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Beds for Backs Campbellfield (Head Office)

Beds for Backs Campbellfield (Head Office)

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Best Service & Products in town!!

Can't speak highly enough of the team at Campbellfield. Product knowledge & service were amazing they took the time to speak to us about our specific needs to match us to a bed that satisfies every need. Even offered to come to our home to assist in adjusting the dials to ensure maximum comfort & support. Wish we had purchased years ago!!

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Hi Liz our focus is to have people understand what they are purchasing and then following up to ensure they get the most out of their investment. Thank you for your kind words. Regards Wal Maguire CEO

Poor for chronic pain

Purchased in store. I suffer chronic pain, didn't notice how bad their bed was until I started reducing morphine after sleeping on a much cheaper & better bed. Total Waste of money. When we suffer chronic pain we will try anything. I noted some of the staff say Oh yes I suffer back pain too. Look underneath the base as its just slats that go up & down NOT what we see on their advert. Also was told by sales person how great a partners bed is for couples. Try laying in the middle of the bed, it induces pain. DON'T waste your money. Bed for backs talk the talk to sell beds.

Hi Michelle have sent you a private message and look forward to hearing from you. Regards Wal Maguire CEOI have replied to your private message & again I would not recommend a bed for backs for chronic pain sufferer's Thank youHi Michelle, also replied to your message. Regards Wal Maguire CEO

Love my new mattress!

I love my new mattress! I’ve been having the best nights sleep. Alex, Lisa and the guys at Campbellfield have been fantastic- I visited the store a couple of times before choosing my new mattress and the knowledge and customer service has been 5 star. My back has never felt better

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Hello Mel, great to hear that you are loving your new mattress. I will personally acknowledge all staff at Campbellfield on the service they have provided to you. Regards Wal Maguire CEO

Ergo Flex Dial bed for backs is one big very expensive gimmick

Late 2011 we spent $3900 on a Bed-for-Backs queen size Body Alignment Base Ergo Flex Dial Bed plus $2900 for a queen size full latex Natura Deluxe 270mm mattress plus $170 for a special mattress cover so all up almost $7000. After less than 7 years, I can say in full honesty its the most expensive gimmick I have experienced for several reasons. Firstly, the concept of dial-up-adjustments is flawed. What they don't tell you is that people move about while sleeping, thereby making the " adjustments" essentially useless. Its fine to lay straight or on your side and make the adjustments to push here and lower there and get comfortable in that position but while sleeping, you move about and those adjustments don't matter anymore in different positions. My wife tried all sorts of dial up combinations and nothing was satisfactory.The construction of the bed is basically from stapled pine boards, some ply bands and some plastic. Quality is average and would definitely only take a few hours to assemble, yet they charge nearly $4K for this. Profit on this bed has to be enormous. Secondly, beds for 2 people are actually 2 single beds stuck together which is OK in principle and has to be that way if each person wants to have individual adjustments, but the borders in the middle eventually create a very uncomfortable hump. Even with flipping the mattress over and around as recommended, the mattress develops depressions and you simply roll back into the depressions. Since the dials for us were useless, I fitted flat slats across the bed to convert it to a flat bed. This made no difference to the mattress - the hump in the middle stayed regardless of how often the mattress was flipped. The other issue with the mattress was its weight. A queens size full latex mattress weights a ton and I as 95 kg solid man cannot easily move this thing around and my wife had alot of trouble lifting the corners when making the bed. So this month I got rid of this super heavy 270mm latex mattress and got a ( second hand) firm inner spring mattress with a 50mm latex topper and the difference in comfort ( and weight) was huge. So, for us, full latex mattresses are out forever - way too heavy and the depressions remain permanent ( in less than 7 years!!!) and way, way too expensive and the dial up beds are a complete gimmick- sound good in theory but doesnt work and really, really overpriced.

Hi Andrew, have reached out with a Private Message to you without response. Would like to hear from you so we could discuss your concerns. Regards Wal Maguire CEOHi Andrew haven't heard from you but would really like to hear from you. Regards Wal Maguire CEOHi Andrew, it's been quite some time since I tried to contact you by Private Message and again I reach out to see if we can have some dialogue on this. Regards Wal Maguire CEO

Five out of Five Star Service from Lisa and Alex at Campbellfield

Five out of five really is too small a figure – a million out of five would be more befitting. We had the very best customer service from Lisa and Alex at Campbellfield, quite possibly the best customer service we’ve ever had from anyone!

Both Lisa and Alex deserve high praise (and a pay rise!), but I must give extra special mention to Lisa, not only the best in her field but a genuinely kind, caring and compassionate person as well. She went above and beyond to help us when we had a problem with our bed purchase, beyond the call of duty and beyond what I could safely say anyone else would have done.

It’s extremely rare these days to find someone who actually cares about their job, cares about what they do and cares about helping others. Most people are rather indifferent and only go to work merely to get paid and wouldn’t bother to stir an inch beyond what they have to do in order to keep their job. The average employee, if confronted with a situation they deem too hard to resolve, would most likely just push it aside and say “sorry, can’t help,” because the effort required to solve the issue is just too much of a bother and expenditure of energy.

And so with my usually cynical outlook on ordinary human nature, the answer I expected to receive when ringing customer service was that it would immediately be thrown into the ‘too hard’ basket, and with such an expectation I was rather reluctant to ring at all, feeling like I already knew what the answer would be.
But most happily in this instance was I proved wrong (and I usually don’t like being proved wrong) when, not only finding someone willing to help, but finding in Lisa someone who actually cared – and not just the fake, artificial, well-rehearsed and falsified rhetoric in semblance of supposed ‘understanding’ that is often droned out by customer service personnel, with the words being spoken but with little to no meaning or emotion behind them, no, Lisa was in fact real, the genuine article (if I may be forgiven the expression), a person first, and she showed genuine kindness and compassion for our situation and she bent over backwards to help us.

If I had a business, I would be very much inclined to want to steal Lisa from Beds For Backs and have her come work for us, because she is absolutely the best, and you’d never find someone better anywhere, and I really hope her employers know what a truly valuable asset they have in her and the overwhelmingly positive contribution she makes for the company.

We are Lisa fans, she is awesome!!

February 17th 2018 Update: Amazing Customer Service From Lisa At Campbellfield!!!!!

Lisa has again proven what a genuinely kind and wonderful person she is. She really cares about her job, the products she sells, and goes above and beyond what is expected to ensure customers are happy with their purchases.
Such attributes are indeed a rare thing to find these days as most sales people barely comprehend the meaning of customer service, but as has been aforementioned, Lisa is certainly a cut above the rest.
She has been instrumental in helping us to make sure all was right with our bed, doing absolutely everything possible to ensure it was perfect, even facilitating the construction of an extra support base to help make everything as comfortable as possible.
We just want to thank everyone involved for organising our unusual request, starting with Lisa of course and extending to the people behind the scenes (the boys out the back) who all helped make it possible.
We also want to thank the delivery people for their great and friendly service too, you guys do an awesome job!
By an easy mistake, one of the items we had ordered was misplaced and not put in with the rest of the delivery, and when Lisa had been informed of this, she went out of her way to make an extra special trip to our house (which wasn't just down the road either, it would have been over an hour's drive and with tolls included!) to make certain that we received it, and it must be accentuated that this was done all on her day off as well! You would not find many employees who would do that, which just proves again that she goes beyond the call of duty in her work practices and is a genuinely compassionate person.
Thank you again for all of your help!
Kind Regards,
Robyn and Emma.

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Robyn & Emma, thank you for feedback on your experience at Beds for Backs. We know we have wonderful staff and the best customer service you can find. I will personally acknowledge those concerned. Thank you again, Wal Maguire CEO

Outstanding Customer Service

My wife and I would like to thank Lisa and Alex from Beds for Backs(Campbellfield) for their courteous and friendly
assistance and helpful advice. Their concentrated efforts to ensure we selected a bed suited to our needs was
second to none. Thank you Beds for Backs (Campbellfield), thank you Lisa and Alex.
Kind regards John and Bev.

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John & Bev, thank you for sharing your experience at Beds for Backs Campbellfield. Our aim is to always ensure the customer selects what is best for their needs and our staff are a bonus on top. Regards Wal Maguire CEO

Disrespectful alex. Arrogant

Wanted to buy a five thousand dollar mattress and thought I was looking for a cheap bed after waiting half and hour for him to return to the store. Will never buy from him again. Very rude, arrogant.

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Hi Sam T it is an unfortunate situation when things do not work out for either of us. This matter was brought to my attention some 5 months ago and it is the first time, that I am aware that our staff had no other option than to ask you to leave the store. Again an unfortunate situation when you had already been a previous customer. Regards Wal Maguire CEO.

Amazing Service!

Thank you Alex and Lisa from Campbellfield Beds for backs! After having our mattress for about a year we noticed a bit of a ridge forming in the centre of the mattress. We contacted the team at campbellfield and Alex took the mattress back and opened it up to see if he could find a problem. Having not found anything structurally wrong. He took us through the whole process of mattress selection again to ensure that we were completely happy with our purchase. He then had the new mattress made up very quickly ensuring mimimal interruption and even threw in a lumbar back support and cooling layer for free and halved the cost difference between the two beds. We are very happy with the service and product and will recommend you to anyone seeking a new bed. Thanks again for service over and above our expectations.

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Vik, we stand strongly behind our Warranty and even though there was not any manufacturing fault our Factory Manager and Customer Service Officer went beyond to ensure a happy customer. Thank you for your review. Regards Wal Maguire CEO

Outstanding Service

We purchased our bed from the Campbellfield Store assisted by Lisa Ponting, the service provided on the day with the Occupational Therapist with us to assist in the correct bed selection was extremely helpful and patient with our decison making. Lisa also assistance at home when the bed was deliverd, her assistance was above & beuond what we had expected. Thank you Lisa at Bed for Backs

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Joey together with your Occupational Therapist and assistance from our Consultant you were able to make the right bed selection and receive the in-home support to ensure the bed was set up for your needs. A great outcome for all, thank you for your review and I will certainly acknowledge the Consultant involved. Regards Wal Maguire CEO

Outstanding Service By Lisa At Campbellfield Store

I bought an adjustable electric bed and accessories from the Campbellfield store, from the time I walked in Lisa spent alot of time with me and was so nice and helpful, I was not rushed or pushed to buy. Alex the owner also spent alot of time explaining and showing me the technical things in a way I could understand, which I much appreciated. The bed etc, were professionally delivered and installed and Lisa went out of her way to come after work and put on the special mattress protector and also put on the linen to make the entire bed for me as I have a bad back. I went to there first to look at beds and bought it there due to their outstanding customer service.
Thankyou so much.

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Adeline having your bed made for you is something special! We are delighted to hear of the service you received and I will certainly be acknowledging the staff members direct. Regards Wal Maguire CEO

Exceptional service...outstanding care

I purchased my queen size spine aligner mattress from Beds for Backs a few years ago and was starting to have some issues with it. Peter from the Sth Melbourne store where I purchased, together with Alex and Lisa from Campbellfield couldn't do enough to fix the issues and make sure everything was just perfect for me. I couldn't compliment this team any more - to get this level of service a few years down the track is just incredible. Certainly makes the initial investment extremely worthwhile. Peter - thank for you coming to the house to see the mattress and help me identify the issues. Lisa - thank you for such consistent communication to keep me abreast of everything. And Alex - thank you for taking the time to explain the detail and check every part of the mattress and be prepared to change all the springs and padding for me. It was an absolute pleasure to deal with you all and I couldn't recommend your business highly enough. I'd give more than 5 stars if I could
Wendy - Port Melbourne

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Wendy what a great outcome when you thought your mattress was no good. With local manufacturing we are able to make changes when peoples needs have changed. Regards Wal Maguire CEO

chasing cloud 9

So i have c3-4, c4-5, t7-8, t11-12, L3-4, L4-5 & L5-S1 issues. All have bulges with desiccation!! Sleep has been a scary thing to me for a long time. My old bed was starting to make my sleep worse, not just sleep but also how i woke up. So i decided to skip the usual suspects & looked into beds for back. After a couple conversation I purchased my mattress with a Happiness guarantee at the Northland store. Unsure what my sleep would be like this took the guess work out of the equation if the mattress didn't fit. Sure enough I took up the happiness Guarantee & ended up at Head office chatting with Alex. That meeting led to greater understanding & a better fit mattress. My new Mattress has gifted me with better sleep & a nicer way to wake up. My back can be unpredictable on good days, with my new mattress & the whole experience has been a great start to better sleep for a greater recovery. i didn't go crazy & get the whole kit its baby steps for me. its been a long time coming & i couldn't have asked for a better result. Don't leave it too long like i did go see these guys, the product is great & the working knowledge brilliant. Super happy with my purchase. Brilliant

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Michael thanks for your comments and explanation of your issues. It's great that we have been able to assist you. Regards Wal Maguire CEO

Very happy with our purchase

We purchased a Couples queen bed with a dual hard / soft topper from the store in Campbellfield .
After a few weeks settling in I realized my side did not suit my back with having a previous back injury.
Made a call to Alex and he was able to get things sorted out, readjusted it and it is all suitable now with no charge.
Thank you Alex and Lisa.
Very happy with the bed !!!

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StanB thank you for your review recognising the extra work carried out to ensure the bed meets your needs. Our Happiness Guarantee is second to none in the industry providing genuine outcomes for genuine issues people may have. Regards Wal Maguire CEO

Should have got this bed YEARS ago !!

I've had this bed for just over four years and I can't live without it. I had the usual back and shoulder pains and after doing some research I stumbled across "Beds For Backs". In a nutshell, I clearly remember the first time I slept on the bed, the following morning I literally sprung out of bed. Over a short period of time my body complaints were a thing of the past. THE BEST BED I'VE EVER SLEPT ON. It really does prove that you get what you pay for and this is a classic example. I have no hesitation in recommending these beds to anyone, anytime, anywhere! The best part about it, they're Australian made.

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Cirian it's great to hear that you're bed is doing what it is designed to do and we are confident that it will still be going strong in 10 years time. Regards Wal Maguire CEO

Thanks Alex

Thank you to Alex, production manager at Beds for Backs for looking after me all these years. I have purchased two mattress, a slat base and stopper through Beds for Backs. Recently on finding my newest mattress too hard, Alex bought it back into the factory and added a comfort layer. This has helped with the softness.. but unfortunately its still too hot. The cooling layer works but is difficult to sleep on.

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Karen, is really great to hear from a long time customer. Yes comfort layers can hold heat and any mattress with a thick topper will be hotter that one without. Again, Karen thanks for your honest review. Regards Wal Maguire CEO

Love the bed

We just love the bed. Very comfortable. Wake up fully rested. Not to mention excellent customer service from Kristy -Campbellfield branch. Will definitely recommend to others.

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Evelyn, thank you for your review and comment on our staffs customer service at the Campbellfield store. We hope you enjoy your new bed for a long time and see you back in 10 - 15 years time. Regards Wal Maguire CEO

My faith is restored!

Late 2005 I was diagnosed with a bulging disc at L3/4. In 2006 I decided to go to Beds for Backs in Campbellfield for a mattress that would give me extra support.
In 2008 I had surgery for a herniated disc and in 2010 had in inflamed nerve root at L5.
In 2010, my mattress wasn't as firm as I needed and I called Beds for Backs who sent out a consultant to offer me more support as my mattress was still under warranty. The extra supports I was given really helped but in 2014 I felt I needed a new mattress.
As I was extremely satisfied with my first mattress, I wasn't going anywhere but Beds for Backs. I went to the Preston store and unfortunately was talked into buying something I wasn't 100% satisfied with. I should have called to complain about my mattress but persisted with it. Not only was my mattress not right for me, but within 18 months my mattress was extremely uncomfortable and I had to put the extra supports under the mattress and I still didn't have enough support.
In 2016 I received a letter from Beds for Backs as I was a loyal customer. After much frustration and hesitation as I lost all faith in them, I decided to call the Campbellfield store and explain my situation. The staff at Campbellfield were extremely helpful and gave me a consultation with Alex to rectify the problem.
Within the first 5 minutes Alex went through my problem and explained the different mattress to me. In the next hour and 25 minutes, Alex tested me on different mattress and didn't stop until he understood my back issues and not only did he find a system that would be right for me now and for the future he went out of his way to find the inexpensive option that would be beneficial.
Not only did Alex restore my faith in Beds for Backs but he went above and beyond to find out what suited me. I would highly recommend Beds for Backs for everyone not just for people who have back problems.

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Hi Karen Thank you for your frank and honest review. It's great to hear we have been able to address your needs. Regards Wal Maguire CEO

Excellence Customer Service

I would like to thanks Alex from Beds for Backs Campbellfield for his help. He is best with all the knowledge about mattress.
I purchased King mattress in 2012 had problem with the Mattress in last few months, I made a report to Beds 4 backs and Alex came through and inspected the mattress and straight away booked the mattress to be picked up and fix the mattress and by the way Alex arrange a loan mattress for the time my mattress is fix.
Would highly recommend Beds4 Backs.

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Omkar76, thank you for your positive review and we are pleased to have been assistance to you. Regards Wal Maguire CEO

Excellent service

Have had a mattress and the system that goes under the mattress for 9years.. Thought we needed a new mattress so we went to campbellfield store with our trailer. Well we came home with an empty trailer....
Thanks to Peter he refreshed our memories how to use the system... We applied this and haven't looked back....
My husband has a bad back and I also have hands problems,in which this has helped us both.
If you have a back problem this is what you need....

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Peter, thank you for your review. Yes it would have been easy for us to sell you another mattress, but our Consultant was able to assess your existing mattress still had plenty of life and all you needed was to reset your ergocomfort system. Look forward to seeing you in a few years time when maybe your mattress does need an uprade. Regards Wal Maguire CEO

Amazing before and after sales service.

We purchased a dial adjustable bed two years ago. Loved it but my husband's health needs changed and we needed an electric bed with head and foot elevation. Went back to Campbellfield store to discuss our needs with Alex. He went out of his way to meet our request, to the extent of having our new bed made and delivered within two weeks, also amazingly made a cost consideration from the purchase price of our previous bed. You just can't get better customer satisfaction than that. We are loving the new bed, it allows us both to have a more restful night's sleep. We both couldn't recommend a product or company more highly.
Carole and John Dunbar

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Carole and John thank you for your kind words. Our philosophy is a bed is an investment not a purchase and that we should support our customers throughout its life. Regards Wal Maguire

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