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Zodiac MX6

Zodiac MX6

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It climbs the pool walls but does not clean them.

Ok for bottom cleaning but I have had to use my old aqua buddy to keep the walls clean in My pebblecrete pool.
Also gets caught up in corners. Mx8 with reverse would have been a better buy.
Now I use my old aqua buddy around 70 percent of the time.

Date PurchasedOct 2018

Great cleaner

It certainly does the job, climbs walls, cleans floors, a very good product so far. I wish I had bought the MX8 now having read other reviews due to its superior cleaning quality. Only downside is I needed to buy 1 extra hose because my pool is 9mtrs so it doesn't quite reach one end of the pool.

Date PurchasedJan 2019
Hi, Thank you for your 5 star review. Happy Swimming!Can you tell me if I still need to use the provided Zodiac Flow Control with a Skimtrol MII Speed control plate?

It's perfect for 6 months and then it's totally dead....

Got this new online, worked really well for 6 months and very happy with it. Closed for winter and took it out to start cleaning again. It starts working for 1-2 mins and then it just stays there not moving. Brought it up to check for leaves jamming, there were none.
PS: I think this MX6 can't handle large leaves and gets stuck and jammed easily. It's quite costly for it to last only less than 2 years.

Date PurchasedMar 2017
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Hi Dan, Your unit has a 2 year warranty. Please call us on 1300 763 021 if you would like to discuss, Thanks.

Flow valve faults stops MX6

If your MX6 stops moving it is a good chance it is the flow valve that causes all the problems with these machines that attach to the machine it self , they sent me out a part that does not have the valve in it and it has not missed a beat since, if not when the valve is closed put super glue on the 2 yellow triangle each side to stop the valve opening up when it is attached to the MX6 and it will fix the problem and will move and climb again

Date PurchasedJun 2018
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Hi, Please give us a call on 1300 763 021. We can give the advice you need. Thanks!

Constantly jamming even with minor litter

Was excited to discover the promise of a cleaner that wouldn’t leave an uncleaned area, to replace my trusty diaphragm suctioning one. What a disappointment in ensuring all the instructions well read, (something as male new to me!) and be be happy as a clam to see it running well and then stop literally in its tracks...
If your pool has any stringy type leaf material or anything longer than a leaf to pick up DONT BUY ONE!
This type of material wraps around the internal axle and jams.. After 3 clean outs in an hour, back in the box and back to an understanding supplier.

Date PurchasedDec 2018

First pool cleaner that can clean my pebblecrete pool properly.

I have a pebblecrete with curves and steps which is a pain in the butt to clean, I hate chasing leaves around the bottom of the pool and scrubbing algae off the walls.

I have tried all sorts of cleaners on a trial base, but just about gave up. I saw the MX6 on youtube working away and thought I would give it a go.
It exceeded my expectations, it climbs walls and even cleans them horizontally!

The fan/propeller on the bottom creates a vortex that cleans off any algae and the suction picks up leaves and grit.

It does exactly as advertised, it just does it so well and quickly. so between running the Zodiac MX6 for 4 hours a week and the normal skimmer box, I have no physical cleaning to do.

Highly recommended.

Date PurchasedOct 2018
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Thank you so much for the 5 star review. Appreciate your Feedback! Happy Swimming.

Useless and waste of money

I bought this unit and it sometimes works for up to 5 min before it lays on its back with suction facing forward doing nothing. Can set it back on it’s tracks and it will do it again. Utterly useless though the one or two runs it does before it rolls over does look good.

Date PurchasedJul 2017
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HI Endo, May I ask if you have spoken directly with our Customer Care or if we can offer you some assistance? Thanks.

It used to rock, sadly not anymore

When I first got the MX6 I was so so so impressed. My pool was spotless, it climbed the walls, the steps and picked up everything. I couldn’t speak highly enough of this product to anyone that would listen! That was up until 6 months ago. Unfortunately, now it refuses to climb the walls and just sits there spinning its wheels all day long on the spot. For 6 months I have tried everything. I have replaced the tracks which was $100 wasted. I have had 2 different pool companies out to look at it, another $100 wasted. I have taken it to Clarkson Rubber, they couldn’t help. I have stripped it down 3 times to make sure it is totally clean, increased the flow on my regulator.

Date PurchasedDec 2015
Hi, Sorry to hear that you are having these issues. May I ask if you have spoken to or been seen by our Zodiac team directly? Thanks.No I have not, can you let me know who I should contact and how? ThanksHi Daniel. Please call 1300 763 021, Please mention that you contacted us via Product Review. Sorry for the delay with this response. Thanks.

Waste of Money

The cleaner often sat stationary at the bottom of the pool, looking up at me with discontent. It lacked the power to ever drive itself forward let alone pick up any debris from the bottom. Due to it using the skimmer box to power it, if it remained attached not only did it not pick up any leaves the ones that floated on the surface would build up resulting in even more effort to clean the pool with the vacuum. Waste of time and money.

Date PurchasedSep 2016
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Hi Fred. Sorry to hear that your Unit has caused these frustrations, May I ask if you have called us or had a tech visit to try and rectify this? Thanks.

Works when it wants to

I've had the MX6 for about a year and a half now and have also experienced it getting clogged a number of times but a small twig or a few leaves. It hasn't been too much of an issue: it clears easily enough and has mostly sucked up the leaves at the bottom. However, over the past 3 weeks I've been experiencing the same problems as others on this forum. It constantly gets stuck on the stairs and rolls onto its back or side. I've adjusted the valve flow, cleaned out the entire system and tried adding/subtracting the hose length. Nothing has improved the situation. I really don't want to spend another $300 on a pool cleaner. Any help, Zodiac?

Date PurchasedMay 2017
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HI Bryan, Thank you for reaching out. May I ask where you are located so we can offer you the best help. Thanks.

Terrible don’t waste your money

This is the worst pool cleaner I’ve ever owned in 30 years. It immediately get stuck in any possible corner or step or anywhere in your pool. The customer service people advise me not to leave it in the pool. What good is a pool cleaner you’re not supposed to leave in the pool. When it does get stuck it ruins the rubber bands which are the tracks.

Date PurchasedFeb 2018
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Hi Randy, Sorry that you are not happy with the MX6 Cleaner. If you would like to send us your details via DM, we can readdress these issues. Thanks.

Poor quality of hoses. Zodiac MX6

My pool is inground vynil liner. I purchased the Zodiac MX6: Excellent pool vacuum ( Rate 10 out of 10). Best than other pool vacuum.
The main problem of Zodiac MX6 are hoses too weaks. I would like to know where to buy another kinds of hoses for Zodiac M6

Date PurchasedAug 2017
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Hi Raul. The MX6 Hoses should not be too weak if they are genuine. May I ask what suction level your Cleaner is on? If there are issues with your Hoses, we would love to help you but we need those details first. Thanks.

It's ok but the pool cleaner or rebellion are better

Get scale the pebbles will keep it from moving to much suction will wear out the gears and belt people from zodiac recommendations was point jets down I disagree keep them up to circulate top to get everything into skimmer basket and less will fall on bottom hence cleaner pool and less debris on bottom for cleaner to pick up. Thank you Florida Pool Mgt

Date PurchasedJan 2017
Hi, May we please ask which region you are located? Thanks.FloridaHi, This is an Australian Product Review, If you would like to remove and place on the correct version, The US team will reach out and help. Thank you in advance,

great little machine

excellent machine, reasonable price. Climbs all the walls.
One small problem, but can live with it; it is inclined to jam up on small twigs. Need to check it every day and remove the blockage, but it is quite simple and quick to do. Much better than my previous Heyward machine

Date PurchasedApr 2018
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Hi, Thank you for your review! Happy Swimming!

Top Performing Pool Cleaner ...

BEST POOL CLEANER EVER? Yep, could only rate it 10 out of 10! Perfect performer. Chuffed around 11 meter pool for the past 6 - 8 years and never missed a beat. Not climbing the walls as well as on day one so it must be time to replace the treads. Main unit, hoses all in A1 order, not often one gets an item that runs and cleans like this magic machine. If you respect the way your pool looks and you need the leaf debris cleared from the pool this is a 10 outa 10 machine to perform your task!

Date PurchasedAug 2008
Hi. Thanks so much for the 5 star review. Happy swimming!!Have to keep on the right side of one Andy Dawson!!One the greats, Mr Dawson!!! We miss him.

Very Impressed

I purchased this unit and it arrived today. I couldn't wait to try it and had a few complications.
So before damaging the unit I called the costumer service people and they walked me through
A few things. After making sure the pump and filters were cleaned and found a few connection
Issues that made a "huge" difference on how this unit performs. I'm impressed by the performance
And costumer service

Date PurchasedJun 2018
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Thank you so much for the 5 star review. We are really pleased to hear that our dedicated Customer Care team were able to help. Happy Swimming!

Absolutely the worst pool cleaner I’ve ever had !

In 18 months I’ve had to have the tyre tracks replaces 3 times. Then it gets stuck all the time in certain places. Then I get told these parts are NOT covered by warranty! NEVER AGAIN ! Fortunately my local pool place have fixed this 3 times for me. The pool cleaner sucks

Date PurchasedFeb 2017
Hi Gidget, Sorry to hear that you are having these issues. I'm not sure why parts wouldn't be covered but we would love to be able to try and get this working for you correctly. May I ask if you would like us to contact you and if you are able to inbox your details via Facebook?Hi, just had another look at the pool cleaner that is stuck again and it’s actually a mx8 . Don’t know what you mean by inbox my details via face book. I’m just so annoyed as it wasn’t cheap as you know.Hi, Yes, I can certainly understand how frustrating this is. The Cleaner works off the Suction of the pool. If the suction level isn't right or there is a broken piece, it will get stuck but we can get this sorted. As this is a public forum, I wouldn't ask for your contact/personal details. We do have a Facebook inbox if you are using this social media platform, you can send them privately that way?

It sucks

I have that MX6 for little over a year now. I replaced almost every part and drive. It stuck at the corners, stairs and when it's not, it goes all the way up to surface on the wall sucks air what made me replace the pump once already. I can't fill safe run it on a timer while I'm not watching it, I can't predict what it will do to destroy another pool component. Every time I take it back to the place I bought it from, they have change another part. I almost pay the stupid cleaner in parts. Over $500 wasted in a piece of JUNK.

Date PurchasedApr 2017
Hi Samuel. Sorry that your Cleaner is causing these frustrations, we understand that the reason you purchase these items is for the exact opposite reason. May I ask if you have spoken with our Customer Care team?Thank you for replying to my review, The reason I bought your cleaner is the salesman working for pinch-a-Penney who assure me that MX6 is one of the best for the money. Very disappointed cause I don't think I would trust Zodiac products again nor Pinch-a-Penney store. I tried over and over again contact Tech support 800 but waiting for hours on hold but no one answer which actually says a lot about Zodiac standing behind its products. I hope more customers check my review, maybe I can save them from falling into the same mistake.Hi Samuel, The number and store you have mentioned is not in Australia. Are you from the US? This is the Australian version of Product Review. If this is the case, would you please move your post to the correct region and our Team there can help you? Thanks.

Good value for money!

I have had an MX6 for over 4 years now and it hasn't missed a beat. It keeps my fibreglass pool spotless all year round and has no issue climbing walls as experienced by other reviewers. Compared to other robotic cleaners that cost thousands of dollars this little cleaner has given me great value for money.

Date PurchasedMar 2014
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Hi, Thank you for the Review, Appreciate you stopping by, Happy Swimming!

worst pool cleaner ever owned

This is by far the worst pool cleaner I have ever owned! It continually ends up on its side and spins in circles or on its back and you have to turn it over every time to get it to work. I have used the weights in different position changed the pool filter speeds and nothing seams to make a difference.

Date PurchasedOct 2016
Hi Scott, Sorry to hear this. May I ask if you have contacted us directly so that we may try and help you? Thanks.No not at this point. I would be more than happy if you wanted to call me to discuss.Hi Scott, Would you be able to PM your details via Facebook? We dont ask for personal details on this forum, Thanks!

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Love the zodiac cleaners , had a mx8 for 8 years and now an mx6, the problem I have it is now getting stuck on ledges and steps, it seems to always be the side with the yellow tab on wheel, it swivels fine. I’ve lengthened and shortened hose length and also adjusted hose weight , no change, it’s very frustrating , any other ideas would be appreciated, please?
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why have two of my hose sections split and need to be replaced after only 2 years of limited use? and as to why it has been used infrequently since purchased...…...I find your system completely inadequate. the unit spends more time attempting to climb the walls instead of cleaning the bottom of my pool.
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Hi, I bought a Zodiac MX6 December 2017 and was working very well until Christmas 2018. Since then it has ceased climbing the walls in my pool and has become very slow moving around the pool. I have adjusted the flow up and down and have replaced the tracks thinking they may have worn, But I still have the same issues. My pool is fibreglass and salt water. Do you have any suggestions for me?
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you can get a flow regulator attachment that replaces the existing one it has no adjustment on it just a straight connectionHi Vivienne, Please call our Customer Care team on 1300 763 021. We can walk through some Troubleshooting with you and get the Unit up and running. Thanks.


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