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Have always been good ... but today they were terrible

2 out of 5, reviewed on Dec 09, 2018

Specsavers usually good and we have as a family used them for several years now at Carindale... but after arriving 8 minutes late for eye checks for two kids (Westfield Carindale car park took more than 20 minutes to find a park) they condescendingly tell us that they may not be able to do the appointment ... eventually they say they can but there will be a long unspecified wait ... all communicated as though it was one giant favour to us ... well there’s been times when we’ve waited much much longer than 8 minutes when they were late without complaint or comment.

Specsavers is now dropped and banned and we will go else where.

Cheap prices here seems to mean fourth class service.

If you can tolerate that then go for it.

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My fcuk box discarded update

1 out of 5, reviewed on Dec 08, 2018

I complained to Specsavers website no reply, complained on Facebook, got a response! They would look into it and they informed Runaway Bay. Still no phonecall or box! I went into the shop and asked the manager. Oh yes he says he has sent an email to all the shops in Australia. Still I haven’t had s phonecall and no box!! No offer of an apology or compensation.

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Unexpected warranty service

4 out of 5, reviewed on Dec 03, 2018

Both pairs of my daughters glasses had broken in the same spot. The arms had come of the hinge pins. I was expecting to have to pay to have new arms put on as the last time this happened I was informed that it was her fault as she wasn't taking them off correctly, shes's 9 and has special needs so I was ready to tell them that it would be the last time I was coming back. So when Iwent in to the Cranbourne VIC store and was stunned when the very nice lady didn't even bat an eyelid when telling me that they would order a new arm for one pair but as the other pair were no longer in stock we could pick out a complete new frame at no cost.
This example of customer service has been enought to keep me as a customer. My only complaint would be the quality of the frames. My daughter is not rough with them at all but they never seem to last as long as I think they should and for the cost of them they really should put a bit more emphasis on durability.

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Wyndham vale

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Excellent customer service and reliable results from optometrist

4 out of 5, reviewed on Dec 02, 2018

I have been with specsaver weriribee plaza for many years. I always go with the same optometrist who is very nice and I always do eye check with her. I tried contact lenses in store and also most of my daily glasses and sunglasses are from this store. Very happy customer!

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Specsavers Riverton, WA

2 out of 5, reviewed on Dec 01, 2018

Went with my friend to her appt at Specsavers Riverton, WA this morning. Got there & they said we were 10 minutes late (we thought we were 5 minutes late). Tried to explain we had just driven 200km to get there & that we had been held up entering the centre, the arcade & then the store due to a procession of Christmas carollers (including carollers, stilt walkers, Santa & various Christmas characters). Between the actual procession, the professional photographers & the crowds of people we were substantially delayed. Specsavers employees were aware of the ruckus outside as they were watching it when we entered the store. Yet they still said we were too late for her appointment. My friend & her husband have been customers st this store for many years & both sets of their parents have been going there since the store opened. Specsavers Riverton have lost all of their custom as well as my families. I realise they were busy but surely a little bit of understanding is possible- esp as they normally keep us waiting when we get there on time?!!

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Best service ever

5 out of 5, reviewed on Nov 30, 2018

I can't say better things about specsavers bayfair they are all beutiful ladies who give the best ever service available they make you feel special very good value for money very happy with my glasses

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Prescription Sunglasses - Good Service

4 out of 5, reviewed on Nov 29, 2018

Visited the Parramatta Westfield store for the first time last week. I had lost my prescription sunglasses and needed to get a replacement pair ASAP. I no issues quickly booking on same day an appointment to see optometrist to get prescription updated. The frame selection and lens options are somewhat limited but had no difficulty find ones that suited me.

5 days later the glasses were ready for lick up. Booked fitting session online - got in early and they were able to see me straight away. Glasses adjusted quickly and efficiently and off I went

SpecSavers don't pretend to offer premium services and yes their marketing can be a little misleading in terms of pricing because of the myriad of add on options. But I am more than happy with both glasses and the service and price

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Quality has become terrible

2 out of 5, reviewed on Nov 29, 2018

Disappointed. Purchased 2 pairs glasses. Complained within 2 months that quality was poor. Staff would not exchange falling apart glasses, even though warranty offers to do so. Repaired and in doing, damaged one pair. Both are now broken and unusable. I used to be a fan of Specsavers. I have dealt with them for about 15 years.

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Poor lens quality

1 out of 5, reviewed on Nov 27, 2018

Been to the store at Sunnybank. the lady optometrist examined my eyes and took measurements. When my new glasses arrived and upon trying in the store, my vision through the new glasses is worst than my old glasses. Absolutely not clear. Told the front counter reception about it as I know, being a glasses wearer for 40 years, the problem is not due to being a new glasses. They still insists on trying them for a few weeks. As s result of this. I went to another optometrist and redo eyes test, found their measurements are way off. So I took new eyes test result back to the store to request a re-do. Now it is just about a year, my glasses lens has got micro scratches all over the lens and the antireflective coating start to come off in patches. Being an experienced glasses wearer I know how to take action to protect my glasses and I never have this kind of lens issues in my 40 years glasses wearing experience. I am suspecting they are using cheaper substitute for re make cases. Anyway. Never go back.

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specsavers watergardens

5 out of 5, reviewed on Nov 23, 2018

Patricia is an amazing professional who looks after my eye health. She always fits me in when I feel worried about eye problems

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Patronizing Owner

1 out of 5, reviewed on Nov 23, 2018

Over the years, I have experienced occasional issues with lenses upon collection/fitting with various Specsaver outlets. It's annoying for me and for staff, however I did not expect nor appreciate being patronized & spoken to in a manner at Taree Specsavers which put blame on me for loss of profit to the owner, when lenses required a remake. You've lost my patronage & that of others & degraded to name of the franchise.

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Trinity Arcade - terrible customer service from the tall guy wearing glasses

1 out of 5, reviewed on Nov 21, 2018

The tall guy from trinity arcade was completely uninterested in helping me. Won’t go back while he’s there. Terrible customer service. Terrible attitude. Try helping a customer next time!

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Poor quality and misleading!

1 out of 5, reviewed on Nov 21, 2018

They made my bifocals incorrectly and after returning twice to complain they retested my eyesight and told me that I needed stronger lenses. After only six months of having my original glasses made they made me pay for new stronger lenses!!! The products are poor quality and they promise savings but get you in other ways.

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Frosty attitudes, subpar service

1 out of 5, reviewed on Nov 21, 2018

I rarely write reviews, but the 'customer service' I received at Specsavers Palmerston, NT from the middle-aged blonde woman was so bad that I must make an exception. Bossy, hostile, condescending interpersonal skills were in full flight. She seemed to get a power trip from it too. It was unreal and took a while to register with me. Someone will give it right back to her one day, but for those of us who just want to go about their day, she will continue to get away with it until Specsavers do something about it.

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3 out of 5, reviewed on Nov 17, 2018

I would like to thank you for the eye check that I have just had ( 14.30 , Saturday 17 , November )...
To be welcomed as soon as I arrived , nice
To be called by my first name and then go through the initial checks , good ,
Then ushered into another room for the final check , no problem ...
To select my future glasses and stand around for 5-10 minutes , understandable , the shop was busy . So I sat down and waited for someone to approach me ( as with the second part of my visit ) or call my name ..... but no .... so I waited a further 20 minutes until I got up and asked for help. The staff were apologetic and said they had noticed me waiting ( and had smiled when passing ) but No one came and asked !!!!
I know that every now and then a customer may slip through the system , but it would be a good idea if the checks were done through to the end of the customers visit and a simple "question "would have led to a 5 star rating from me .
Thank you
Steve Harper

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Service been good, frames are a bit cheap.

4 out of 5, reviewed on Nov 15, 2018

I've always found specsavers very helpful.
I like that they fix bent frames and the like for free, as much as they can.
I've been happy about the 2 for 1 offer.
Of late though, I'm finding that the frames seem cheap and don't last.
Maybe it's a case of you get what you pay for.

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Not happy this Time

3 out of 5, reviewed on Nov 14, 2018

Having had previous great service, I decided to go back. Service was really good and staff were very patient while I decided on my new reading and sunglasses. Once I received the glasses they were just not right. I have since returned the glasses and received my gap refund, However still after 3 weeks am still waiting for my private health fund refund. Just a reminder to everyone to follow up this part of their refund with the store, as this is not an automatic process, very different from the time of purchase.

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Spec savers Seven Hills free contact lense trial

4 out of 5, reviewed on Nov 14, 2018

Spec savers offers a free trial on contact lenses
The staff are brilliant absolutely fantastic
However the facilities are not really adequate
The lighting is poor and for some one with poor site there are no mirrors that are enhanced for better vision
You are also left in an area being trained how to put the lenses in where the general public can watch and all the customers in the store can watch you struggle putting lenses in and out
They call it a medical procedure yet there is no privacy at all
For some one that has never put contact lenses in before it is quiet difficult and frustrating even boardering on humiliting trying to put them in while people customers and pass buyers watch
The facilities are really inadequate for this procedure
I have spoken to one of the doctors who say it’s a head office issue

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Contact lenses shipped from Asia

2 out of 5, reviewed on Nov 13, 2018

If you buy contact lenses on line be aware that they are all shipped from Singapore. The 5 day delivery is a little deceptive. Today is Friday and I have been told mine wont arrive before sometime next week and I order them last. Thursday. I was told they often get stopped at customs. Last time a waited over a fortnight. It should state this on their advertising not "5 days delivery to metro" i live in the CBD.

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modern styles

1 out of 5, reviewed on Nov 12, 2018

I have been calling in to my local specsavers store at Tweed City, New South Wale regularly to try and choose a new pair of glasses. I wear them all the time so I would like something modern and DIFFERENT. I cannot fine anything at all. They are all of similar shapes and colours. I have started checking out your competitors and find what I want but I am wary of going to them as my sister has, for the same reason, and was note satisfied with the eye test and the prescription they gave her and she had to do back a few times to get satisfaction which is frustrating and time wasting. I hope this may prompt you buyers to invest in new stock and get away from the BORING stock at present.

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I have purchased 2 pairs of multi focal glasses with my current prescription, a pair of polarised sunglasses and a pair of everyday multi focals ( prescription through another optometrist ) but they are not as clear a my current glasses with the exact same prescription ( purchased at another optometrist). Why would this be ? There seems to be a lot of side distortion which I do not get with my current glasses of the same prescription. I have sent them back to be adjusted but I'm still concerned. What are my options if the issues are not resolved ? I have been wearing multi focals for many years and have never had this issue with other optometrists I have purchased from. I really like the glasses I chose but the lens are my issue.

nee321t asked on Nov 29, 2018

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Hi there,

I'm sorry to read that you are having issues with your new glasses. All our multifocal specs come with a 30 day guarantee; if you would like to discuss the options available, please pop back into the store and a member of the team will be able to help.


I've broken my glasses but not due an eye test till next yr. I'm on full rate pip plus esa do I have to pay for New lenses and eye test? I wear byfucles

Sharon asked on Nov 29, 2018

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Hi there,

In order to have your query answered, please contact your local store and they will be able to advise you on the potential costs to replace your glasses.


I would just like to ask I have missed a direct debit payment for specsavers on the 25th dose anyone know when they will next try to take it out because I get payed on the 30th?

DTA13 asked on Nov 27, 2018

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Hi there,

You will need to contact your local store in order to obtain this information, just give them a call and a member of the team will be happy to help.


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