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For many of us, cleaning the bathroom is synonymous with a sense of dread. However, with the right bathroom surface cleaner, you can get the job done quickly and effectively, and move onto the more fun parts of your weekend. Continue Reading...

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CleanLIFE Bathroom Wipes

CleanLIFE Bathroom Wipes 🏆 2024

4.7  (41)
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Natalie E
Natalie EVICGreater Melbourne (Inner), VIC7 posts
So handy, so easyI wipe out the base of the shower after use - keeps it looking so shiny and free of grime and soap. Love these wipes! Really great for the sink after the kids have clean their teeth too Show details
OzKleen Shower Power

OzKleen Shower Power

3.6  (72)
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Peter T.
Peter T.
Orange Power Shower, Bath and Tile Cleaner

Orange Power Shower, Bath and Tile Cleaner

4.2  (19)
Nozzle shower powerI've always bought this product and love it. But the last 3 the spray nozzles haven't worked. This makes a mundane job.even harder. Please start supplying it with the original nozzles. Show details
Bosisto's Bathroom & Shower Cleaner

Bosisto's Bathroom & Shower Cleaner

3.5  (14)
C G.
C G.QLDSouth East Queensland, QLD
Useless for showerSame as another guy on here - this didn’t do anything for my shower screens, even with multiple applications, wipes and scrubs. May as well have just sprayed water because it looks the same and removed/cleaned next to nothing.
Cove Bathroom & Shower Cleaner

Cove Bathroom & Shower Cleaner

4.6  (7)
emzQLDSouth East Queensland, QLD5 posts
Great product, great customer service!I purchased this and the glass cleaner as I wanted to make more sustainable choices. Had a small problem with the nozzle which customer service fixed straight away. So refreshing to find decent customer service for a change! Both products are great and get the job done. Show details
Windex Shower

Windex Shower

3.3  (15)
Victoria Kennedy
Victoria KennedyQLDSouth East Queensland, QLD2 posts
I have never seen such good results from any other product I have used beforeThis product has changed my feelings about other products and I would like to only use this product in future - in the past I have used many products and nothing has equaled this product - its great thank you from Vicki in Queensland  Show details
DAZZ Bathroom Cleaner

DAZZ Bathroom Cleaner

4.8  (6)
ALRNSWSydney, NSW3 posts
So impressedLove that it comes in a tablet form and I add the water (I’m not buying and carrying water home ). With everyone in my house working from home the bathroom usage has increased and this is a great ‘spray and wipe over’ cleaning product. 100% recommend
4harvesWAPerth, WA18 posts
Coles Cleaner Bath & Shower

Coles Cleaner Bath & Shower

5.0  (2)
DonnaNSWHunter Region, NSW7 posts
Must Try thisThis product is even better than the Woolworth cheap Shine brand that everybody raved about. Coles Bath and shower works just as effectively and has a much better smell, not as harsh on nose. Show details
Evercleaner Cleaning Tab Kit Bathroom

Evercleaner Cleaning Tab Kit Bathroom

5.0  (2)
Starr McDonald
Starr McDonald
I really enjoy this productI was a bit taken back at first, just add water and a tablet seems odd like would it really work sounds too good to be true and now I love all 3 the bathroom, kitchen and the glass they are all amazing. Show details ·  1
Sarah v.
Sarah v.QLDSouth East Queensland, QLD
SeanVICGreater Melbourne (Inner), VIC4 posts
Excellent all round bathroom cleaner with no plastic and tablet refillsI've just started using this bathroom cleaner and it's awesome. Love the one bottle and tablet idea - just fill it with tap water, drop in a bottle and clean. Smells like citrus, cleans like a star.
MelissaVICGreater Melbourne (Metropolitan), VIC
What I neededBought the 4L Bathroom Toilet Cleaner.
Perfect - mild fragrance, which completely disappears (!), great as we often get headaches from strong smells.
Easy to dilute in their labelled spray bottle.
Will last a long time. Show details ·  1
Brent Moss
Brent MossWAGoldfields, WA9 posts
Healthy and Happy Cleaning with Bathroom BlissBathroom Bliss is an exceptional product. It cleans, deodorises and refreshes while being totally free of harmful chemicals. I love this product and all the products available from Probiotic Solutions.

 Show details

SallyWAPeel, WA5 posts
Ajax Professional Bathroom Cleaner

Ajax Professional Bathroom Cleaner

1.5  (4)
Gigi13 posts
DisappointedWould not buy I recommend it..Waste of money used practically the whole bottle as it's hard to use .it foams and does not spread on the 2 bathrooms I used it with no changes..Detol spray is fantastic does a better job and cheaper Show details
Coles Shower Scrub

Coles Shower Scrub

1.7  (3)
Silver Lady
Silver LadyNSWHunter Region, NSW2 posts
Upsetting & DisgruntledTried the shower scrub for the 1st time. Never had a Coles product fail as miserably as this one. Thought I'd give it a go and although it cleaned some parts, the lower down regions were still grimy. Going back to Bam Soap & Scum. Less work :(

Young woman cleaning glass shower screen

Types of Bathroom Cleaners

  • Sprays: These contain a liquid cleaning solution inside a spray nozzle bottle. You simply spray and wipe, or spray, leave for a bit, then wipe or scrub off.
  • Wipes: If using wipes, source germ-killing disinfectant wipes that specifically state on the packaging that they are made for bathroom use, like the Dettol Big and Strong Bathroom Cleaning Wipes.
  • Foams: These come in aerosol cans. You press down a button to release the foam, apply, let it sit for the recommended time stated by the manufacturer, then scrub or wipe it off.
  • Gels: These are squeezed from a tube onto a bathroom surface, and may need to be diluted in water before use.

What are you getting rid of?

Soap scum and water stains

While soap is the agent that keeps our bodies clean, the chalky residue old soap leaves behind is often what makes our showers and baths the most dirty.

Soap scum is a combination of bar soap residue, mineral build-up from water, dirt, and body oils.

If you live in a hard water area, soap scum can mix with the magnesium and calcium deposits in water and become really caked onto your shower screen. This can look thick and chalky or even grey. Soft soap scum or newer scum looks more cloudy in appearance.

To be a soap-buster, you can select from either a store-bought bathroom cleaner, or make your own homemade cleaner.

Supermarket Shower Cleaners

When it comes to supermarket shelf solutions, reviewers on had the most luck with using these two glass cleaners for the shower: OzKleen Shower Power and Orange Power.

DIY Soap scum removal

You may prefer a DIY approach as the best way to clean shower glass. To remove soap scum in a natural way, you can make a vinegar solution at home, containing 1 part vinegar and 1 part hot water or dishwashing detergent. This can be sprayed onto your shower screen from a spray bottle and left to sit for 20 minutes. After this, rinse the solution off, then wipe it dry with a clean, microfibre cloth.

While vinegar is the most popular home remedy for combatting soap scum, you can also try out baking soda, laundry detergent, using a magic eraser or even a pumice stone.

Preventing soap scum from forming

To stop soap scum becoming a nuisance, regular cleaning can help. After showering, you can use a squeegee, a wiper-like cleaning tool, to wipe clean shower glass. Other preventative measures including using body wash instead of soap, or placing a water repellant on your shower screen.

Rust stains

When it comes to removing rust, using chemical cleaners containing bleach can actually worsen stains. Using some common household items can help to remove rust, including using the following two concoctions - vinegar and baking soda, and salt and lime.


Mould often grows in bathroom grout, especially in shower corners. You’ll know it’s there because it’s usually dark green to black in colour, lurking in the nooks and crannies of the shower.

Mould often puts its roots in grout, which makes removing it with supermarket products difficult.

Not many bathroom cleaning products claim to remove mould. Those that do usually have the active ingredient of a small concentration of bleach, at around 5%. While bleach can kill mould, only concentrations of 10% or higher are effective. Using a solution of diluted vinegar is likely to be a better solution to kill bathroom mould.


Grout refers to the white mortar in between your bathroom tiles, used to fill joins.

Since grout is naturally white in colour, it stains easily in bathrooms. Cleaning tiles in the bathroom will always involve cleaning grout. However, rather than just a regular tile cleaner, it takes specific-purpose grout cleaners to remove the stains and grime on grout.

What to look for in a bathroom cleaner


This is the number one priority when looking for a bathroom cleaning product - it should do the job, ideally with minimal time and labour involved. To learn more about the cleaning performance of a product, reading consumer reviews is usually the best place to start. You can scroll up to start reading today.

Suitability for your surface

To help ensure a product is effective, check the product label to ensure a cleaner is suitable for the specific type of bathroom surface you’re cleaning. For example, a surface cleaner may be suitable for cleaning stainless steel surfaces, but not chrome.

All-purpose cleaners or multi-purpose bathroom cleaners are suitable for a number of different surfaces - like the shower screen, toilet bowls and bathtub - saving you money and time you'd spend on sourcing individual products.

Ease of Use

How easy a bathroom cleaning product is to use depends on how easy a product is to prepare and to apply, how much elbow grease you need to put in for the cleaning product to be effective, and how much time you're required to wait before removing it.

Ways of using a surface cleaner

  • Dilute first: Some cleaners come in a highly concentrated solution that you need to dilute with water first.
  • Spray and wipe: These are quick and convenient, as there’s no time lapse between applying the product and removing it.
  • Wait some time: Many bathroom cleaners, especially those used for deep cleaning jobs, require you to apply them, wait some time, then scrub or wipe them off. Check the waiting time that the manufacturer recommends. Some prescribe times as short as 30 seconds, others 5 minutes, and others still 10 minutes. If longer, you could find it inconvenient or plain annoying to walk away then have to return to the bathroom to keep cleaning later.


This may be more important than you think in a bathroom cleaner. Harsh fumes from chemicals might not just smell strong and unpleasant, but they can irritate airways when breathed in, causing headaches, coughing or lightheadedness.

Choosing a bathroom cleaner that you can tolerate is important. You don't want to feel woozy after every bathroom cleaning session. Sourcing a product without harmful chemicals, including bleach, is likely to help.

Finding a product with a smell you actually enjoy is a bonus. A fresh, pleasant smell can also help you feel more satisfied at a job well done.


This is an important consideration for many people. More and more householders are looking for natural, plant-based cleaning solutions as a better alternative to either breathing in potent chemicals, or having them end up in waterways.

Checking the ingredients list to compare the number of naturally derived ingredients vs chemicals is a good starting point. Other useful research includes finding out whether the product has biodegradable ingredients, recyclable or biodegradable packaging, and is greywater safe.

Value for Money

Most bathroom cleaners are cheap and affordable, ranging between $2-$10, so they’re not super expensive. The average price of a store-bought bathroom cleaner is around 80c per 100mL.

To work out a product’s value for money, it can help to think about the following:

  • Check the directions for use. How much product, (e.g. millilitres, number of wipes) has the brand recommended you use for each cleaning session?
  • Then check how many cleaning sessions you can have until the product runs out. This will give you an idea of roughly how many uses you’re going to get out of it.
  • Consider how often you clean the bathroom to work out how often you'll have to re-stock your cleaning cabinet.


If you want to dive further into investigating the chemical composition of a bathroom cleaner, you can read the product’s Material Safety Data Sheet, sometimes provided on a manufacturer’s website. This outlines the properties of ingredients used, and whether there are any dangerous ones likely to impact on health and safety. It also lists safety precautions to take when using the product.

Always keep bathroom cleaning products out of reach of children and pets, and put spray bottle nozzles into the 'lock' position, to be on the safe side.

Wrapping up

Overall, there are plenty of ways to achieve that clean bathroom feeling. First and foremost, look for a product that wows you with its cleaning performance. It should be able to effectively tackle the cleaning task you have in mind.

Also consider how quick and easy a product is to use, as well as how suitable it is for your bathroom surfaces. Inspecting the ingredients list and considering safety can also help you make a clean decision.

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