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Zodiac T3 Suction

Zodiac T3 Suction

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Nothing but trouble

The diaphragm on this product is very cheap for a part that sells for $50 and it fails constantly, either through tearing or getting so loose that the suction stops working properly. To their credit Zodiac will replace this during the 2 year warranty period (I have had a heap sent to me during this time, not to mention the first one I paid $50 for). I now find out I have to turn down the cleaner as it is not supposed to clean walls. I would never have bothered purchasing a product that doesn't clean walls and this is only in the fine print on Zodiac's website, whilst the top web-based sellers when you Google Zodiac either state this product is a wall climber or fail to mention this point at all. They also mention this product is an improvement on the G2 which is clearly not the case. I would have thought Zodiac would have asked their resellers to stop the false advertising by now but the information is still out there. After giving Zodiac the chance (just under 2 weeks) to have the false advertising taken down I am now publishing this.

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Small Debris Cleaning

Terrible- nothing but trouble

We’ve had this for nearly two years and had nothing but trouble. It is constantly getting stuck in the corners, not climbing the wallls and the diaphragms need constant replacing- at $45 a pop. The click together hoses are hopeless and retain memory easily so when it actually does work it goes repeatedly over the same sections. I have spoken to poolworx a few times who said there’s nothing we can do. Very disappointed. My last zodiac lasted for 10 years, this model is a total lemon don’t waste your money.

Date PurchasedAug 2017
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Hi Tracey, Sorry to hear that have had these issues. May I ask if you have spoken to our Customer Care team directly? thanks.

Waste of money

This vacuum keeps going over the same area, gets stuck on the pool light and I need to replace the diaphragm too often as described in other reviews. Not happy.

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It only does the edges and then gets stuck in the corner. I have added more hose , less hose , left it in the sun ,changed the weights , added more weights , changed the suction , done everything!!!!

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Pool Size Average

Don't waste your money

Have had nothing but trouble since we bought it just before Christmas
Just goes along the edges of the pool then gets stuck in the corner
It has scrapped all along the sides of our fibreglass pool that isn't even a year old yet
I've spoken to the place I bought it from and emailed them a number of times with no reply
Not happy

Date PurchasedNov 2018
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Hi Michelle, So sorry to hear this. If we can get your details, we will sort this for you. Please send a DM or Inbox on Facebook, Thanks.

Would never buy another

Been a nightmare since purchased Hoses cost a fortune to keep replacing, the diaphragm dont even start me on that cost close to $40 and having to replace every couple months, of course its now stuffed again right after Christmas so funds are low and i havent been able to use it for over a week as you can imagine my pool looks really great atm Have check speed etc and makes no difference the pool place i go to have told me its a common problem mind you would have been wonderful if they told me that BEFORE selling it too me so why the hell hasnt it been fixed yet instead of your customers having to spend a fortune on these things. Im so sorry now i didnt buy a cheap one that way i could have at least been able to buy hoses for half the price and diaphragms from bunnings, really disappointed considering the cost and of course now its out of warrenty $540 something dollars down the drain if you ask me Would NOT recommended this pump to anyone ever

Date PurchasedMay 2015

Twist Lock Hose - replace after 1 year & on my 4th or 5th diaphragm and replaced cup assembly

The twist lock hose that come with my T3 cleaner is very disappointing - it has only lasted a little over a year and I put it under cover in the shed for winter - which I haven't done with previous hoses which have lasted years longer. I have also had to replace the diaphragm 4 or 5 times in this time period and the cup assembly once. I really don't want to spend another $150 to replace the hose as well. I am very sorry I didn't spend more and buy a robotic cleaner instead of this. I won't be buying any more Zodiac products.

Date PurchasedAug 2017
Hi, Please give us a call on 1300 763 021 if you have not already spoken with our Customer Care team. Going by the date of your review your Unit is in warranty, Thanks!I live in Dubbo so warranty is hard when I would have to send the faulty bits back - more expensive than just sorting it out. Luckily I kept the hose from the last vacuum I had (it isn't twist & lock but it has lasted years) and I have been using adaptors to join it when a hose segment breaks. If I got it replaced it would probably still only last the same amount of time and what do I do then. I have limited means and just have to do what I can. I do appreciate the fact that you got back to me. Thank youHi Neomi. If your products require replacing we would not expect you to send them back and foot the costs. We can go from photos (if that is required) and pay for the parts to be sent to you. Obviously, like with all warranties as long as it is within the T&C's we cover the goods. We would love to be able to help you. We can also do any troubleshooting with you to ensure that there is nothing causing these issues that can be fixed with a few adjustments. Please let me know if you would like this to happen. Thanks.

Zodiac T3 pool cleaner

We purchased the Zodiac T3 pool cleaner in May 2018. Now, we have only used it for less than a year and the diaphragm has broken. Since we got it, we have started to take its nightmare every day. It doesn't surround the pool, it's very low power, and it stops so often doesn't matter how you change the power choice anyway. Now our swimming pool has grown up a lot of green algae. It has brought us so much trouble. We do not recommend anyone to purchase this item at any price.

Date PurchasedMay 2018

Diaphragm splits every 3 months

Cleaner works well until the diaphragm splits...just below the yellow reinforced section. If sounds like a common problem, costs
Almost $40 to replace each time. My recommendation is to go with a different cleaner as we have spent over $150 in the past 18 months replacing this poorly designed product. I would love it if zodiac could replace my cleaner with a different model of provide me with an alternative diaphragm that will rectify this reoccurring issue.

Date PurchasedApr 2017
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Hi Mike. Your Cleaner has a 2 year Warranty. Please call us on 1300 763 021 to discuss your issues. Thanks.

Twist and Lock Zodiac T3 Barracuda Pool Hoses

The twist and lock hoses that come with Zodiac T3 cleaner appear to be of very poor quality and do not meet Australian conditions as the hoses have only lasted 2 years and now are all disintegrating and need replacement.. They are very expensive to replace with prices for 10 x 1 metre ~ $150 +/-.
If I had found previous reviews of these hoses I would not have bought the Zodiac T3 pool cleaner.
These hoses are proprietary and you are stuck with using them unless you cut your costs and get a no name cleaner that uses standard hoses.
Beware of these hoses unless you want to pay through the nose to replace them every 2 years.

Date PurchasedOct 2016
HI Teco. Thank you for your review, We are sorry to hear that you have had these issues. Your Cleaner would be in warranty (2 year warranty). May I ask if you have spoken with our Customer Care team? Thanks.No, I have only been communicating with the supplier; it is just out of 2 year warranty and I was told the replacement hoses would only have a 1 year warranty. I am also up to my third diagphram in just over two years even with all the mucking around of adjusting the suction. I may have to replace cleaner with a generic one as it is really getting too expensive to maintain.Hi Teco, Can you please inbox me your email address? Thanks.

diaphragm #6

diaphragm splits every couple of months, even with the spring on the head at the lowest suction setting would be good if the diaphragm lasted, it gets stuck in the corners too but when new the suction is good probably cheaper to just buy a generic one from bunnings instead of always replacing parts

Date PurchasedJun 2016
Hi, May I ask if you can or have checked the Suction level? If your pool has a high suction level, the lowest setting on the Cleaner may still be too high. You would then require a Skimtrol Plate. If you need some assistance, please call 1300 763 021, Thanks.funny you should say but the new one just broke as well! i have a plate on and yes i have checked the suction level the diaphragm splits in the same place every time

Very good , issue is with the diaphragm, replaced three diaphragm in two years

Cleans leaves from the pool no issues , overall happy , but needs better diaphragm , given this is where the cleaner has to work the hardest , does not get in the way when swimming , leaves pool lovely and clean when in use , shouldn’t have to replace the diaphragm on a regular basis though

Date PurchasedAug 2016
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Hi Graham, Thank you for your review. We have taken your Feedback onboard also. Happy Swimming!

One major problem

This cleaner is fine in our concrete pool, goes everywhere, up walls, along stairs etc. The only issue is with the diaphragm design. The yellow T section is fuse moulded into different material leaving a much too thin join. Being that this is the hardest working part,it fatigues at the bottom of the T and ruptures. This is the weakest link and severely lowers the working life.
12months in and I’m on to my second diaphragm. The old design lasted a lot longer.

Date PurchasedSep 2017
Hi Jonny. Sorry to hear of your issues. May I ask what suction level you are running your Cleaner?As per OEM recommendation.Can you please provide the actual reading as per the Pool Pulse?

T3 is rubbish

I have had this unit for about 15 months, it gets stuck in corners regularly I have replaced the diaphragm 4 times I've just ordered 2 more. At this rate its costing more than a complete set up!. There is no branches or leaves going in the pool, surely there must be something Zodiac can do to improve the unit?

Date PurchasedJul 2017
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Hi Mick. Sorry to hear of these issues. May I ask if you have contacted our Customer Care team?

I should have read the reviews before buying this...

I needed a pool cleaner fairly quickly and didn't have the funds to spend on an expensive robotic model. I thought that if I bought a Zodiac branded cleaner for a bit more than a generic one from a department store, I would have a quality product.
Well, that was faulty thinking. I am unblocking this thing every day, sometimes a couple of times, mostly just little leaves that should go through with no issues. I am actually spending more time cleaning my pool because I have to manually vacuum and scoop it a couple of times a week. I have no idea what this cleaner is actually doing most of the time.
Three months after buying it and the diaphragm has failed. Reading the reviews here today shows me this a common problem for this cleaner and I am seriously regretting my purchase. I can see it will continue to fail in doing what it is supposed to. For the price I paid for it, I should have just manually cleaned it (as I am doing) and saved up more for a better cleaner. Buyers remorse big time with this cleaner.

Date PurchasedJul 2018
Hi there. Sorry to hear you are having issues. May I ask if you have called our Customer Care team for help?Thank you for your response. I have not called the Customer Care team as there is probably little they can do to fix the design of the product. My suggestion would be more pointed to the design team - that they redesign the diaphragm type and then provide a free upgrade to all unsatisfied owners of this product.Hi, Thank you, we will pass on your Feedback. However, we would still be happy to speak to you and see if there any adjustments we can suggest to get you up and running. Please let me know if you would like to accept this offer, Thanks.

Another unhappy customer

I agree with all the other poor reviews of this product.
We've had our for about 2 years now but this cleaner has driven me crazy from day one.
I have to clean it out every day as the smallest leaf stops it working.
The hoses also tangle continuously and need to need to be straightened everyday as well.
We are on about our sixth diaphragm too.

Date PurchasedSep 2016
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Hi Tina. Sorry to hear that you have had these issues. May I ask if you have spoken to our Customer Care team? Thanks.

T3 Diaphragms suck

This product is rubbish. I've had to replace the diaphragm so many times since I bought it, I've lost count. Surely Zodiac can see this as a major design fault, with so many complaints. If it was a vehicle there'd be a recall to replace the part. Myself and others will be taking their business away from Zodiac as I believe the newer models also contain the same diaphragm.

Date PurchasedJan 2017
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Hi Adam, Thank you for your feedback. There are many factors that contribute to the diaphragms needing to be replaced, if you would like to discuss this, please call us on 1300 763 021 or send a DM and we can call you. Thanks.

Eats diaphragms non stop.

Good cleaner when it is working but you only have to look at it the wrong way and the diaphragm busts open.... considering a single diaphragm is about one fifth (1/5) the price of an ebay cleaner kit (which includes hoses and spare diaphragms) why would you buy this heap of crap?

Date PurchasedJun 2014
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Hi Paul. May I ask if you have spoken with our Customer Care team or would be interested in discussing this issue? Thanks.

R3 zodiac

i actually won an R3 from a poolwerx competition today, i had been eyeing one of these off for a year or two when going in to get my water tested and was over the moon when i got the call saying i won one, took it home, set it all up had the suction set at the 21/2 as stated in the brochure, and it works for a while and then stops, then gets stuck in the same position in a corner of the pool and found myself today constantly going out to see if it was still working or stuck in a corner, i ended up just dismantling it and tomorrow i will put it back in the box and sell it on buy swap sell, lucky i didn't spend the money on it because i would have been really disappointed.
would not recommend at all

Date PurchasedApr 2018
Hi Richard. Sorry to hear that you have been unhappy with this Product. We do have a whole team of Techs and Customer Care staff that can help. Sometimes, we need to make a few adjustments upon Install to get what works best for your pool. We would love the chance to get this up and running. Please let us know. Thanks.I have sent a PM to request for details, Looking forward to hearing from you.that's fine, no need I sold it on the weekend on buy swap and sell, thanks anyway

Disappointed compared to the G3 zodiac

Having used the G3 previously I was very disappointed because the T3 keeps getting stuck with gum nuts n any small debris. I belief it’s the design of the diaphragm because it’s got ridget sides and it makes it difficult to let debris through. With the cost of replacement I have no choice but to cover my pool with the blanket. Hope zodiac can help me solve my problem.

Date PurchasedJan 2018
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Hi Ran, Thank you for contacting Zodiac group Australia. We are sorry to hear about the issue you are experiencing, however, as per our website, the T3 cleaner is not suitable for large debris like twigs, gum nuts, eucalyptus leaves, Thanks.

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We couldn’t open the cap to change the diaphragm. Please advise
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I couldn’t either so I’ve taken it to Clark Rubber and they’ve done it for me.

I have a T3 cleaner working fine does a good job, less than 2 yrs old, and the hose ends are splitting where they twist together, it appears to be where it connects the the valve in the skimmer box. whats going on ?
2 answers
I would suggest you to contact Zodiac for refund.Hi Bob, Please call us to discuss a repair/Warranty. Our number is 1300 763 021, Thanks.

My zodiac t3 does a great job but it always seems to not do alot of the shallow area. My main concern is that it's somehow stopped sucking. I've checked everything possible could it be I need a new diaphragm for it?
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