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Bubba Mat

Latest review: I purchased this mat on Baby Expo and had it for a couple of months but noticed strong chemical smell after a few weeks. I wasn't sure if it was me so I asked a few of my friends to smell it and most

Little Wiwa Playmat

Latest review: Came across this amazing play mat while browsing instagram. Can't recommend these enough. My twin bubs spend most of their time on this playmat. They started to crawl and bumped their head several

Comflor Babycare Baby Play Mat

Latest review: Brought for baby manny many many moons ago. It was expensive over $100 for memory I think close to $150. But well well well worth every penny! Great for tummy time, and for general play. We brought

Ikea Leka Mat

Latest review: One of my favourite purchases from Ikea has been this baby playmat. It has so many different things for little babies to do and several hidden toys that can be pulled out so it can really be quite

Fisher-Price Jungle Fun Play Mat

Latest review: I was looking for a large soft durable play mat as we have wooden floor boards. I considered buying a bubba mat but was put off by the price. I found this mat for half the price of a bubba mat and

Bebelux Premium Play Mat

Latest review: where do i start! Bebelux staff were helpful and prompt, they shipped my order the next day too! after i got the mat it exceeded my expectations as the mat is much cheaper than other ones out there

Wiggy Winks Donuts

Latest review: i love this product, my son and i really enjoy tummy time thanks to the wiggy winks donut. highly recommended Generously padded, beautiful designs, easy clean and great

Wiggy Winks Playmat

Latest review: We bought our wiggy winks play mat in 1999 for my son (who is now 12 years old). Both he and his younger sister (and the whole family) have used the mat for changing uses as the years have gone

Pinklily Layngo

Latest review: bought the layngo play mat from Pinklily. I ordered it yesterday and it was delivered to me today. It looks like a great idea, just gather all the toys together in one simple to close bag. But,

Kaloo Liliblue Activity

Latest review: Would buy this product again and would recommend it to everyone. Great choice of colours, boys, girls etc. Looks great and get plenty of comments. Baby absolutely loved this play mat. Great quality.

Fuzzy Factory Baby Mat

Latest review: I was given the lamb mat as a gift for my new baby. It is SO soft, and also looks so cute in her room. My daughter is now 4 months old and still loves lying on her mat. Its perfect for tummy time,

Jollybaby Baby-Spa Natural Sensations

Latest review: This product is great. When i first bought it and put my son on it he first just laid there looking up at the toys. When i started the music he started kicking around. When he realised that when he

Playgro Travel Along Trolley Cover

Latest review: These are the kind of iPhone covers the world needs. Beautifully designed and great comfort and quality. Also a lot more comfortable and durable and easy on the eye. Its just what you need something

Bestever Bear Baby

Latest review: I bought one by mistake as I was given a Fuzzy Factory baby mat by a friend. While they look similar when I got home I realized some differences. The Fuzzy Factory mat had embroidered mouth and non

Jolly Jumper Jungle

Latest review: Is good but as she gets bigger she needs a bigger rug than this she is crawling and sitting up and gets away from it all the time! Toys on it ...and protection from staining or dirtying my rug I use

Skip Hop Playspot

Latest review: Babies loved the playmat however within a month the colourful top coatings started peeling. I found my baby peeling it right back and trying to put the plastic coating in his mouth. I can only

CuddleCo Mountain Mat

Disney Sit Me Up Pooh

Wiggy Winks Playnest

Jollybaby Scruffy Pals