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Continental ContiSportContact 5
Latest review: Excellent tyre , great grip wet or dry , certainly enhance the AWD grip when pushing hard through corners . Rotated at 5000km but no noticable wear . Value around $220 each but worth it for comfort

Continental ContiMaxContact MC5
Latest review: My Audi was fitted with a set of 4 new Continental ContiMax MC5 about 2 years ago and I normally do only 15000 km per year. The tyres are so distorted after 1.5years that the noise on the road were

Continental ContiPremiumContact 2
Latest review: The 205/70 R16 ContiPremiumContact 2 tyres by Continental were fitted factory tyres but have proved a pretty good all round tyre and we got around 70,000kms of wear out of them over 3 years, we live

Continental ContiCrossContact AT
Latest review: These tyres came with our Land Rover Defender 90 and have done 122,000km on them with no problems. Includes the occasional off road trip as well as alot of towing. Have been now trying to buy the

Continental ContiSportContact 2
Latest review: My VW polo came with 17" Conti 2 tyres. I have done 80,000 kms before down to wear indicators.These tyres have never lost grip in a corner, wet or dry. Admittedly the car is light, but I have

Continental ContiSportContact 3
Latest review: I have just replaced all my run flat Continental tyres on a C200 after 30k of moderate driving. What really surprised me was the rear tyres were almost slicks in the middle of the tread. A very

Continental UltraContact UC6
Latest review: I bought a set of 4 x 215/60 x 16 Continental UltraContct UC6 tyres to replace the Goodyear Assurance Tyres that were on the car and after some 55,000 kilometers were no longer roadworthy. The first

Continental ContiPremiumContact 5
Latest review: I have a diesel 4WD that is 200kg heavier than its petrol cousins and had to slow down significantly when cornering. When I have the Premium Contact 5 tyres fitted, my 4WD began to feel like a sport

Continental ContiSportContact 6
Latest review: At first service at 10k had to replace two tyres that were classified as unroadworthy. Was told by Honda that this is what to expect. I do lots of country klms, the tyres handle magnificently in all

Continental ContiTrac
Latest review: So we are on to our 3rd set of these Continental Contitrac's and get about 110k out of each set which we think is outstanding. They came standard on our Nissan Navara D40 and due to the first set

Continental PremiumContact SSR
Latest review: First replacement set of tyres on my little hatch. In my opinion, the peace of mind that comes with having run flat tyres is worth the extra cost. It means that i can go on long distance drives

Continental VancoFourSeason
Latest review: Got just over 70,000km out of these using them for the rear of a Mercedes Benz sprinter 416. Still had 5-10% tread left (not exactly legal though) at time of change. One tyre did explode which forced

Continental ContiEcoContact 5
Latest review: I've used Continental tyre for years on my pushbike, and noticed the durability, increased grip and lack of punctures compared to synthetic options. We now have them on our car and find them

Continental ContiCrossContact UHP
Latest review: These tyres are not at all durable. I bought a brand new Land Rover Discovery 4 & they came with it. The car is not even 2 years old & the right rear tyre has chipped on the edge already. I have to