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Amart Furniture QLD, Springwood

Amart Furniture QLD, Springwood

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Terrible Customer Service

Whilst visiting this store Amart Springwood I already had an offer from another Amart store for a Michelin Corner Lounge for $3300 including delivery, but I was trying to get it at the same price ($3000) another fellow got it for. The sales person told me they are able to match or slightly beat the price of another store but they have to check with another store who offered and want the sales persons details etc.. the sales person seemed to be investigating like a Police officer as I did something wrong which I didn’t quiet like..! As if they are giving the item free! I said this was selling for 3999 original price and had a store wide 25% off. They agreed to that although as a sales gimmick they increased the price to $5200 and put discount! They insisted to give the sales person’s name to beatbthe price and finally I made sure that giving the name of other sales person shouldn’t affect his job etc. So they ring the other store and told me that sales person is on leave and will get back to me later. So I gave my ph no and details but they didn’t ring me back.. after few days I Ring them and they said they still couldn’t contact the other person and after few days when I Ring this store at Springwood they said the person I was in contact with is on leave etc.. Now after few weeks I visited this store and found that it was just a sales trick they were playing and they said I can check with other store and none of these stores can offer that price ! So they were just playing to undermine the better deal I had..! I never recommend anyone buying from this dirty rats.! No business ethics + terrible salesman ship..!! Greedy business !!

Product Quality
Customer Service
Return Claim MadeNo
Warranty Claim MadeNo
Product Appearance Not as advertised
Store LocationAmart Springwood

My 10yo Amart leather corner couch is still going strong!

It's as beautiful and comfortable as the day we bought it. The quality of the structure is standing the test of time with no signs of wear and tear... even with a house full of kids. Yes we look after it - keep it clean and conditioned, but it works hard for us as our main room furniture piece.
Thanks Amart - we'll be back for sure.

Product Quality
Customer Service
Return Claim MadeNo
Warranty Claim MadeNo
Store LocationSpringwood, QLD

Steer clear

Don't ever buy furniture from Amart. Our leather couch started peeling just before the leather warranty ran out. We have cleaned and conditioned the leather every six months since we purchased the couch. Amart repaired the leather through their agent, the Leather Doctor. Twelve months after repair, the same section of leather is peeling again. Amart are refusing to offer a second repair, stating that the initial repair was not completed under warranty (despite us believing it was) but rather as a gesture of "good will". They claim the initial damage was the result of inadequate care/maintenance, not a product fault. I can tell you that is a complete lie, having diligently cleaned and conditioned the leather every six months. In any case, you can reasonably expect a repair to last longer than 12 months (which it has not). I've now progressed the matter to the ACCC. Don't trust Amart - their product quality is rubbish and they'll use weasel words to avoid proper customer service. Do yourself a favour - spend a bit more somewhere else!

Shop LocationQLD, Springwood

The first and last time shopping at Amart, horrible experience

I am lost for words and utterly shocked by my experience with Amart. All of the orders I made had issues with them. The office chair was broken when it arrived, terrible quality with the lounge room table, wrong sized bedframe and a mattress that took them a month to deliver. It’s shocking to believe that one of the salesperson made such mistakes with such a simple task. I want the bedframe returned or change for the correct size and I should not be held accountable for paying extra for them to pick it up because its THE STORE’S fault for making this mistake. I will never shop at Amart ever again.

Shop LocationQLD, Springwood

After sales service is a big let down

We bought a bunch of furniture in store and had a great experience. Since then it has been disappointing... all revolving around their delivery processes. They cannot set or tell you when the delivery will arrive. Do they really expect people to wait around all day. They wouldn’t get sales if you had to wait all day to be served in store. In our case, after difficult calls to them we advises we cannot be home after 2pm. They noted it in their delivery advice... it low and behold the delivery arrives at 2:30. Will avoid in future... rather get a deal elsewhere.

Shop LocationQLD, Springwood

Major Manufacturing Faults - Super Amart are defiant & breaching Australian consumer Law by claiming

We purchased a Berkeley Lounge for $4,539.80, For peace of mind we also purchased Leather protection for $199.00 - 10 year structural / Foundation Warranty + 5Yrs on the leather. We have had a number of issues compound in recent months, so contacted Super Amart Springwood for remedy. The Leather doctor attended and confirmed the lounge was in pristine condition but plagued with multiple manufacturing faults. Super Amart have called today to advise us of a generous $1500 Credit in lieu of a $4,539.80 Lounge that is defective. Faults include, faulty mechanisms requiring full replacement, Bolts protruding through the Lining in multiple areas (7), Exposed marine ply in multiple areas, Failed foundation (foam), failed Structural integrity (Seats all out of alignment), Excessive drop in the frame. The Leather doctor stated it would be a huge undertaking to fix all of the associated problems, and confirms they are "major manufacturing faults".

Under Australian consumer law you are covered for the following - What is classes a major problem?
A product or good has a major problem when:
> it has a problem that would have stopped someone from buying it if they’d known about it (yes)
> it is substantially unfit for its common purpose and can’t easily be fixed within a reasonable time (yes)
> it doesn’t do what you paid for and can’t easily be fixed within a reasonable time; or
it is unsafe. (yes)

When you have a major problem with a product, you have the right to ask for your choice of a replacement or refund. For a major problem with a service, you can choose to receive compensation for the drop in value below the price paid, or a refund.

This $4,464.80 Berkeley Lounge is extremely uncomfortable, doesn't recline without malfunction (alignment), Has multiple exposed bolts that have torn through the Foam and fabric, Exposed Staples and Marine Ply in numerous locations, aswell as Collapsed Foam / Structure, Yet we are Lied to by staff and manipulated into accepting a $1500 Credit or a repair? even though it is a major fault.

Don't buy from Super Amart (Particularly Springwood Qld 4127) - They are breaching consumer Law and are totally negligent when handling customer concerns that are clearly the Manufacturers & Super A marts responsibility.

Appropriate documentation, with documented photos and a full quote of repair will be shared with the Office or Fair trading & the ACCC Qld.

Lee Chadwick should be concerned

Shop LocationQLD, Springwood

There is nothing fair about this company.

Don't deal with them. They told me to come in and pick up the product and when i got there, they said they did not have it in stock, when i asked them to deliver they said that they will not drive all that way just to deliver a clock. 2 weeks later and still waiting for them to sort it out. Really bad, really incompetent and not organised in the least.

Shop LocationQLD, Springwood

Quality of furniture not even worth the price savings

Obviously this stuff is super cheap but honestly if you're going to get a heap of stuff on finance and can afford that little bit more try somewhere like Freedom or Plush, I've bought a couch from both those suppliers and they've been amazing. We bought a whole bedroom suite, a kitchen dining set and a couch from Super Amart. It barely survived one move and by the second one we said we don't even want it any more and sold it all at a fraction of the price 1 year later.

The surfaces of both the bed frame and the dining table scratched so easily, the dining room chairs were flimsy and one broke with no idea how, the couch was extremely uncomfortable and the chest of draws: the clips broke on the side panel with a couple of months and the draws would just roll out by themselves and I had to install magnets to keep them shut. I guess this is what you get for their very cheap prices but it's not even worth it when you have to replace it pretty quickly.

Shop LocationQLD, Springwood

Settler King Size great looking frame slats can't hold a weight of mattresss though...

Went to super smart Springwood bought a king size settler bed and mattress (Sealy) dropped a good couple thousand in store. Delivered a bed without bolts.. a week late. Would take a fortnight to drive bolts out so we drove from CBD to collect from Springwood they didn't have an actual set so gave us a rag tag set of replacement bolts that "should fit" inner centre beam provided with only one foot - I'm sure you can foresee what happened. Anyway so we finally build the bed and put the mattress on go to sleep it's pretty great except the slats slowly start breaking and are made of some thin cheap treated pine with a cardboard consistency. Lose half the slats in a month end up dismantling pallets so we can re slat the bed. Then the one leg instead of three we were provided for the inner column snaps that beam snaps whole bed is useless all within 6 months of purchase. Amart did eventually post random parts of the bed to us till we got what we actually needed. It's an okay looking bed but for all the hassle never again will I step in a super amart store or buy a product of theirs. That's it done. I warn everyone I know off them I refuse to let family shop there. Oh and the entire time Springwood treated me with disdain that some how the bed being delivered minus instrinic parts was my fault for not picking it up myself - youd swear I didn't pay for delivery (120 bucks on top...) and people wonder why Australian consumers shy away from the old giants of the industry.

Shop LocationQLD, Springwood

Furniture quality is ok but beware!!!!

I purchased some furniture from super amart and paid full on spot but I got a wrong mattress which I tried to replace it next day. The sales person denied to change it because they don't have same model which they show me in a showroom. I like firm mattress and they send me a soft one. I didn't opened the mattress from pack for one week to resolve the issue but they didn't replace it. Unhappy and moreover they don't have good customer service In store or online. They have no head office where I can register my complaint. I don't have much time to fight and do complaints in store. If you want to purchase from super amart just check the tax invoice and check the item description before paying especially from the " Super Amart SPRINGWOOD store "


Shop LocationQLD, Springwood
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Hi Manni, We are very sorry to hear this. So we can look into this a bit further for you, we're sent you a private message just asking for a couple details. If you could keep an eye out for that one and get back to us we will be able to look into this a bit further for you. Kind regards Ali and the Super Amart Team

Lack of care and misleading information

Spent $3,000 on a lounge from Super A Mart which was delivered a week later unassembled.
When I asked why it's not assembled I was told that's how they come and I should have read the fine print.

If I wanted to buy furniture that I'd have to assemble I would have gone to ikea.

Couldn't of cared less about the complaint

Shop LocationQLD, Springwood
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Hi thestoneman2, We are sorry there was some trouble with your lounge delivery and apologise for any inconvenience cause. We would love the opportunity to investigate this further for you. If so could you please email us at live.chat@superamart.com.au, your sales order details and contact number. We hope to hear from you soon. Kind regards, Tom and the Super Amart Team

A Loungh got lint problem & fade colour after just 2 months old

Hi Everyone be careful to shop in amart because under warranty they are not exchanging and refunding anything. I bought 3 seater Chaise and 2 seater sofa just 2 months ago from Springwood Amart Qld. Worth $1600 under 3 years Cover Warranty. It got lint everywhere now and fade the colour. always looks dusty terrible. After complaint to store and upon checking, they said it is natural problem. We can't do anything now. We only used this Loungh occasionally for guests. Very cheap stuff for worth $1600. Very poor customer service.. Never want to go Amart now. Wastage of your hard earning money. Want to take legal action now all frustrated.

Shop LocationQLD, Springwood
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Hi Raj, We're very sorry to hear you've had a disappointing experience and that you're unhappy with your lounge. Can you please send an email to socialmedia@superamart.com.au with your full name, sales order number and contact number so I can investigate this further with the team at Springwood? Thank you, and we apologise for the inconvenience. Kind Regards, Hannah & the Super Amart Team

Would not recommend will NEVER BUY FROM AMART AGAIN

Really disappointed with their supposed quality lounge suite.when item was originally purchased recliner wouldn't recline. Then stiching loose even though they eventually repaired or replaced within 1 month of original purchase .I know that wear n tear comes with couches however just over a few years and this couch has lost its padding sunken in structure is now feeling like im judt sitting on wood there is no more comfort in this couch. I had a Harvey Norman couch that lasted 3 times longer than the lounge purchased from Super Amart with their cheaper prices you really pay for in the long or short run should I say.spent over a 1000 odd dollars and very disappointed in the product. Would never recommend

Shop LocationQLD, Springwood
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Hi Chrissy, Thanks for getting in touch with your feedback. We're very sorry to hear about this and apologise for any inconvenience caused. I'd like to investigate this further to see what we might be able to do to assist you, if I may? Are you able to please send through and email to socialmedia@superamart.com.au with your full name, sales order number and preferred contact number so I can follow this up with the team at Springwood? Thank you. Kind Regards, Hannah & the Super Amart Team

Stay away!

Absolute rubbish! Packing is bad, products are cheap, expect every item delivered to have some type of defect. Its all such a hassle. We have spent so much money at Amart doing the interest free trap! Paying for items that didn't last even 2yrs!

Shop LocationQLD, Springwood
Hi, We're so sorry to hear your unhappy with your purchases! But we appreciate you getting in touch with your feedback. If I may, I'd like to investigate the details of your order and see what we can do? If you'd like to discuss this further, please send through your sales order number, full name and store of purchase to socialmedia@superamart.com.au and I will gladly look into this for you. Kind Regards, Hannah & The Super A-Mart TeamI have been through it all with the store manager. Got spoken to like i was terrible! Got put onto another store manager or area manager (can't remember now) & he never contacted me back. The thing was i had to buy a new couch to replace a couch i shouldn't have needed to replace! It lasted me 1yr 6months before it cracked & peeled. We had a baby choke on the pieces. We are still stuck with 2 lounges we can't even give away! Been going through this since 2012!Hi, thanks for getting back to me. I'm so sorry to hear of your experience, and sincerely apologise for the ordeal you've been through. As mentioned, I would really love to investigate the details of your purchase and follow this up with the relevant store if you'll allow? Your feedback is valuable and if we can look into this we can better determine why problems like this have occurred, and action next steps from here. If you're okay to have me follow this up, please don't hesitate to email me with your sales details. I hope to hear from you soon. Kind Regards, Hannah & The Super A-Mart Team

Amazing customer service!

I've just gotten back from the Springwood store. After reading all of the reviews here i was terrified and expecting no customer service but I was pleasantly surprised! After looking around for a couple minutes I was quickly greeted by Angela who was really friendly and quickly showed me the bed suite I was looking for. She was honest and upfront in terms of quality of each set and wasn't looking for a quick sale but was really genuine in actually helping me find what would be right for me and my partner in terms of maintenance, what would be easy to keep in good condition and how sturdy we would need it to be according to our sizes etc. totally wasn't expecting such service so my hat goes off to Angela! I will definitely be back next week with my partner to look at a couple of the sets she showed me :-)

Shop LocationQLD, Springwood
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Hi Mandy, Thank you for the feedback. We are happy to hear that you had a great experience at our Springwood store and will pass on the feedback to the store. Kind regards, Super A-Mart

Buyers beware - avoid at all costs

Honestly 1 star is too much -April last year I purchased furniture from A-Mart. After the staff stalking me through the shop and trying to make my purchase decisions for me i settled on a Lounge Suite, Entertainment Unit, and 10X Lamp Tables. Paid up front, overpaid for delivery . Delivery day arrives, couch put in place, entertainment unit assembled, Lamp tables partially assembled - only half could actually be pieced together the other half were broken, screw holes in the wrong place or missing pieces. Lounge recliner din't work, contacted store who arranged for a replacement couch section,, replacement arrives. Few months later Reclining arm chair fails to recline, contact Amart who send out a repair man to fix, A few months later stuffing falls out of recliner, once again repaired, a while later second recliner stops reclining and stuffing falls out, AGAIN repaired, Few more months later recliner stops working COMPLETELY ANNOYED NOW that this $2,000 couch is failing to function as a couch should contact Amart to see if this can be replaced or refunded, after a week of back and forth and photos taken of the couch we are told no refund what so ever as SHOCK HORROR the couch has been used and shows evidence albeit miner that a family of 4 and 2 cats have parked their backsides on the couch. We don't expect full refund, even a replacement would be acceptable as this was clearly a dud couch and not through owner fault yet apparently we must endure this forever breaking couch and what happens when warranty expires? are we expected to pay for the repair mans kids to go to school for the rest of their lives through our bi monthly couch repairs? this couch did not live up to any form of expectation, why should the fact it has been used stop us from receiving any form of satisfaction guarantee? Amart were you planning to sell this couch back to some poor sucker as new? had it met your grandiose idea of quality look? clearly you should give your customers the same level of service you would expect for yourself? Hello Harvey Norman you now have a new customer and just in time for us to replace our bedroom suites.

no customer satisfaction, store stalking sales team, shoddy goods over priced!

Shop LocationQLD, Springwood
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Hi there, Thank you for the feedback. Can you please email the store name, the purchase information and your details to feedback@superamart.com.au so they can look into this further for you? Kind regards, Super A-Mart

Never again Super A Mart

Purchased a chaise lounge and the leather started flaking off after four years. Was told that being bonded leather they could not do anything about it and the warranty for bonded leather was only for ONE year. They provided a credit for $380. The lounge looks very bad with patches of leather gone. A $2,000 lounge which lasted barely 4 years! No more Super A Mart for me. Also I found the customer service very poor.
Bad warranty service. Poor product

Shop LocationQLD, Springwood

Terrible Delivery service- Half a star!

I purchase a double sized bed from Super A-mart and paid for Delivery to be Deliver to my house. On the day of delivery, I got the phone call at 07.46am saying that my bed will be there between 9-11am. I then received a second phone called at 8.37am from the delivery guy saying he was at my house and going leave my brand new bed outside the house! I asked him very nicely to wait 10 minutes for me, as he told me it would be delivered between 9 and 11am. After asking him (Pleading) not to leave, he became very rude and insulting on the phone- Laughing at me. I rushed home from work to meet with the delivery guy only to feel intimidated by him. I asked him to leave the bed inside and advised him that i would make a complaint.
After experiencing this terrible service from Super A-mart Springwood, i will be requesting a full refund of my product and delivery fee.
Product is good, i think. Haven't used it
Bad Attitude customer service

Shop LocationQLD, Springwood
My Partner contact The Manager from Super A-mart Springwood!!! He explained to my Partner that I was lying!! Super A-mart Would NOT Interested What Customer Have To Say!!!! My advise to anyone wanting to buy furniture don't go to super a-mart at SpringwoodThank you for your feedback. Could you please email feedback@superamart.com.au and provide your contact details so we can assist you in resolving this.

Complete lack of customer service

We recently went to the Springwood store to purchase a wardrobe on a Sunday. After waiting patiently at the counter while two staff members finished their obviously private conversation on company time my husband started clearing his throat and coughing to get their attention. When asked about the product the first lady had no clue and turned to her conversational buddy to ask our question again. What we wanted to know was could we buy the doors of the sliding glass door wardrobe without the carcass of the wardrobe. Her seniors response was "Nupe, you'd have to go to Bunnings for that". Given that we had been searching for one piece glass doors (Bunnings has a module three piece glass door that although nice was not exactly what we were after) and having finally found them at Super A-Mart, we informed them that this was not what we were after. We thanked them for their time and apologised for interupting their conversation, our sarcasim was lost on them as they then responded that "that's okay love" and went back to their engrossing conversation about their weekend exploits.

My husband being a bit cheeky suggested to me that we try another A-Mart store and see if we could get the result that we were after. So off we went to the Mt Gravatt. Here we were approached by the sales staff, asked how our day was going and if we needed help. Totally delighted at the first sign of customer service from an A-mart employee we asked all the same questions, to which after seeking the advice of her manager we were told that "yes we could get the doors separately, no problem". After some discussion between ourselves and some haggling with the sales staff we decided not just to get the doors but the wardrobes also. We were offered a call when the wardrobes had been ordered and another on their delivery to the store as we were picking them up ourselves. Mt Gravatt didn't disappoint, we recieved two calls one on the Monday to say that the wardrobes were manufactured and they just required delivery and that it would be within the week. Another call on Thursday was received to let us know that the wardobes were there and could be picked up.

The absolute contrast in customer service was shocking and highlighted why Springwood is losing business hand over fist. My recommendation - go to Mt Gravatt, it's 15 minutes up the road but well worth the drive if you actually want to buy something that A-Mart sells.
product was what we were looking for
complete lack of service at Springwood

Shop LocationQLD, Springwood
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Hi Zomo. Thank-you for your feedback! We are sorry to hear about your first experience with the Springwood store and will be passing this feedback on. We are also very happy to hear you had a much better experience the second time around and we will be passing this feedback on too. Thank-you for taking the time to pass on your feedback. Thanks, Super A-Mart team!

Change of heart

A few years ago a-mart refused to do anything for us re exchanging or refunding purchases. We were just about to throw sofas out & bag them for life but decided to give them another opportunity to make matters right. ((((and they did :)))) full on shock & awe. Full credit and a lifetime of cudos, to the springwood store for being professional in every respect. Replaced units with 'nixon sofa pair (microfibre) in raisin' plus the accent chair without the opt $200 treatment plan.
Big ta's from the tribe out west.

Shop LocationQLD, Springwood
Thank you for your feedback and we are glad that you were happy with the service you received in the end. Enjoy your new items. ThanksUpdate: 2 years down the track & we're still tickled 'microfibre raisin'. We're about to call the Springfield number today, due to a stitching breakage thus unraveling exponentially where the seat pads join .. you know .. where all the smarties & jatz cracker fallout hide :) Alas the warranty wasn't re calibrated from the original purchase. :( It's had normal use & very civilized at that, no kids or animals jumping all over it & has been cleaned professionally very week. The stitching I might add appears to be on the inferior side, looks hard to do given the guts want to spill out, possibly a manual job with a semi circular, upholstery needle (I have one, it's been decades tho') or a contact style glue? if at all. Big problem being if one seam has disintegrated after such a short time, when are all the others going to go the same way? Will keep you posted. Surprise, surprise especially in this, our current 'corporate paradise'. The really helpful & polite folk in Springwood said they'd send a repair man out. I offered to take the unit to them but assured me the easiest way was their way. So apart from emailing an assessment form/ declaration & a photo the process was painless. Lets see what the upholster says/ does :) 10/10 Amart & thank you.

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