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Cheap and nasty shop - but you CAN get your money back.

I ordered an Abaya in XXL size as I know from experience Chinese sizing is several sizes too small. I'm actually a 14 (Aust. size) so you'd think XXL would fit. No it did not. The shop's idea of XXL is about a size 10 (Aust. size). I decided to get a refund but my order history was gone (strangely) so I couldn't click the refund button. I contacted their customer service to ask about my order history and that I wanted a refund. They just kept repeating the procedure to go to my order history to click on the button that would put me through to customer service to arrange a refund. What they couldn't seem to understand was that I was already talking to customer service. Major avoidance happening.

So I did what I should have done after the first 3 rounds of emails - open a Resolution case through PayPal. I put all order details (incl. PayPal transaction number), the complaint of the product and that I wanted a refund. As the store didn't respond by the PayPal deadline, I escalated to a Dispute - and I got my refund.

Check out PayPal's Buyer Protection Policy and their Resolution Centre. If you paid for your Wish order through them and the order is still recent, it's well worth checking out.

And learn the lesson - buying clothes from Chinese stores is a major gamble and, frankly, not worth the pain.

A website error caused an item to be charged for twice- instantly discovered this

I placed an order for a drone on wish, an error message came up when I tried to purchased the item, then I tried again- I soon discovered 10 minutes later I'd been charged twice- I informed them immediately No reply separately they charged $100 for one order and $104.00 for the other. They never replied to my email when I discovered the 2 debits moreover I just received a case review by Paypal and they said that because the 2 amounts were different for the identical item I'm not entitled to a refund. Wish was informed of the double debit minutes after the transaction- they never replied to my email. Wish is a Joke and Paypal is a joke- have to get a refund through my bank.

Ripped off

Balance due$23 Aus dollars charged on bank statement $45 Aus dollars. Contacted wish and was told they have the right to change product price

I gave ☆ because I can't give a zero.

Garbage. Utter garbage, cheap nasty and completely horrendous. One of the items i bought was a car bumper paint and scratch repair. It came in a bottle no bigger than nail varnish.

Says can you wait 2 weeks, I m still waiting its 4 weeks

Click on a product it says one price then another when you click on it, promises to deliver in 2 weeks , still waiting 4 weeks later. I hate being crap too. ACCC need to act with this misleading crap, stick to eBay.

Cheap cheap cheap

Exceptionally bad quality. Cheap nylon. Extra large size fits an 8 year old. You get what you pay for I guess!

Perfect skirt

I bought a fake leather skirt from Wish it fitted perfect... The measurements were on point and the quality was better than expected

No money refunded

I bought over $80 worth of items. Straight away after I paid for them an error message come up and said my money has been refunded. The problem is, it’s been 3 weeks and no money has been returned to my account. I enquired about my money in an email to wish as there’s no number to call and I got a response a week later simply saying. ‘We are sorry for the inconvenience, we are not shipping to your country at this stage’ (I live in Australia and it has never been an issue before). Nothing was mentioned about my missing money, it was like the person didn’t even read the email?! Not happy at all and will never buy from wish again. Not to mention their products are of terrible quality anyway and postage is way to much, which is how they are making more money for their crap products.

Can't contact sellers

Cancelled my account then asked for bank statement to reinstate it. Can't access my account and can't complain about goods not received. Avoid, it's just not worth the hassle, expensive shipping costs at wish make eBay and AliExpress much better options.

Cheap and nasty "genuine leather handbag"

Wish delivered on time (their time) Took ages, but it finally arrived! However I didn't receive the "genuine leather handbag" that I ordered and paid for. It wasn't expensive (thank god!!) It is a very cheap and nasty bag that I'll never use. If you saw it in K-Mart for $20 you'd give it a miss!
I'll probably put it the garbage bin! Very disappointing!

Wedding dress NOT

I took a chance and brought a wedding dress from this site and waited and waited then they refunded my money (thank goodness) but with no explanation as to why? Not even a opportunity to swap it for something else.
Bloody crap

Bought Micro sd card class 10

Recently bought my first item from wish. It was a micro sd card class 10. The product came after about a month and it was so slow that it took more than 36 hours of continuous running to upload 10 songs. Whatever pics were stored on the card were all corrupted. In a simple word. Stick to eBay or Amazon. This website is a scam.


I ordered a plus size summer dress, maxi, white. It finally arrived, and it is about a size 6 , wouldn't even fit a doll, its made of a plastic type material, like a shower curtain, does not resemble the picture at all. A top has arrived, and despite buying a xxl, it is so tiny, and again very poor material , wrong colour and does not look like the picture at all. Beware !

Worst I've ever bought

I was definitely not expecting the airpods I bought to be this terrible. The colour, the size and the quality was horrible and I'm so annoyed. They wouldn't even fit in my ears because they were too big. Never buying anything from here and never recommending it to anyone either.

Item delivered exactly as advertised

Ordered a canvas print of a Banksy Work.
Delivery was on time with tracking.
Canvas is high quality and colours are vibrant.
Price was very cheap also

It is a scam. None of the items ordered have been delivered.

It is a scam. Items did not arrive. Unable to log a complaint and there is no after sales complaint service or contact.

Or way help on returns

Good but a lot of things come from oversea and take to long to get here but very good to buy from

Items never delivered

I have given up on this group of organised robbers!only 1/3 of the items i paid for, usually well over there 30 day guarantee. For which you are eligible for a full refund....cause they have your back or so they say but then they take it out on you and make it impossible to proceed trying to buy items. There sellers charge well above there quote postage and you get no support from wish on this. The items are fake or cheap knock offs, wish also run geek so steer clear of both of these websites.

Fake Twin Gloves

Easy to buy however the product I got was a fake Twin Gloves.
I advised them and they quickly refunded me.


Another cheap nasty site providing stuff that doesnt fit or work and refusing to offer refunds or replacements. Dont buy here!

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