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Amart Furniture QLD, Oxley

Amart Furniture QLD, Oxley

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Damaged bedroom suite

Purchased a queen bedroom suite, it was delivered a week later. Put the suite together, noticed staple marks all over the tall boy and side dressers, scuff marks, dents. Called Amart Oxley to raise these defects, they basically told me it’s a rustic look everybody is getting into and that if I wasn’t happy I could opt for a $50 cash card to spend at their shop. Not sure what to do other than request a full refund, not only was it a mistake going there, it was a bugger of a thing to put together.

Product Quality
Customer Service
Warranty Claim MadeNo
Product Appearance Not as advertised
Store LocationOxley queensland

Horrible sofas and chairs

I have bought two sofa lounges and eight dining chairs from them. All of them have started falling apart after only a couple of years. They use really cheap material for their furniture that cant even last more than two years. First one was a leather sofa. Replaced it with a fabric sofa and that has also started falling apart after only two years. So disappointed with the quality of their furniture.

Product Quality

Excellent customer service and returns policy

Bought an outdoor setting in 2014 but all chairs broke and we're unusable. Bring 2018 now I thought that there was not much I could do. How wrong was I! I found the receipt which advised there was a 5 year structural warranty on the setting. Called super amart who sent me a link to lodge a warranty claim. Long story short, within 24 hours a refund was approved no more questions asked. Best experience ever and great to see super amart stand by their products and warranty

Shop LocationQLD, Oxley

Lounge Suite. 1 x 3 seater 2 x recliner Arm chairs

Bought lounge suite. Cost a lot. 3 seater main wood frame broke in 2 weeks. Guys took it away fixed it brought it back now have thick wooden frame which you feel against bum when sitting or hurting back when laying down. All lounge suit cushions including arm chairs lost fullness in first year. Arm chairs are rickety and unstable and falling apart. Its just me and my wife no kids and we saved up for ages for a new lounge suite. Unfortunitly we misplaced paperwork after first year we reached out to the store anyway hoping they would remember or have record of repairs like a receipt. But we were basically told to suck eggs.

Shop LocationQLD, Oxley

Very Bad After Sales Service

Purchased a Two and Three seater sofa almost a year ago and the three seater sofa colour started to fade and the seat in the middle one loosened and the cushions at the back sagged. I called the Oxley store from where I purchased and ask them that I had extended insurance on them for 5 years they said someone will get in touch with me. But haven’t heard anything. Only once someone called and after that it’s been weeks that no one seems to care. Really upset and will recommend no one to buy from there.

Shop LocationQLD, Oxley

Poor quality product & bad after sales service

Bought leather sofa from Oxley about 3 years ago with leather protection. Leather has started to peel. Warranty claim forwarded to a different company called Care Cover which refused to fix it as its due to poor product quality. Premium price paid is a complete waste!

Shop LocationQLD, Oxley

Not happy

Got a shale corner lounge with sofabed. Welding broke on the bed in the beginning of december 2016 and carnt even sit on the lounge, went down to the oxley store and told them about it. the store was busy and they couldn't get rid of me quick enough out of the store. contacted customer care and sent them photos in an email like they asked. They sent me a online form and i filled it in and sent more photos that they asked for. Got told someone will contact me, i got a phone call from some one to say they got the repair form from super amart but nothing since. I then called them yestoday the 19/1/2017 and asked what was going on and they said it was put on hold (she dosnt know why) and she will ring the technician when she got off the phone and get them to ring me asap (still nothing). I was also told that if they carnt fit it i will have to go and replace it. not happey as we had family over from Florida for Christmas and needed that sofabed, they had to sleep on the thin airbed on the floor. Its going on to 4 weeks with out a 3 seater lounge and only a 2 seater lounge to use. $2000 down the drain as they dont make this lounge anymore or use the same colour fabric.

Shop LocationQLD, Oxley

Poor customer experience

Have bought alot of furniture from Super Amart in the past and have ever had a problem and if I did they fixed it promptly. I then moved to another suburb. I purchased a 3 seater spartacus lounge and 2 recliners 2 years ago. First lounge the recliner part wouldn't work so it got replaced. 2nd lounge the recliner worked but was unable to go back down. Third lounge now had a hole in the middle which you can fall into and hurt yourself. Lounge is no longer functional for its intended purpose as a 3 seater lounge. Only 2 people can sit on it and be on a lean into the middle. Called the store and they were willing to offer me a different lounge but as I had to replace due to family coming for xmas I no longer require a new lounge. Was put through to customer service team who offered me $500 to keep the lounge. I declined the offer. Then today they offered a repair. 3 lounges in 2 years. I will no longer buy from super amart. The customer service I received is unacceptable and I am entitled to a refund. The ombudsmen will be in touch.

Shop LocationQLD, Oxley
Hi Amanda, We are sorry to hear you are upset with your recent experience and apologise for any inconvenience. So that we can look further into this for you, could you please send an email to live.chat@superamart.com.au with your sales order number and contact details? Kind regards, Tom and the Super Amart TeamAn email was sent to you straight away and still no response from you. Don't waste people time if you're not willing to fix the problem. Poor customer service.

Few bumps in the road but very helpful staff

We've had a few dramas with our new bed frames breaking on us suddenly and although it has been very frustrating, every time staff have been very helpful and found us a good resolution. The issues we had were with the product and not the staff, if you treat the staff with respect they will help you.
Thank you for good customer service!

Shop LocationQLD, Oxley Bedding

This is not 100% leather so upset with there service

Buyer beware apparently 100% leather peels my lounge is wearing and peeling in the joints After just 18 months leather lounge they have used the excuse.saying my kids have spilt coke on it that my husband has said he never cleaned it what a load of crap
The staff member at customer care said she won't send another person out to look at it and that I will have to pay for someone to come out again I asked her what the escalation process Staff member said go to the ACCC Don't worry I will go to ACC & Fair trade and anyone else who will hear me I will take the lounge to the store where the customer care memeber said the police will be waiting I just can't believe they treated customers like this when I asked what the escalation process atsuper Amart was the staff memeber would not give me to another manager I want to speak to the customer care manger nope I'm the manger in charge today.

Don't buy leather from this store when it starts to peel in the corners and at stitching points they will blame it on you not washing the lounge or spilling coke they will do what ever it takes not to fix there crappy lounge

I feel they are hand in hand with the leather doctor who makes up bogus reports

Shop LocationQLD, Oxley
Hi kncivil09, We are sorry to hear you're upset with your recent purchase and apologise for any inconvenience caused. So that we can look further into this for you, could you please send an email to live.chat@superamart.com.au with your sales order number and contact phone number. Kind regards, Tom and the Super Amart TeamHi Tom My best email is Kmpg.info@gmail.com My phone number is 0422606139 My work number 33735600 364953 sales order number Please call

Great after sales service

Purchase a lounge six months ago, the seat foam collapsed and the back cushions out of shape, Amart offered replacement lounge or a repick on a different lounge, went out of there way to accommodate my delivery time, all done and changed over in under a week.

Shop LocationQLD, Oxley

Worst store and staff to deal with

Asked to lounge to be delivered on weekend morning. They called on Friday saying can't deliver in morning. Asked them to postpone it by another week and make sure it is delivered in morning.
Waited another week and received call on Saturday morning saying will be delivered afternoon as they have loaded it first and is at the very back of the truck.
Feeling frustrated and angry. Have to stay back from work because of this delivery issue. My place to Oxley store is 10 minutes drive.

Shop LocationQLD, Oxley
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Hi Tan, We're so sorry to hear about this and apologise for the inconvenience. Would it be possible to pass on your details so we can follow this up with our team at Oxley? Can you please email you full name, sales order number and phone number to socialmedia@superamart.com.au and we'll look into this ASAP. Thank you. Kind Regards, The Super Amart Team

Crystal Sofas..don't even think of buying one!

Further to my review in Dec '15..contacted by Super Amart re sofas and told out of warranty and not their problem. Nobody came out to view the sofa in question, which is deteriorating even though we don't use it. The bonded leather is coming away from the backing.. A second sofa and tub chair are fine..just the sofa bed! Obviously a fault. Super Amart are off our families list of stores. Pay more even if the items are only for show as the bonded leather crystal sofas are absolutely rubbish. You cannot even recover them because of the stitching and you it would be cheaper to go and purchase a decent one elsewhere. Once bitten forever shy..council pick up in May!
Oh and a few years ago we purchased Madang furniture for our sons room and upon opening the various boxes, found that there were broken parts in every box and they had to come and pick up and we got a refund. Even the chest of drawers had screws missing and wouldn't stand properly..not good quality. Off to IKEA and no problems.

Shop LocationQLD, Oxley

I had to give one star. ( no option for nil stars)

I have bought whole house lot from super Amart and will not make that mistake again. Today i have found out that the bedroom suite which i was told was solid wood, is all particle board and has no solid wood at all, even the main post on which the bed is standing is also custom made wood and was swollen with the little water spilled around.

This is for all the people want to buy from Amart..



Bought an ORTHOKINETIC luxury mattress 2 years ago for $2499, already been repaired, within 2 months and after repairs it is worse than before. We are not using it anymore.

Will never shop at Super Amart again!!!!!

Shop LocationQLD, Oxley
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Hi Nick We're very sorry to hear there's been an issue with your bedroom suite and apologise for any inconvenience caused. Can you please send an email through to socialmedia@superamart.com.au and let us know which store you purchased from and we will be able to look into this further for you. Thank you. Kind Regards, The Super Amart Team


I had a warranty swap over. [name removed] was very rude and abrupt to me. He did not return any calls. He spoke rudely to one of his work colleagues in front of me. He made me feel I was a butden. On the other hand-not wanting to deal with him anymore. [name removed] helped out instead. He listened to what I had to say- he pointed out to me what I was trying to point out to [name removed]. And most of all I got good vibes from [name removed].

Shop LocationQLD, Oxley
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Hi Sher, Thank you for taking the time to get in touch with your feedback. We're very sorry to hear you were disappointed with the service received from one of our team members and sincerely apologise for your experience. Can you please send an email through to socialmedia@superamart.com.au with your details so I can follow this up with the person involved? Thank you. Kind Regards, Hannah & the Super Amart Team

So incredably disapointed!

Both my sister and I bought a leather lounge each, which peeled and the leather feel apart, my sisters was replaced, but i was given a store credit as i was told that there was a fault in the leather that was on the couch. I spent an additional $300 on top of the credit and got a new leather lounge chair. it has peeled AGAIN and is almost bald ! I was told by the manager at the super amart oxley store that they didnt have to replace it as they would take the warrenty from the first purchase. i tried to explain that it was not replaced i was given a store credit and spent an additional $300 but he wouldnt listen. We are stuck now with a chair that looks awful - its BALD this is not what i would have expected! that is 3 leather lounge chairs that have peeled from super amart (my sister passed away so we gave away her replacement lounge chair but i can almost guarentee it happened to her's to). I dont know what to do, we cant afford to replace the couch with out a refund, we want a refund so we can buy another lounge from some where else, but the manager was so rude and insistent that they didn't have to replace or refund it. I could honestly cry it has been such a horrible experience! Neither me or my family and friends will ever purchase any thing from super amart again.

Shop LocationQLD, Oxley
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Hi Karla, Thank you for getting in touch with your feedback. We're very sorry to hear about this and sincerely apologise for your experience. Can you please send through an email with your full name, sales order number and best contact number through to me so I can follow this up for you? You can reach me at socialmedia@superamart.com.au. Thank you. Kind Regards, Hannah & the Super Amart Team

Disappointed with quality of products and warranty

Bought a leather corner chaise suite when it went on sale. have looked after it very well applying leather gaurd etc and have no pets.
Just over 2 years and leather started cracking up. Went to discuss this issue with the store and was told its out of warranty but they will allow me credit towards buying other lounge as they don't have any similar corner chaise. I spotted one which is just the same one except for change in name. Was told its has better covering and better than what I had, which is not true, as one I had came with 2 yr warranty for cover and 5yr structural warranty while this comes with 2 year structural and cover warranty. Has the same RRP what was mine. But I bought mine when it was on sale. Now to get this they are asking me to pay the price difference. very unhappy with this

Shop LocationQLD, Oxley
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Hi Tan, We're very sorry to hear you're unhappy with the outcome of your query and sincerely apologise for the inconvenience. Would it be possible to send an email through to me at socialmedia@superamart.com.au so I can follow this up for you? If you could please include your full name, sales order and phone number that would be much appreciated. Thank you. Kind Regards, Hannah & the Super Amart Team


We bought a 3+2 seater recliner from AMART but the leather disintegrated with in the first year.
When I contacted the AMART, they were pretty rude and did not show any interest in solving the issue.
Now looking at this forum I realised this is common problem.

Shop LocationQLD, Oxley
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Hi Padam, Thanks for getting in touch. We're sorry to hear about this and apologise for any inconvenience caused with your sofa. Would it be possible to please send through and email to socialmedia@superamart.com.au with the name and phone number placed under the order at our Oxley store so I can follow this up for you and see what we can do to assist you with this? Thank you. Kind Regards, Hannah & the Super Amart Team

Peeling 3-yr old corner chaise lounge so disappointed in Super Amart

Bought just over 3 years ago. We have loved it until the bonded leather started peeling off of it. We paid $730 for this couch and in good faith expected it to last much longer. We are extremely disappointed with the quality and feeling ripped off and upset.

Shop LocationQLD, Oxley
I should add that we spent a lot of time looking at sofa before we bought this one. It has fit our small flat and suited us so well. It is so frustrating that the warranty of 5 years does not include fabric. The virtues of bonded leather were certainly professed by the sales people as we made our decision. So full of regretJust checked the ACCC website and discovered that - a. It is reasonable to expect that a sofa last longer than 3 years, fabric included, b. Consumer rights trump whatever other warranties the store says we have, c. We have not misused or mistreated the product in any way and so we are well within our rights to expect a repair, refund or exchange.Hi Graham, Thank you for getting in touch with your feedback. We're very sorry to hear that you're disappointed with your lounge and apologise for any inconvenience. I'd like to investigate the details of your situation further if I may? Are you able to please let me know your full name, sales order number and the store you purchased the lounge from in an email to socialmedia@superamart.com.au so I can look into this for you? Again, we're very sorry for your experience, and hope to hear from you soon. Kind Regards, Hannah & The Super Amart Team

complete waste of time and money!

In September 2012 I purchased a corner lounge. In October last year the recliner broke on it.
I rang Oxley store where we purchased it from and they advised someone would be sent to check what needed to be done. The repairman man came around a week later and couldn't fix it and said the part would be in next week and he would be in contact asap.
I waited about a month and heard nothing so I rang the store again I was told the part was ordered and they would contact me within a few days to let me know what was happening.
Once again I never heard back from them so I had to call again it was the same story they were going to let me know but I never heard anything from them.
I called again on January 7th after hearing nothing from them and was told the part was on order and maybe here in sometime in February. They are not sure when or if the shipment is coming they can't give me an exact date. I asked for a replacement lounge as waiting 4 + months with still no real idea when the part is coming for a lounge we spent close to $2000 on is unacceptable.
I was told I had to speak to the manager and was put on hold for quite while and the sales person I spoke to returned and said the manager wouldn't have time to speak to me today and I would have to wait until tomorrow they will call me back. (I had been waiting on calls back since October so why would this time by different)
Finally on the 8th someone contacted me and said we could have a replacement. We went to the store that day but everything we liked was out of stock and we looked at many different lounges. We ended up having to pay extra (which we really didnt want to but they were not negotiable on price) to try and get a lounge within the next month they said it would be here within 3 weeks and they'd call me. I waited 3 weeks with no phone call so I called them to be told that they had the 3 seater in but they'd forgotten to order the recliners but she would have them on the next truck and they'd defnetly be there by Monday. Monday arrived the delivery people came and dropped off only the 3 seater and just left it in the box for me to assemble. I eventually got it all together only to find the recliners don't recline easily. They need to be pulled from the bottom or bounce up and down on the seat to get then to come out and they took the old lounge away so now we only have a 3 seater for a family of 5 to sit on!
I rang amart again about the broken recliners she advised she we could exchange the lounge again for a different model and again pay extra for something they have in Stock or else wait until Thursday or Friday for the recliners to get delivered they can't say which day so I cant organize anything either of those days and i have to be be home again today so they can swap the broken 3 seater Do not waste your time with amart go to Harvey norman!

Shop LocationQLD, Oxley
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Hi Leanne, We're so sorry to hear about your experience and sincerely apologise for the inconvenience caused. I'd very much like to investigate this further if I may? Are you able to please send through your full name, sales order number and preferred contact number to socialmedia@superamart.com.au so I can follow this up with the team at Oxley? Again, we're very sorry for any inconvenience. Kind Regards, Hannah & The Super Amart Team

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