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Fusion Health Stress and Anxiety

Latest review: I’ve started taking this product one morning and one at night. This is the best I have felt for a long time. I’m hoping it keeps my anxiety at bay indefinitely. Totally happy with this product at t

Fusion Health Astra 8 Immune Tonic

Latest review: I have been suffering from sore throat then running nose and have been taking 4 tablets a day in the last few days. However, I am still feeling unwell at the time of writing. Cannot understand other

Fusion Health Hair Tonic

Latest review: I have had hair falling out and have been taking these tablets for a while and there is no change whatsoever. Just a waste of money. Also too many tablets to take in 1 day. No point taking it for

Fusion Health Skin Tonic

Latest review: Have had psoriasis for 6 months now and after trying many different lotions(including prescribed ointments),I am seeing results after taking the Fusion Health Skin Tonic for the past month. I have

Fusion Health Irritable Bowel Syndrome

Latest review: This is the only product that has ever worked for me in this area. Much better and works faster than anything I've ever got from the Dr, whatever the cause (stress, dairy, whatever). (If I want it to

Fusion Health Women's Balance

Latest review: I think I have been in a better mood most of the time but think it's made me so hungry . it didn't lighten my menstrula flow like I was hoping and yes I've had everything ruled out by the doctor . My

Fusion Health Multi Vitamin and Mineral Advanced

Latest review: First off gave me indigestion and then after a few days awful heartburn and nausea. I felt so ill that I stopped taking them. Not sure what is in it that I might be allergic to? Never had this

Fusion Health Kidney Tonic

Fusion Health Men's Balance

Fusion Health Energy

Fusion Health Detox

Fusion Health Stress B Multi Advanced

Fusion Health Green Tea

Fusion Health Energy Multi Advanced