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Slow bond return.

Truck very clean and tidy. The staff at Rockingham business like.
But here is the rub. Very slow in getting your 5 hundred dollars back. Hired the truck on a Tuesday and assured money would be back in by the Friday. Didn't go in till the following Tuesday.
Four extra days interest earned for Rockingham Zippy.

My advice pay the bond in cash and get the truck back by four in the afternoon.

Application got reject for no reason, Cannot delete my account. This is the worst! Stay away!

I registered zippay couple of weeks ago, they asked my facebook and asked my name, mobile, home address and medicare card number. Although I give them all my real information, my application got rejected.
They didn't tell me why, didn't warn me that once rejected all my personal information would still be kept in their database and I have got no way to delete them.
I email their customer service to ask them to delete my personal information, they rejected me and told me they keep this information so I cannot register it again.
I am quite angry to be honest, I don't care if i can use their service or not at all now. I just feel they force me to leave my personal details in their database while they don't even allow me to logon my account to see my information, how does this work? this is like a black box, once i fill in these forms then all my information gets handed to their hands, I have absolute no control on my personal information and privacy.
This service provider is highly selfish, only worry about their money security, only lend money to very small group of people, not even consider their customers personal information security at all. And there is no warning to tell people who register the first time to say "this is once life time chance, don't make any mistake, otherwise you cannot use the service forever, but we will keep your personal information in our database forever."
Plus why the h*ll they use facebook account as the security check???!!! Why do i need to put my legal name on facebook???!!!
This is the worse thing I have ever seen, and I doubt if their registration process is legal or not.

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Zippay is a different company, we are Zippy

Worst customer service ever.

Useless, can't even make an account. Called yo and they won't tell me why, emailed to ask what I can change so I'm eligible to reapply in 6 months and they never replied

I was promised 1000 from get go but got 250

Like said I got 250 straight up rather then 1000 I have perfect credit and what not.....
its a bit of a lie and what not but all the same it does what it's supposed to. Just pay on time.

Hit and Miss

The customer service for this company is non existent. Don't expect a reply to any email enquires. Links to vouchers don't always work either.

What is this scam???

Appeared in my gmail box trying to sell me baby stuff. Suspicious as all reviews are 85% + I thing they are scammers but cannot work out how they got through

Love the deals

I love the deals that these people have. Have used a deal recently which was blue room cinema tickets and it was such an easy transaction.

Shopping and Savings

I have saved on the vouchers Zippy has sent me, I have used the Hungry Jacks vouchers and there are always plenty of other savings on clothes and restaurants I love it. I can download online shop ne and then go to the shops and purchase cheaper products and food for less than the price
Save money
More savings

They had what I wanted

I was looking for some retailer vouchers and Zippy had what I needed. I cant believe people are still buying things without checking awesome sites like Zippy first! You don't need to pay through the nose and you don't need to pay the full price so be smart and use these guys!
it was so so easy to use and the coupons I wanted were there
it would be great if we could also upload any coupons and deals that we find as well

Free pizzas

I also received a voucher from Zippy for three pizzas from Dominos free! It was such a lovely surprise and there were absolutely no hassles claiming my prize. Any correspondence I've had with Zippy they have always been so personal and polite. So although I havent't as yet bought anything through Zippy, I am encouraged to do so as to date they have proved themselves to be a user friendly site. Thanks once again, Susan Redcliffe

Great offers on products that are useful.

Zippy has great offers on everyday items and any other day products, awesome value for me, my home and for gifts all at affordable prices. I can shop at any time of day or night and don't have to leave my home. Best option of all shopping worlds. I love the absolute comfort of shopping from home in my jammies without the scrutiny of shop assistants and other shoppers!
Easy to access great items for myself, home and gifts all at affordible prices.

My Free Dominos Pizza's

I got an email last month from Zippy to win free Dominos Pizzas. I answered, not expecting to win, But I did. I was so surprised. The Pizza's arrived as promised and were thoroughly enjoyed by my family. the Pizza's were on time and hot and delicious. I would thoroughly recommend Dominos and will buy them again.. (I Usually buy Pizza Hut).
Pizzas on time and hot

Very Helpful

I found Zippy.com.au an awesome site. It showed me all the best deals around. I just moved interstate so this was extremely helpful as I knew where to go for the best deals. It's free to register and there is no unwanted spam emails.. Just good deals, so what are you waiting for give Zippy a go !!!!!

Showcases amazing specials across a range of products and services! Wow

Its such a great website, you just sign up and then you get sent all these great deals for services and products across Australia via email! A must have for any money savvy shopper...It covers everything from kids, baby and toys to health and beauty services across Australia. If you are always looking for a bargain then this place is perfect for you...

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I cannot get power from battery to display screen. It won't power up. Have check ed battery and charger, all good
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