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Windsor Rapid

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Great little van, couldn’t be happier

Took it out to the river free camping and it handled the conditions excellent, towed really well, plenty of cupboard space and set out quite well, fold out ends very easy to operate.

Widsor Rapid Full Van Semi Off Road 15 Ft

Build quality is as good as any other. I haven't had any problems.
Very comfortable to use.
It towed well before but I moved the battery { with another} to the corner seat behind the axle & its brilliant. {from 1800mm in front to 8oo behind. also offset weight from the kitchen.
It had 3 water tanks = 210 ltrs & was impossible to keep it legal at 1900kgs.
I put a brake away brake system for $80 on it & had it upgraded to 2500kgs .
Also put a memory foam flexi topper on the bed, best thing for a good sleep.
Put an aliminium tool box on the a frame , a lower bracket across under it & changed the 2 x 4.5 gas bottle for 2x 9kgs, now the bed folds onto the top of the tool box making it a lot more support when its down
Also took the tow hitch off, welded a plate under the chassis rails & bolted a mc hitch tow hitch giving me a 100 mm lower point.
Best advice I can give to anyone buying a van is check your weights before you buy. the best I have seen is around 500 kgs carrying capacity. that's with no annex curtains , empty gas bottles, 1 battery, no solar panels etc etc. Easy to get over your limit. My van with a lot of cooking gear plates etc full gas & water, tare is 2010
kgs so i still have 400kgs to go. Hope this helps someone when choosing a van. I think its the best combo we have had .

Great van

We are happy with its quality and comfortable to use, we had a big van and we have got just as much room as this one as the other one.

We love our Rapid!

My husband & I recently purchased the Windsor Rapid hardtop, we just love it. Plenty of room for the both of us with a full ensuite, separate shower, toilet and vanity it even has a washing machine. Large kitchen sink and heaps of benchspace with plenty of storage throughout, reverse cycle air conditioning, light to tow!

So much easier than my Jayco Dove!

I recently purchased a 2001 Windsor Rapid. I still have my 2009 Jayco Dove but am selling it due to faulty door handles & curtains falling off track. I am so pleased this the fittings in this older rapid model.
The ease of setting up is fabulous.

Floor PlanFold out double beds and pop top.

Fantastic reliable van

Bought the van almost two years ago and have used it a lot with the wife and 2 kids + 2 small dogs and so far have had absolutely no problems at all. It is a 2007 R441 Off Road. The tow vehicle is a 2007 Triton Glxr Diesel and it handles effortly with the van fully laden up with food, fuel, bikes, generator etc etc for a week of free camping. The Bosch battery (original) was dead when I bought it and only found out when I got it home so one thing to be mindful of if buying second hand. No matter I run 2 x 75 ah batteries with a 120w solar and we don't go with out TV and all other electrical devices. Lights in this year van are Halogen so are a bit more thirsty (LED's would be better). Beds are comfy but I am 5'11 if you were taller say 6'1 your feet may touch the canvas over wise they are great and easy to set up. It is the quickest van (Pop Top Expander) that I have ever set up. I have been in some serious down pours in this van and we have nether had a leak.
Everything in this van just seems well put together. You do have to be conscious of the tow ball weight but if you pack your heavier items to the rear it's not a problem. I have not been seriously off-roading in it but have done some bush camping and beach camping and the van handles it with ease. Luckily (judging from past posts) I have not had the reason to deal with after sales as I bought private anyway.
I did hear that the older ones were better built like everything I suppose!
Air con is a little noisy as previously noted but worth it considering the opposite and normally have no problem sleeping after bike riding, fishing and the rest.
I can thoroughly recommend this year and type of van but can't speak for the newer ones. Mine had not been off-road so may pay to check for signs of this by spending sometime underneath. The lay out is good. Mine has the external shower and tent (nether used clip on tent just pop top style as quicker) which is great for hosing off sandy kids and dogs prior to entering van. Bed end roofs can be noisy as said in a previous post but it may be just me I like the sound of rain hitting this at night.
Underside is galvanised and has no sign of rust as you would expect from this type of metal treatment. If there is rust maybe this is a sign of abuse where the galvanised skin has been compromised by impact etc.
My boys are still quite young as I guess we are (not quite Grey Nomads yet!) so I will keep this van as long as they are willing to travel with us as it has been very reliable and just easy to set up compared to previous Jayco's. I for one would rather have a older Windsor than a new Jayco at the same price as they are not apples for apples in my opinion.
Hope this helps in your decision making if looking at this van year and type.

Floor PlanRA441 Off-Road

Great quality compared with Jayco...so happy we went with Windsor Rapid!

We have the 6 berth, 2 pull out beds, and a set of bunks. There is plenty of space, as the layout is so well designed. Easy to tow, and back into tight spaces, as it is not as long as other caravans with 6 beds. Everything is finished so well. My sister has the comparable Jayco Expanda, and this van has been repaired too many times to count, The finishes are just terrific in the Windsor. We were the only ones that didn't leak when away on a group camping trip. What more do I need to say? Fantastic...can't recommend it more highly!

windsor rapid RA472S

WE bought ours new in 07 from the dealer at Berpengary and couldn't be happier but for the dealer no comment!. I put bag flys over both ends 3 years ago and it made a huge difference.Could not fault the van except for the stupid hand basin in the shower / toilet combo such a waste of space. It had full off road independent suspension and could free camp anywhere.I have since sold it and would recommend one to any small family. Probably yhe only thing I would have liked is that the two water tanks were larger.

592s 2009

Bought the van second hand and couldn't be happier

Added a bed end cover to both beds and now the van is like a cave in the middle of summer, put the air cond on and you can get it like an ice box

Travelled 5,000 km in four weeks through QLD in heat and rain and this showed why the Windsor is far and away better than the Jayco

Bed ends are easier to operate and when wet there is no comparison to the opposition

Don't be influenced by the new models from 2011 as they aren't half as good as the pre 2010

This is the van for the next 5 years until the kids are gone

Wouldn't recxomend anything else as our friends are all getting them now

Windsor Rapid caravan. Badly built from a manufacturer who doesn't care. Van is now seriously damage

Windsor Rapid. (Please read the very serious updated review) Great design, looks good. BUT, very badly constructed, poor dealer service and the worst part a manufacturer that wouldn't even talk to us and just kept repeating over and over "you bought a second hand van". I would never buy any Windsor or Coramel product (same company) ever again. We bought the Windsor Rapid second hand from the Windsor dealer. It was a deceased estate and hardly been used. The huge list of faults we encountered on our first trip included, faulty and dangerous brake wiring, the bed broke and collapsed in half, water leaking in the bedroom, a trim came off revealing dry rot in the frame, water tank leaked, the awning tore away from the roof. The list was far more lengthy from just those items including design faults... Eg the axle is in the wrong place giving excessive towball loads. Appalling service from the dealer... in fact i gave up and fixed most things myself although the water leak in the bedroom won't stop so we have to put a tarp over the van when it rains, or you get dripped on in bed.
March 2017 update. It has now gone from bad to worse when corrosion holes started appearing in the aluminium sides. Turns out the entire wooden frame is rotted and the 12 volt system is leaking current into the wet timber and causing the aluminium sides to corrode from the inside out. The water appears to have come in via the trim that covers the corners of the van and has been sealed (if you can call it that) with inferior sealant (I have been told they use some sort of double sided tape... To repair it is going to cost somewhere between Ten and fifteen thousand dollars 1!!!!!!.
Warning do not buy vans with wooden frames and have your van checked for stray electrical currents that can corrode all aluminum parts including the frame.

after sales service

we have a windsor entice on our first trip out we had a problem with the fridge which left the cupboards water stained we were told it was our fault now on our 2nd trip we have found that there is a problem with the bed where the frame is made from timber it has collapsed I have not been in contact with Windsor as I know what they will say so I will replace it with a steel frame myself I was in the caravan industry 40 years ago.

been everywhere

bought this smallest of models offroad version in 2006. Had some initial teething problems with water tanks but both eventually replaced by Windsor. This van has now travelled 120,000km of which about 25000km on dirt roads. Have done Oodnadatta track twice, Tanami track, Gibb river road , Cape Leveque, Birdsville track and to Weipa twice and all the way to Cape York. The Austrack suspension is excellent provided it is regularly serviced. We have had no serious problems in all this time and have been amazed at its offroad performance provided you drive to the conditions.
offroad performance

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Hi Roger Sounds great what you have done. We too have a Rapid, the 472 2012 model with Shower and toilet. We have had the van underslung on the axle and put in shockies. We have 15" AT with an off road Alko Hitch. For some reason we seem to be getting a sway on the van when going down hill. We have put the main water tank in front of the axle to give us a bit more ball weight, now is about 150kg and have tried distribution bars, but all to no avail. Do you have any ideas on what may be causing the sway? Any feedback would be most welcome Thanks David

Excellent van, excellent service!!!

Would just like to thank all of the staff at camden caravan with the help of my 2nd purchase through them.we upgraded from a 2nd hand rapid we purchased through them 2 years ago and would recommend the product and service to anyone. The ease of use of the bed ends is fantastuc, even the 12year old can do it.completly set up with wine i hand in 20minutes...what more could you ask for
very easy to use, fantastic dealer support

Bad customer service but love the van

I have a Windsor Rapid got it 2005 from Gosfod great customer service was very happy & lovely girl on reception

Now i have taken it up to Morisset booked it in 3 weeks ago with a promise of them not taking anything else for 2 days to get it done as we are going away on Thursday took it up MOnday they said they would start it Tuesday, rang up Tuesday, first thing Wednesday morning, rang up Wednesday afternoon at 3 pm no we are just going to start it.

Told them have they looked at the arm asked me what was wrong, after saying i had already gone through it EVERY time i rang up was not going to go through it again, i was coming up at 11 am the following day it better be ready.

Would i ever take my van up there again NO, the first time i went up they lost my booking but did it on the spot, this time i was to leave it for a few days as it would take that to finish it, well starting at 3 pm the day before i pick it up, i wonderwhat sort of job it would be to have to do it in a rush.
The top of the bed canvas bit is leaking alot in the rain, over the drips but other than that i do love my van.

REally haven't had to use Windsor at all thankful that i dont i have a lovely guy come out to service my van and is wonderful and does most things, pity i didn't ask him if he was able to do that.
I love the space of the van, great and easy to set up
The service at Morisset when taking my van up to have it looked at. The leak above the front bed, when it rains heavily

what has this got to do with the rapid product exactly???Everything, to me the product isn't just the product but the service afterwards and before. My previous van was a Coromal and due to the serice i received from one particular staff who was manager I would never buy a Coromal again unlike the rapid Alan Graham caravan before and after service especially by Jess the receptionist could not be faulted as a result i will deal with them again. It is not all due to the product but what comes with the van and how you are treated. Same as buying anything from a shop or anywhere or a caravan park it is the way you are treated and how people help you as to whether you would buy something from them again or go back. _Thank you to the lady at Camden Caravan who rang up to follow it up, that is great customer service and i love the rapid and to have her ring up to see about the review and follow it up i was impressed by it.

Windsor Rapid 592 S

We bought this van just under a year ago and if we need minor things fixed its a night mare... Our shower recess has a crack in the fibre glass. 4 weeks later and we are still waiting for them to send a fibreglasser to come and have a look. Surface rust on most parts under the van, window was replaced prior to picking it up cause it had a scratch now the same window rattles. Even to return a phone call or respond to an email is even harder.. When you do finally speak to someone the attitude stinks and its always a drama to get an answer.
Overall the van suits our needs and what we are after its the after sales part once they have your money they no longer care
Bad customer service

Took delivery of a brand new Rapid early Aug this year. Have not used it yet and has been kept under a weather proof cover. Only 6 weeks after taking possession the van has to be returned to the dealer because of rust in various locations. The dealer tells me this is not uncommon? It may turn out to be an easy fix and I will comment further. Meanwhile has anyone had similar problems? What annoys me most is that he rust was obviously present before I took delivery - who thinks to look for rust on a brand new item worth over 40000?We have surface rust under our van too that is supposed to be galvanised... Yet just gone 1 yr old and they tell us it is due to poor maintenance... Go figure. Yesto Lachlan..


Oredered a 572S in late January 2010. Upon ordering, was informed that new Rapid model with fibreglass moulded ends was to soon be released, and subsequently oredered newer model at higher price. That's when the games began!!

After selling our Outback Canvas Camper in March 2010 in anticipation of receiving our new Windsor, we were subsequently and continuously told of delays to the production of the new model! Our dilemma can be verified by anyone who has a copy of the show guide for the Victorian Caravan show in Caulfield 2010. Windsor took out a full page ad for the release of their new model, only to not have it ready for the show! This was the first setback of many!

After many months throughout 2010 being promised delivery, we finally pulled the pin on Windsor in December 2010 after being told yet again that the new model we'd oredered was delayed and "MIGHT" be delivered March 2011! It astounds me how Australia's second largest caravan manufacturer (owned by Fleetwood - the largest caravan manufacturer in the world), couldn't get it's production schedule right. The new model wasn't that radically different to the current 572S with the major change being the inclusion of fibreglass molded ends (Jayco amongst others seem to have worked out how to fit them!!). We were provided photos of the prototype as it underwent construction, but after being poorly handled by both the dealership and Somerton production facility, I'm hard pressed to recommend ordering one of these vans. The whole experience has left a sour taste in our mouths and I'm looking forward to leaving a review of the Goldstream we have ordered instead and hopefully receive in March 2011.

More than 12 months to build a standard model caravan with no special changes from standard for such a large company like Windsor surely is not a good sign of the way their production and management seems to be heading. Good luck to all current and prospective owners of these vans, I can assure all reading this that I for one will never join your ranks!
Oredered a Goldstream instead!!!
Read opinion below!!

Yes but you were asked on a review of the caravan not on your delivery problems, hope you had better luck getting out of the contract, although the wording would have saved you, spelling wise thst is.I never had a chance to do a caravan review. But one thing I know for sure - even if Windsor gave me a van now for free I still wouldn't give them anything but a negative review. If you were hoping the reviews here would help you make a decision regarding a purchase then here's my advice - buy a Goldstream!

442s Windsor rapid 2009 model.

We bought our Rapid second hand at one year old. The issues that we have had with it have been.
Indicator circuit fault, running liights circuit fault, battery melt down faulty battery. Very heavy ball weight for van weight. 190 kegs. Too low to the ground.
We had one of the water tanks move back behind the axel to reduce the ball weight to 150kg.
We had the van raised inverting the axle. This fixed the ball weight issue, and the height issue so we are now able to take it anywhere suitable for two wheel drive vehicles with out ripping the jaks off the back or bottoming out the tow hitch. I don't know why they leave the factory so low it can't make that much fuel difference. It is just not a practice height. Apart from the ball weight and suspension height issues which I think are design manufacturing faults the other faults mentioned are all in OEM products. Batteries running light fittings etc.

The van is easy to set up it has plenty of power points, lights etc. in around 26 weeks of constant use nothing has fallen off inside or outside the van. The securing of the sliding door to the ensuite is inadequate for travel. We have to wedge ours open as the door jumps out of the barrel bolt. It requires a better fitting to keep the door open when traveling. The finish on the van is good. The bed is comfortable the interior size is adequate for two people, we spend a great deal of our time outside any way.

Everything on these vans is an option. I see on newer models the have fitted two out side lights. Ours only has the single light which is not quite enough. The options I would recommend buyers include. The drop down exterior table which is brilliant, and the upsized fridge and entertainment pack outside stereo cable tv inputs on both sides of the van and external tv point. Bergeman.

The rear bathroom is great. With seperate shower and toilet. water storage is enough for two people for three days with care. The tanks are hard to fill.

Despite it's small size the van is easy for two people to move around in at the same time.
I believe the table in our van is not the original table which I have been told was wobbly.

The only thing I don't like about this van is the aircon unit. The controll panel on the roof is a pain to read tilting your head back and staring into the van cealing lights trying to read the pale writing. The sensor is of course on the roof unit which is useless when your using it to heat the van.
It is noisy and shakes the van like cray when the compressor cuts in and out which it does constantly because of the sensor location.

In conclusion we would recommend this van to prospective purchasers particularly those who are comming from a wind up Jayco background.
comfort, space, functionality, finish.
The air conditioner is a dog


The style and design of the caravan is very pleasing, but the workmanship leaves a great lot to be desired.
The management at head office were difficult to contact and slow to action on a complaint.
I would suggest before you buy a Windsor Caravan you examine the unit before excepting delivery.
I hope that this caravan is a happy experience from now on
Very quick to set up after our Jayco Hawk.Plenty of room for 2 people.
Went for all the extras so it would be as comfortable as possible.
good head height, (except the overhead cupboards)
Air con is noisy,water pump the same.When we picked it up from the Batemans Bay Agent it was just 2 months old. When we inspected it after it was detailed we found a for-nominal amount of rust on the roof (from shaving under the silicon)wheel nuts,spare tire holder,chassis,gas bottle holder, al-ko stabilizers.
The inside was not cleaned properly from the factory, or by the dealer.
when these things were brought to the attention of the dealer (after 5 days) i was just told to return it and they would do a warranty job on it!
was not good enough!

Rapid Problems

I have a 16ft 2005 rapid.
In 2009 the front bed frame came apart (finger joints) and sagged. Contacted windsor and also the der to no avail, wanted nothing to do with it. Said it was wear and tear.

Now on our last trip from Gippsland to Adelaide, on our return trip near Bordertown the RHS external Cladding (wall sheeting) came off and folded back on itself to the fridge vents.
Folded back and taped up to limp home.
Contacted Windsor but seems customer service doesn't happen if one person is off and got told must be due to an "air pocket".

Not happy that a 6.5 yr old van with less than 30,00 K's use this happens, even less impressed by Windsors attitude.
Have now checked LHS and can feel movement (bowing)of the sheets.

Wondering how I get this fixed as not an insurance issue till it comes apart.

Vans are great after sales has some work to do, even if they are 6 years old.
Very roomy and good lay


Previously we owned a Jayco Swan camper. The windsor rapid is effortless in comparison to set up and pack - and the build quality is much better than the Jayco. So much more storage as wider/taller cupboards and overhead cupboards too. Loads of room. Bench height is normal size compared to Jayco so no bending over for food prep or dishes. We have the large table which is great for a group to sit around and play board games. In the jayco swan we had the little booth which was too small for a family of 4. The con of having the large table is that you have to crawl around it to get to the bed :-( We have had this van for 2.5 years and use it for three of the school holidays and some weekends. Very happy campers with this Rapid - cosy and comfortable.
We have the Windsor rapid RA441 quick set up (no need for bed end flys and can pack up when canvas is wet - without bed getting wet, lots of bench space and room. Pull out pantries and full height benches. Better build quality than our previous Jayco Swan (was only 3 years old when we traded over). Many layouts to choose from and optional extracs. Recommend Wynguard TV antenna, dual gas tanks travel mount for LCD TV, anderson plug for charging battery on the go and R/C AC and heater.
Bed end roof is noisy in rain, heater/AC loud to sit under. Beds short for tall people. Mesh on bed ends velcroed in and needs plastic insert for more light during colder weather. Table wobbly as only a central pole support.

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Questions & Answers

How do you get the toilet working
1 answer
what isnt working the pump or the leaver to open it.

Hi there, have bought a 2006 Windsor Rapid14 foot. Do I need a hitch and sway bars. I have a 4 WD Pajero. Thanks
3 answers
We had sway bars n a tow hitch.We had a 4x4 Ford Ranger.HI MARK its a matter of safety for me,. You will find the van will be more stable & predictable . The hitch is an option as well. For a 14 ft van I would just stick with a tow ball set up unless your doing a lot of off road, then a better hitch is a good way to go. , but I do recommend sway bars but thats me Hope this helps you.Thanks Bill, I will follow your advice, cheers Mark

Where can I get a weatherproof cover for the fold out bed on my Windsor 452 off road caravan,as there is a gap both sides when the lid of the bed is in the up position? David Hogg.(mobile #0407876905).If you can help.
1 answer
Hi DAVID I got a length of sail track , [I used the double sided type to get a stronger hold & seal]. I salastic & screwed it down as high as I could on the front of the van. I then bought a grey tarp , [ not sure of size but about 3mtrs x 4 mtrs] . Then got a length of sail track rope sewn into the middle of both ends the width of the van . If you then slide it into the sail track you will have about half a mtr on either side & about 1 mtr out the front. This allows me to either leave it hang down or pole it out for more air flow. I then put a screw in both ends of the sail track to stop the tarp from moving. Then had eyes put in the corners to pole it out. I got another tent pole the width of the van & screwed another sail track on it & fed the tarp into it. What you are left with is sail track on van & pole & track on the bottom with an over lap on the sides. You dont have to go this far but I did, I put 3 of those knobs on the side of a ute to hold the tarp down & put them on both sides of the van, Now what this allows me to do. I get shack cord & pull the outer edges together under the tarp making it the width of the van, I then role the tarp up on the tent pole till it is just over the handles on the bed door. this keeps the van clean in travel as well as weather proof. I then het shock cord from the knobs on the side to the handles etc to hold the tarp still during travel. you can also use the handle on the front to connect shock cord to. If you don;t want to do this you can roll it up completely & tie it down but you would have to put tie down points on the sail track when you put it on. Mine is a full van but if yours is a pop top you will have a lower roof. To over come the fall you want in the rain I slide an up turned bucket in on top of the door to give me enough fall for rain. Hope this makes seens & helps you BILL


Windsor Rapid
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