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Blanco BDW4535

Latest review: I went a freedom Kitchen and I have a very small kitchen first the designer said I was installing a 60 cm dishwasher then at the last minute informed me I had to go a 45cm which I was so

Blanco Andano 700-U

Latest review: I purchased the blanco andano 700 undermount sink for my new kitchen 3 months ago. Initially I was worried that having a single sink would be an issue, but after using it, im absolutely thrilled. It

Blanco Vision 210

Latest review: I now have my 3rd Blanco silgranite sink! I LOVE them, thus have bought one every time I moved. BUT, this time, I purchased the sink at Home Depot. About six weeks after it was installed by a

Blanco CG604WXFFC

Latest review: I have never bought a Blanco appliance until now. I had read reviews from many sites and the Blanco gas cooktop always rated well. I have to agree. It is easy to use, easy to clean, simple lines and

Blanco Precis

Latest review: We bought the metallic grey 1 & 3/4 sinks through Amazon many months before we started building our house as I was not able to find anything other than black or white here in Australia. Blanco has a

Blanco BCGF75X / BCGF75XFF

Latest review: fitted this unit into our new kitchen about 3 weeks ago and have never looked back. works easily and well and cleans well too. have no gripes about this cooktop yet so lets keep it that way. easy


Latest review: Cannot fault the wonderful service from Blanco and very fast service from the service man to fix my oven. Called in one day fixed the next! Will highly recommend

Blanco Culina

Latest review: I think it's beautiful to look at unlike a lot of the high end sink mixers that we saw that look like they belong in a commercial kitchen. It's quite expensive for a tap but after having had the

Blanco Nelia

Latest review: It was not my first choice but I am glad I bought this mixer tap. It is very light and smooth to turn but stable, not like my old one which was more expensive but wobbly after few months. I love

Blanco Silgranit

Latest review: After researching Blanco sink quality and design, we purchased a Silgrain double kitchen sink to be part of our kitchen renovation. Initially the sink was beautiful and seemed to be able to withstand

Blanco BDW8345X

Latest review: This is our second Blanco dishwasher which was installed today. Our previous BFD9XP model had not missed a beat for many years and when it recently started to play up, I looked to Blanco again. The

Blanco CG705WXFFC

Latest review: We recently moved and had to replace the old electric cooktop with a gas one. This one was ideal as it’s dimensions were perfect to fit a 60cm cutout, which it did perfectly. I very happy with the

Blanco BRCPB60X / BRCPB90X

Latest review: Purchased over ten years ago, great product. The fan associated with this extracts all odours and fumes well. Have not had a replacement for 11 years. Performs well, very good quality and long

Blanco BCG95X / BCG95W

Latest review: Purchased as part of a cooking pack for a new kitchen to replace my faulty appliances. Impressed with the wok burner cooking speed and happy with the 'griddle' burner. It looks brand new even after

Blanco CG905WXC / CG905WXFFC

Latest review: When things go wrong, you really find out what sort of customer service and after sales people your company has. We had an accident with our nearly out of warranty gas cook top. A dramatic over boil

Blanco BWC9BX

Latest review: We have had this one for two years. Looks great. The suction is ok. One day I used oil to deep fry, and it stop working. Called the Blanco service people, and the service is terrible. The call out

Blanco BM32CX

Latest review: I purchased this Blanco microwave/convection oven in 2015 and have had nil issues. I wanted it to match my Blanco oven which it does and thought I would use the convection oven part of it, but I


Latest review: 6 Months after purchase replaced hinges (Under Warranty). Back fan cover plate falls every now and then. Oven sometimes will not shut off, have to toggle switch a few times. I think next time will go

Blanco BOSE709M

Latest review: So to be perfectly honest it cooks things. It looks good. its an oven... YAY The bad, the door hinge is week meaning it never really feels "closed". The rubber seal on the door went 3 years in, and

Blanco BOSE99XP

Latest review: This oven was installed with our new build in Dec 2015. Door hinges never closed properly. The oven door has even come off completely when opening it - DANGEROUS ! We called Blanco and the said they

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