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WridgWays VIC, Dandenong South

WridgWays VIC, Dandenong South

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PLEASE, Please, please DON’T use these guys......

Let me start out saying that we having moved house from Aus to US a total of 7 times in the last 12 years. Each time with have done a 40ft HC with full pack option. This time I got quotes from 3 different companies. Wridgway wasn’t the cheapest nor the dearest. I would say we are pretty experienced at this move. They estimated a 40ft container no problem.

In November 2018 we had the uplift from Green Point, NSW. Right throughout the days days I kept checking in if it was going to fit. I was assured no problem at all. Again, I know how this works. I was also instructed to ship our safe and daughters mini bike as well.

All seemed ok until we arrived in the USA and I received an email in December after the vessel had sailed telling me that they couldn’t fit it all on and had decided to leave a number of goods off. Items like lounges, safe, motorbike. The email said that if I wanted to have my goods I would need to pay an extra $4000!

I refused and suggested that they cannot hold my goods to ransom like this. They people I originally dealt with had left. I finally heard back in January that they would send on LCL separately and with no charge.

The main load arrived in January. The amount of damage done is a whole other story that I won’t bore you with here.

Guess what, it is now the end of June 2019 and I have still not received our goods. They are held up in port as Wridgways did not obtain authorization for the bike to enter. Oh, and guess what, they are trying to charge me extra fees for their mistake. Now the bike has to get sent back to Aus or destroyed. MY daughters pride and joy. She is distraught.

I urge you, please don’t use Wridgways.

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Hi Michael, Thank you for getting in touch. We are really sorry that you've had a poor relocation experience and I'd like to escalate this to our management team. Could you please send a message to customercare@wridgways.com.au with your contact information and the name your move was booked under so we can address the issues you've had and we can contact you as soon as possible. Once again, thank you for getting in touch with us and we appreciate that you've taken the time to leave feedback. Regards, WridgWays

Excellent service

We moved from Queensland to Vic with Wridgways 5 years ago and found the removalists experienced, friendly and professional. When we were moving back to Queensland, we approached Wridgways again and were provided with the same excellent and professional service (from Matt). Although we didn’t end up using Wridgways again as work ended up organising our move, I would have no hesitation recommending them.

Sly removalist with absolutely no regard for your belongings. Never moving with them again!

I engaged Wridgways to relocate a 1 bedroom apartment worth of items in Melbourne to Sydney in early December 2018. A confirmation of the payment was not sent to me by the move coordinator; [name removed] upon full payment that I had to make a call to ask about the status of the move. Whatever happened to customer service? This should have been the sign of things to come.

The uplift was supposed to happen at 12pm but not only were they late by a whole 2 hours but they did not have the basic courtesy to inform me. It was only after repeated calls to the customer service desk that I knew they were late. When the movers came, no care was exercised in handling my items - it was basically the movers throwing my stuff around. In addition, the movers punctured a hole in the apartment when moving the washing machine but it was my fault for not taking before and after pictures. Since they managed to get the job done within the stipulated 3 hours, I decided to let it go.

Delivery of the items to my apartment in Sydney was on time and handling of items was considerably better than the movers during the uplift. However, to my horror, I found that the saucer plate holding my plant was broken. The movers did not inform me that the saucer plate was broken and was banking on me not noticing it. I was then told that the saucer plate was broken during the move and given how the movers were throwing boxes around even when there was an explicit "fragile" label, I am not surprised.

Upon unpacking, I also found most of the bowls were broken as well and this is after using additional padding on the bowls as well as in the box. The only logical explanation for the bowls to be broken was that the movers were not treating fragile items with care and probably throwing the boxes around. Clearly a negligence on their part! I followed up with [name removed on the broken items and was told they will not be reimbursed, I asked for an explanation on 17th December but 10 days on, I have not gotten a response and will probably not get any.

In short, Wridgways only care about you up till the point they secure their sales and you have paid the full amount. They exercised no care whatsoever in ensuring your items are safely transported and tried to be sneaky about it hoping you would forget.

I only hired Wridgways due to the size of their company in handling interstate removals. I strong advise everyone to not hire Wridgways for your moves. I have seen smaller companies that have done a better job and should have just stuck to the previous removalist I used in my move from Sydney to Melbourne.

Office LocationVIC, Melbourne
Hi Darran, Thank you for getting in touch. We are so sorry to hear about your poor relocation experience and would like to urgently escalate your feedback to our management team. Could you please send a message to customercare@santafewridgways.com.au with your contact information and the name your move was booked under. So, we can address this issue and contact you as soon as possible. Sincerest apologies for the inconvenience this has caused you, we truly do appreciate you taking the time to leave your feedback so that we can improve our service moving forward. Regards, WridgWays.An email has been sent.

Never again- they treated us badly.

We were quoted $4346 by the Wridgways Estimator which we accepted. 7 days before the uplift we receive an email from Melbourne office informing us the price is now $8218. This is despicable treatment. As second time users of this company we expected much better treatment. Being pensioners our health has suffered, all caused by Wridgways lack of thought and consideration. SHAME on you Wridgways.

Office LocationVIC, Melbourne
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Hi Gail, Thank you for getting in touch. We are really sorry to hear about your poor relocation experience and would like to urgently escalate your feedback to our management team. Could you please send a message to customercare@santafewridgways.com.au with your contact information, the name that your move was booked under. So, we can address this issue as soon as possible. Sincerest apologies for the inconvenience this has caused you, we truly do appreciate you taking the time to leave your feedback so that we can improve our service moving forward. Regards, WridgWays.

Do not use them

To be upfront, I won’t be using your services again and will not be recommending Wridgways to anyone in future.

I had various items broken during the move, including cheeseboards (which had sentimental value due to being a gift) and wine glasses. These were packed in boxes that were marked as “fragile” and also wrapped in layers of newspaper. The fact that only a few were broken, rather than all of them, indicates to me that the break wasn’t due to poor packing, but due to poor/rough handling of the boxes. Although I had purchased insurance, with an excess of $200 it hardly seems worth the trouble. When in reality your guys should’ve just been careful to begin with.

This was further emphasized to me, the nature of which items are handled by the staff members, as I was able to witness this firsthand. The two men who came to my property actually damaged my roof and chipped it (an entire chunk was taken off with a bedframe), resulting in a handyman having to come and re-plaster it. Although this did not come as a charge to me (and why should it), the handyman had to re-paint that section and the paint job was obvious. I am now hoping that I will not be liable for any re-painting job expenses that the landlord may need to incur as a result of this.

I could see that the men were rushing and basically throwing my items around, without even noting whether it was fragile or not (even though it was clearly labelled for their benefit). Absolutely, disgustingly careless.

Upon arrival in the new home, 3 of my boxes were completely opened. Which is odd considering I had taped/duct taped these boxes. As a result of it being open, dust and debris got into the boxes/items. Not to mention an invasion of my privacy.

The only thing I can commend is, the administration staff was extremely responsive and had great communication. It’s a shame that her ground staff were not able to demonstrate the same level of service and care in their jobs and responsibilities.

From what I can see with other reviews, Wrigways will respond asking me to email their Customer Care Team, which I've already done. Given my experience thus far, I really doubt much will come of it.
My advice: just avoid them at all costs!

Office LocationVIC, Melbourne
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Hi Leanne, we are really sorry that this has been your experience with us on this occasion. We pride ourselves on Five Star Service and if we fall short we will make every effort to resolve the issue. I have passed your details to our Melbourne management team. Thank you for getting in touch and bringing this to our attention. Regards, Wridgways

Do Not Get This Company

Do yourself a favour and do not get this company! They demanded more money on the day of pickup, claiming they had to move extra furniture. We had photo proof that this was not so, but it seems that NO ONE has any authority over this company, even with proof, as they do not respond to emails. They also sent our furniture to the wrong state, resulting in loss of parts needed to put it together. After months of stress and getting NOWHERE all we can do, is warn others to save yourself from this Company, their service is NOT acceptable!

Office LocationVIC, Melbourne
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Hi MackD, thank you for your feedback. We are really sorry to hear that you had such a poor moving experience. I would like to escalate this to our management team - if you can please email customercare@santafewridgways.com with your contact information, the name that the move was booked under and the destination suburb in Australia I will have this followed up as soon as possible. Thank you for bringing this to our attention. Regards, WridgWays

Very poor service and communication.

I sought quotations from 3 major Removal Companies for a move from Melbourne to Geelong. The move was from a 4 bedroom apartment to a 4 bedroom house. Although WridgWays was the most expensive I chose them because I had had 3 very successful moves with them about 10 to 15 years ago. The quotations were for two moves; one being a large de-clutter move with the container to be held for three or more months and the other being the final uplift direct to Geelong.

When the de-clutter load was uplifted the staff broke our garage door and did not report the damage. I telephoned WridgWays about this twice and the person who was to respond did not return calls.

The de-clutter Quotation stated “Re-delivery to Metro Melbourne”. I question this item and was told that Geelong was considered part of Metro Melbourne. Unfortunately I did not get this in writing and was charged an additional $405 to deliver the container to Geelong. I was clearly their error not mine. The refused to reconsider this additional charge. Their other quote clearly mentioned Geelong as the destination.

When the de-clutter load was delivered to Geelong a number of items were broken and some furniture clearly scratched. We were told by Sales Consultant that our de-clutter load would be placed in special bins in the storage area and would not be left in the container. This was part of the quality service they provide. This was a total lie as the items remained in the Container at all times.

The most frustrating issue was communication. I tried repeatedly to contact two different staff members by telephone and by email and their response was appalling often taking up to 4 days. The WridgWays receptionist was frustrated on my behalf because I could not receive a response to repeated telephone calls.

Given this appalling service I contracted with another company for the final uplift of my household items. This contract was significantly cheaper than the WridgWays quotation. It also included a much simpler insurance proposal. Best of all we enjoyed friendly trouble free service and professional communication. No damage occurred to our furniture or other items.

Since unpacking items packed by the WridgWays staff for the first uplift we have found items that are chipped and broken.

Sadly the WridgWays I once knew and trusted no longer exists.

Office LocationVIC, Melbourne
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Hello Jack, thank you so much for providing this feedback, albeit a fairly poor experience. This has been escalated to the appropriate senior staff member for further investigation. Sincerest apologies for any inconvenience this has caused you. We truly do appreciate you taking the time to leave this feedback so that we can improve our service moving forward.

Very pleased. Smooth move

We moved a large house. It was packed completely in one full day. And moved the second day. All staff were professional, I didn't feel uncomfortable which I have in the past with removalists. They were not intrusive and just did their job. Office staff were also very pleasant to deal with, no problems at all.

Office LocationVIC, Melbourne

Fantastic Service

I moved my house contents from Victoria to NSW over 1200 klms, the move went smooth at both ends staff were fantastic both the administration & moving staff were a pleasure to deal with.

Office LocationVIC, Melbourne

Great Service Friendle People

We moved our two storey three bedroom house in Melbourne to two locations. We had to move all the house down to Kilcunda then take some furniture from Kilcunda to Richmond. This did not seem a problem with anyone. The day before the move two professional packers came in and placed all our worldly goods into boxes, marked them and prepared them for the move the next day. The next day two trucks turned up, packed all our goods and carried out the instructions given It was a professional job and we have no hesitation in recommending this company to anyone of our family and friends.

Office LocationVIC, Melbourne

Highly professional service.

This was a relatively small (two bedroom flat) but complex move, from the third floor of an apartment building with a small elevator and rather difficult access, including steps at the front and a corridor with tight turns.
The move was completed promptly and effectively - the team had worked out an efficient plan of action and executed it well.

Office LocationVIC, Melbourne

A Professional team of people!

The move occurred within the Eastern Suburbs of Melbourne, from a large 3 Bedroom house to a small 2 Bedroom Unit.
The task was difficult because there were selected items to be relocated from a house full of furniture and despite a small number of items left behind, Santa Fe WridgWays did an excellent job by arranging for another truck to follow-up and complete the relocation on the same day.
The job at hand was very well handled by the team on the ground, with no breakages.
Many thanks to the Consumer Sales Consultant and the Operations Team for putting in the extra effort and going out of their way to complete the relocation.

Office LocationVIC, Melbourne

Small Interstate removal from helpful team

We had to clear out my Mother inlaws house in Melbourne just before Easter and some of the items in the place we wanted to ship back to Brisbane where we live, rang around half a dozen firms who all said it was too small a job or they weren't heading north at that time, then contacted Santa Fe Wridgeways who were all too happy to help the team arrived on time packed our precious items held them in storage until they were coming north at no extra cost three weeks later the Brisbane team arrived on time, put back together a cabinet they had to disassemble for transport and we couldn't be happier everything got up here in perfect condition

Thank you Santa Fe Wridgeways

Office LocationVIC, Melbourne

Professional and careful removalists

Interstate move of a 1 bedroom house from Bendigo to Brisbane. Moving staff at both ends were polite, excellent and careful with my belongings. The inventory system was a pleasant surprise compared to the removalists I had used previously. Simply because of Wridgways thoroughness I would use Santa Fe Wridgways again.

Office LocationVIC, Melbourne

Had hassle free, amazing service would love to highly recommend to others!!

It was a 3 Bedroom House move.
Long distance. (From Gladstone Qld. to South Morang Vic.)
Yes, it completed as per the given time frame by the removalist.

Office LocationVIC, Melbourne

Excellent service

I moved with Santa Fe Ridgeways interstate. The team was professional from the initial quote to the person who picked up the boxes after unpacking. The packing team was very professional and handled a potentially stressful time on my part with calmness and efficiency.

Office LocationVIC, Melbourne

Professional and Efficient

I was moving from a double story house to a smaller double story town house. The move finished early and the guys should initiative when storing the boxes in the garage at the other end.

Office LocationVIC, Melbourne

Excellent service from start to finish.

I moved interstate and Santa Fe Wridgeways was an excellent choice. From the initial quote to dealing with all my queries, the staff involved in my move were totally professional. Would definitely use them in the future.

Office LocationVIC, Melbourne

Great value and effective removal service

16 cubic metres (part container) of equipment and furniture shipped from Melbourne to the Sunshine Coast. Very smooth operation, picked up and dropped off on time, with skilled and careful removalists. No damage. Great value. Thank you.

Office LocationVIC, Melbourne

Great service

- A small load for an apartment
- Long distance
- The time frame from start to finish was as planned.

Ultimately, I was very happy with the service from pick up to delivery, everything ran smoothly and as expected. I would recommend Santa Fe WridgWays to others. Thank you.

Office LocationVIC, Melbourne

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