engraved into glass I think as they don't wear off when cleaned at all. Make sure you get the electric requirements check out from an electrician in your house as this thing can draw some big Amps.

My oven doesn't seem to be heating up I have used it only once before heated up fine . This time it is only getting to 35degrees. Do you have to set a timer for it to heat up ? Also what setting do you have to have it on to heat up in the 8 mins ?
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When u turn oven on each setting can be adjusted by pressing the + or - symbols on right side of clock, maybe the setting is on 35 ! Good luckI'm experiencing the same problem. How did you fix this?

How do you refit oven seal that has come adrift from the cabinet on model WFE946SA?
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Door comes off for cleaning Ken, Looking at the front seal looks as though it just clips in at the corners, not game to remove it to see though !

I've only started using my new Westinghouse 90cm oven and like most of us do is line the bottom of the oven with Foil to keep clean, and after a couple of weeks the Foil has melted.. I can't get it off.. any ideas how to get this foil off the enamel? I have never had this problem with my previous ovens at all.. Foil would never Melt but this time it has.. Is it the quality of the ovens they make these days??
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I did the same thing. I was told this is because the oven is self-cleaning that it reacted like it did. Very frustrating, especially a nice new oven! I used oven cleaner and did about 6 hot cleans with Mr Muscle Oven Cleaner, gently scraping the melted foil (it seems to almost melt into the enamel...) with a paint scraper, and eventually got it 99% clean. When I then looked closely at the manual I noticed a warning around using foil in the manual... Uuugggghhhhzzz Good luck with it. Be patient and you'll eventually come right.Sodium hydroxide based products will remove the foil with some scrubbing, good ventilation, gloves reccomended! I believe when the element is under the base plate of an oven it will melt the foil for whatever reason.Oh dear!!! In the instructions it actually says never put alfoil on the bottom of oven. I did to my last oven & ruined the bottom. Always only put alfoil on bottom of rack & cook on another rack. SORRY

The manual suggest a huge power supply that my electrician says is big enough to power the whole house, what have other people found please?
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Hi Jol. We had to put 3 phase to the stove. We didn't do it for the whole house, our electrician just did a seperate switch for our stove in the meter box. It's an awesome stove & cooktop.NZ We had to run two separate power cables one to the oven and one to the ceramic top. Plus beef up the fuse box, the main concern is how much the ceramic top is rated for. It needed a cable the same size as what comes to the house fitted which needed to coil up into the wall as it was really thick and couldn't flex enough behind the stove. Wish the department store had explained what extra power needs were required. The electrician was shocked at the high KWsWe contacted a few different electricians, with quitedifferent ideas on what was needed. Its obviously a large cooker, total maximum input is 13.1kW with the stove 3.6kW and over 9.5kW max but for that maximum all hot plates have to be at maximum at the same time and oven would have to be at maximum too, which likely never happens. We went for a safe option as we didnt want nuisance breaker tripping and got a new 10mm2 cable connected plus a 50A breaker in the meterbox and a contactir plys switch near the oven, which is huge really (80A to the house)

Is there a WARM setting on this oven?
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Hi Kerrytroysimons. Thanks for asking me this question.....yes this oven has every possible setting....even for pizza For warming the setting I find best is either function 7 which is for defrost or I use sometimes use function 3 but I lover the temperature down to 120. Just remember that if you are warming or heating through you should put a lid or alfoil to keep things like meat etc.. Moist. Any function with the fan should be lowered as it can dry food out quicker. I find such as hot chips do really well on function 2, still on lower heat but it keeps them crisp instead of going soggy. Sorry but it depends on what you are keeping warm. Hope that has helped. I use mine a lot so I've learnt what is better for one isn't necessarily good for something else. Good luck ShereeThank you so much Sheree13. I work in a school canteen, so we need to keep quite a bit of food warm. Do you think made up chicken burgers could be kept warm or would the bread dry up too much.

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