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Yatango Shopping

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I ordered a phone on 14 September and nothing until now. I called for a return and nothing of my money at my account. I keep trying to solve this but the company doesn't care about it. Disrespect with the customer.

Price good. Slow to deliver.

Placed order on 27 March. Delivery received 17 April. Quoted time-to-ship was 5-7 days, which was obviously rather optimistic in light of actual time-to-ship.

Great Website and overall good experience

The website is well designed, very user friendly and easy to navigate. Overall my experience was very good. I would definitely shop again.

Got what I asked for in reasonable time

I ordered a small item and received it in good time and it worked well. It was great value for money.

Yatango is a bloody liar

Since September I order a Motorola Nexus 6, is been almost 4 months now the phone haven't been shipped and not even an update on the order as well. every time I chat with the Yatango customer supporter they will give me excuses up till now and the website is no more. I spent up to $745 include express shipping, I've been emailing them for months asking for refund but the email won't go through, it tells me the email account that you tried to reach does not exist. I don't know what to do, just want a refund.

Police Should Act Against Yatango

Ordered and paid nearly $ 1000 for a Samsung Galaxy S6 Edge in Sept 15. I was told phone was in stock but so far after 3 months, no phone or refund. Yatango are crooks and should be reported to the police. They are committing fraud!!

Be Very Cautious When Buying From Yatango

I tried to purchase a mobile from Yatango and have had nothing but difficulty. I first checked that the mobile was available (rang them) and was ensured it was in stock. Ordered it. After a week it still appeared to be 'in fulfillment' code for being in warehouse but not sent and was informed that it was still being organised and was within their 5-7 business day cycle - ok, I checked this and though 'business days' was not stated on their website, it seemed reasonable. After 14 business days and still 'in fulfillment' with them being unable to account for the delay but saying they had a warehouse issue they offered me double the Yatango points. I saw no point in this and they said they would cancel the order. OK this was fine also. However it has been a month now with no sight of the refund. They have not contacted me but I have connected with them through their chat function which appears to be unavailable to me now. I have been reasonable, have copies of all the chats, not rude but wanting to know when the refund of several hundred dollars that they have had for 6 weeks! Will be put back into my account.

Be very careful in dealing with Yatango. They seem good on their site but don't take that at face value. One excuse they gave me for delay was that they have a number of refunds that they are processing. If their business is so inefficient that they cannot process a refund where they are the cause of it then what does it say about them?

2 weeks later, Ok still no refund and contacted the bank who will take action as it was a M'card transaction which they say they can dispute. If anything like this happens then you must act before 30 days have passed as 30 days is around the limit for a questionable purchase and use a card as the banks can follow this up NEVER do a direct debit as then you are stuck.

Bank refunded the amount, it took a while but was a charge back. All over with now!

Five weeks waiting for phone to arrive

I ordered my phone & case from mobile city because it said in stock & fast delivery two to three days. Yer right 5 weeks later phone has arived but my new phone case has with no Sony Z2 to put in it! I Will not be purchasing anything from mobile city again.

Do Not Buy From Yatango!!!

Please don't buy anything from them. I ordered a LG mobile from them, they never came and refused to give me a refund. They built up all kinds of promises, but as soon as you paid, they treat you like idiots who will believe whatever excuses they are selling you. I paid and got verified and waited TWO MONTHS for it! And when I gave up and asked for a refund, they made me wait another month. Finally I couldn't deal with their excuses, and requested a refund from PayPal. I got my money back in a week, thank god! But I'm never buying from them ever again. P.S. I think they used to be Mobicity, I had shopped from that website before, and it was okay. Now they transfer you to Yatango, I don't know why...

Hate it

Ordered a phone through them and nothing after 4 months, plus paying for express shipping to add insult to injury.

Refund! From bank, not Yatango!

I am happy to advise that I took the advice of Fair Trading NSW and approached my credit union. After talking to them about the lost money from my unfulfilled Yatango purchase I completed some forms and provided them with proof of my purchase from Yatango and a stat dec outlining how many times I had called yatango about my order etc.

After 12 days I am happy to say that my credit union reversed the purchase and refunded the amount in full!
I would encourage others to do the same if they are owed money from Yatango - approach your bank and see if they can assist you!


Terrible experience.Be sure to use PayPal to Reclaim your stolen money.

like many other reviews on here, I too have a similar story.
Bought a Mobile phone, contacted Yatango 3 times within the first month inquiring the whereabouts of the mobile phone I purchased was. Every time I received a generic 'Just keep checking your emails. We'll notify you when its being dispatched. After a month of waiting I told them, 'Give me an ETA or I'm cancelling now.'
They couldn't provide an ETA. So cancellation it was.
The process was quite easy. Too easy I guess.
They sent me a credit memo and said 3-4 working days for the credit to come through.
I waited a 2 weeks, then I contacted them.
They offered apologies and said to keep waiting.
I waited 4 more weeks and still nothing.
That's when I came here to see how if this was a common problem. Turns out, yes it is.
I read someones review on how they used PayPal to reclaim their money, Lodge a dispute with them then escalate it to a claim.
Basically, PayPal give Yatango 10 days to reply to my claim. When they don't reply (which is what has happened) PayPal refund your money.
Nearly $500 lost to a crappy company. Thank you PayPal!!
If you used PayPal to purchase through Yatango, use them to retrieve.

No Delivery Of Online Sim Purchase

I ordered online from Yatango website for their $2 Nano sim on 14 November 2015. 2 weeks passed so far no delivery although they promised 3-5 business days delivery in their order confirmation email. I sent an email to them to make an enquiry and no reply although they promised reply within 24 hours in their auto reply email.

I noted from Dicksmith website that Yatango sim is listed but you cannot make an order now.

Is Yatango already not operating anymore? If so, why they still sell their sim on their website?

Do Not Be Fooled

Well after exhaustive efforts to try and get a phone I purchased well over a month ago, I finally contacted Paypal to investigate and get my money back. Looking at the claim, they sent many emails to this company and obviously they were not answered. Paypal closed the claim in my favour and I get my money back.

Paypal advised they will take appropriate action against the seller's account, which may include limitation of the seller's account privileges.

Hopefully, they stop them altogether from stealing from unsuspecting buyers.

Do not shop with YATANGO!!!

So frustrated!!!

I have been waiting for my phone for 3 months, but I am still waiting, so frustrated. Please show me how to
log on ya tango shopping? I couldn't log on.

Warning: Do Not Use!!!

So angry and upset with their incompetence that I would come across as a 'keyboard warrior' so I wish to just say don't use this service. It is bad unless you don't mind waiting forever and a day for a product.

Rip Off!!! Useless Company & Liars

My 13 year old daughter ordered an iphone 5c in August with her hard earned money and could not get an estimated date of delivery after 4 weeks. I cancelled the order and they processed an Memo credit from The Mobile Shop and it is now 2 months later and i'm still waiting for my refund via PayPal. I'm thinking about speaking to the Communication's Ombudsman. Purchased an iphone 5c back in July 2015 and had no issues! What the hell is going on!! I spoke to Amysim where we purchased the phone on their website and they washed their hands of my issue.

Sony Xperia Replacement- under warranty

I have been waiting for more than a month and a half without having a smartphone because of this yatango!
I have sent 22 emails, they have escalated to the manager (a couple of times-but no reply anyhow). They promised it to be delivered in 3 weeks but its been over 7 weeks now, not even a single reply. Now no one is available for a chat either.!! This is really frustrating!!!!! All my attempts made to contact them was a futile exercise.

Useless! Do not go near these online muppets

After 5 weeks waiting for ordered Motorola phone and numerous emails quering the hold up I finally cancelled order with the promise that a refund would be made within days. A month later and more emails which are going unanswered I am wondering if going through the Ombudsman would be worth trying. We went through KOGAN to get phone and it was delivered within 7 days. DO NOT GO THROUGH YATANGO!!

Don't go near this company!!

I ordered a Samsung 6 edge. Firstly it took 3 weeks to arrive and then6weeks later it froze.Was told to take it to a repair place at North Sydney. Well, after chasing THAT up ,the repairer at North Sydney said that Yatango had gone into liquidation and all phone repairs had been shipped to HongKong!!.Well that was on the 21st of October. It is now 22nd of November and I have heard nothing. After numerous on line chat promises and unanswered emails I am now taking my case to Fair Trading. Although I think it will be a date of time. There goes $800. Don't touch this company,no matter how good they sound!!!

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do the right thing Yatango and have a heart - refund my daughters money - Order # 901028411 Ticket #: 678449 Ticket #: 685209
2 answers
Hi Mate, I suggest to take up the matter with the authorities. We all are left in the same plight. Yatango is said to be in troubled waters and there is not way they will be able to refund our money. I have been scammed $630.00 as well! I have raised the issue with Fairtrade, NCAT and Scamwatch. I am also planning to give a feedback to Choice magazine. All I have to advice is to not give up. Our country does not need such scam organisations. It is our social responsibility to do something to bring this scam company down! Regards, NidUPDATE: so raised my complaint with Cor Corlis - the administrator dealing with Yatango's bankruptcy - to my surprise they contacted me and over the phone basically told me that I had very little chance of ever seeing my money again form Yatango - they owe millions and they are only just scratching the surface. had raised my issue as a formal complaint with Fair Trading NSW, and they were great too - sending me formal emails and investigating, but today I received a response back from Fair Trading saying that they pretty much cant get my money back because of how screwed Yatango are now........meanwhile, I had lodged a dispute/claim with PAYPAL a while back, and so today I rang Paypal to see how that was going - AMAZINGLY - they just said straight out - we have given the seller ten days to respond and they haven't, so we will give you back your money!!! finally a decent company in the world, willing to do the right thing by its customers - thank you PayPal - Yatango you suck!!! - and if I ever get my hands on the CEO of Yatango, then they will have something really worth worrying about lol :-)

This is the 8th day of my order cancellation and I didn't receive my money yet! When shall I receive my money? Credit Memo #901029016
4 answers
i too have nothing refunded yet............a good two weeks after requesting a refund - I don't know what else I can do. but I see that Yatango Mobile have gone into Voluntary administration? - oh dear....my daughter's money for her phone and she is heart broken. Order # 901028411 Ticket #: 678449 Ticket #: 685209 http://www.crn.com.au/News/410046,optus-reseller-yatango-mobile-australia-hits-the-wall.aspx#ixzz3qcXaN9BF http://www.crn.com.au/News/411206,optus-reseller-yatango-mobile-australia-could-owe-millions.aspxIf you placed the order via credit card, call the bank and tell them the whole story with the order number and all details and they will refund you the money directly, then the bank will deal with Yatango PS: keep all the emails between you and Yatango, as you may be asked by the bank for them as a proofI payed via PayPal, so have lodged a claim through them, hopefully I will get it back.....If not I'll then go to the bank and try them.....

Yatango where's my money? Credit Memo #901028610 for Order #901028610
3 answers
I and many others are in the same boat, have they refunded your money yet?I am still waiting for my refund. 6 weeks now. I have given up hope.I got my money back about 10 days after cancellation. I did mention it in my complaint post at the time. I reckon you will have it returned, though if you asked for a refund 6 weeks ago, I would indeed be worried. Hassle the company on a daily basis. I bought my phone for $40 more off ebay in the end. Took no more than 2 weeks to get here from Hong Kong.

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