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Amart Furniture QLD, Cairns

Amart Furniture QLD, Cairns

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Very quick response. Great customer service!

I ordered an outdoor table online and was advised it would take 5-6 weeks for delivery. Amart team at Cairns were very helpful and provided updates and quick responses to my queries. Thank you!

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Inside Outside

Great to find a Versatile small dine and drinks table and chairs for two. Looks good in a casual indoor room or a outside porch, patio, poolside and garden spot. Items light to transport. Amart is a huge showcase of any household furniture and outdoor with helpful, informed staff.

Shop LocationQLD, Cairns

Website - Bloody useless.

Went on the Amart website, found my store - Cairns, found the mattress I wanted, clicked on click and collect, went through to check out and at no stage did it say NOT IN STOCK. Drove 30 minutes to local store to be told none in stock and they must have sold them in between me being on line and going to store. (35 minutes). So I said "did you sell any in the last 35 minutes and he answers probably their popular. It is 4.30pm on a Sunday afternoon. The bloke was full of it... he then told me that on line it says they are in the warehouse, which your website says nothing about warehouses. Would not shop there again, staff are full of it.

October 14th 2017 Update: Staff too busy talking to serve

Walked around for 10 to 15 minutes, staff too busy talking among themselves to serve. Harvey Norman cairns here I come.

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Good customer service

Excellent customer service in our cairns branch. Unfortunately the pure foam memory mattress we bought is the most uncomfortable mattress I have ever slept on. Not cheap either. I have woken up every day with severe back pain which I never had with our previous foam mattress. Not really sure if I can continue sleeping on it. It does not mould round my body.in fact I have had to place a small pillow in the small of my back as there is no support.

Shop LocationQLD, Cairns
Hi Terri, We are sorry to hear you're upset with your recent purchase. So that we can look further into this for you, could you please send us an email at live.chat@superamart.com.au with your sales order number and contact details. Kind regards, Tom and the Super Amart TeamI've already sent you an email but no reply

Absolutely crap

Cheap product and great service is the "okay" part abut them, we ordered a set of chairs in august and now in December nearing January we still haven't received our items, they call every month saying its delayed for another month.

We were promised/told it was going to arrive in the following month. Great service but very unorganised people.

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Hi Jack, Thanks for taking the time to write to us. We are very sorry to hear that your chairs have not arrived! We would love to have a look at this for you if you don't mind? If you can send us an email to live.chat@superamart.com.au with your sales order number and contact details, we can look at this for you. Kind regards Ali and the Super Amart Team.

Website doesn't show stock level

I bought online and it all went through then I got a call from the store saying they didn't actually have the product and it would be weeks. Well, given there is no information to that effect on the website and given that the sale went through and I was charged I wasn't happy. I was even unhappier when the sales agent at the store just told me that there website wasn't very good and I should just go into the store! I mean what is the point of having online ordering if it will take your money but not actually give you the produce and you should "just go into the store". Totally absolutely NOT impressed. Don't waste your time buying online.

Shop LocationQLD, Cairns
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Hi Oliver, Thanks for taking the time our of your day to write a review about us. We understand the frustration with the website which is why we are working to have a live stock count feature up on the website soon. If you have any questions you can always pop on the website and have a chat to us using the live chat feature. Again we would like to apologize for the inconvenience this has caused but we are working on a solution at the moment. Kind regards, Ali and the Super Amart Team.

Terrible service

Went to the "pick up area" out the back, all the men were completely rude and unhelpful. Wouldn't recommended business with these people!

Very unimpressed.

Shop LocationQLD, Cairns
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Hi there, We are so very sorry to hear about your experience at our Cairns store. I have sent you a personal message regarding this. I hope to hear from you very soon. Kind regards, Jess and the Super Amart Team

bonded leather replaced

Great work from the team in Cairns, we had a bonded leather lounge suite that was a bit out of warranty, it came down with the pox, peeling and lifting everywhere, went in and spoke to them, put in a claim and they have given us a full credit against a new lounge suite - Great customer service and I will be telling all my friends about it. It is when something goes wrong that you find out how good or not a company is.

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Hi Gavin, Thank you so much for the great feedback! And we are so glad to hear that you were able to be helped out at our Cairns store and we will make sure we let them know how happy you are and how well handled everything for you. Kind regards, Jess and the Super Amart Team

Happy Customer

After a bad experience we were delighted to hear from customer support who put us in touch with the store manager who was very proffessional and made the previous problem a distant memory. Many thanks to both. We will be back.

Shop LocationQLD, Cairns
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Thank you so much for the great feedback, Aaron. If you have any further questions, please feel free to contact us. Kind regards, Jess and the Super Amart Team

Customer Service

Purchased a orthokinetic cirro mattress and to be fair to Amart it was not comfortable to begin with but after a few month and have my back has got used to it the pain has gone and find it very good, Amart were good in offering us another mattress but we have decided to keep this one no back pain whatsoever.

Shop LocationQLD, Cairns

Cash versus credit

I struggle with the concept that if I am paying cash I pay the same price as someone using their credit card or getting 4 years interest free. We are talking a lounge suite, bedroom suite, and dining suite. Catalogue apparently best price. Comes across as a bit arrogant - "Either take it or annoyed." Well in January cash customers can get good deals and if AMart don't want our money we will be 'annoyed'. Customers are supposed to be King, not serfs. Shame large retailers spend most of their time blaming Mr Turnbull and penalty rates instead of focusing on a healthy cash flow.

Shop LocationQLD, Cairns
Hi Michael, Thanks for your feedback. We're sorry to hear you're disappointed with the pricing options offered and apologise for any inconvenience. Would it be possible to send an email through to socialmedia@superamart.com.au detailing which items you were interested in and your contact details so we can investigate this further? Thank you. Kind regards, The Super Amart TeamThe option was "take it or leave it ", so I bought elsewhere. Top of the range bedroom suite with storage underneath, 1 leather lounge suite, 2 leather settees, and a four piece modular leather lounge suite. Plus a basic outdoor dining setting and a fantabulous outdoor wicker lounge sofa settee.

Cheap furniture material - NOT HAPPY

Spent over $5000 to kit out new house. Delivery was terrible not being delivered on the right day and sending furniture a month after due. Have had furniture for just over a year and already our bed frame has snapped. After contacting super amart there is nothing they can do even though we spent a fair amount of money. Will NEVER recommend this company nor will I purchase stuff here EVER again. Do not waste your money on this flimsey stuff if you are buying for a long time. We have been left with no bed frame and cannot just afford a new one. I will be doing all I can to stop my family and friends from going here. NOT HAPPY

Shop LocationQLD, Cairns
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Hi, We're very sorry to hear about this and sincerely apologise for your poor experience. I'd like to assist you with this and see what we can do to find a solution for you, if I may? Can you please send through your full name, sales order number and preferred contact to socialmedia@superamart.com.au so I can investigate this further? Thank you. Kind Regards, Hannah & the Super Amart Team

Not living up to the price tag

Bought a two piece lounge suite, 1.5 seater chair and lounge/chaise combo.
This is a comparatively small set with what appears to be a good cloth finish and sprung seat cushions. The salesman made great play that there was only one in stock nationally, and that his sister had one and, of course, it was excellent quality right at the top if the scale etc. Originally priced at nearly $3K it seemed to be just that. I suppose I should have guessed when it was delivered as two of the fittings the legs screwed into broke free, I suppose I should have noticed the bright bleached pine peaking through the cheap "paper" cloth used as instead of fabric on the underside. Nevertheless I thought it's here, I bought it, it'll be alright, and it sort of is, although after a year of not particularly heavy use, you could hear the springs creaking and now after 2 years the cushions have all but collapsed in places, the springs can be felt through the now thinning upholstery and the sofa, although kept clean and tidy looks sad and overworked. I suppose I expected more, I paid $2,000 for this 2 piece, and it looks like I'll have to discard it before I actually finish paying for it on three years credit. I won't make this mistake again, style over content is the polite way of saying this is poor quality furniture, luring the unwary to pay top prices. Shop around, an extra couple of grand may well extend the lifespan of your sofa amazingly. And if you do go to Super Amart only buy cheap - avoid paying a premium for non-premium goods.

Shop LocationQLD, Cairns

Poor quality products!

I purchased close to $4000 of furniture from Super A-Mart, and most of it hasn't lasted, or is having issues.

I have a couch that the leather is literally peeling off and the foam base of the couch has fallen through. I attempted to fix the base myself, but it isn't really any better.

I purchased 2 bar stools. They replaced one after 11 months because the back broke. Then the back broke on the second one at about 13 months. Now the one they replaced the gas lift isn't working.

A few of the dining chairs have the colour from the leather coming off...

The entertainment unit had to be replaced, because the drawer was faulty.

The wooden double bed is starting to chip on the edge of the bed...

These products are just over 2 years old!!! Shouldn't furniture last a reasonable amount of time, as stated under consumer law?

On top of this, the staff member who served me, was like a vulture, said to only deal with her.

I wish I never purchased the terrible furniture, and got Australian made.

Shop LocationQLD, Cairns
Hi Andrew, Thank you for taking the time to share your feedback and we're, of course, very sorry for your experience. I'd very much like to investigate the details of your order further to see what we may be able to do to assist you, as well as raise these issues with our Quality Control team, if I may? Are you able to please send through your full name, sales order number and the store you've made the purchases from in an email to socialmedia@superamart.com.au? We apologise for any inconvenience. Kind Regards, Hannah & The Super Amart TeamI appreciate your response and have forwarded you an email with the details. There is definitely some issues with quality control. I had to send back a few items of furniture that had been damaged by the packaging, even when the 'new items' arrived, they still weren't perfect. I ended up just keeping them, believing that this would be the best I would get.Hi Andrew, Thank you for sending those details through, I've received your email and responded. Kind regards, Hannah & The Super Amart Team

So over Super Amart!

I bought a lot of furniture from super amart 5 years ago and never had an issue and staff were nice. I recently spent over $6,000 at the cairns store and every single thing has had a defect or was broken in some way! I have spent over $500 in fuel drivinh backwards and forwards and not to mention my phone bill, being put on hold for hours! (even heard a sales woman, tracy, that thought she put me on hold, say how she is so over it and doesn't care anymore). Excellent customer service!! My most recent "excellent" experience is with my very expensive seattle couch! The first one had thread pulling out and cushions were becoming very deformed! They came to fix it 3 times and then finally agreed to replace it. I go in the store and everyone was nice then some snipy, arrongant "store manager" comes up to me and says your issues are normal! Normal??? After only a few months! How is that normal!?? I finallu get my replacement and like magic, a seat cushion on this one is sinking after two weeks! I get told that i could get a refund or get it fixed, i said i'll get it fixed and then find out it's going to take weeks for them to fix it. So i call back and get put on hold and told they will call me back in 5 minutes. 3 hours later i call back and speak to the same person and she puts me on hold again! Then the same arrogant "store manager" answers the phone and makes a million and one excuses. "the store is very busy". And then proceds to tell me that the problems i am having are very uncommon for such an expensive couch. Ok fine but it is happening to me. So honour the refund i was promised. He just proceded to be rude and plain stupid so i told him i would call back and speak to the manager that promised me the discount. That person i spoke to first should be fired! I have never had such a horrible so called manager experience like that before. Amart if you have read this till now, i am not interested in any more excuses!! Unless you reimburse me for all the rubbish you put me through or give me this couch for free, i don't want anything else to do with you. I have been a loyal customer for years and this is the thanks i get. Never will i ever buy anything from you guys again. This has been the worst experience! You don't even deserve one star. Thanks for nothing amart.

Shop LocationQLD, Cairns
Hi, We're very sorry to hear you've had some problems with your purchases and sincerely apologise for the inconvenience. I'd very much like to look into your situation further and see what we can do. Are you able to please send through your full name and sales order number to socialmedia@superamart.com.au so I can look follow this up with the team at our Cairns store? Thank you for providing your feedback, and we hope to hear from you soon. Kind Regards, Hannah & The Super A-Mart TeamHi Hannah, No thanks. I do not want anything to do with Super A-Mart anymore, you have done nothing but give me a migraine.Hi, We're very sorry to hear this. However, if you do change your mind, please don't hesitate to contact us at the above email address and we will try our very best to resolve the issue. Again, we sincerely apologise for any inconvenience caused. Kind Regards, Hannah & The Super A-Mart Team

Affordable furniture_excellent service Super A-Mart Cairns

I've bought various items from Super A-Mart over the years and have found the service very good at the Cairns store. You get what you pay for and some cheap items may not last as long as more expensive items. I try to choose items that feel solid and well constructed. I don't buy solely based on fashion and appearance. Some years ago I bought a very solid timber dining suite that is almost indestructible, and looks lovely too. Recently the staff went to a lot of trouble sourcing two bedside chests that I found online, which were no longer available in the Cairns store. Staff were extremely helpful.

Shop LocationQLD, Cairns

Bonded leather peeling

I bought a couch in April 2011 and in October 2013 it started cracking then within a few days it peeled and looks awful! I contacted the store in cairns and was told it's just too bad, just out of warranty! I was appalled!!
Do we live in such a disposable society!! What an absolutely awful product that only lasts 18 months or less!!!! It's not good enough! I bought a whole house full of furniture!

Just want to know what I can do!!!

Bonded leather cracking/peeling

Shop LocationQLD, Cairns
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Thank you for taking the time to provide us with your feedback. Could you please email feedback@superamart.com.au and provide your contact details so we can look into this further for you.

Fun fact

one fun little fact (something commonly known and done throught the customer servcie industy- having spent 5 years in the industy i know a few dirty tricks), managers, store owners and workers go online and make a good review about the products and or services when they see bad reviews.
why? well because of one simple statistic
when a customer is happy they tell a friend- they wont go searching online for a place to put a review. when a customer is not happy they will tell ten people- and will most likly go online to make a review and share ther feelings.

Now for my review, i see prices for items in store in the brisbane area are way cheaper then cairns- as they need to ship items to cairns i can understand a bit of a price hike, but $100 + Per Item is a little overboard. especially seeing as my sofabed is now broken after 6 months and its barely ever used i am not looking forward to trying to get this replaced as when i was shopping for it i had a worker follow me around the store and point out everything that was expensive, wouldent leave me alone until i told him to go away and still kept coming back shoving his nose into the conversation i was having with my husband. when we did finally decide on what we wanted the man who was overeger to make a sale could not locate what we wanted and would be 6-9 months before they would get another shipment. we then settled on another item and wer told that too was out of stock and by this point i was getting so annoyed i asked to just take the item from the floor to which he said was not for sale. so in the end we walked out with two items we dident want in the first place but needed as we cannot sit on the floor.
the delivery came late which was a huge inconvience, i do have a life and cannot sit at home all day awaiting a delivery that was promised an hour previously.
so im going to be trying to get a replacement for my broken sofabed but definatly will not be making another purchase from superamart anywere in the world ever again.

expensive, employees overeger to sell yet happy to make u wait half hour to pay, desplaying items that are out of stock and not for sale.

Shop LocationQLD, Cairns

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