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Apple Highpoint service

I had my appointment with Apple genius bar today at 7:20pm, I was not able to come in time and arrived late 10 minutes. They told me my appointment had been cancelled and advised for me to wait and someone will come see me. I waited quite awhile and eventually someone came see me around 8:10pm. The employee eventually helped me and said my iphone 7's audio component is not worth fixing and asked me to wait for his colleague to assess the value of my phone, for a store credit or exchange for a new phone. I continued waiting and the time is now 8:50pm, fed up I leave without my issue resolved.

Customer service was non existent and wait time was way too long. They are very quick to serve you if you want to buy their products, however once you have issues, you are not their number one priority.

Product Quality
Warranty Claim MadeNo
Product PurchasedApple iPhone 7 128GB

Iphone replaced after issues carindale store very helpful staff

I had an iphone issue booked online and went in store, was served very quick as per my meeting time, customer service was great helped me and was very reasonable with the price. Have replacement phone now no issues very happy.

Product Quality
Warranty Claim MadeNo

Frustrating waste of time!

Apple Store - Penrith NSW
I successfully replaced a bad battery in wife’s IPad Air 2, in fact it seems just as strong as my newish 6 month old IPad Pro!
Since this worked so well I replaced a dying battery in her iPhone 6S Plus, frustratingly I ended up with 2 dud ones bought on line. She had enough so it was time to get a new good quality battery this time, avoiding on line sellers.
After an unsuccessful visit to a local repair kiosk I decided it best to go to an Apple direct.
So today drove 45 mins to Apple Store at Penrith. You have to talk to 2 staff before anyone even takes the back off the phone! Then fill in time for 2.5 hrs....
Did I get a new battery? NO! Couldn’t get the old one out I was told “too dangerous for our techs...batteries can catch on fire you know!” I said “well I took the original dud one out so why couldn’t they? I put the last one in the same as the first one” However they were more than happy to sell me a refurbished phone for $590! And guess what..they wouldn’t sell me a replacement battery either!
So not happy at all, I am sure they thought I was stupid & would fall for this trick!
Procedures are more important than customer service/retention! We have 4 Apple devices & now they are pushing us away...So after wasting a day at Apple Penrith I am now back dealing with aftermarket suppliers, no wonder Apple are losing market share!

Update: A few hours after I wrote the above review I opened up the iPhone & without too much trouble carefully pryed the old battery out without damaging it. Annoyingly it was quite clear they didn’t even try! I can confirm the battery has not exploded nor has my house burnt down....

Return Claim MadeNo
Warranty Claim MadeNo

Hipsters and lies

Sons school laptop has caps lock permanently on now. Took it to Apple store in Southland, negotiated past the hipsters with the whatever attitudes to speak to a technician at the 'genius' bar and was advised it was under warranty so there would be no cost. After a week, someone rang and advised it was due to liquid damage and I would have to now pay for repairs. Is there any liquid in it? No. Are the repairs any different now you suspect there is liquid damage? No. So, some indicator was on in the machine, there is no difference to the repair, no liquid or liquid damage in the laptop, and no guarantee your own staff didn't do it. Spoke to a 'Senior Manager' Stephen Cole who basically advised to pay for it or go elsewhere.

Product Quality
Return Claim MadeYes
Warranty Claim MadeYes

Excellent after service. Extremely happy with Apple

Since I’ve owned Apple products which goes back to the first iPhone my experiences with warranty service has been phenomenal. 3/4 were out of warranty and Apple fixed it completely free. Very helpful and patient staff.

Product Quality
Return Claim MadeNo
Warranty Claim MadeYes

DIY Apple - Worst customer service ever

I was informed by Apple in late-2018 that the customised MacBook Pro I bought mid-2018 had a manufacturer's fault that needed to be fixed. So I booked a Genius Bar at Bondi Junction, NSW Australia in for them to fix it.
The guy there set me up, told me it'd take about 30 min & to come find him when it was done & walked off. He didn't once come back to check, I had to go & find him & he was slow to come back. Then I find out there's another 30+ minutes, this time he tells me to ask "anyone" what to do next. When I do ask the girl next to me she's abrupt & walks off to find someone, who doesn't come for quite a while. I'm seriously annoyed by this point, and ask the Store manager's name & whereabouts. She tells me it's [name removed] & she spoke with him & he's sorting it. Well [name removed] not sorting it!! because he's delivering Apple Customers a very poor calibre of staff who have atrocious customer service skills
This is a long and very boring story I'll spare you the rest, but the facts are this...Apple did not provide "customer service" at all for a manufacturer's fault. I'm unhappy about that and also that I had to spend time & money to have their manufacturer's fault fixed.
I'm unhappy that Apple did not inform me, their customer, either in writing or at the store how long the process would take, instore AND the 8+ HOURS to re-install at home. I am very unhappy with Apple Bondi Junction staff and their very poor customer service, especially compared to the Chatswood or King St stores, both of which I've had excellent dealings with over the years.
The Bondi Junction store really isn't up to the calibre we Customers expect from Apple, they give Apple a BAD NAME, Apple Bondi Junction's a Bad Apple, and you remember what the old proverb says about "One Bad Apple...." Now ain't that the truth!!!

Return Claim MadeNo
Warranty Claim MadeNo

Very Impressed!

I went into the store due to my phone not allowing me to hear when I received or made phone calls. I spoke to an Andrew who was lovely and really helpful. Unfortunately due to the nature of my issue it was no easy fix so he issued me a new iPhone 7 for free! My warranty which was 2 months out also was restarted from that day for a whole 1 year! I was not expecting that outcome, I thought I was going to be up for a few hundred dollars in repairs! Very happy and very impressed!!

Product Quality
Return Claim MadeNo
Warranty Claim MadeNo

Worst customer service

I was waiting for 40 minutes to get technician to show faulty I phone .
But they never booked me in somehow . After 40 minutes waiting , I asked that how long need to wait more . And they found they never checked me in ! I went home with faulty phone . Worst customer service in the world !! When they make mistakes they never admit anything instead they blaming each other !! Never respect customer!

Return Claim MadeNo
Warranty Claim MadeNo
Product PurchasedApple iPhone 6 32GB

Vintage MacBook Pro

Having used DOS/Windows based notebooks ever since there were notebooks I didn’t treat my next notebook purchase lightly. The year was 2013 and I decided to buy the last iteration of the MacBook 17. A refurbished one I might add. It's the screen size that is so compelling with this machine.

Fast forward to November 2016. My MacBook started to display some concerning green bands on the display and was stuck in a reboot loop. Onto the Apple website, support etc and within minutes I’d secured myself a Genius Bar appointment.

The following Thursday saw my MacBook being diagnosed and it was determined that it was the system board. Well, the graphics card most notably. However, if the graphics card has to go then it entails a complete system board replacement. The Apple consultant asked me to wait while he consulted his manager. This being after he’d determined the issue by way of an error code on the screen.

While the consultant was out checking with his manager I googled the error code only to learn that the issue was a known / documented one. The Apple consultant returned to confirm same. Not only that but that the system board ($927 AUD) would be replaced free of charge.

Fast forward to January 2019, the system board has died again. Average life span then, say 2.5 years. (I have an Acer notebook from 2006 that still functions as the manufacturer intended) Upon contacting Apple today I was told that my MacBook Pro 17 is now regarded as a "Vintage" device and so therefor parts are no longer available. No empathy offered when acknowledging that the system boards have been suspect right from the start. Also no recognition of the fact that I own an iMac, MacBook 12, 2 x Mac Minis and a MabBook Pro 15. (Plus a handful of iOs devices)

Conclusion: I've simply been referred to an "Authorised Apple Repairer". With that the call was curtailed.

Not happy Tim.

Apple puts the customer last

Went to Apple Store at Chatswood today, with the aim to purchase a MacBook Air and iPhone 8+. I did my research prior and compared prices online. I asked if they matched prices which they said they did. The Apple shop assistant said that the advertised price for the iPhone 8+ I saw online was for a limited edition at another store and could not match the price. She also said the advertised special price for the MacBook Air could not be matched because it was not in stock (however when I checked online it was in stock in another store for the special price). In the end, I purchased both items for a cheaper price at a competitors store not the Apple Store even though my first preference was to buy at the Apple Store and that's where I went first. Very poor business practice from Apple, they could have had 2 high-value sales. They don't seem to care.
Previously I have had very poor experience with the Hornsby store trying to get a replacement for a lemon MacBook which needed repairs 6 times.

Apple has drop so much the customer service, absolutely terrible

went into Apple perth store as my new watch got the screen broken, drop of 30cm from the floor. Charged $449,it seem Apple is making business by salling fragile productos.

Product Quality
Return Claim MadeNo
Warranty Claim MadeNo

Terrible customer service

Went into Apple Highpoint store yesterday to repair an Iphone cracked screen. Was advised the screen repair is $495, I was shocked!! How does Apple get away with charging customers that much. I had a screen repair 4 years ago and paid $145 at Apple. What's caused the price rise??? The technician advised they do not have the part and to return in a week. I drove 1hr each way! I explained the inconvenience this has caused and he just laughed. What a disgrace this is how they treat long term loyal customers.

Product Quality
Return Claim MadeNo
Warranty Claim MadeNo

AppleCare - what a Rort

Refurbished replacement phone with its own set of problems for my faulty handset - what a joke!

AppleCare should be avoided like the plague.

Very poor experience Apple, you’d be bananas to apply it!

Product Quality
Return Claim MadeYes
Warranty Claim MadeYes
Product PurchasedApple iPhone 8 Plus 256GB


I am always a big fan of Apple products. And the customer service is amazing, staff are really friendly and energetic!

Excellent service

Excellent service as always @ store, bit of waiting but it was worth, spot on with the issue and provide best solution.

Frustrating day, but Apple came through

Posting this in case anyone else has a similar problem. I updated to iOS 12.1.1 on my iPad Air 2. It caused massive issues with the display, making many images impossible to correctly see. The user interface was less crisp and images and videos were useless to view as they were blurred with greens and reds making them look like abstract art. Very concerning after simply downloading an update. After over 2 hours on the phone with Apple (a lovely support person, albeit no fix) I had to go to their store. Following further checks at the store, they replaced the iPad free of charge. A frustrating day, but at least Apple made good on the problem.

New batteries for IPhone

I bought new batteries for my iPhone 6x. Shortly after batteries would go flat within few hours.. I went back three times in attempt to have batteries replaced, no way. After two most terrible and unhelpful services at Chadstone shop third person “helped” lot. She basically switched off half of my applications advising me to keep batteries on charger as soon as fall below 80 and that was it.
Now batteries are going from being fully charged to 20 overnight without phone being used.
Trained to sell garbage, Trained not to help!
Never have I expected worst customer service anywhere. I am tempted to send a letter yes letter to Apple head office.

Rude and sarcastic store member at Fountain Gate

I have been spoken to as though I am a stupid pain in the behind on the phone by Sarah at Fountain Gate Narre Warren Store. I was only wanting an approximate cost for a replacement screen on an iPhone 6. I also had to make 3 phone calls because Sarah told me I could only book the repair via the national phone number who then told me I can, If I wish, take the phone in to them in person and wait. They also told me an approximate cost for the repair and told me to call the store back for the actual cost of that. After all the comments this Sarah made to me, I still was not told either a firm or approximate cost. I think I'll just put up with the cracked screen. This person really should not have the job - one of the worst cases of bad behaviour from a shop that I've ever struck.

Useless tech support

I used to be an apple lover when they were innovating. Now it's clearly a dying brand and it's clearly reflected by the utterly useless tech support they provide.

By any chance if you forgot the "apple id", tech support can't do anything. They do the same thing as any minor with a computer can do just asking what are the possible email ids and trying them on their "appleid" website.

As recognized (hyped) as a premium brand I would expect a more comprehensive assistance from the tech support. they just waste time and say "my apologies" at the end.

Apple hype is long gone. innovation is dead with Steve Jobs. I extremely love and respect the founder and his philosophy of providing a high quality product and 'service'. Unfortunately both those are dead with Steve. More and more people are now understanding that reflected by the shortening length of launch day line of people in front of apple store.

STAY AWAY FROM ANYTHING APPLE. if you get it, you are a guaranteed prisoner of it forever.
There are much better options out there now. do your research.

Bad service but worth to spend this much money on their products

I've been using Apple for so long for my iphones, ipads and imac. The more they release the new models of those products the higher they charge however their service getting worse, not worth the price we have to paid for their products, plus so many hidden extra costs. Never again, bye Apple

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