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Enquired about purchasing a the Freewing A10. After talking to Chad was told in stock (lie) paid for over the phone. Its been over 12 months nothing. Similar to other complaints listed here. Once they have your money, no contact. Promised refund but just another (lie). I broke my own rule of only using PayPal. Taking legal action to get my money back

Do not I repeat do not buy from these scammers

I wish I read this before purchasing online from XTremeHobby as I among many others have had exactly the same experience. No response from emails or unanswered phone calls just to find out the status of the order. Order placed on 18th Feb 2019 and managed to get through once to be told to expect it mid next week which is now. Sent emails again to get a tracking number as it's Australia Post (supposidly) and no response. Called the Bank to get the payment reversed. Fingers crossed to get my money back.

Everyone needs to go all out to warn others of this scam and get them shutdown. I can't believe an Australian business can operate like this?

Return Claim MadeNo

Care Factor Zero

Xtremely disappointed online purchase no mention of out of stock after 4 weeks of emails and phone calls regarding shipping I was told it was out of stock and a refund would be issued after 2 weeks and mutiple phone / emails and promises still nothing I have instructed the bank to proceed with a transaction dispute. After informing them there response was We will just let the bank deal with it then.

Return Claim MadeNo

Ripped off $1200

Purchased Freewing A10 through the website 17/05/18 $999 + $45 postage
Did not receive any response for 2 weeks so contacted the shop who said the item is out of stock. New stock arriving in 2-3 weeks. we will send you tracking numbers for the parcel delivery when available.
5 weeks pass no contact from xtremehobby.
Contacted store again. store owner said the model will be shipped direct from the manufacturer and will send me tracking numbers when gets a chance.
Several more weeks pass no contact from xtremehobby.
Contact store again.
Told they have my item in the local warehouse and will send it as soon as possible. requested they send me the tracking/consignment numbers when they can.
Few more weeks pass - its now mid September (paid for in May)
Contact store again. Sorry we can't ship item via Auspost due to size restrictions need to use courier - ok fair enough
store owner quotes additional $153 (on top of $45 p/h already paid) for courier services
Ok - sent additional funds
2 more weeks pass- no delivery no contact
Contact store again -store owner claims item was sent via courier and will find out what happened
I contact the courier service - no record of picking up item from Xtremehobby
attempts to contact Xtremehobby fail via phone and email
The whole process has been a nightmare
many times I have attempted to call the phone is not answered or on rare occasion the phone is answered I am advised the store owner will call me back - 5 months and many, many calls did I ever receive a call back - once
Odd how if I call from a different phone I get through but not from numbers I called from before
now taking advice from ACCC - formal request for remedy of service is on its way.
will take matter up with consumers affairs if not refunded in full.

Wish I had done more research before purchase as I would have seen the other reviews here and forums with many customers with similar experiences.

Buyer Beware

DO NOT TRUST THIS COMPANY. Promises the world delivers an Atlas(actually not even that). Ordered a plane on line which said was in stock but wasn’t. Rang, emailed 2 weeks later no initial replies then finally got through to say where's my order they said not in stock - [name removed] said you should have rung first!! So he said it will be here Monday. I said no thanks this sounds dodgy I’ll have a refund. He said ok and it’s on its way via PayPal. Two weeks later nothing so emailed etc no reply. Submitted a dispute/claim with PayPal. Xtreme Hobby said they would take liability and refund themselves (quote from PayPal). Then refund appeared BUT they cancelled it within seconds. Appears like refund but isn’t. PayPal thought dispute closed. PayPal not happy and have refunded my money. Buyer beware. Christmas present for my kid never came.

Fast and honest service

Bought two Traxxas E-Revos from Xtreme Hobbies and very happy with the service and the shipping times. Arrived 3 days after shipped from Qld to SA. Thanks again.

Time Waster Big Delay Freewing T-45Goshawk 90mm 6s EDF Jet Showroom Demo PNP

I am surprised that [Xtreme Hobby] is still in business and no one has gone over to his shop and bashed him up cause of his nonsense lies and promises.

I Purchased a freewing T-45 that he was advertising from face book through a mate of mine.'=
The add was advertised as a freewing T-45 90mm edf jet showroom display model going for $500.00 (PNP).

PNP Meaning all included except battery and radio gear Correct ?see the link from there web site. just copy and paste in to your browser the link below.


Well after 7 weeks i finally received it from Extreme Hobby Qld to Arndell park Sydney.7 weeks that's nonsense you can get it quicker from china right.

Anyways guess what they sent!
I got the freewing T-45 without the full set of retracts,with out the 90mm 12 blade alloy EDF unit and motor,also the front retract doors where missing and both section of the main retract doors, That's not (PNP) is it.
Even the box said (PNP)? Go figure:).

Surprising enough the jet came in good condition for a display unit even though the box had a few holes in it must of happened during postage.

Well everything else was included even the 130A ESC,Strange as an ARF doesn't even have the esc.

I have advised my mate that was communicating with [Xtreme Hobby] on face book! that the parts where missing and it was not a PNP.

This is not acceptable and i want the missing parts to complete the model that should of come with the jet as a (PNP).

I wonder if he will even send all the parts and if it will take more than 7 weeks to receive the part or even if i get them at all.I do not recommend anyone purchase from [Extreme Hobby] don't waste your time with them.

I recommend purchasing RC planes from anywhere else but from [Xtreme Hobby] because you will receive what you ordered and not get lied to and stuffed around from Extreme Hobby's Staff that play the BLAME GAME.LOLS.:O

If the staff is the issue then sack them and get reliable people to run your business doh? Its that simple.:)

Good luck extreme hobby you have lost another customer as I wont be purchasing any more planes from you no matter if they are cheap.

Remember every dog has his day and you will have your day one day MATE?:)

I ordered it on the 2/11/2018 and this is the details before i received it, the courier tried twice to collect it from there shop after i had to contact e-go and chatted with [name removed] from there customer service as he mentioned that the courier attempted to collect the parcel twice.at least the courier service was helpful.. even that failed.So extreme had to eventually drop it off at e-go's depot but it took so long LOLS

It was booked for collection on the 4/12.2018 4 weeks after i payed for it :) Pretty Shocking Service i must say. below are the tracking info

E-go tracking number XX391360
Job Number 18001
Booked for pickup 04/12/2018
Service Road Freight
From TINGALPA 4173
Transit Time 1 - 2 Days
Number of Items 1
Dead Weight 3 kgs
Cubic Weight 56 kgs

Scanned Item Status/Reason PoD Agent/Driver
13/12/2018 06:01AM On-Forwarded HXSYD
13/12/2018 10:11AM Out for Delivery 576
13/12/2018 10:13AM Out for Delivery 576
13/12/2018 12:21PM 1/ 0 Delivered/-33.790103,150.88971 576


I have tried to follow up with my so called mate who did the deal on face book for me and i keep getting the run around from him as well now.He just said that he has no info as to when the parts will arrive from Extreme hobby as its been a further 2 months since i received the T-45 from Extreme Hobby? I don't think that Extreme Hobby will come good with the parts as my mate is still waiting for a refund from Extreme Hobby for a Freewing 90mm Yak 130 that he ordered and did not receive it that has been over 4mts.Now my mate that did the deal with face book was saying that Fair trading is involved....HAHA what are they going to do it can take more than 6 mts to a year to resolve anything with them.

Just remember unless you go in to there store to purchase don't wast your time with Facebook or on there web page to purchase from EXTREME HOBBY you are better off buying from RC trader or RC castle even F-Hobby At least you will get what you ordered with no issues.

Cheers Happy flying

Product Quality
Return Claim MadeYes


Don’t buy from this shop. Will not answer calls and when you get someone to answer they will not answer questions. I ordered a plane a few weeks ago and I don’t know where it is and the owner puts blame on his staff. Says he will call back but I have not received a call.

Item Not Received.

Paid in August 2018 - numerous emails sent regarding shipment - received a couple of emails back - the normal answer just received will be shipped today - still waiting & its now 25/1/2018. Paid by Paypal and have reported it to them for resolution.


I wish I had checked out the reviews here before dropping by Xtreme Hobby. Purchased two items with a promise I would receive the items within 2 weeks by post. After 2 weeks I started calling Xtreme Hobby but they never answer the phone - all calls are just diverted to voice mail. After numerous calls and left voice mails - silence. Eventually, after about 4 weeks I received one item by post.
I have given up on the last item (valued at $30) as it is just not worth my time keep following up on this.
Stay away from this mob - they are happy to take your money but seem unable to deliver.

Con man don’t buy from him

This guy is full of lies takes your money and doesn’t post anything out fake tracking numbers this went on for 2 months in the end he wouldn’t answer my emails or phone calls talk about a con man this is fraud I hope he gets what he deserves taking people’s money and blatantly not sending anything . I hope the bank shuts him down I’ve never had so much trouble buying online

Patience and persistance.

Thanks Chad my Avanti-S is a great plane. Yes there was a delay on the eta. Was it worth it, my oath. Whilst there was a communication problem to begin with this was resolved. Great job and thanks for your persistence in seeing this to a successful conclusion.
Common courtesy goes a long way. I have read the other reviews and am disappointed that others have taken to bagging Chad and Xtreme Hobby. There are many other shops that are at the mercy of overseas suppliers and transport. I have visited this shop on a number of occasions and have found Chad and his staff to be genuinely keen to please their customers. They are very knowledgable and also carry a great portfolio of stock and parts.
Will I shop there again, certainly!

Selling what they haven't got and can't get

I had dealings with Chad and his staff 4 years ago and said never again after getting the run around. Always a promise of free batteries, and it's still happening I read, but even if you eventually get the item you've paid for you won't get anything else that they promise you.
Website is full of items that they can't supply because the items are months and even years out of production. They'll take your money and give you the runaround for months about what's causing the holdups.
If you buy from these guys you MUST use Paypal to protect yourself as more than likely you will be looking for a refund.
They do have some nice stuff in the shop and I wouldn't hesitate to buy from them if I could call at the shop and take what I need with me after thoroughly checking it out and THEN paying.
Seems they have a habit of taking bit's out of boxes to keep a customer happy and then selling the item as new in spite of it now missing something.
My advice. Do not buy online from these guys. Problems guaranteed! and do not order and pay for anything as it will either take months to arrive or not arrive at all and you will have a massive fight to get a refund.
If I was local I'd probably buy from them taking all the above precautions but if you are not local do yourself a favour and avoid them like the plague. Search the net and you will buy the all the same stuff cheaper elsewhere with much less hassle.

Extreme Hobby

Finally got my problem sorted. Chad was good to his word and contacted me back. Its amazing what a little communication can solve.

buyers beware of this con artist

Paid for an Avanti S, got told lies as to why I hadn't received it, then paid more money to buy a different aircraft and again got the runaround and lied to for over a month as to why I hadn't received the aircraft. In the end the only way I could get my money back was to put in a dispute with PayPal. A very disappointing experience, needless to day they won't be getting any of my business again. Stay well clear of Chad and this store.

No item no refund.

Well another disappointed customer here. All the things said in these reviews are true. He has used all the same excuses on me. Item in stock paid for the item no item. Contact him no answer back. Finally contacted me told receiving a shipment in 3 weeks and will give me a free battery. Ha ha guess what no item no call and no battery. Contacted again no answer. Item stuck in customs next week. Surprise no item contact again fed up now want a refund. Guess what check in the mail syndrome. 8 days now no refund. This has been going on since 16 April 2018. Nearly end of July no answer no refund what a nuisance this guy is. Thought this was only in the movies no folks the rip offs are at your back door. Originally had over $1000 worth of stuff since January managed to embarrass him into sending me a model from China another one of his excuses.
Buyer beware is not a strong enough words for this guy lucky I'm not in the same state. However my next move is to contact the Ombudsman in his state and issue a warrant for his arrest for illegal and false advertising and gaining money under false pretences. I am not happy anymore with just a refund I want him behind bars and if it cost me so be it. No models for awhile will pay my costs anyway, the amount I spent on this lovely hobby.

Let the buyer beware

Ordered online from them. Assured item in stock, but various excuses for non-delivery offered. Refund promised but not given. After seeing the previous complaints on this site, I contacted my credit card company and, thanks to them, I got my money back. Lots of phone calls and paperwork involved. Time elapsed from the order to the recharge: two months.

Con Artist

I bought and paid for a new remote for a phantom 3 pro and was advised the item would be delivered in a week as he had to order it, 3 weeks later and the item has not arrived.These guys are just ripping off the everyday customer. Do not even consider parting with your money with this business. They will not answer your calls or even return your message. This business is nothing more than a con.

Rip Off Artist Beware

[name removed], has item's online that say in stock. This is false... I purchased a Traxxas X01 which had included Lipo batteries and charger, paid what was on his site, only too receive a phone call saying that price and included item's are not included. Hence he then said 1 week new stock arrives, then got me too pay extra for the car, also pay him $120 more in advance for Lipo batteries and charger. Trying too tell you you're getting a bargain. Did the item's arrive, NO... Try ringing and they won't answer or ask your name, and funny enough [name removed] is always out.. Use e-mail you get told, only too receive more lies and false promises. This guy is a rip off artist beware. It's been going on for years! Was promised a refund after a month, funny enough, my credit card is in debt.. ring up use anonymous name and different phone number, guess what [name removed] is available, especially when money is involved for a purchase. I'm talking $1200 He ripped me OFF. Then oh I did refund you but mate guess what I have your car and accessories now, but Lies once again! After 30 odd calls 30 e-mails and threats still he thinks he can get away with it as he is a very good CON ARTIST.. Solution 4 months it is now, straight away contact you're bank, dispute it with them, please make sure you have all proof, the works!! In conclusion 5 months later the bank refund me and will now chase [name removed] and he will be fined.. Do not waste your time with xtreme hobbies as [name removed] is very good at ripping people off. Much better hobby shops online please take note and beware. I told you [name removed] you weren't getting away with it. Yay victory I win and got an awesome deal elsewhere. Hope you end up bankrupt!!

Be Careful

Only buy if you see it in the shop.... Promise to ship to you if not in stock?.... Good luck with that... :(

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Questions & Answers

I have purchased the 20th anniversary fa18 foam model the instructions are not clear of how to attach the rear elevators to the aircraft. Can you assist. Regards Ray
2 answers
I have not seen the fa18 but on the foam Cessna i had the elevators had to be installed be for anything else as the two halves of the main body covered the elevators and alerons and then attached the control rod , hope's that helpsThe aircraft was purchased from extemehobby. The rear elevators are attached via a carbon rod through the fuselage, there does not appear to be a hole through the fuselage. The aircraft is powered by two 40mm electric fans,I hope this extra info helps with responses. Ray

Do you carry and have in stock for p/u the Mirage 4000 70mm edf jet? RK
1 answer
Sorry, we no longer have this product as I dont believe FMS produce it in their current product range. Kind Regards

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