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Remington Rapid Cut HC4250AU

Latest review: This could have been the best shaver I ever owned. The thing cuts flawlessly when it’s working! However, the battery is complete rubbish and for me I cannot buy a third one after two duds. My second d

Remington Durablade Pro MB061AU

Latest review: I bought this shaver because I was sucked in by the clever marketing. It doesn't actually work well at all, it literally jams up and rips out the hair, I have to allow at least 30mins to shave in the

Remington PG6020AU Titanium ALL-IN-1 Rechargeable Grooming System

Latest review: Brought this product few months back and really like it. Good value for money and this is the best product I have every tried . Would love to recommend it to family and

Remington PG350

Latest review: All attachments works well and the battery charge lasted my 3 week long vacation. The 30 mm and 20 mm trimmer doesn't get jam or clogged with hair. I also didn't experience any bite on my skin. This

Remington MPT3800AU

Latest review: Very inexpensive (around $17) but effective and easy to use producing excellent results on facial hair and able to shave the smallest delicate spots. Not sure yet how durable or if I can get

Remington BHT6450AU

Latest review: This body shaver is unreal. It comes with an extension handle that pulls out so you can reach down your back. Can be used with or without it as it clicks in to the handle.It is rechargeable. Love

Remington F5800AU Dual Foil - X Titanium

Latest review: I use this s Shaver every day. This powerful and flexible Shaver has durable and titanium blades for a close shave I highly recommend this Shaver its the best I have ever

Remington Beard Boss Pro MB4045AU

Latest review: PROS + It trims the beard without cuts when used correctly + Waterproof + 2 hour charge + Comes with nose/ear trimmer, scissors and a brush CONS - It doesn't deliver a close shave - Please

Remington Virtually Indestructible MB4850

Latest review: This is a convenient little unit that does the job. Easy to use, clean and charge. Cuts easily and quickly. Then only downside for those of us with grey beards and diminishing sight is the tiny

Remington R3150AU Precision X-System

Latest review: Got from Big w I have being using for a few weeks I use every other day and takes a little to get used to And I still use a razor once a week The Good Say goodbye to cutting myself with

Remington BHT3000

Latest review: Was good to use until the black rubberised handle grip coating became sticky. It had little use maybe 4-6 times a year the unit its self still works however the trimmed hairs stick to all the

Remington F3800AU Dual Foil

Latest review: Hi we bought this shaver a found it cuts OK and is cheap but it seems to leave grey marks on my face. So the whiskers get cut but it looks like someone put grey makeup on my face so from a distance

Remington HC70 Personal Haircut Kit

Latest review: Tugs my husband's hair and does not blend on close cut that his hair requires...total rubbish and no comparison to our old remington hair clippers which only died after almost 20

Remington MB6025

Latest review: Briefly, sounds like it always going flat, charger isn’t multi-voltage (ie useless overseas), led doesn’t indicate battery life (as it appears it should), and soft textured- appearing side are just ha

Remington Professional Nose, Ear and Eyebrow Trimmer

Latest review: I purchased this thing on the advice of the Shaver Shop employee. It simply does not do the required job. I only use it for my ears and it cuts nothing! I will not purchase this brand

Remington HC5400AU

Latest review: Very frustrating with the constant stopping to get rid of the hair that is clogging up the blades rendering it useless....regret purchasing it....I had to purchase another flipper to get the required

Remington Power Advanced F9200

Latest review: It is misleading and deceptive conduct to call this thing a shaver. The trimmer simply does not function. The shave itself is barely adequate, even on turbo. How can Remington have sunk so low? It

Remington HC1090

Latest review: Bought another set of these clippers will be returning them they dont even cur properly a waste of money end up using the scissors to cut my husbands hair, they were a bit blunt when i bought the

Remington XR1391

Latest review: Rips out hairs due to low cutting speed, misses hairs and the charge indicator goes from 50 mins to low charge in 5 minutes. Waste of time and money. Do not recommend at

Remington R4130

Latest review: I bought this razor because the price was good and it looked like it did what I wanted. Also, because my last razor had expensive foils that were easily damaged I wanted to move to one of the more