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Model: 10L (AU1000DD) Date Purchased: Jul 2017

Reliable and effective

5 out of 5, reviewed on Feb 07, 2018

We live in Sydney, so it's hot and cold. I have now had this model for over 6 months. This device works brilliantly. We have poor sub floor ventilation at home, so we have areas in the house that is moist and smell of mold. This machine not only gets rid of the moisture, the mold smell completely disappears. It's also great for helping dry laundry on rainy days. And getting rid of smells in storage areas, closets, wardrobes and shoe cabinets.
I use it everywhere!

After my parents had a go with my machine, they wouldn't give mine back!! They have a severe moisture issue in their home and this device rids of it completely. They loved it. So I bought another one for them.

This is not like your standard device from regular retailers. Try it, you will not want to purchase anything else.

Just call them and talk to them, could not be more helpful. They know their machine, they will help you pick the right product for your home.

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Model: 10L (AU1000DD) Date Purchased: Jul 2017

In cooler environments this is a better option than the traditional compressor based dehumidifier

5 out of 5, reviewed on Aug 23, 2017

I initially purchased two of these units to reduce humidity in a garage and shed being used to store furniture. I have been amazed at the amount of moisture this machine extracts from the air and have now placed a permanent drain pipe in each as I was having to empty the container almost daily! It has typically reduced the moisture content by over 20%.
So impressed I have purchased another unit. Can highly recommend these units and the owners of the business were very helpful.

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Model: 10L (AU1000DD)

Very happy with the Ausclimate cool-seasons 10L desiccant dehumidifier

5 out of 5, reviewed on Jul 04, 2017

I purchased the 10L desiccant dehumidifier from Ausclimate about 6 weeks ago and have been blown away. The amount of moisture it removes from the air is incredible!! We had a real problem with dampness in our apartment and this unit is ideal. It removes the moisture and cleans the air and I could not recommend it more highly.

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10L (AU1000DD) 7L (AU0700DD)
Tank Capacity 10L 7L
Moisture Removal 10L/24 hours 7L/24 hours