unfortuntate result

5 out of 5, reviewed on Jan 09, 2019

Many happy purchases but alas Australia Post let them down (big time) always a good result by Billy Guyatts will continue to purchase from Billy Guyatts hopefully with out Australia Post.

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Good price, communication could be better

3 out of 5, reviewed on Dec 19, 2018

Good price, but took them 2 weeks to deliver, i was given the expectation would be approx 3-4, and there was no communication to advise of the delay.

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Water Cooler

4 out of 5, reviewed on Dec 03, 2018

We purchased a water cooler back in April, unfortunately, it stopped dispensing cold water in November....I rang the service department who asked me to return the item as it was still under warranty....in a matter of days of its return, a brand new item was delivered to my home...excellent service, thank you

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Excellent product.

5 out of 5, reviewed on Dec 02, 2018

This item works very well, very quick and efficient. Makes cooking so much easier and quicker. Fast delivery and postage was very reasonable.

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Everything went as expected

5 out of 5, reviewed on Dec 01, 2018

Unfortunately, I do not love the product. - - a sunbeam coffee maker. It burns the coffee. I got to spend a lot more dough. Double boiler.

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Gold Coast

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Verified Customer

Delivery Time joke

1 out of 5, reviewed on Nov 27, 2018

Ordered a Hisense fridge through Billy Guyatts. No lead time was on their website just a note saying delivery 3 to 10 days.
If the items on their website are not available in Australia, they should at least make their customers aware of this. Other suppliers like appliances online have this item ex stock.

November 28th 2018 Update: Delivery Time joke

Nothing to say item was not located on n Brisbane. Three weeks and still haven't got the item

Better off going to appliances Online.

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Impressive Popcorn Maker

5 out of 5, reviewed on Nov 26, 2018

Good product, fast delivery. Packaged very well. Purchased for a Kris Kringle present.
Wanted a much better product than the cheap ones you buy in the $2.00 shop.

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Panasonic bread maker

5 out of 5, reviewed on Nov 21, 2018

Purchased a bread maker and it is still going strong years on now. Great company to go through, cheapest, fastest and safe delivery. Very happy

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5 out of 5, reviewed on Nov 15, 2018

Purchased a vacuum sealer online. The staff happily changed the delivery address for me after purchase and the items arrived with no problems. Prices were also excellent. Very happy with my purchase and the vacuum sealer works great.

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Delay everything

1 out of 5, reviewed on Nov 13, 2018

I bought Philips Diamond clean online and have already been waiting for 3 weeks, called them aways answer we also wait the product from the supplier, when we get it we will sent it to you.
They always say they will call you back but never did!!!!
If you don't have stock just say it
Really waste my time and only save $20 from other online shop.
Done buy anything from them
It takes ages!!!
I am still waiting!!!

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Verified Customer

Avoid this company at all costs

1 out of 5, reviewed on Oct 23, 2018

3 weeks ago I purchased a fridge from this company and the fridge was advertised as “in stock” on the website, a few days after purchasing I had not heard from the company so I gave them a call and was told that the fridge was in fact not in stock and that they were going to order it in from the supplier and it would take 3-5 days. I asked the question “was anybody going to contact me to let me know?” The answer was simply “sorry” I asked when they would contact me next and they told me within the 5 days, after 6 days I had heard nothing so called them back, I was told the fridge was now on back order with the supplier but should be another week at maximum, once again NOBODY from the company told me or bothered to contact me to let me know this information, a week later I had heard absolutely nothing I call them back and guess what they tell me “it’s now looking like 3 weeks” NOBODY from this shameful company bothered to contact me to let me know. I also made multiple complaints via email in which I received absolutely no reply. BE WARNED I have since found out that they do not stock any items in there NSW werehouse so anything you order has to be ordered from the supplier, this is something they are not upfront about. I was left for 3 weeks without a fridge now thankfully bing lee was only to deliver the exact same one this morning. They kept blaming the supplier, but if they were upfront from the beginning I never would have bought an out of stock fridge.

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Such fast delivery and free!

5 out of 5, reviewed on Oct 20, 2018

Thank you for such immediate free delivery. My nitri infusion is almost dead and i didnt want to have to have something other than my smoothie for breakfast. Your price was the cheapest and i received it in record time. I wished all companies valued their customers as much as you do.

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Nice and easy tranasction

4 out of 5, reviewed on Oct 20, 2018

Very happy with the purchase and no need to communicate. Very simple process to purchase online and smooth delivery and well communicated from Australia post on my delivery

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Short Pot Kettle NIGHTMARE

1 out of 5, reviewed on Oct 19, 2018

I am a permanently housebound invalid who can't return damaged items. I told this to the store before purchasing the Sunbeam Short Pot Kettle. He assured me they wouldn't send me a damaged item.

They DID.
Hideously marked and coming apart.

I took screenshots and sent them. They told me *I* had to pay to send it back and that Sunbeam said that is how the kettle looks. DAMAGED?


They knew I can't leave my house, and now the kettle will end up in the bin and I am out of pocket $70.

I am an aporaphobic, with diabetes anxiety and depression, and I can't stop crying.

When I phoned the store the man was so nasty and almost laughed at me.

I feel ill. :(

Thank you Billy Guyatts, for putting me through hell. I will never purchase another appliance online.

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I've now taken it to Consumer Affairs, as I get hung up on when trying to talk to the arrogant pig who stole $70 from me and sent me a tarnished, abomination of a kettle.

New experience, 1st time I've used them. Good so far.

4 out of 5, reviewed on Oct 19, 2018

Salesman very polite when spoken to about enquiry about the item. Still waiting for item to be delivered. All in all so far so good,

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Nice and big

4 out of 5, reviewed on Oct 03, 2018

Love my new washing machine. Spins almost dry. Reasonably quiet. Only thing is I can't reach the bottom but good size for big loads.

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Super Shark!

5 out of 5, reviewed on Sep 14, 2018

The Shark is the best vacuum cleaner that I have ever had. It is easy to use, light weight, compact, emptying the barrel is simple and above all it picks up more than I have ever known a vacuum cleaner to pick-up! The Shark is tremendous. As well, I have been so impressed with the Shark and ‘singing’ its praises to my family. Now there are three in my family that have the Shark and they also love it. Could not recommend it more highly.

The transaction was so quick and easy, delivery was recieved in a few days. A pleasure to do business with the Billy Guyatt Team. Thank you.

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great first experience with Billy Guyatts

5 out of 5, reviewed on Sep 12, 2018

It was a smooth & easy transaction. The product came really fast. Very happy with the purchase. Have recommended the product and this website to friends.

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Good deal, good product.

4 out of 5, reviewed on Sep 05, 2018

Your price was more than competetive and the washing machine is a very good product. I would recommend Billy Guyatt"s online store to anyone.

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What a great looking kettle Russell Hobbs Heritage Vogue Kettle.

5 out of 5, reviewed on Sep 03, 2018

Great kettle loves the style of the kettle very stylish would recommend this Russell Hobbs Heritage Vogue, Kettle to anybody that wants a great kettle. Also, Billy Guyatts service online was really good.

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Questions & Answers

Price of Miele dishwasher 60cm x 60cm?

Sony asked on May 09, 2018

Answer this

Not sure - just bought a electric water kettle from them. Perhaps you should consider contacting the company directly but, in the meantime - you have the option of washing liquid clean the dishes and what not in the sink

I'm having trouble trying to work out how to claim the bonus coffee. Can you send to me or can I just pick up in a torquay supermarket please? I have receipt in email but can't send that.

Genene asked on Nov 07, 2017

Answer this

You can place forward in your email and send it straight through to the companies email address.
Alternatively you also have the option of contacting billy guyats company

Just baught a Phillips ntx400 speaker and cannot track the item? I work from 6:30am to 3:30ish pm weekdays and should of put down my works address! What happens if I'm not home to sign for my speaker? Do they call my number an let me know there here or take my item to the post office?

Caleb asked on Sep 15, 2016

Answer this

A bit late... sorry. But for anybody else with this question, Guyatts' courier will phone to confirm a delivery time immediately prior to dispatching your order. When your order is placed with Guyatts, they ask you for a contact phone number (mob or home) as part of the purchase documentation. Worked well for my purchase. If you're not at home in order to take shipment, you can authorise the courier to leave in a secure place (not recommended though, as it won't be signed for—which can make potential followup claims difficult). Note that I live in a remote area which is difficult to deliver to—both distance- and timing-wise. Many retailers other than Guyatts refuse to deliver to me for these reasons. BTW, private courier companies usually won't deliver to post office counters or PO boxes.

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