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Why can't I give zero stars? Scam.

Not happy with this company. Ordered a present for my partner in December. Still haven't received it but their website keeps sending me emails saying that the exact same one I bought is in stock. When I asked when it would be posted I was told 72 hours. That was nearly a week ago. And now they are not answering my messages.

They took my money. No receipt no replies and no product. Scum!

Bunch of criminals. They took 75 dollars for a DVD box set. No receipt and no product. They have no phone number and without a receipt number will not help.

Product Quality
Return Claim MadeNo

Very misleading

I bought two items from their website and paid extra for tracking because of the multiple items. After paying, they sent me an email three days later, to say one of the items wasn't available. (The more expensive of the two items.) So I paid almost as much for postage for the one cheaper item as I did for the item itself. If something is not in stock it should not be on their website. I then purchased the item that was out of stock from eBay and it was posted from the UK. I placed the eBay order 4 days after the order through Zavvi and it arrived before the Zavvi order. I thought I was buying from an Australian website, but they are actually based overseas. The au web address is very misleading.

Terrible service, long delivery time

Ordered from this site as it had a .com.au address, there was nothing to state this was being sent from the UK. Order arrived 6 weeks after purchase, and 1 day before Christmas even though the stated delivery was 7 December. Sent a message asking for a tracking number and was sent a terse response that it could take 3 weeks longer, even though none of this was mentioned at time of purchase (and no tracking number provided). Toy arrived and stopped working two days later, poor product, terrible service. I am awaiting their response on the defective toy however I don’t expect any restitution. Do not use this company


Made an order online from .com.au website. Delivery maximum time is 5-10 days. Have been contacting Zavvi who say it is 30 days delivery. Sent them proof of their own website in Australia saying 5-10 days and the order confirmation said expected delivery between this period. Have reported to Paypal for misleading. Also had to buy again from somewhere else as this was a gift.

You are not buying from Australia!!!

Went to the .com.au site rather than .com thinking i was ordering from Australia! Even allowed 3 weeks delivery time which would be more than ample if it was in the country.

Only after money was taken did it give me a super long 4+ week delivery timeframe. Only after i asked where my items were did they admit everything comes from the UK! Nothing is stated on the AU site. Only 2 postage days before xmas so kids pressies wont arrive now.

Been told to contact them mid jan if items havent arrived! That will be 6 weeks from ordering. Hope i get my stuff then im done...

No T shirt

Did not receive purchase? Apparently was supposed to arrive yesterday but after the the reviews. Just another rip off thank you very much.

Don't buy anything from here

I ordered a t-shirt, it was supposed to come between 5 to 10 days. It came a month later that expected and I got the wrong size. Terrible service!!!!

Do not buy from these sellers!

Purchased two things over two weeks from Father’s Day as site says shipping is 5-10days. Neither product has been received and it has been 15 days. Emailed them only to be told it could take 30 calendar days. This is nowhere on their website. Outrageous way to run a business.

Products never arrived

Ordered two items that never arrived. When i emailed and asked where they were (4 months after they were supposed to arrive), i was treated like i was trying to rip THEM off. They then blamed the australian postal system and said they couldn't track it once it left their shores. Never received, or offered, a refund or replacement! $100 wasted! Do not use this site!

Terrible site

Ordered 2 pop vinyls have not received them and they do not respond to their emails and the delivery status does not update terrible service and a terrible site do not buy off here.

Last Time I EVER try Zavvi

I had ordered two pop vinyls over a month ago and now they’re saying that it will may even take longer...(About another month or two)
NOT happy about this...very unprofessional and I won’t be using this site again.

Disappointment-repeatedly. Make no business sense.

Ordered a Blue Planet 2 blu-ray disc in Christmas 2017. It never arrived. Now is nearing end of Feb-18. Been chasing up using their "no-Reply" channel a few times. Apart from getting auto-replied messages and later 2 rep notes telling me they are doing something, but actually placed me in a vacuum without follow up nor action. Zavvi's business setup is one of total irresponsible, - employing someone designing a sale website. Then no dispatch information given, no tracking, no direct communication channel, and won't say where (which country) the items being mailed from. Then have someone writes polite words saying they are doing something. Just waited & waited. I can't contact them direct using email. Right now, I'm still in a vacuum. So for those new readers reading this, please order your beloved items elsewhere. It's not worth to chance to be placed in a vacuum for a long time like what they've done to me & many others.

Waiting 4 months for a Pop

I am sick of trying to get something from them. After many emails and crap replies from them I am not sure they even know how to open the door to the office every morning. If this is customer service at it best then I would rather take a dump in my hands and clap than to listen to the one line excuses that I get all the time. If I ever get the product I purchased it would be like winning the lotto. Thanks for letting down a 10 year old kid. All I can say is fraud and be careful how you treat your customers, as some of them know how to use the internet for good and may contact A current affair.
After all this I get told I get a 1 in 6 chance of getting a Chase pop? After the stuffing around I would expect I was getting one for sure. After all you would like to fix the issue you caused?
You have lost a massive customer here. We have a collection of over 150 pops and are still collecting.

Thanks for nothing.

Customer service is non existent

For blu ray buyers, Zavvi provide decent material, usually trouble free.
However, when things go wrong - eg. an item doesn't arrive or an incorrect or damaged item is supplied - the process for replacement or refund is deplorable and it has been rock bottom over the Xmas period.
Zavvi do not respond to emails and/or tweets seeking their assistance, or if they do, it's to seek information they already have like your postal address before going silent again. The policy is clearly a cynical tactic to make pursuing the lost item/refund as difficult and drawn out as possible for the customer so s/he eventually gives up. After years of support I'm done with them

Bad communication, inaccurate delivery times

Waiting for something I was told would be delivered by 18th Dec at the latest...still waiting. Contact them to find out where it is and now suddenly it could take 30 days? This was a Christmas present, needless to say I will not be ordering from them again.

Buyer Beware

I wish I had read these reviews before I ordered and paid for my item. They have sent my purchase to the wrong address. Worst online shopping experience ever. I am now getting the runaround and am unable to get a response from the company Do not shop with this company ever. Waste of money and time.

Terrible customer service 4 month wait just to be cancelled :(

Ordered a few blurays from zavvi.com.uk back in August, all were showing "instock" at the time. Fast forward a few weeks and they started coming in all except one... this is where the issues started.

I asked the customer service agents where it was and they told me they were chasing up their "suppliers" but it's on its way.

Few weeks later I ask again, same response.

Another Few weeks later i ask them again, they tell me its on its way from the suppliers it will be with me soon.

Again, another message and another response of "you will receive it BEFORE December"

Few weeks later (at this point I was a little upset but still holding back my real thoughts) told they no longer carry this item but a replacement has been requested (Great news finally!)

I checked my PayPal account and see they had refunded my money? Followed by an email stating they CANCELLED my order and this message:

Thanks for contacting me back.

I do apologise, I advised incorrectly previously. It should of stated I have processed a refund of this BluRay and not a replacement.

This can take 2-5 working days to appear.

Should you need any further assistance with this order, please contact me back and I will be more than happy to help.

Kind regards


Ordered and chased since August! Told I'd get it and it was on its way from the suppliers... no remedy or substitutions offered just cancel my order... Terrible service :(

Just an update, 4+ months waiting for the other order i purchased (and money was taken immediately) I'm still waiting Not a single update or courtesy call to let me know what's going on.. Just waiting. At this rate theyll be Christmas presents for 2018. SadUPDATE After 6 months waiting they cancelled my order and sent me this rubbish response... **Hello Stanley, I regret to advise our Suppliers have advised they are not able to provide any stock of this product, due to this a cancellation is now processing. I am so sorry to advise of this due to the ongoing issue. The funds were held by PayPal and will now process back to your account. Should you need any further assistance with this order, please contact me back and I will be more than happy to help. Kind regards, Matthew Cagna Customer Relations Executive** Hope this helps warn others, steer clear of zavvi. What a joke


Don't buy from Savvy, they will cancel your order anytime without a valid reason.
I missed out on other black Friday deals, it took them 2 days to inform me that they were cancelling my order and then removing the product from their website...
Such a luck of customer service...

UK store bot Australia

Bought some plasma balls for an event (20).
Arrived later than quoted so weren't there for the event. Had a UK power adapter so needed to buy 20 x UK to Australian plug. Now if I want a refund I have to pay for 8 boxes to be sent back to the UK. They suck.

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