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Terrible service - Bunch of Liars

Transaction haven't been processed yet despite countless calls to customer service. Every time i am getting same reply that is under review team. There is no feedback or true status of the transaction. The slogan instant transfer is big fat lie.

Hi Madiha, Thank you for your review. We are sorry the delay caused to your transaction. Please email us at customerservice@worldremit.com with the transfer number so we may look into this for you. Alternatively, provide your customer number so we may look into your account. Regards, WorldRemitI don't want your sorry, I want my money back and cancel the transaction asap. You guys have put me in a mess due to non commitment. Customer number is WR4566312. You all should be ashamed for your act and services.

Scam Artists or Criminal activity. Worst experience ever!

Transaction 38319748 on 1 April 2019. Aprils fool! No results yet. They stall at all cost. Complaints are deferred, if you complain, they blame the recipient and if the recipient complains they blame you. They try to shame or humiliate you or the recipient. Any excuse to stall or defer your request is pounced upon to use against you. Who gets the interest earned on your money after 3 months?

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Hello Charles, We sincerely apologize if you have experienced any inconvenience in your transaction. We have contacted you further from the email on your account, for security, to be able to discuss your transaction with you. Kind regards, WorldRemit

Scam artists taking advantage of seniors

Parents made a transaction, they entered all correct details yet they receive conflicting messages saying details are inaccurate, or the transaction was successful. Receipent has not received the funds. Customer service have no idea how to speak English. Fair trade will be notified should this not be resolved.

Hello Integridad, We apologize for any difficulties experienced with your transaction and certainly would like to investigate further into your transaction. Please can you provide your WorldRemit transaction reference number or customer number so we can locate your account and investigate? Best wishes, WorldRemit39959806

The worst money sending method

My money has been deducted twice. For that they said it will be refunded and Few days ago I’ve send $145 which automatically gets deducted when I send the amount. It happened twice at the same time which I complained about it and yesterday morning it got charged again for $145.
Very annoying when our accounts get into minus because of such a service.

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Hello Vishakha. Thank you for taking the time to get in touch. We're sorry to hear about your situation. Please provide your transaction number or customer number so we can assist you. Best wishes, WorldRemit.

Technical problems

Transferred money 5days ago. Money can't go through because on technical problem.customer carer useless as they r bullied by technical dept not telling them what d technical problem is.can't get refund..No one can explain what d problem is or when it will be resolved

Hello Kennix, Thank you for taking the time to get in touch. We are sorry to hear your transaction is still pending due to a technical issue. Please provide us with your transaction number in question or your WorldRemit customer number so we can investigate and reach out to you to further discuss. Kind Regards, WorldRemitPlease don't bully me with ur email that u haven't heard from me and u r going to close my case...I've had enough of ur insults from ur insensitive staffs. I recorded d l a st conversation and will upload it on fb much later so dat people can judge for themselves My transaction number is ETZWR38859021. All I'm asking is to refund my money if transaction cannot go through....this is almost 5 days now and appears like stealing. Excuse with Technical problem is a broad name for cover up...that money was needed urgentlyHello Kennix, Thank you for providing your transaction reference number. As we are unable to discuss the specifics of transactions over review platforms for security reasons, we have located your account and sent you an email to advise of your current transaction status and assist with the issue. We hope this helps, so please check your email when you are able. Kind Regards, WorldRemit

Disappointing Service.

Absolutely disappointing service. Made first bank transfer 5 working days ago (10/04/2019). Transaction cancelled for reason unknown on same day. Request for refund made immediately but till now no positive outcome. Customer support on the phone are poorly trained and have language issues. Assumptions made instead of presenting facts. No co-ordination of case investigation. Different case number evolved instead of maintaining the original one complicating the issue. Was told the transaction was voided and refunded but have not recieved anything. Transaction was executed via a third party software (Poli) within WorldRemit website. Was told to check with my own bank and Poli without any details of contact nor reference details regarding the transaction. Do not have the courtesy to assist. Still waiting. Very disappointing.

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Hi Irene, We're sorry to hear you have been disappointed with our service. Please send your transaction number to us via direct message so a member of our Team can get in touch to help. Kind regards, WorldRemit

Most Dishonest! Ridiculous and Liars! They won't respond you in ages

Already gave them details of a Recall of my money that went to a different bank account! Called up hundred times to know who their agent is in India. Still no answer! The worst ever transfer system. Don't ever use this service. I just wonder if they had any stars! And yeah if any of you world remit staff are reading this review then my transaction number is 37938368 (already quoted them 10000 times over the phone)

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Hi Ambrish, Thank you for your valuable feedback. We have been working with our partners in regards to your request. We will continue providing you with further details via your registered email. Rest assured, you will receive any any all updates as we receive them. Thank you for your patience throughout this process. Kind regards, WorldRemit

Waste of time and money

Worst service... transferred money in 29th March... neither can they offer a refund nor can they get the money in the nominated account... Not trustworthy business... have called more than 100 times, still can’t offer any help...

Hi Bobby, We are sorry to hear this. If you could please provide us with your WorldRemit customer number or transaction number in question, we can have a look into this for you and would be more than happy to look into how we can assist. Kind Regards, WorldRemit37748650 - Transfer numberHello Bobby, Thank you for providing your transaction number, we are investigating this and will get in touch with you shortly. Regards, WorldRemit

No care or responsibility

I was part of an online scam & used world remit. When I rang up to report the case, having spoken to my bank & the police, world remit showed no interest in my problem at all. I will continue to work through with the police & also lodge a case with the finance ombudsman.

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Hi Lucy, We are sorry to hear this. If you could provide us with your WorldRemit customer number or contact us at customerservice@worldremit.com, we can always have a look into this for you. We take this kind of query very seriously and we would be more than happy to look into how we can assist. Kind Regards, WorldRemit

It's been more than 24 hours. Money not yet transfered

I sent money yesterday. They took the money out of the bank but the money never went through to the recipient. I'm Starting to think worldremit is a scam!!!! They said it is instant but more than 24 hours is no where near instant!!! Stay far away from this.

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Hi Sunshine, We are sorry to hear that there was a delay in your transaction. Please provide us with your WorldRemit customer ID so we may contact you. Alternatively, please email us on customerservice@worldremit.com so we can assist you further. Many thanks, WorldRemit

Account disabled

Tried sending money via world remit before getting verified and had my account disabled. Have had some difficulty getting back on. Also want to know if you can send money through ING

Hi Chimnaza, Can you please provide a case number you've received through email so we can locate your account and see how we can best assist. Kind Regards, WorldRemitCase number is 07259824Hi Chimnaza, Thank you for providing your case number. We have sent you an email in that case to assist you. Kind Regards, WorldRemit

You need to understand how they operate!!

I had three transfers to two recipients, however WorldRemit use local partners in other countries so you need to know the local transfer codes and not the international transfer codes, albeit the app / order form is vague and unclear on this point. If there is a mistake or a change required for the recipient information you need to wait five business days plus one additional business day from the time (WorldRemit) send the information to their (local agent) and for their (local agent) to acknowledge the transfer. If you contact the call centre you receive a very average response as they want to tell you things and not listen to what is required in terms of resolution with a few exceptions... At least I know what I am dealing with now.... forewarned is forearmed as a customer... not good, not the worst and not great!

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Hello CJM, We are sorry to hear about your recent experience. We do use local agents for some transaction types so that we are able to process the transaction as quickly as possible. We do have different processes depending on the service type and the agent type based on local processing for the transaction. We are always looking to to add to and improve our services and thank you for any feedback in regards to your experience. If you would like for us to look into your transaction to be able to assist please provide your WorldRemit account number or transaction number and we will email you from the email on your account for security. Kind Regards, WorldRemit

Account canceled

have been a loyal customer of world remit until this week.

Please do not use world remit. I made a transaction which was cancelled by them without any explanation, I am in australia and understand npp would mean funds can be returned immediately.

I am being told it will need to be 2-3 days before my funds, which they at world remit have kept from me will be returned. No explanation apart from their criteria was not met, but I have changed none of my details from all prior transactions.

If they can cancel, they should return the funds as quickly as it was cancelled or within 24hrs.

Something does not appear right.

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Hello. We're sorry to hear that you've had this experience. Please note that all refunds are subject to a standard 2 to 3 working days time frame- this takes into account our processing time and the bank's processing time before funds reflect back into your account. Please provide a case number you've received through email and we'll take a look to see how we can best assist you. Kind Regards, WorldRemit

My urgent transfer is delayed

I have used worldremit for many years for small transactions and there has been no issue. This is the first time I made substantial transaction to family who needs the money urgently and I am disappointed that the money is still hanging in the balance after it left my account. I called their office and after been left for 30 mins, the person on hone told me the money is with a third party and they cannot do anything about it. I am been directed to "the third party" that I have no contact on any contract with. If world remit set this system up and there is an issue you will expect them to own it and chase it. To ask me to follow up my money that left my account is a break of the trust I have had in them. I will follow this up because this is a lot of money that I am not prepared to loose. I am now going to start a negative campaign that people risk loosing their money by engaging this service. Issues now resolved and have revised my rating. There is need for improving telephone follow up.

Hi Ayodele, Thank you for your feedback, and we apologize for the delay of your transaction. I have located your WorldRemit account and have sent you an email to your email address on file with us to help explain the situation and further assist. If you'd like to discuss this over the phone, please provide us with a suitable time to contact you and assist. Kind Regards, WorldRemitI am happy that my transfer has been completed. I must admit that I was expecting the standard I was used to. Still need to do something about WR telephone follow up. I really got a fright with the kind of answers I got from calling up. Guess I can now revise my star rating to 4. :)Hi Ayodele, We are happy to hear your issue has been resolved and your review updated. Please do not hesitate to contact us if you require further assistance, and thank you for choosing WorldRemit! Kind Regards,

Dodgy transaction

I have been using WR and largely no issues until my transaction in mid Feb. Money debited from account and no credit on destination. WR is saying transaction is not showing on their system. I have sent evidence with statement of account but they are not interested in looking further. I have never seen such a behaviour from a global brand. No empathy. No CAN Do attitude.

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Hi Pete, I'm sorry to hear that you've had this experience. Please provide a case number you've received through email and we'll take a look to see how we can best assist you. Kind Regards, WorldRemit

Lost funds

We used this service to transfer money for our niece's birthday to India. The transfer went fine but the money did not reach the recipient. We are struggling to get out funds refunded are being bounced around wasting a lot of time. Worldremit has asked us to get the recipients bank statements and provide to them - as embarrassing as this is we, and they obliged but still no sign of funds.

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Hi Aurelia, We are sorry to hear the funds have yet to reflect in your recipients bank account, we do appreciate your co-operation in providing your recipients bank statement for further investigation. May you please provide the transaction number or your registered email address so we may look into this further. Regards, WorldRemit

I have lost trust in world remit ...Please read

I made two transfers through world remit to an India bank account and the transfers are still in processing . As per the customer service team , there is a system issue with their India partner and hence the money is stuck and they do not have an ETA. This money was critical as I has a family who has been hospitalized and need this money urgently . As world remit would see , this is not a small amount of money being transferred and needs to be dealt with urgently . I am now so frustrated that I am going to engage the financial ombudsman and a legal representative and if required the police and media . Holding onto someone's money with no visibility to return is illegal . Including the transaction numbers below if someone cares to resolve this and better communicate with me before I go down the legal route
36332495 and 36307465

Hello Markw, We have sent you an email to the email address registered to your WorldRemit account. As we are a highly regulated company, we cannot divulge specific account information over this platform. Please refer to the email that we have sent you. Kind regards, DanielHi Daniel , i have seen the email and I have tried contacting your customer service and asking for a supervisor and have been denied one . The last time i was put on hold for 30 mins and was then told that there is no a single supervisor on the floor , which is ridiculous . I have spoken to two ladies and a guy. The ladies were good , but i had this problem with the guy(you can track him down) I would prefer to use email as the medium of communication so can you confirm if i am able to respond to that email or can you send me an email address please ?Hi Markw, We have reached out to you via email with a update on the transactions in question. We may proceed with resolving the issue through email however should you wish to discuss this over the phone. May you please provide a appropriate time as a reply to our recent email and we will contact you directly. Kind regards, James

Hassle free and reliable

I have been using this service for 5 months and impressed with the speed of transferring. Easy app to use and hassle free. Recipient in Indonesia receives funds inside 3 hours.


Do not use worldremit.they lost my money transfer twice and never called me even after raising complaints..and their rates are high..dont deal with dodgy people especially when your dealing with money..lesson for me!!!

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Hi Raj, We are sorry to hear you are not happy with our service and would like to look into this for you. May you please provide your WorldRemit customer ID number or your email address. Regards, WorldRemit

If i could give this 10 star i would!

Very good service. Fast and realible! Hassle free. My money gets delivered to my loved ones straight away, not even a few days but few hours even seconds! How awesome is that? Especially on emergency purposes! Love et! Recommend this one. high security for ur money aswell all details are easily seen on every transaction. I made mistake on inputting a wrong acct number and they emailed me straight away And fix it! Im out of words

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Hi Katherine, Thanks for your feedback, it's great to hear you enjoy WorldRemit and the services we offer. Have a wonderful week! Kind regards, WorldRemit

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Questions & Answers

how can i change a recipient name when the transfer is ready to be picked but i made a mistake with it
1 answer
Hi Mary, We can certainly look into amending the name on the transaction. Kindly email this request into customerservice@worldremit.com. Or alternatively contact us over the phone, our toll free phone numbers can be found at the following link: worldremit.com/en/contact-us Regards, WorldRemit

can i pick up a transfer at other banks that have world remit even though the sender chose a bank when sending
1 answer
Hi Mary, Thank you for your message. This is dependent on the country and what was selected by your sender. Please have them email us at customerservice@worldremit.com with the transaction number so we check the transaction itself. Regards, WorldRemit.

My aunt sent me money and she missed one letter of my family. How she can fix it? Please let me know the number what she able to call because shes old already
1 answer
Hello Aila, We can certainly look into amending the name on the transaction for your Aunt. Kindly request that she contact us over the phone or email this request into customerservice@worldremit.com. Our toll free phone numbers can be found at the following link: https://www.worldremit.com/en/contact-us Regards, WorldRemit

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