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AEG 2.85HP 50L V-Twin Air Compressor AC3050V

Latest review: This is my 3rd compressor and to replace an old work shop and a cheap portable at the same time. Went for the direct drive over the belt driven as it performs better and wanted an "oil type"

2nd Best Air Compressor
Ozito ACP-2420 24L 2.0HP Oiled Air Compressor

Latest review: My workshop has never been so clean. This unit was by far the best Christmas present my kids could have got me - I use it constantly and the air tools are so cheap. It's a little noisy but you expect

3rd Best Air Compressor
Lincoln BA140 12V 150PSI Mini Air Compressor

Latest review: For a trip to the Eyre Peninsula that was going to include some off-roading I wanted to buy an air compressor so I could properly deflate and inflate the tires of our off-road vehicle (Mitsubishi

Xiaomi Mi Portable Electric Air Pump

Latest review: I love this item as its easy to carry and i will have less worry if i break down. I bought an extra attachment so it clips on the bicycle valve and it comes in its own pouch. I have used twice and

Hailea Air Pump HAP-80
5.0 from 1 review

Latest review: We live on small acreage and have an Envirocycle septic system which relies on an aerator and a pump. We have tried around four types of pumps with the Hailea HAP-80 being a winner on four counts

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Black Rat Mega Grunt 12V Air Compressor

Latest review: G’day, So I purchased the Black Rat twin air compressor out of need for a 12v air compressor that was rated to operate at 150psi. With so many brands and types available I chose this particular one b

AEG 3.0HP 60L Silenced Air Compressor AC3060S

Latest review: Bought this morning, managed to get it together easily enough. Ran to expected 140psi. But as soon as it switches off, the pressure switch leaks faster than an airgun and when it hits 100psi, the

XTM Air Compressor 160LPM 150PSI

Latest review: compressor is good. Set up bad. Can only get guage reading when compressor off. Guage inaccurate compared to 3 other guages being used to check. Ok for footballs but I the outback not so good. Cables

Antlia AN-2540H Air Compressor

Latest review: Had mine for a 4 years was cheap and easy to use. Hassle free, would buy again. Would buy again great unit easy and power all of my tools can’t fault it at a

Ryobi Airwave Air Compressor RA-C2550

Latest review: Pretty good for its price but could be better. It's pretty loud as most compressors are. The power cord is pretty short and the air hose that it comes with is cheap and kinks very easy. Features

Dynamic Power 12V Portable Air Compressor

Latest review: This portable air compressor is quite robust and appears well built at first sight. It is rated at a maximum of 200 litres (air) per minute but my unit struggled to get anywhere near that figure, in

Blackridge Air Compressor Belt Drive 2.5HP 185LPM

Latest review: I always open the tank vent under pressure after using my compressor in order to drain moisture out of the tank, but recently I lifted the back wheels while moving it and a whole lot of rusty brown

ALDI Air Compressors

ALDI Air Compressors

 · includes 2 listings
1.5 from 4 reviews

Latest review: To start, let me tell you it was my first love with an first compressor (being equal opportunity and all type of guy) having courted with the idea after I first set eyes on her I plucked up the

Sherpa DC Air Compressor (Big-Air) SAC12VHD

Latest review: My experience is exactly the same as the other reviews. I am just very sorry that I did not read them before I bought a winch and air compressor that both failed after 3 uses. Now they will not even