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Woolley Appliance Services

Woolley Appliance Services

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Siemens washing machine powering off mid cycle... 4 callouts,( 1 fee of $165-00) new circuit board on 3rd visit ( $400 but not paid yet) and now doesnt work at all.Now they are wanting $170 to take the machine to the workshop...
If you have a Bosch or Siemens machine, find someone else.

Excellent Service

Prompt service on short notice call - excellent customer service by technician (Ryan). Will definitely use Woolley Appliance Services again.

Very good job

The person who came was attentive, and seemed sincere in wanting to fix and help. Excellent job, thank you for your service. We are happy.

Amazing company

Fantastic couldn't fault anything from the contact to the tradesman who came Thankyou Woolley Appliance
Would recommend them to anyone

Perfectly professional

The plumber arrived on time. He was honest with regard to the washing machines 'status'. And based on his input and knowledge, we have now purchased a replacement. Woolley Appliance Services is a first class professional outfit. Look no further.

Excellent service. Reliable and courteous

Samsung organised Wooley appliance services to fix my washing machine. The staff on the phone were courteous and helpful. Manoj came out to service my machine and he was expedient and took great care to be polite and informative. It was a great service experience.

Do not confirm time and hard to get ahold of

My dishwasher was broken, they came and collected it. It takes ages to get through to them. They only deliver on days I’m not available. I took a days leave so they could deliver and then didn’t so I have to take another days leave.

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Hi Laura, thank you for your feedback. We acknowledged an error in our system with regard to the booking days and can see we therefore scheduled you for a special delivery on a Saturday and also compensated you for the inconvenience prior to your review. Thank you and once again we appreciate your feedback.

Spare Part for LG microwave

Very good experience. Part was ordered and I received a text informing me it was available for pickup in 2 days. Very happy

Excellent service and great all round experience

From the initial call to book a service to the service call then the follow up for a repair quote the process was incredibly efficient, timely and all the staff were friendly, helpful and a pleasure to deal with. I would highly recommend Woolley Appliance Service.

Cheating customer 's money

I got a quote from wolley appliances to fix my fridge and I have paid $165 service charge for the quote. The person that damaged my fridge ran away and the service was postponed. After 5 months of chasing and finally I decided to go to court to get back my compensation. I rang back Wolley to get a new updated price for the parts that needed to be replaced but the staff said I have to pay for another service fee $165, for them to send someone and look again at the price. This is non sense. It's the same spare part and why I have to pay for another $165 to get an update quote. They just cheat customer money and it doesn't make sense. I have to pay twice service charge for exactly the same quote.
I better buy a new fridge

Hi Susan, We provided you a quote 5 months ago to repair the fridge that someone else damaged. At the time we advised quote was valid for 14 days., But as goodwill we will provide you another updated quote , we have been trying to contact you and left several messages. Pls contact us on 9361 9500I think it's too late as ur staff was very arrogant and told me off to find other repairer. Even you called I didn't want to talk with a company that kicked the existing customer out.I think it's too late as your staff was very arrogant and told me off to find other repairer. Even though you called me, I didn't want to talk with a company that kicked the existing customer out

Job well done

Thank you Rod,you did an excellent job repairing the fridge, you were very professional and I could tell you take your job very seriously, you made sure everything was working perfectly before you left,so thank you once again,we couldn’t be happier and thank you Woolley Appliance Services for having a professional Team in your company:

Ronnie from Woolley Appliance Services did an amazing job!

Ronnie came out to fix a fault with my dishwasher. He gave me plenty of notice for his arrival and turned up exactly on time.

He was friendly, quick and explained exactly what was wrong.

Thanks so much Ronnie!

Brilliant, they helped me through a difficult time

I cannot fault Woolley Appliance Services, their professionalism and customer service during a difficult time for me was exemplary. My three year old fridge stopped cooling and I couldn’t really afford the repairs ($900 with no guarantees it would hold) nor afford a replacement fridge after the recent death of my son and subsequent funeral expenses. Woolley dealt with the fridge’s manufacturer and pushed for a store credit for me so I could replace the fridge. I am so grateful to them for their help. A service repair man arrived to inspect the fridge the day after I first phoned them, then they arranged for my fridge to be picked up and taken to their service centre for more thorough inspection as per the fridge manufacturer’s instructions. Everything was performed perfectly and on time. Thank you Woolley, I cannot recimmended them highly enough, it was so very welcome!

Awesome throughout

Fully utmost professionalism in all aspects.
Thank you Woolley Appliance Services for outstanding top quality service throughout.
Definitely highly recommend.

Dan is an excellent technician

Woolley have been very responsive when I have made repair calls to them. Their technicians are very knowledgeable with regards to appliances, especially Dan, who is very helpful and extremely professional. Thank you Dan for all your help!

Fantastic Service

Scott B came to help my mother who is 78 and did not ask her to do anything lift anything or help pull out the dishwasher. He was so helpful and polite and very respectful.
Thank you Scott for fixing the dishwasher in the first visit was very much appreciated.

Great customer service

Serviceman Scott was awesome! He came out on Saturday as I could not be there during the week. He was so polite and always on time. Thanks so much.

Absolutely fantastic service

Just had our LG refrigerator repaired. The service technician arrived on time and already knew what part would need replacement. He changed over the motor and the fridge is now running l8ke new again with no awful bearing noise. Service fee and spare parts charge extremely reasonable. It definately pays to have people who know what they are doing. Thank you very much.

Fantastic service

I had my washing machine fixed by Jamie last week. Jamie was extremely polite and professional. Thank you Jamie and woolleys.

Wish I bought new washing machine rather than getting serviced

I was told by good guys that Woolley services will ring to arrange to fix my washing machine but I have to organise after waiting 2 days for their call. Machine picked up to fix and taken to workshop. Nobody updated any information when it will be ready. I have follow up and ring. It took more than a week to to fix. Though the machine is ready, nobody rang and fix time to delivery. After I enquirers again I have been offered 5 days time to deliver. And I will be without washing machine for 3 weekends. I am still unsure when I will receive the machine. The receptionist was very rude and seems like she was doing me a favour to get my machine fixed and unable to answer my queries. The only answer she has was depends on the job.

The only good thing was machanic was very kind and helpful, professional.

Unfortunately I have to buy new machine and I request never choose woolies and never pay for extended warranty to good guys. It was a trap.

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