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Happy Hormones

Stress / Anxiety Relief ProductsHappy Hormones · includes 3 listings

4.7 from 228 reviews

Latest review: Thank you for a wonder product, it has helped me so much, I wish l knew about happy hormones years ago, it would have helped me through some difficult times. I would also like to mention the team at

LUXE Women's Protein Powder

Protein PowdersLUXE Women's Protein Powder

4.8 from 145 reviews

Latest review: I have been using the fat burning protein for almost a year and I love it! This week I needed some assistance from the customer service team and they were also amazing. The girls were so friendly and



4.8 from 119 reviews

Latest review: No bad side effects. I did notice it took some time to adjust to the flavor and get used to the texture of the toothpaste but besides that nothing

Tribeca Health Green Tea X50

Weight Loss DrinksTribeca Health Green Tea X50

4.5 from 604 reviews

Latest review: I purchased x50 green tea to Up my water intake and cut out soft drink. I started out with the mango flavour which is delicious. I found it very similar to those bubble tea places I’m always buying f


Weight Loss DrinksBODi

4.5 from 120 reviews

Latest review: I'm on my second week of BODi got it for Christmas and I've already lost about 4 kgs it tastes amazing and really keeps you full fo4 hours. It's such an amazing product and would recommend fo4 anyone

Oral-B Vitality Precision Clean
  • Award Winner 2019

Electric Toothbrushes & FlossersOral-B Vitality Precision Clean

4.3 from 316 reviews

Latest review: Value for money, easy to use, works effectively. There are easy replaceable heads available. I have had mine for 2 years and it is working perfectly as when Item was

Philips Sonicare DiamondClean

Electric Toothbrushes & FlossersPhilips Sonicare DiamondClean · includes 7 listings

4.3 from 248 reviews

Latest review: This is an expensive toothbrush to own and run. My toothbrush stopped working and I have 9 brushheads. My only option? Buy a new one or throw the heads

VibroSlim Ultra

Vibration MachinesVibroSlim Ultra

4.5 from 103 reviews

Latest review: 2 hrs total body workout top setting . NO Results ... Years on big old round machine wonderful results ... Difference in my workout ,the machine... Noisy when not in use . Store away from where I

The Lady Shake

Weight Loss DrinksThe Lady Shake · includes 7 listings

4.2 from 423 reviews

Latest review: How many calories is there in one Shake per day in the in vanilla Lady shake and the banana lady shake coffee lady shake and chocolate mint lady Shake

Glow Dreaming

Sleeping AidsGlow Dreaming

4.4 from 124 reviews

Latest review: We have been using the glow dreaming since about 2 weeks old (currently 8 weeks) bub has now been sleeping though 8-10 hours a night from 5 weeks! I can’t help but feel like it’s the glow dreaming tha

Philips Sonicare AirFloss Pro/Ultra

Electric Toothbrushes & FlossersPhilips Sonicare AirFloss Pro/Ultra · includes 10 listings

4.2 from 301 reviews

Latest review: I got this as a gift and will continue to use it. It looks good and functions well. It is easy to clean and i can leave it out on the bathroom

Oral-B Genius 9000
  • Award Winner 2020
  • 2019

Electric Toothbrushes & FlossersOral-B Genius 9000

4.7 from 54 reviews

Latest review: I am a dentist and recommend this to all of my patients. Dramatic results and so effective at removing plaque. Why use a manual when an electric brush does most of the job for


Vitamins & Dietary SupplementsIberogast

4.4 from 74 reviews

Latest review: I have used Iberogast for many years. It’s the best for IBS, constipation, heartburn, cramps and bloating. I order the large bottle via Amazon. Key is to use it twice a day. Most effective after u

Revitive Circulation Booster

Foot MassagersRevitive Circulation Booster · includes 8 listings

4.1 from 180 reviews

Latest review: Im in my 40s and have suffered for 2 years with an injury to my achilles. The pain level was severe. The exact diagnosis 4 months ago was "deep surface insertional tendinosis of the Achilles tendon

Crampeze Night Cramps

Muscle & Pain Relief ProductsCrampeze Night Cramps · includes 2 listings

4.8 from 40 reviews

Latest review: I have a family history of night cramps. Crampeze certainly eases my condition, helping to relax my body to soothe the pains. Night sweats are a thing of the

The Man Shake

Weight Loss DrinksThe Man Shake · includes 7 listings

4.0 from 278 reviews

Latest review: Have only tried coffee and choc. First time user. Can’t complain. Has a nice taste and does fill you up. Price is high compared to other shakes like VPA. So I wouldn’t buy due to $$R

Remifemin Menopause Symptom Relief

Menopause Relief ProductsRemifemin Menopause Symptom Relief

4.2 from 90 reviews

Latest review: I have not yet been diagnosed as peri-menopausal but I must be getting close (54 soon). I started getting hotter body temperature wise this summer and I have noticed hot flushes start during the

Elmore Oil

Muscle & Pain Relief ProductsElmore Oil

4.8 from 32 reviews

Latest review: A regular user of Elmore Oil's pain relief benefit, I have discovered a new, unexpected healing quality of this product....it cures athlete's foot or tinea! Teatree oil has long been a known as a

Oral-B Vitality Sensitive Clean

Electric Toothbrushes & FlossersOral-B Vitality Sensitive Clean

4.3 from 60 reviews

Latest review: My teeth feel clean and invigorated and my gums are nice and pink. I've always had problems with my teeth but after using this my mouth feels so much better and cleaner. I love the timer too as I

Celebrity Slim

Weight Loss DrinksCelebrity Slim

3.9 from 278 reviews

Latest review: Bought this 3 weeks ago,Chocolate flavor. tastes great. Found it a little thin at first and not for-filling and now have been adding fibre to it and teaspoon of olive oil. Now I have a 600 ml bottle

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