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Luxe Fitness Fat Burning Protein

Latest review: The flavours are exactly as you would expect them to be, easy to use and really quick delivery. The results have been way better than I had expected, and they are great in baking

Tribeca Health Green Tea X50

Latest review: Have been trying to phase out coffee and sugar throughout my day lately and these have been AMAZING to perk me up. Unsure if it’s placebo or not but I feel very alert! I don’t know if it does much for

VibroSlim Ultra

Latest review: 2 hrs total body workout top setting . NO Results ... Years on big old round machine wonderful results ... Difference in my workout ,the machine... Noisy when not in use . Store away from where I

The Lady Shake

Latest review: I just bought the shakes today in the sachet box at Coles. It was unbearable, it has gone down the sink. Waste $39. Wished they offered refund as I send the rest of box back to

The Man Shake

Latest review: I have tried all the flavours. Vanilla and Chocolate was the most palatable. Carmel was the worst. Until this morning. They must have changed the recipe as my new bag this morning tastes nothing like


Latest review: Review Love BODi, lost 3.5kgs first time I used it. Love the taste and keeps me so full. Less bloating and so much more energy. Also use the BODi breakfast on my off days and love it perfect quick

Celebrity Slim

Latest review: I’m loving the Celebrity Slim Rapid Phase! I eat a healthy breakfast and lunch and then I have this shake later in the afternoon and for dinner. I have my healthy snacks in between, and I find that w

Uprotein Whey Protein Hydro + Enzymes

Latest review: Awesome taste, really easy to dissolve into a thick shake. Great recovery results - aches go away faster ready for another round. Far better than previous brands Iv had at a competitive price. The

Essential Health Slim & Trim (Aldi)

Latest review: I have tried all flavours - enjoy the coffee and strawberry the most. I replaced breakfast and Dinner with the shake and had a portioned meal for lunch. Over 11 weeks I have lost 25kgs with this

Bondi Beach Tea Co. B-Slim Tea

Latest review: I love this tea, whenever I feel bloated or yuck I have some of this tea and I feel better in a matter of minutes! Will definitely be buying it

Optifast VLCD

Latest review: Only thing is its expensive. Best flavors chocolate and banana. Worst Coffee. Very filling and tastes good. Mixes well. Doesn't need milk which is convenient. Has low sugar compared to other

OptiSlim VLCD Platinum Shake

Latest review: First time trying shakes with my weight loss , I’ve bought the optislim platinum and is disgusting. Is it normal ? I gagged after the first sip , but forced it down anyways. but after today I don’t th

IsoWhey Complete

Latest review: I really wanted to use this as it didn't have added folate, like some others do. (My body cannot process the synthetic folate used in food manufacture - can't even buy a loaf of bread that's not an


Latest review: OMG people stay away from this medication. It is banned in Europe and UK because it can cause heart valve problems. Im now 66 and took it when I was 16. Its virtually the same as speed, hence the

Nutrients Direct Whey Protein Isolate (WPI)

Latest review: Easy to mix, This is the best part i love about it , No lump ! Love the chocolate flavor ! Good Product . will buy again .:) Highly recommended if you wanted a high protein and low cost

Optimum Nutrition 100% Whey Gold Standard

Latest review: One of the best protein powders I've had, it mixes really well. You hardly get those powdery clumps. It hasnt got that fake home brand flavour like most powders. Ive tried the choc mint and the

Vibrofit Pro

Latest review: IGreat results after using Vibrofit, and has helped with stomach problems and excess weight, no more exercising it does it

Mannatech OsoLean Powder

Latest review: I love how easy this whey protein blend, (Osolean) is to use. It blends easily in liquid or food. I use it to ensure adequate protein intake, to keep me satiated and to support and maintain muscle.

Naturopathica FatBlaster Weight Loss Shakes

Latest review: I have Been using shakes as meal replacements for around a year this time at least in one meal a day, and watching what I eat and very little or no bread or sugar. I have tried a lot of the various

OptiSlim VLCD Classic Series

Latest review: It doesn't worth it. I've tried other and the taste is very similar. This company offer a wide range of taste so when you are using for a long period of time it becomes

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