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Vax VX51
Latest review: Two years on and still going strong,Battery last's for ages,easy to charge. We use the vax more than our big upright vacuum and i am still impressed by how much dirt the Vax picks up,nothing negative

Vax Pet Pro VX39
Latest review: Great to start but filters clog fast and looses suction. We have 2 dogs and it is meant to be great with pet hair but i wouldn't purchase if you have animals as it does not pick it up unless you wash

Vax Power 7 Pet VCP7P2400
Latest review: Its economical and do it work as required by small family and home. Have been using this since 3 years and its doing the required job adequately. I have carpets and tile floors, not sure about wooden

Vax VX63
Latest review: Bought this one as a trial and its nearly perfect. Works well on tiles, carpet and Timber floors. Charges well hold its charge for long enough to do a 3 bedroom house and comes with most necessary

Vax Pet Carpet 66000
Latest review: This is my second VAX carpet cleaner. I had the first one for 8 years but then had an unfortunate accident where it fell into my swimming pool! Amazingly, the vacuum kept working, but the motor that

Vax VX58
Latest review: Bought to use on a tiled floor and small amount of carpet. As the suction is not good the vacuum was only used a few times and now the battery won't charge. Not able to be used at all due to the

Vax 53000
Latest review: HI, i am on my second battery in my vax, which I was given about 10 years ago. I use it most days and I love it! The second battery hasn't lasted very long for some reason, is there a trick for

Vax Power 5 Pets VX28
Latest review: I purchased this vacuum from Target about 4 months ago. Very impressed. I already have dyson, and bought this Vax like a main vacuum cleaner. Never had any problem with overheating. I think some

Vax Blade VX60
Latest review: This has proved to be a great stick vacuum on both tile and carpets. Perfect for running over the house daily. Collects all the fine dust and larger rubbish completely. Easy to empty and clean

Vax VCP6B2000
Latest review: The suction is quite powerful and it can be changed according to my needs. However I recently broke the lid of the lower dust bin. This part of the tank is quite weak. You need to be very careful

Vax VAU1200
Latest review: This is a great vaccum,it gets the deep dirt hidden in the carpet, you can adjust the angle on it to get under beds or other furniture,being bagless makes it easy to empty. It's the best vaccum

Latest review: I bought the VX53P using a combination of reward points and cash. It comes with quite a range of tools including a brushbar head for carpets, a hard floor tool, a slim 3-in-1 tool, a jointed up-top

Vax VX40
Latest review: We had an expensive piece of garbage than just stopped about a month out of warranty. To even evaluate it for repair would have cost over $100 ("These are very difficult to fix") were the exact words

Latest review: I recently purchased this vacuum to replace my Phillips vacuum. I find the VAX one to have more sucking power, it was cheaper and the wheel didn't fall off on the first use. Its easy to empty and

Vax Rapide VX30 / V-025 / V-026RD / V-028M
Latest review: I don't leave views but this might be handy for someone in a situation of water leakage. I bought this as we have a water leak just before christmas and part of our carpet in the lounge is getting

Vax Power Plus 3 VPP1600P
Latest review: Loses suction gets extremely hot and has stopped working because of overhearting we have low pile carpet in all bedrooms and loungeroom. Have had it serviced because of overheat and not working at

Vax Air Base Cylinder VCAP1500 / VCABW1500 / Mini VAMC
Latest review: Absolute rubbish. After a few months has absolutely no suction power. I literally push the dirt and dust across the floor. Filter and barrel are completely cleaned out but it still makes a strange

Vax Flipout VX47
Latest review: This is a very powerful vacuum cleaner, which is a 16V lithium battery powered unit. It has an attached fold out nozzle for crevices which actually works. The filters (coarse and fine) are easily

Vax VX55
Latest review: We originally purchased the very similar VAR1200 from Harvey Norman for just under $200 based on a recommendation from a friend who had also bought a Vax upright for around $200. Afterwards, we

Vax Power 7 VX72
Latest review: Incredible suction. Our old Vax pet vacuum died after years of terrific service so bought another Vax. Does the job really well ... has turbo head etc. A range of attachments too... most of which i

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