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The worst customer experience ever

This company is a disgusting example of an insurance agent Very poor communication and possibly criminal conduct when you make a claim Overcharged and just found out they withdrew $200 from my bank on the last day the policy was active I received a letter from them canceling my ability to continue to insure with them I will be calling them this morning using their rude communication techniques to demand a refund or offer to refer the employee and the company to the fraud squad Absolute halfwits

Value for Money
Customer Service
Insurance TypeComprehensive
Plan covers drivers under 25No
Claim MadeYes
Claim Resolution Time1-2 months
Claim DateNovember 2018
Claim ApprovedYes

Unhappy with how the romance with AI ended

I never made any claims for damage, however I cancelled due to financial hardship because there's no way of spreading out or suspending cover until I'm on my feet again. The payment that left my bank account in the read was paid and then it bounced after my bank returned it. I contacted AI to tell them straight up and the first respondent said 'the payment shows it has been made'. Gets an email later that night saying the $204 (most being ridiculous so-called admin fees) is owed due to non-payment. These reps need to be more on the ball, and they need to learn how to spell and punctuate, as well as being polite by using your name in an email, and signing same with their own. I 'canceled' my policy.

April 4th 2019 Update: Still Stealing Money From My Account!

I cancelled my cover a couple of months ago and they are STILL taking money out of my account. I have the cover for roadside assistance and surely this isn't $69 ??

Proof of cancellation email is attached.

Value for Money
Customer Service
Insurance TypeComprehensive
Plan covers drivers under 25No
Car ModelChrysler PT Cruiser MK.III (2006-2010)
Claim MadeNo


Was miss sold on call then told my insurance isn't 950 its 1750. Spoke to [name removed] who then decided to tell me that he has listened to my calls and that I have a problem with cutting people off.. What sort of customer service is that? Im now no car 4 days in with no resolution. Been told to produce 5 years of my history. Told the company I have an English license and have been here for only 1 year if that... Where is it in the policy That I have to provide 5 years of a UK history? This company will ring you and lie to you then say yes we told you the wrong information sorry. Then they will insult you and humiliate you and pay more than what you are required. They will even send info to the wrong email address...

Insurance claim madeYes

Misleading quotes

Researching online quotes for "Third Party Property Only" Car Insurance and AI Insurance come up cheapest.
Went through the process to get the cover and there was a "Admin.Fee" for Annual debits of $55 added onto the premium quoted. Have to wonder whether this is even legal. Surely any admin. fee should be incorporated into the quoted premium not an added extra? Can understand cost for monthly but for upfront yearly premium.

Insurance claim madeNo


Took this insurance a year ago which I paid monthly. Just found out they automatically debited my account of a lump sum and cleaned me out without my consent.
They sent the policy to an email I no longer operate regularly. How about verifying before you assume that I will retain your services. I will be shopping for other insurance from here on.

Insurance claim madeNo

A waste of time insurer

Good price car insurance but the catch and it is a big one is they provide no service. Although the people on the phone sound friendly enough when you initially make a claim they provide no service after that just waste your time. Over the 4 weeks it took to get my claim sorted they didn't contact me once. Nothing was done as they promised. When I attempted to get my things from my car that was being written off it had already been taken to the salvage yard. After waiting for 10 business days for money to get into my account again nothing had been done as promised so I had to make another call (probably rang them 1-2 times a week to chase things up) to have them finally put money into account 2 days later only because I reminded them that they said they promised to email me when the payment was made. I feel sorry for anyone who isn't assertive or English isn't their first language. i think their strategy is to hope you give up fighting. Beware the cheap policy as I suspect they sub contract everything from another insurer so as a client of them you are at the bottom of the queue. When you contact them you are put through to staff whose email signature has another insurers moniker on it - MLC insurance. Very strange and rather off putting.

Insurance claim madeYes

Absolute nightmare

What a disgrace! They only delayed the process to fix my car, if I didn’t call them 3 times a day I would still be waiting for it to be fixed. They say they will call you back in 24-48 hours but keep dreaming they never call back!
Their repairers are untrustworthy and will NOT take care of your car

Insurance claim madeYes

Worst insurance company I have ever dealt with. AVOID.

Don't be a cheapskate. This company treats their customers like crap. Every time you call them they tell you they will get back to you in 24-48 hours and they never bother to call you. When they eventually offered me a payout for my written off vehicle, it was much less than the market value.

Insurance claim madeYes

Continue to direct debit my account without my authority?

I've just discovered that these shonks have been direct debiting my account without sending me any renewals for 2 years. I'll be taking this to the Ombudsman. My car hasn't been in use for 18 months and they've charged me without my consent.

Insurance claim madeNo


I have never been insured with this company but I used my credit card 12 mths ago to purchase a 12mth policy for a friend, who paid me cash. I have recently received my credit card statement and they have debited my account for another 12 month policy without my permission. I rang them (Julie) and she said she would contact the policy holder and call me back, well of course she didn’t, I rang her every second day for over a week, lies lies and more lies, oh it should be resolved by the weekend, oh I have to speak to my manager Christine, oh, oh, oh... so after nearly 2 weeks, Christine the manager, calls me and tells me she need to talk to accounts department??? I said put me through to accounts, I’ll speak to them, oh no accounts don’t deal with public enquiries? WHAT? Christine the manager says it I’ll be returned to you but it will take a week or 2. WHY? Push that button and return MY money. Ok so next step is lodge a dispute with the bank, see a solicitor and contact the ombudsman. I will not stop until my money is returned. I sincerely hope all the good decent people in Australia never ever insure with your shoddy pathetic company

Insurance claim madeNo

very bad design Online Quote

I am a web designer and web security for living. Never in my life seen an idiot Online Quote like this one. It just asked around and around in "Additional HolderPolicy". Don't know how come this Company have customer with this idiot.

Insurance claim madeNo

Shocking Review of AI Insurance

Value of the Policy was too good to be True!
But what they dont tell you or insure you for is anything in the fine print. You have to disclose you Entire driving history, not the past 2-5 yrs! They are difficult to contact, difficult in getting back to you when you try to claim, the staff. ALL they don't want to know you..The Insurance/Magers at AI have all the power. And they are beligerant in their attitude in rejecting your claim. My Claim was rejected whilst I was on the phone talking to the Manager. Paperwork followed a long time later, I cancelled the policy immediately, I never followed through or made a claim. I ended up paying the damages myself when a car hit me and drove off, not even my fault... I was told I was too slow in getting the car whom hit me, their details, ie REGO, make model as they sped off... Then they took numerous cancellation charges off the returned cheque (i payed the full year premium) that took forever to be returned. I would not use AI INSURANCE GROUP ever, and be very warned if you do. the Cheapest is NEVER the BEST. Don't sign up with AI INSURANCE.

Insurance claim madeNo

Insurance Experience....

Policy sold to me via a third party, but, like many other reviews, they have made subjective interpretations on the PDS to reject claims. Claims process is vague, communications are intentionally poor in their favour. You must be prepared to drive the process from the very beginning, until they reject your claim [which they will], then you'll have to keep pushing. I would not recommend this company, I have no confidence in this firm and will never use them again.
Wish I had read these reviews prior to handing over my money, this policy and company are worthless......AVOID USING THEM.

Insurance claim madeYes

Automatic annual renewal without annual consent

This company is a stinker. Don't go there. Hidden deep inside the PDS is a clause allowing AI to automatically renew your policy with your renewed consent. What sort of company just keeps billing you every year without even consulting you first. Disgraceful behavior.

Insurance claim madeNo

Not at fault and still have to pay excess - Stay away!!!!

I should have read the reviews before accepting this policy!!

Someone else ran into the back of my dad's car, provided all the details and they said we still have to pay excess upfront as it's their policy. That's not a problem as we thought it's just their procedure. Paid the excess and now they said they can't contact the third party so there's a chance we won't receive our money back. So how the hell does this work? Not at fault and still having to pay for excess??? Bunch of scammers. Definitely will not be using this company again.

Insurance claim madeYes

Rediculous premium increase post accident & repair.

Had an accident. Unhappy as insurer stated who to blame was inconclusive so considered my fault. A truck pulled out onto the road from a driveway while I was travelling at the speed limit of 70klm/hr. Consequently I hit the back left of the truck trying to brake & swerve left at the same time. Choice of repairer questionable. Car was returned post repair in unsatisfactory condition. Side front tyre guard tacked back on & still sticking out, spotlight wobbly & can't be tightened, water pump & tubing re-installed incorrectly so that closing of the bonnet resulted in the crushing of the tubing preventing any water flow to clean windscreen. Car dirty on the inside with greasy hand marks over the steering wheel & interior of door. Rest of repairs were good though.
My premium was approx $50/month but after the accident, my premiums almost doubled to $90/month. This accident did happen a while ago but I continued paying the new premium up until policy cancellation today naively thinking that this is what happens when you make a claim. My fault for not researching claims & premiums. I won't make the same mistake. Also charged $60 for terminating policy.

Insurance claim madeYes

Under no circumstances should anyone think of using this fraudulent sham of cowboys

Horrendous treatment after i was involved in a hit and run last week, made me to be the criminal instead of helping me out, then they went and cancelled the policy under my nose now we are stuck with a damaged car that no other company will insure until fixed. Devastated. If i can I will sue this company and expose them for what they are.

Insurance claim madeYes

Give credit when credit is due.

I run my own Delivery company and its paramount to have my Vans. I had a mishap and needed to make a claim, Yes they asked a few questions but they're just doing there due diligence. Got my Van assess the same day and had my approval within the week. It was quick and painless.

Insurance claim madeYes


Brought a new car so needed to cancel old policy and get a new one was quoted $980 told them not to bother as I was not paying that just put a cover note on new car to get me home so I should have had a refund for 10 months of the old police they took the full $980 out of my account and 10 days later I still do not have a refund by the way my new policy cost $413 for $39 G policy $2 G more than they would cover my new car for A pack of untrustworthy thieves

Insurance claim madeNo

Avoid - Bunch of Rogues

Signed up, accidentally, then started reading all the reviews and canceled within 24 hours. They took a direct debit within seconds but haven't received my refund yet. One agent said 3-5 business days, called after 5 days and the other agent said 7-10 business days. Disgusting !!! Seems like bunch of rogues.

Insurance claim madeNo

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Questions & Answers

Well I guess I am about to find out if the AI Isurance can back up there policy. Someone has just run into my parked car, thankfully another driver witnessed it happen and the police have been called. Any advice on a successful claim with no driver at fault would be greatly appreciated. ( I will defiantly ask the question of the hire car re-embursment) how can i do this?
2 answers
Hi Cambojones, It's sad to hear that someone person could run into your vehicle and take off but this does happen from time to time. Hire car is an option on the AI Insurance policy, or being you may have some of the other persons details AI Insurance maybe able to recovery the costs for you. (You should keep invoices & documents for any cost of a hire car) We look forward to you contacting our claims centre to talk over the details of the policy you have in place.Cambojones, I had similar situation. In my case 3rd Party is at fault and left their number. You can get your insurer to claim it from the 3rd party insurer to cover for your car hire cost until your car is repaired. There was a precedent court case in NSW where the the plaintiff in same situation, inconvenience, seek compensation and won the court case. There is a statutory clause where it states that as long as you are not at fault and were inconvenienced, you are entitle for compensation (even if the car was hit inside your garage). Fortunately for me, I worked in an insurance debt recovery, I sought my solicitor director to fight for my case. We won the battle too!! He use the NSW precedented case, harsh legal demand letter and his legal clerk to speak with my insurer before it gets to the court proceeding. **Any insurer will try and get away in giving you compensation for transport inconvenience & emotional stress. I am very blessed that he accept this case as 'pro bono'. Even my Malt whisky gift for him as a token of gratitude couldn't repay his kindness. If you want to find out the name of the NSW case. Buzz me here. Hope this helps everyone! It is a real nightmare dealing with insurance company.


AI Insurance
Contact Number 1300 003 303
Coverage OfferedComprehensive and Third Party Property Damage
Roadside Assistance OfferedNo

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