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Stay away!

Everything these guys tell you upfront is not true. they told us it was going to be fixed price, it was not. they told us that the team will consistently communicate with us, they did not. quality of the workmanship is no where near the price we paid. paint is horrible, finishes are just the opposite of quality. my wife pointed out a few mistakes which our supervisor simply dismissed them.
we just do not know what we paid all that money for. they told us that quality is excellent and we were happy to pay for the quality, but we just didnt get it.
then they charged us extra at the end of our build for things that they should have known from the beginning. For example: piering, site fencing, extra drop beams, extra cost for service connections that they were "not aware of" and the list goes on. our final bill was over $30k at the end, really not fair at all.
the process is not transparent nor honest at all. they start at a low price and just keep adding up. all those reports they try and get upfront so they can "fix" the price was just another way to get us in the door and then get to charge us extra at the end.
they told us that the price is fixed and our tender actually came back below the quote they initially gave us which we thought was good - little did we know that it was just another bloody tactic to put our minds at ease before they lock us in.
we are waiting for our maintenance to happen now and its been months and no one is returning our calls or emails. We have already contacted fairtrading.
honestly just the worst possible experience ever!

Build StagePost-Construction
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Hi J.M.S, We’re sorry to hear you had a less amazing experience with us and thank you for bringing this to our attention. Could you please send through your job number to homedevelopment@ansahomes.com.au so that we could look into this. Best regards Ansa Homes

High Quality, Well Built Home

We looked at a number of leading builders over a quite a long time before deciding on ANSA Homes. ANSA were very happy to spend as much time with us as we needed to make sure the design of our home was going to be just right.

In the early stages we were fortunate that the owner of ANSA Homes was involved in helping us make our decision. We chose ANSA because his knowledge, expertise and advice was first class and he showed a genuine care and understanding. Everything agreed upon was within our budget and the final build cost met these expectations as well.

We pushed hard to get the build started before Christmas as we wanted to be into our home by mid-2018. ANSA met our timeframes.

Choosing colours was a little stressful as we had no previous experience. It took a little more time and effort as we wanted to get everything perfect. We did make some adjustments and upgrades which have worked out very well.

What we found was that building is not easy at all and we relied heavily on our supervisor. He was very efficient and managed all the trades very well – resulting in the build time being under 6 months.

Some of the challenges we experienced were in getting small maintenance items completed after we moved in. The 90-day period drifted, but the issues were minor and within expectations. Communication could have been better during that time, but generally speaking throughout the build we were well aware of the progress.

The final result however is that we have a high-quality home that has been very well built, on time and within budget.

Construction End DateJun 2018

Beware - ANSA does

ANSA promised a quick & easy process, but then the excuses started. No project plan, delay after delay, and some bizarre mistakes that needed rework. We ended up complaining to Fair Trading, so they would finish our home, which they did over a year late. A year later we started finding defects that ANSA won't repair, so looks like we'll be heading to Fair Trading again ...

Customer Service
Site Admin
Structural Integrity
Plumbing & Waterproofing
Electrical & Lighting
Build StagePost-Construction
Construction End DateSeptember 2017

Overall, a good experience

On meeting ANSA we were impressed with the display homes, particularly the quality of the finishes.

We found the people to be very friendly and provided us some very good unbiased advice on how we should go about building our home. We had a sense of confidence that our needs were being taken seriously and that there was some flexibility in design specific to us.

We were in a hurry to get the build underway and the ANSA team worked beyond expectations to meet this need.

Communication was generally very good throughout – it was well written and very clear. The staff were always accommodating and as we were first timers tried to simplify everything for us. This included pre-construction, colour selections and the construction processes.

The supervisor was very practical and rather than just build to the design advised us on minor changes as the build progressed that would make a positive impact to our home. This obviously came from experience and we appreciated the advice given. For example, we received great advice around our electrical plans once we had decided how we would use the rooms and place our furniture.

We were pleasantly surprised that the entire build was completed within 5 months and the quality of the build was excellent. The final cost was well within expectations of the estimate even considering variables of site costs.

Overall, a good experience.

Construction End DateJun 2018

Excellent first home building experience

After visiting over 20 display homes and numerous builder we arrived at Ansa’s display home and met Girgis. We knew it right away Ansa was going to build our house. Their honesty, commitment, exceptional customer service and good workmanship made our first house building experience excellent. They were always there for us and resolved all the issues arising from such a major project. The whole team is very client focused. I never had to chase any of them to return my call.

We built a custom design home that was based on Eden 25. It’s a beautiful design that was amended perfectly to suit our needs. The end product had the “WOW” factor we wanted.

The whole team who worked on our project , Girgis, Corrine, Steve, Cindy and Javed, is honest, experienced and client focused. I would especially mention Girgis and Javed. Girgis was always there for us throughout the whole process. He was genuinely concerned about the build of our house to our satisfaction. Javed took over our 90 days maintenance job and completed it perfectly. He resolved all the issues and always chased us to complete the work. He is such a genuine person to work with.

If we ever build another house, Ansa would be our first and best choice.

Construction End DateMar 2017

Our ANSA Homes Experience

It is with much disappointment that we have had to update our review of ANSA Homes. Our Initial review was written in March 2018 after we had purchased our house and land package. We still are more than happy to say that our experience throughout the sales process was great. [name removed] was very accommodating, remained in constant contact with us to guide us through the process. [name removed] had a great understanding of what we as first home owners and builders needed to understand the process and the steps we would be taking over the course of our build.

[name removed] and [name removed] were the two ladies that helped us with our colour selections. They both spent around 4 hours with us in our initial appointment, helping us choose as much as possible to limit the amount of appointments we have to go back for as we were due to have a baby in the coming weeks.

A few weeks after our colours appointments and once our land had registered we received an email from our Client Liaison Officer outlining the additional site costs that we had to incur. We were told these were all non negotiable. To say that we were shocked at the amount these site costs came to was an understatement. To keep this review factual I have included the site costs as written in the email to us.

Validity extension of 4 months @ $850 per month = $3400
- Credit of 1 month of validity extension as per sales manager = -$850
- Added a site vegetation scrape (this can still be done by owner if they wish) = $871
- The fall over building platform has been confirmed at 1m (tender had allowed originally as 0.5m) = $725 extra
- All weather access added (previously by owner) = $817
- As of 1st July 2018, there is a Home Warranty Insurance increase set by the State Government = $1146 extra
- The site falls under Salinity affected, so we have to modify the slab to comply with salinity requirements = $2934
- Being a greenfield site, I have had to extend the temporary fencing to cover the entire lot perimeter. The initial tender only counted for 30m assuming the neighbouring properties would be all building at the same time = $1170 extra
- due to site slope, we have had to introduce dropped edge beams down to natural ground = $10446
- spoil removal related to dropped edge beams = $2107
- Basix report has come back requiring roof sarking = $1473
- Basix required R2.5 wall batts = $952 extra
- Basix required wall wrap sarking = $967
- A sewer peg out is required (I believe you may be aware of this) = $1025
- I have included the final OC plus final indent survey (previously by owner) at No Charge (this is usually $1970).

Total tender price difference is $27183.

$27,183 – Our $720,000 house and land package had just turned into a $747,183 house and land package in the space of 3 months before we even had a chance to pick all those exciting upgrades you’re hoping for when building your first home.

Naturally we emailed our Client Liaison officer back asking if any of these site costs were negotiable and we received quite a blunt reply telling us that now these were all non negotiable.

An example of these site costs that would 100% have been negotiable was the wall wrap sarking. We were told this was a requirement for Basix. Approximately half way through our build we asked our site supervisor if the wall wrap sarking had in fact been installed and to his credit he told us immediately that it had not. When we informed him that this was a requirement for Basix he was surprised, checked it all out and we were told no it was not a requirement and we would be refunded for the sarking that did not go in.

At our first walk through (approximately 4 weeks into our build) we were told by our site manager that concrete peering was used to further support our slabs and we would need to pay an extra $3000 in site costs.

We were then at the point where we have a half complete house and the price has gone from $720,000 to $750,183 (without ticking an options box).

Apart from that we do have to say our site manager kept us well informed throughout the build process and the build time was a total of 11 weeks from the date the slab went down to practical completion which was excellent.

Would we recommend ANSA Homes to anybody looking to build? If you had asked when we first signed the paperwork we would have said yes. We thought we would build our first home and any future homes with ANSA and only ANSA. Now at the end of our experience unfortunately we would have to say probably not, or at least definitely not a house and land package with indeterminate site costs.

For anyone that has decided to build with ANSA Homes our advice would be to ask about any of these site costs that we listed above that they could tell you before needing access to the land, such as fencing, all weather access, vegetation scrapes etc and check the measurements of everything!

We are about a week away from collecting our keys, we’ll update in the next review regarding defects.

Please feel free to privately message us if you have any further questions regarding our experience with ANSA Homes we are more than happy to share the details of our build with you.

Construction End DateNov 2018

I wish I could alter the overall rating of 4.4 to 5.0

Still in initial stages and construction has not been started yet as we were waiting for land to be registered, so far it has been a pleasant experience working with Ansa Homes Elya is the first point of contact for us and found to be friendly and supportive along with his other team mates specially Javed and Suzanne . we are still unable to review their quality of work however considering our dealing so far and suppliers they are partnered with it looks like the end product will have "wow factor" in it.

Construction End DateDec 2018

An Easy & Friendly Process

As this was the first time my wife and I were building a new home we were very particular on who we were going to build with and after meeting with the sales team we knew Ansa was the right builder to go with. Their knowledge, friendliness and overall patience with our relentless questions was second to none. Our relationship with our supervisor was open and honest which filled us with confidence and any hiccups during construction were dealt with quickly and in a professional manner. We love our new home and won't hesitate to use Ansa again.

Construction End DateOct 2016

From Project managers to Friends

We have designated ANSA homes to knock down our existing place and rebuild our dream home. They've made sure to update me on a regular basis and provide a sense of security and confidence knowing our future home is in safe hands. Amongst all the planning and updates we've made new friends. It's been a pleasure working with the ANSA family.

Construction End DateMay 2018

From 3 Bedroom fibro to 5 Bedroom Dream House

ANSA was fantastic, ensuring nothing but the best quality. If a mistake was made it was rectified. We were told the build would take between 8 & 10 months and it was completed in 9 months from the slab pour date. The customer support was abundant from the staff at the display home to the office staff to the foreman and even sub contractors we met. We would gladly recommend this company to others

Construction End DateNov 2017

Great Team to Work With

My Wife and I are currently just about to see our Slab laid down in our Knock Down Rebuild.
Thus far ANSA homes has been Brilliant! It all started with Elya and Girgis who were great! Thanks for suffering through and being patient with us! We found that they were the most honest up front and also really helped us out with our plans to get us to where we wanted to be. Other builders pushed us out the door when we told them what we wanted.
From there we were over to our color selection with Corrine who is absolutely lovely. She helped us through the whole process which was extremely overwhelming and also advised what she thought was a good idea or not, to help us make the right decisions and keep within budget.
We found out in short notice that we would be able to be squeezed in earlier than expected and Corinne and Cindy were extremely helpful and went out of their way to help us get over the line to get the demolition started.
There have been difficult times and sometimes disagreements, but what we have found is that if there is a problem, whoever we have been dealing with only wants to help support us and find a solution with us, not shutting our ideas down instead trying to get us the best of both worlds.
We have found our Knock Down Rebuild process excellent so far, thanks to ANSA homes we have a feeling of confidence and also security knowing the build is in their hands.
Looking forward to the next steps ahead as we start to see our new home go up and also the new contacts at ANSA we will come into contact with.
Will post another review at the end of the build.

Construction End DateSep 2018

Smooth process so far

We are at colours stage and so far the open nature of the company is admirable. We are first time builders from scratch but have owned many homes in the past and they have helped us through many of the confusing aspects of the process.

I would recommend Girgis in sales and Corrinne in Colours as they have both been excellent in assisting us

Construction End DateOct 2018

Great home from great people feel part of the family

The workmanship and finishes provided by ANSA Homes was fantastic, they were very informative, what they promised we received,

From the sales team to the site manager Dylan we got the home asked for.

We were involved in the whole processs you feel as part of the family dealing with Ansa

I would recommend Ansa to my family and friends.

Construction End DateNov 2017

Awesome Building Company

This was my first time building and I absolutely loved my experience with ANSA Homes. I am not a first time home owner but I am a first time home builder and every step of the way was a dream with ANSA. They clearly identified what my experience would be like, openly admitting that it can be stressful but we were a team and they would help me through my fears and worries. I felt like part of their family.

I know friends who have built with other, larger building companies and when we compare experiences, I win every time.

In saying that, there were times when I felt stressed, but ANSA talked me through it all. Everyone I dealt with always made me feel relaxed and allayed my fears. Even my site supervisor was so lovely and polite, always answering my questions no matter how silly they seemed or how often he had been asked them before.

In reading some of the other reviews for ANSA, I can see that there are some unhappy people out there. Maybe they had different expectations or didn't fully understand the process - who knows. All I can say is that every single builder on this planet has client's that are unhappy but I couldn't recommend this company more highly.

With the bigger building companies, I felt like a number when I talked to their Sales team. ANSA Homes was personable from the beginning to the end. I will be sorry that I won't get to speak to them as often any more but I will definitely build with them again.

Thanks for the experience ANSA Homes. I can't wait to go again!

Construction End DateJun 2017

Stay away - warning to all - wish you could give negative ratings for these guys

I cannot warn the public enough. The house is of the poorest quality, workmanship very poor, house has so many outstanding issues that are still not repaired. They don't respond to emails to fix issues or respond saying they will work on it and delay you for months, we have now lodged complaint with Fairtrading. They did not complete on time and still 6 months after handover we still have issues. I cannot explain the stress, anxiety throughout the longest build. The house was very simple and other houses in the area started and finished well before we did. They are a small company and so trades were hard for them to secure. There were and are still so many issues with the house - I can only warn the public in relation to the worst experience of our lives.

Construction End DateMar 2017
Hi Adele S, My name is Girgis and I am the Building Development Manager at ANSA Homes. I am so sorry to hear what you have been through. I have checked with my admin team and we don't have anyone in Fairtrading or an Adele in our client database. Can you please let me know who you are and I can personally try and sort all of your issues? My direct number is: 0426 558 787 and my email address is homedevelopment@ansahomes.com.au Thanks again for taking the time and providing us your feedback and concerns. GirgisHi Girgis, I just realized that I had not responded to this comment. I want the public to know that I have taken ANSA to Fairtrading and have been successful with the fairtrading inspector issuing a rectification order on your company. THIS WAS THE ONLY WAY TO GET ANSA TO FIX THE PROBLEMS WITH MY HOME!!! Everyone- It has taken me nearly 2 years to sort out many many issues I had with my home and the company was forced to fix problems only because fairtrading issued the order against them. Btw I still have some issues today and am now pursuing the NCAT avenue. It has been a total disaster - the company is a disaster and I want everyone to know they will need to waste a lot of time/energy in getting them to fix things - it is an effort even going through the fairtrading process and now even a bigger effort preparing for out NCAT claim which we r slowly preparing now. I am currently engaging a building expert witness to prepare the NCAT claim all at my own cost! This is a timely process but I will not let them rest until they fix all the pending issues. I wish I had spoken to people in the industry before signing with these guys as most of the sub contractors and suppliers all have a very negative view of the company. Hence they have changed most of their suppliers and many subcontractors. I suggest you ask around before proceeding with ANSA. Also for all those home owners who have issues with their home I suggest you lodge a complaint with Fairtrading and place a review here online. Its funny how when I was chasing them for months to rectify things I got no response but the minute I put up the review the response was so quick. There were also dozens of positive reviews put up following my review just to bring up their average score...as my review brought it way down at the time - they were very quick to respond to that. I can only write about my own experience and it has been awful - I hope you too don't make the same mistake I made.Hi Adele S, Thanks again for your feedback. I am still not sure who you are or which home you are speaking of... My team is brilliant at what they do and they work really hard, day in and day out, to help and support our customers. I am not sure how else I can help if I don't know who you are. Our attitude is that if we made a mistake, we want to know about it so we can fix it. We understand that in business, you cannot make everyone happy. But that will never stop us from trying!!! I have not heard from you so I implore you to please get in touch with me via email or call me direct on 0426 558 787 and I promise you that I will serve you in the best way that I can. I hope I get to speak with you soon. Regards, Girgis Sirgyous 0426 558 787

Thank You ANSA HOMES!!!! Good luck for the future!

Ansa Homes has been great for communication, very easy going, friendly and honest people. The products that have been used have been to a very high standard and we are thrilled! We have loved our experience and would recommend them to anyone looking to build. Steve has been our supervisor and has been exceptional! He gives immediate and correct answers without delay 100% of the time. Lyndell and the office staff have also been very helpful and understanding and a pleasure to work with. They have all had our best interest in mind for the entire build.

February 8th 2018 Update: Excellent

The quality of House very good and perfect, we do not have problems, it was build in a very good condition and
beautiful. The house during the the building time was managed very well in process and time especially our builder
supervisor Steve and all his crews member.
The customer service was excellent, understanding, helpful and friendly.

Construction End DateSep 2017

Questions & Answers

Please contact Dominic Rego [contact detail removed] New build at 34 Victoria St Malabar NSW 2 storey 4 bedroom rear lane double garage and granny flat. Scope: Knock down existing fibro house and new build DA approved plans by architect Looking for a reliable competitive builder Modern design with lightweight building materials Aim to start building end of 2018 Please let me know if this fits your scope [email address removed]
1 answer
Hi Dom Thank you for your valuable question. Unfortunately and at this moment, we don't build in your area. We wish you all the best in finding the best builder to partner with you in your journey. Thanks Girgis Sirgyous ANSA Homes Home Development Manager

Just wondering does Ansa home provide any specific timeframe or build completion date? If they unable to finish within specified date is there any compensation /penalty will provide?
3 answers
They give you a estimated completion date once construction is started but that date will alter as the build goes on due to supply issues, weather factors etc. It is all covered in the HIA (Housing Industry Association) contract which is used by all the builders so you'll find it is the same across all the builders. There can be penalties/compensation under certain circumstances but the contract is heavily in favour of the builder so it would be difficult to claim anything.Hi Tito97, Thanks for your enquiry and thanks WMGrew for your response. Our time frame is 6 - 8 months for building your home. This does not include the design and approval by authority stage as we are not in control of that part of the process. As WMGrew mentioned, the HIA contract that we sign outlines yours and the builder's rights which is something you can work through with our operations team when you are ready to build with us. Thanks again for your question and please don't hesitate to contact us on 1300267246 or alternatively you can email us on homedevelopment@ansahomes.com.au. Regards, Girgis Sirgyous ANSA Homes Home Development ManagerThanks WMGrew, Girgis

What are the usual build times? Much difference between estimate and final costing? How much does getting to fixed price tender cost?
1 answer
Hi Say Rah, Thanks for getting in touch with us at ANSA Homes. Our construction times are generally 6 - 8 months. We can provide you with a quick quote and site your home on your block at no cost to you. However to get a fixed price, there is a number of reports that we need to obtain. These include but not limited to: contour surveys, soil tests, S149, compliance checks, etc... We are more than happy to help you with your build. If you have any further queries, please don't hesitate to contact us on homedevelopment@ansahomes.com.au or visit us at www.ansahomes.com.au. You can also call us on our 1300 267 246. Thanks again and we look forward to building your home. Girgis Sirgyous ANSA Homes

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