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we have a beko heat pump dryer bdp83hw purchased july 2019 and the condensor clogs with lint even though we clean the internal lint filters after every dry. the lint on the condensors is also damp.
please advise solution

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David S.

David S.asked

I noticed this has a reverse tumble action, can an owner tell me if a set of sheets and doona cover can be dried unattended without tangling?

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Another concerned mother

Another concerned motherasked

Hmmm...struggling to get things dry...hope its just a matter of finding the correct setting....

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anyone that bought this still happy with it? Thanks

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Yes, it is performing to expectations since I purchased from Appliances Online. I purchased at a slight discount to recommended retail price. It is very quiet in operation, I measured with full load at at 62dB max noise level. This model doesn't support internal drying rack for joggers or wool jumpers, like some alternate brand offerings. When you select drying program, it displays anticipated time period to complete drying, then adjusts as it is running to normally finish well short of original estimate.
I have put a full 7.5kg load though my Miele W5943 this morning and have decided to actually measure the time taken to complete load on Cotton Extra Dry Program and also selecting RapiDry option to further reduce drying time.The RapiDry selection further reduced initial 2:45 on eco only, to 2:10 at start of drying at 11:43am local time .
At 12:26pm the display was indicating 0:38min remaining time, having revised time estimate on the fly as load was drying. At this point ambient air temp outside home was 15 deg C. Internal temp in home 20deg C and 44deg C measured at heat pump vent on dryer. Noise level 58.5dB measured 1mtr on axis from dryer.
Dryer program End 13:02pm
Actual drying time for full load mixed clothing items was 1hr 19min on fastest least economical cycle .
Not using the RapiDry function would be most economical and take additional 30min estimate.
It can dry for example, on Shirts 30 cycle, 3 shirts or 1 light clothing change =3 items, from wet to completely dry in about 30min if you are in a hurry.
Hope this helps.

Rooster girl

Rooster girlasked

Does the drum spin one way or both?

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The drum rotates mostly in clockwise direction, with timed pauses, where it reverses direction briefly for a couple of turns to cause any tangles and balled sheets etc to rearrange distribution, then returns to clockwise rotation again. It continues to do this throughout main drying cycles.

Just another observation: You cannot purchase drying rack for jumpers , joggers etc, internal auxiliary item similar to Bosch or Miele, as this option is not supported by Beko

I am happy with the performance of this dryer after using it for a few months without incident, and is doesn't steam up laundry with condensation.
I have measured noise level at 62dB when running on big load. The heat pump doesn't cook your clothes, ruin elastics etc as it runs at lower temp, but still gets the job done. It is rated 8 stars energy efficient when you stick to straight heat pump operation, but if you are pressed for time, you have option to select hybrid/heat boost function, which adds extra heat from conventional electric element to get job done quickly. In this mode it functions like fan heater, supplementing the heat pump to reduce drying time, but at reduced energy efficiency.

Rooster girl
Rooster girl

thank you for your help


Revision to previous comment on reverse tumble action.
After observation and consideration of the periodic halts to forward rotation and the brief reverse of drum rotation.
I think this short pause and incomplete reverse rotation, is actually a program step, when the dryer measures the progress of drying of contents. Most of these types of dryers have some means of sensing the degree of drying / remaining moisture, sometimes via sensors built into drum paddles, requiring a set period of contact to compare reading against set point reference settings in control program.

Rooster girl

Rooster girlasked

Can this dryer be wall mounted?

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No, due to weight of unit.
It can be stacked upon a similar sized front load washer with a stacking mat, between for ventilation. I got mine delivered with the mat from Appliances Online to sit on top of my Miele front loader washer.
I don't know if it would be advisable to sit a heavier appliance on top of a lighter one, for safety reasons. In my situation the washer was heavier than the heat pump dryer, so OK.


Hi Roostergirl, how are you finding the machine?

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