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White Glo Professional Choice Whitening

White Glo Professional Choice Whitening

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Sensitivity and ulcers!

After using the toothpaste for 2 days, I started having sensitivity to any hot or cold beverages. Two days later tree ulcers appeared on my front gums and the rest of my gums and tongue, making eating very painful? Would not recommend due to this. A week and a half later I still have my ulcers but the sensitivity has subsided.

Purchased in February 2019.

Sensitivity Improvement No
Whitening Improvement No

Ruined my teeth

I have used White Glow daily for the last 4-6 weeks and my teeth have become incredibly sensitive to hot/cold drinks and have made my teeth feel brittle and fragile.


Absolutely love the tooth brush it comes with due to the soft bristles however after using the toothpaste for only four days, my teeth have become extremely sensitive and anything too hot or too cold really hurts my teeth. Considering the tooth paste is meant to help sensitive teeth I am extremely disappointed.

Inexpensive and worksI

I am nearly 62 years old and my teeth are not as good as they used to be.iI want to protect them and I found this product excellent.It even came with a good toothbrush and the tube was large and contained fluoride. It is just as good if not better than the well-known brands and I have not had any adverse side effects.I believe it is gradually whitening my teeth and they feel and look very clean.


Initially I liked White Glo toothpaste and have used various varieties of it for sometime however it definitely has caused my teeth to crumble (they have previously been very strong) - a filling has fallen out and it has also affected a crown which has disintegrated - I would not buy this product again and would urge great caution in using it and under no circumstances allow children to use it.

I’m in pain

I’ve been using this product for about 2-3weeks, n I just stopped as I felt my teeth were getting super sensitive and I can’t eat. PLus I also notice my teeth crumbing. I’m in so much pain. My dentist bill is going to be bad....


I bought this as it was reduced and have been using it for the past few weeks to try and whiten my teeth but instead it has made no difference at all and my teeth have seemed to be even less white than when i started, it doesn't feel like it cleans them very well so i don't recommend.

Good value and not tested on animals

Found this to be pretty good for the price and does a good job at whiteing, Including a toothbrush encourages you to replace your brush regularly a great Idea.
Also whats Important for me is they dont test on animals .

Sore gums

After using this product for 3 days my gums began swelling and became sore then my glands in my neck also swelled and are sore. It is now 6 days and I am still not good. Have really been affected by this toothpaste. I stopped using after 3 days when my gums were hurting.

Doesn't flow easily out of the tube!

The toothpaste doesn't flow readily out of the tube. It's quite thick I have to admit and if you happen to leave a little of the paste on the nozzle it clogs up the outlet stopping the paste exiting the tube. When cleaning the nozzle the paste forms a lump that doesn't dissolve and therefore cannot flush down the hand basin!


I used this toothpaste and I noticed a difference straight away , it makes your mouth feel so fresh , it’s amazing and I feel like I can smile now. So happy !


I brought this just over a week ago, I haven't really seen any effects from it in regards to the whitening process... however, I suffer from recurrent mouth ulcers anyway and didn't connect it with anything, but after two days of using this toothpaste I have had three appear on my lower and upper gums. If you are a sufferer of ulcers do not buy this product.

Best toothpaste ever

I’ve used this for a week now and noticed my teeth were whitening after 2 days. Will continue to use and will not be using any other toothpaste. Recommend it.

It was a good toothpaste, not showing much difference

I bought this product with the impression it is going to be "professional choice" for teeth whitening, however after trying it for 4 consecutive weeks, I feel no difference in the colour of my teeth. The product is good, just like any other Colgate toothpaste, however in my opinion this is not superior than other toothpaste.

Doesn't give a clean feel to your mouth

I bought this as I had never tried it and saw it pretty cheap plus came with free toothbrush, I used this tooth paste for a couple of weeks and it doesn't make much difference to your teeth colour. plus I found it didn't clean my teeth properly my teeth felt unclean. Wasn't happy switched back to my previous toothpaste and immediately could feel difference in cleanliness of my teeth. Will never buy again!


This toothpaste I brought in a set for £1.97 in Superdrug came with tooth picks and a tooth brush aswell ! It's amazing whitened your teeth aswell ! Would recommend

Use it only if you want to look like your dentist did a bad clean

I was given a sample tube of this tooth paste. I drink tea, and started to notice stains on my teeth, so I went to the dentist for a regular clean and buffed off the stain, not making the connection with the teeth paste straight away.

Within a few weeks, the stain was back and on all of my front teeth. I had comments from family about why my teeth looked that way. Switched over to Colgate, stain was removed instantly with one brush. Incredible. I would never use this brand again.

Tooth crumbling!!!

Seems to be great toothpaste for couple of weeks then teeth became really sensitive and one of my teeth started to crumble. Don't use this stuff as it's clearly damaging to enamel!!!

Don't go there !

Started off ok after about week of use teeth became very sensitive and a bit broke of one I felt as if they were crumbling away ! Too harsh on enamel . I should have known as it was reduced from £10 till £2 .Maybe alright for use once a week but not daily also had mouth ulcer .

very surprising results

I noticed my teeth starting to become discoloured as I'm a tea and coffee lover, plus unfortunately I smoke. I was shopping in Asda when I found this little miracle worker!! I've only been using it a few days but I have noticed a massive improvement :) the everyday surface stains were removed and my teeth actually looked whiter just after one use! I'm very impressed and I would definitely would recommend this toothpaste.

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Questions & Answers

Can you use this product after I have spent thousands on replacing my top teeth?
No answers

Is White Glo charcoal toothpast gluten free and Celiac disease friendly? Carina Rudman
1 answer
Sorry don't know. I had one bad experience with the brand, wasn't going to try anything else in the range.

Is white glo toothpaste suitable for 12 year old children?
4 answers
I wouldn't recommend the toothpaste for any one, it ruins your teeth, it's an inferior product. I don't think a 12 year old need whitening anyway, I'd check with your dentist.Definitely not ! Under no circumstances let a 12yr old use whiting toothpaste . Why would they need it in the first place ? IT RUINS TEETH ENAMEL!!!Not suitable for any age as it wrecks your teeth!!!!! Steer well clear of this stuff


Professional Choice Whitening
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