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One star because you cannot select zero

Their website does not work, additionally their support people lie to you and tell you didn't have enought credit even though you can support it with credit card statements. Don't bother they have no integrity and their website is broken in the most dishones way

Yatango- liar, cheater

Yatango, what a rogue!! I was applied a mobile at the end of August, waited over two months still can received my phone and they told me don't know when I can get it. Ok fine, I requested a refund, know one month later where is my money????? Swindler!! Liar!!! Cheater!!!!

Even though they've been sold

First off, know that Yatango was bought by Yomojo, which made me sad as I had finally found a prepaid plan I liked, so was worried what would happen.

So far all okay, they set up our accounts on the new website and we got access no problem. We're still getting what we pay for and the months rolled over smoothly.

The new website isn't as nicely done and the old Yatango mobile app doesn't work anymore, you have to check through the website (so far anyway) but it's still the same chose your own plan format which is what's important to me.

You can choose how much of each product you want - say 100 SMS, 200 minutes voice and 1gb data - pay for that and your good to go. Each lives in its own 'box' so if you run out of one it doesn't eat your credit from the others. With our previous plan my daughter would use up her data, then it would take from her call credit (at a much higher price) and suddenly she had no contact with the world. So now we don't have that problem any more.

I'll look for Yomojo to repost this part, I'm hoping the money will work out for them because I really appreciate the service.

Where were you 5 years ago

It lets me manage my mobile spend with no fuss with complete ease. Online help, advice and updates are great.

Yatango mobile sim

I have given my parents my Nokia 925 as their old phone has died, After searching networks including Telstra, Vodafone and Yatango, I have trIed to access the 3, but a no services message appears after I have installed Yatango SIM card. The Nokia was unlocked from a Vodfone prior to installing the sim card. If anyone is able to help or has ideas or a cintact number, please forward to myself. Regards Torben

Not a Fair Go.............no way to do business.

Tried Yatango a few weeks ago, web page quoted $18.00 per month Unlimitedf or a phone account. OK
Prepaid bill comes. $ 20;00 so I asked to close and get my money back as it was a prepaid.
what a lot of verballing so in the end I asked my bank to withdraw the payment, They did. End of the first part of the story,
Next happening is I get a phone callfrom an :eak telco asking do I want a mobile account very cheap. A garbled speech Then I look up this Eak telco and it is YOMOJO the same people who went broke running Yatango,
The very next day I get an email from Yomojo sending me a bill for $36.00 for the first prepaid month, which included $20.00 deposit
I havent even spoken to any body at all.to request an acount of any type.yet to see if they take any money on the 5th december.

what is happening to every one else?

No support

Tried to access the website to recharge my account, but it was down for more than 3 days. tried contacting them through their website support team and facebook however still have not received a reply. now my credit has expired and can't use the phone. very disappointed!

Pack of Lies

Yatango is a company built on un-kept promises. Yatango promised to deliver their SIM card in 3-5 business days. Waited for over a week and it is still not here. I tried to contact them to follow up (they promised to reply in 24 hours), but after three days, there has still been no response. Can't believe I wasted my time and money on this nonsense. Poor form, poor communication.

No Proper Support

Last two days Yatango website is offline and there is no way to contact them to do any prepaid recharge!

What a excellent service???

I wont recommend Yatango mobile.

Great product

Great product good service. The international service is excellent to have. Pity reception in Mawson Lakes is not the greatest.

Purchase not supplied

Have ordered a phone accessory and have been waiting for months. I have tried the live chat several times and in spite of constant promises that i will be emailed have never been contacted.

And I thought a receiver was something to do with telecommunications

Out of the blue I, like all Yatango customers, was informed my custom had been bought by another company. What has happened to the $20.00 all customers paid as some kind of bond/deposit? Those $20.00's must all amount to $millions.

My Plan

Great plan for me . Yatango regularly keeps in touch with updates of products and services they provide. Love the little messages they send for special events such as birthdays etc it shows their customers are not just numbers. Cheers Yatango keep up the good work

great service

the site is really easy to use, the rates are affordable and can be tailored to what your usage is, which is perfect.

different plan suit different people

I kind of like the freedom to choose whether you need packaged voice, sms, data or pay as you go. you can change month by month to accomodate the heavy or light month easily. For those who keep a number and needs to dial occasionally, surely this is very flexible. I like the Optus network.

Yatango is awesome!

The pricing on how much you goose is great and I enjoy the support I have item from the Yatango team. Thanks

loving the savings

Cheaper rates and great coverage. Loving the savings. Excellent customer service. Easy to top up your bill more money to take holidays

Yatango - just awesome!

Fast, friendly, efficent and fantastic value. Have never had any problems and everything has lived up to the service they promise.

Way Better Than What I Was Paying

I used to be on a contract and was looking for a better deal once it ran out. My husband joined up with you guys and loved the service and deals that you guys offered and suggested I join too. I was pleasantly surprised with not only the deals but the tech support, etc. has been excellent. We are looking at getting our 16 years old a sim card with you guys and I've been recommending you to any family and friends.

Really disappointing in how their system worked

If anyone consider using Yatango mobile, be aware of their Hidden charge and Confusing system.

I tried to cancel the SIM I bought which I haven't used for 2 months.

They KEEP your credit cards details and renewed without your permission. As I noticed this, I tried to turnoff auto renewal, turned out the Dashboard is really complicated and DON't have a button to turnoff auto renewal.

So then I tried to contact Ya-tango to try to get a refund as I DO NOT consume any credits, Tech supports say this is not refundable and I have to use the remaining balance rather than a simple refund.

I appreciate the politeness and patience of the tech support when chatting with me, I understand that it is beyond their control to help me but it seems unfair to me and others to be CHARGED without PERMISSION due to their COMPLEX system.

Hey Daniel, Hope everything's going well. We're so sorry to hear that it seems you were charged for the renewal of your packs even though you're not using the service. Our packs are defaulted to auto-renew every 30 days and are automatically charged using the registered card on your account unless you disable the renewal of your packs. To disable the renewal of your packs, all you need to do is login to your Dashboard, click on Change Plan, and set the sliders of your packs to $0. For our members to use our service, we will need to take payments from our member's nominated payment method. These transactions may be initiated by our members or automatically by us on a recurring subscription basis depending on our member's plan selection. We securely store our member's payment details for payments and purchases on Yatango. You may read more about this on our terms and conditions here: https://yatango.com.au/mobile/terms#ts_3_0 We sincerely apologise for all the inconvenience our system might have caused you. Kindly get in touch with us through our LiveChat which can be found on our website https://yatango.com.au/mobile/ or email us directly at support@yatango.com so that we can take another look in your case and check what kind of assistance we can offer. Cheers, - Daryl - Hi Daryl, thanks for your quick reply. I have tried to chat with one of Yatango supports but the outcome is as described above. I believe a refund would solve the case fairly.Hey Daniel, Let me check what we can do here. Are you able to send us an email along with your mobile number and date of birth? We need it to review your case. Send your email at support@yatango.com Please use the subject line: Product Review ID 825993 We will wait for your email and go from there. -Ed

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Questions & Answers

I had request a refund at Nov. but no money back. What can I do now?
3 answers
Hi kiki, I'm just a fellow customer plus don't know the circumstances so can't really give you a definitive answer. However since the company has been sold I don't think you have too much hope of getting a refund.yes yatango went bust....The very next day the same people went operational with Yomojo .. you have three options write to Telecommunications Industry Ombudsman [TIO} ...... if paid by dredit card ask your bank to rescind payment. or Contact Yomojo and ask ,but they may reneg any responsibilty and only offer a new account startup for freekiki i was with yatango and paid yatango $20.40 security deposit yet yomojo refunded... call them.. annoy yomojo til you get a positive reply... YOMOJO web is CRAP not functional and usage details are rubbish... actually think it is not legal to display content as they do :)

I would like to know why my Yatango mobile app is not working?
2 answers
Yatango was wound up almost two weeks ago [lack of money] the same people have now started Yomojo with the same problem lack of money, they sent me an unsolicited invoice for the month of $36.00 what does that show you?Yatango was bought by Yomojo. You can use their website to access your account.

where is YATANGO.com website? vanish no reply from them
3 answers
Sorry unable to find anything on Yatango.com or any other avenues. I hope someone else can help. Regards TorbenI would not engage Yatango as they wanted to charge me $20.,, instead of $18.00, But the next week I was sent a phone bill for $36.00 from the same people now calling themselves YOMOJO. Yatango was wound up postal address level 15, 10 Queens road, Melbourne Victoria 3004 They need money badly that is why they want $20 up frontYatango were taken over by Yomojo - try Yomojo.com

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