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ACN Pacific Energy

ACN Pacific Energy

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Get paid and save money on your electricity bills..AWESOME..

When I join ACN, thought it will not work but still joined to support my family member that were already on it. Managed to get paid within 30 days of my registration and profit. Really excited and helping my family and friends to have discount on their services (Gas and Electricity). I know there are people out there that are facing problems with ACN, only because there are other people who are not following company protocols and are taking advantage of ACN and are conducting their business in a unethical manner. Which gives the ACN company a bad name...STOP FORCING PEOPLE TO JOIN IF THEY DON'T WANT TO JOIN.. follow the company guidelines and stop RUIN IT FOR OTHERS...be professional pleaseeeee.

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ServicesElectricity and Gas

Just say no.

I got signed up by someone I actually looked up to once upon a time.
Got signed up, was intending to do it within a gradual period around my other work and training commitments, didn’t have a great deal of money or time at this point but still gave time to an opportunity.
I managed to succeed at first only slightly, I got family members on board to then have the money they made held back from them and me as I was told I had to pay this and that otherwise I would get fined.... maybe that’s why they don’t allow time for you to read any terms and conditions on approach.
I had a small portion of debt during the set up of my website and since they ( my business partners and sign ups ) were under me I was entitled to SOMETHING however it was all just a smart pitch with empty promises to get people interested.
Didn’t get this help or courtesy, got threatened with a bad credit rating all because I was not being pressured then and there when it suited them... sometimes people have different circumstances and they can be restricted for some in terms of options and funds needed to achieve them.
I underwent financial and home hardship, this affected my ability to invest day to day time to this business work and training / studying aside...to then state this and just get disposed of in return, nothing in return in terms of my business partners acquired or customers....or any pay for my efforts.
I am lucky I am strong minded because these types of mind games in the name of business and income can really damage the vulnerable and innocent.

At this point I have a feeling I will need to repair my credit rating all due to a horrible , disposable and disheartening experience....where does ACN get held accountable ?
“Too big to be jailed” mentality perhaps ?

Just say no and walk away, stick with a job that doesn’t require upfront fees and repetitive accumulation of other people’s bills to switch over to ACN as that’s the end goal.

Such a shame. Such a garbage move to people who need to make a living, have financial presssure like every other working adult and still open their time and efforts to give this company a chance.

Customer Service
Rates and Fees

Physical threats, disgraceful service, very average products - Disgraceful, pathetic & expensive!!!!

I have been pushed & pushed by reps trying to get me involved in this business, have even been threatened on a public job board by different representatives of this company. Disgraceful behaviour & the company ACN Pacific won't return my calls or emails after I was physically & verbally threatened by one of there Independent Business Owners. The products they peddle are very average at best & the ACN company won't help if you have an issue.......seems they just want your money. $495 to join, so what you can save $5 or so a month. Give me a break ACN, the whole experience is woeful & I'd give a 0 star rating if possible.

Customer Service
Rates and Fees

Terrible - horrible communication And horrible service

Absolutely terrible do not recommend. Hard to communicate, website login only works half the time do not recommend. It’s like talking to a robot when phoning the call centre glad I’m no longer with them


Could not help with internet at our new address, asked them to cancel internet. Kept charging us for internet, even after providing evidence of conversations that we requested it to be cancelled. They are still chasing money 2 years later and have threatened to put us on the blacklist. Had to pay to avoid this. DON'T EVER USE THIS COMPANY! They dont listen, customers are never put first. Dont get stuck with them because they never seem to let go of you once they have you!

what a great company

I did not know what it was about and I thought it could be fraud. But then I knew the advantage that they have when working with recognized companies and I can earn money for this

Very unstable internet connection and slow

Join ACN with speed up to 54mbps but buffering during youtube. Very unstable internet connection! Evening download speed can be low as 0.05 mbps... tried to contact the tech support twice and said the were no prob.
The tech support ask me to record the speed in morning, afternoon, evening via speedtest.net and report to them. Then, they will send the tech guy...and if the tech guy found no problem, a fee of hundred of dollars is charged. I'm a victim of this company and still got 1.5 years contract!! please be aware!

Don't Waste You're Time With This Scam of a Company!

Terrible Internet service from Day one and it's progressively getting worse. How sad is it that I have to turn on my 4G just to have a stable connection while playing games or upload videos? It's an absolute joke of a company full of elitist money hungry scumbags.

If the service is bad, why didn't you report it?

I can't understand why people are blaming the provider when our electricity all came from the same power grid. It is a price war out there. I have switched to Click Energy through ACN and I'm paying a monthly installment set for $130 per month, comparing to when I was with Mojo and Red Energy, where I used to pay more than $150 per month. The surprising thing happened when my second installment bill arrived, I received a 40% discount credit from the first monthly installment, so the amount due was $78.00 ! My third month actual read bill was only $93.99 because I had paid two months installment upfront, with a 40% discount. I'm very happy so I'm not sure what are the complaints here are about? Are you guys even real??

Why people blame this service

I was sick of trying all internet services of Telestra, Vodafone, dodo, iiNet,belong....for better and faster.
I was not happy with any of these. I was blaming the area where I live. 2 month ago my close friend helped me to connect ACN internet. My experience with ACN Internet is good. One day when I search google reviews of it then I found few people have blamed this service. I don’t other places but at my home it is the best one.

I recommend you guys why don’t you try and give a go. If not satisfied then don’t go ahead.

One of wosrt internet provider will not recommend to any one

I wish I can give less stars. Poor internet and telephone service. I was with tpg before and never had any problems. Believe me if you join this company you will be always on phone with them. The best answer comes from this company is to restart your modem . I got this new connection last month and bought their expensive modem thinking connection will work fine but it never happened . I choose 50 mbps plan as it was on promotion with one year contract. Just lodged complaint to tio to move back to my original provider that was tpg.

I have had absolutely no reception for internet for over 3 months now

They suck pure and simple don't sign up with them ever because they don't supply what they say they will.
I have had absolutely no reception for internet for over 3 months now and this company is still charging me.

Don’t trust them all on their commission be alert

One of my friend he got another friend both laying
This and that they joined me $495 they say they will make the point they didn’t turn up yet they tell me get that phone line even they didn’t use it. I been there meeting all they put electricity tru ACN it’s terrible expensive coz all over commission I can’t recommend to anyone I will give them -10.

Buyer beware

I have just had a nightmare experience with ACN . A work collegue of mine who has limited english and basically no understanding of what they were selling. He thought once you got the modem home you plugged it in and you had internet he didn't understand til I told him that you also had to 1 have an internet service connected and 2 an internet provider.He was signed up by a travelling sales rep from ACN going around to equally vulnerable people and ripping them off and on top of that getting them to fork out another $500 dollars from him and another $500 from one of his friends as well to become so called Business owners. I have been twoing and froing for months to get him out of his contract of which I must add he has never had an internet connection in the first place. It wasn't until I let them know that I had sought legal advice and was told there would be a more than positive result because of the underhanded way in which these people were signed up. ACN have finally let my friend off for $49 mind you but I guess we will have to live with that. As for the Business owner thing That will be pursued if my friend wants to take it further which I hope he does. Please be careful of these reps travelling around they don't care who they sign up they get paid anyway. It is very upsetting to see hard working, trusting, kind and gentle people like my friend being scammed .

ACN bail out option

Im throwing this in because I had ACN telephone. It has to be considered as relevant because it is another reason why you dont want to touch ACN. I am taking my complaint to the Telecommunications Ombudsman. If you have signed up for any service with ACN, make sure to make a record of your conversation of your sign up. Point to look for is the "Notification of Discontinuation". If you go flipping to another provider, be it phone or power, they will continue to hunt you for payments. It is a US model operating in Australia under US rules and multi level marketing efficacy. Contract is everything. This means who ever you signed up by may not always be clear with sign up rules and you become an MLM customer sucker. Stick to traditional providers that are subject to Australian Rules.

this is the worst setup and when I have the time will be changing over to another provider

Set up is slow - phone calls offshore are tedious and slow - have had nothing but issues
Do not have time too be hanging on for so long 5 March 2018

Very bad very crap

ACN nbn phone internet service is one of the most crap service. Do not get this otherwise you will only suffer no surfing.

They want to sell Franchise's not phone and internet!

These Guys are all franchisees or agents who run there "telephone company" from a laptop at home!....there website even tries to sell you a business partnership before they sell you internet or phone!? Be very sceptical of what back end services they can provide as they usually have NON and are at the mercy of the supplier there dealing with toget a problem fixed......now dont start me on the NBN pass the parcle shmarkle.....ISP has to go to NBN for all faults....NBN then sends a third party contractor.....contractor then fails to fix the issue and leaves, so you call back....ISP BLAMES NBN, NBN BLAMES CONTRACTOR FFS!...There is no accountability on anyone while we all keep paying for a service? NUFF SAID, OUT.

Don't waste your time & $495

Hello folks,
please be careful before you signup for this so called financial freedom model. I joined because one of my close friend asked me. But I was very hard for me to convince myself that I can get better deals through ACN.
you might save $5 /month and to recover your $495 ...you can calculate your self. in addition to get good discount you need to spend more for eg: I was happy with My NBN #60 plan......through ACN it was costing around $90
so, don't get into this crap.

Effective Company

All Telco's and most corporate organisations have their ups and downs. ACN has partnered with many reputable companies around the world to deliver cost effective and efficient services. ACN's business model is designed for customers and independent business operators to win.

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Questions & Answers

Will get refund of my $500.00 if registered with acn?
1 answer
Don't understand what you mean? For the electricity?

Is this a legal company or a pyramid (illegal) company?
8 answers
Absolutely legitimate. www.acnpacific.com.au They provide great services with NBN, Click energy and VodafoneI am not affiliated with ACN - only as a customer to support a friend who is an IBO. I have NEVER had any issues with their services. But seriously do you think Vodafone, Click Energy, Energy Australia and ADT Home Security (MAJOR providers) would partner with a company if it was an illegal scheme? I don't think so. ACN is a legit business. Before even becoming a customer I even researched it all...I'm thinking you are correct.. they only on sell everything else...

I have just received a letter from Lock & Co. saying ACN Pacific owe me $231 from 2008. They are a holding co. and are insuring me the refund. I must of been an ACN customer? Can't remember back that far.
2 answers
I would say it is a Scam from another party. 1: Search Lock and Co in Google. Only in the UK i could find. 2: Unless it was very late in 2008 it is past the 7 year deadline for the refund 3: If you have moved, or otherwise changed details since you thought you were a customer they would have to invest to try and find you, which for $231 of free money for them would not be in there interests.Yeah this will be a scam, if you did sign up with ACN there not the ones that bill you it is your service provider when/who ever you signed with.

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