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Codral Day & Night

Latest review: Bought these for terrible cold. I have only taken four and all I've done is throw up...Making me feel quite ill..Never had this reaction with any other cold and flu

Codral Cold & Flu

Latest review: The old formula was more effective I didn't notice any improvement at all. It didn't ease any of the symptoms such as running nose and watery eyes Very frustrated with the

Codral Original Cold & Flu MAX

Latest review: This isn't a miracle cure for cold symptoms but it definitely dull s the severity. The thing I liked about it was its ability to better clear the mind so I didn't physically feel so much pressure

Codral Cold & Flu Original

Latest review: I tried it couple of times never worked on me, even it seems likes it become worst. It won't let me sleep. This is one of those worst night that I took this medication and it didn't worked, and it's

Codral Cold & Flu + Cough

Latest review: These cold tablets are excellent. The cough suppressant worked, unlike any liquid cough suppressants I have used. I assume I'll need pseudoephedrine, if I have a very sneezy cold. But for the colds

Codral Relief Decongestant

Latest review: Slightly relieved blocked nose. However, caused stomach pain even when taken after having food. Only purchased as Woolworths ran out of normal Codral. Will never purchase this product again. I would

Codral Cold & Flu + Decongestant

Latest review: These tablets did nothing for me except make me throw up and have violent tremors. I went to emergency, I've never been that sick. Its the first time I've had any brand of Codral and i won't be