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Coles Milk Powder Full Cream

Latest review: Although it is not as good as the real thong, it is still pretty damn good. Tastes nice, you can basically just use it instead of real

Coles Soy Milk Lite Long Life 1L

Latest review: I will usually only buy Coles light soy milk unless there is another brand which is on special and is cheaper than the Coles brand. I have never been disappointed with the taste as it is really nice

Coles Longlife Lite

Latest review: A good tasting milk and by that I mean that I can not taste the difference between long life and milk that needs to be in the fridge. Very handy for you whenever you run out of milk or if you prefer

Coles Smart Buy UHT Full Cream Milk 1L

Latest review: Coles and Woolworth is two big groceries shopping places I usually visit every week. Coles Smart Buy Milk quites often selected to put into my shopping troley. As a normal person, I found it is very

Coles Skim Milk Longlife

Latest review: Years ago this milk was like drinking white water but it has become more like real milk. I buy it 12 in a carton and keep 2 in the fridge. Happy to recommend

Coles Milk Powder Skim

Latest review: Is 99% perfect except watch your blood Sugar levels thanks and don’t have more than Two litres per day.... Doctors orders A good enough approximation of real milk If they could tweak the f

Coles Longlife Full Cream

Latest review: I usually buy long-life full-cream milk from another store, but I was out today so bought this one instead. I have been using my espresso machine's milk frother without any issues for the past 6

Coles Soy Regular Long Life

Latest review: I have used this product for many years but the last one I bought was thick and curdled. I took it back and got a refund but I would rather have the good quality product I expect. Are there problems

Coles Almond Milk

Latest review: I bought Coles almond milk thinking it would be made from predominately almonds. It actually has 2.5% almonds, the rest is starch and vegetable gum and water flavoured with Vanilla. How can this be

Coles Organic Longlife Full Cream

Latest review: I agree with the other reviewer. This is very misleading marketing as the milk is UHT and not fresh organic milk like the others on the shelf it sits near. I will complain to coles and consumer