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Bellriver Homes

Bellriver Homes

NSW, Balkhum Hills and NSW, Orange
4.5 from 57 reviews

5 Month build. Very happy with our new Bellriver home!

We started our build process with Bellriver in September 2017. Since that time we have been very happy with the whole process with Bellriver. We attended the Oran Park display centre and spoke with Daniel. He went through a number of house designs and priced them to see what house would fit within our budget.

Being our first build the paperwork that was required for council etc. was explained to us step by step. The fixed priced site costs made it easy for us to budget how much the build would cost. We built the Bayswater 22 and made a number of changes which were done easily. The ladies at colour's selection helped us with adding things that were needed and were never pushy to spend money on things we didn't need.

We started our build in Mid February 2018 and moved in Mid July 2018. Other than a few minor things that had to be fixed our build process was very smooth. Our site supervisor Manny contacted us every week to give us an update on how our build was progressing. After receiving handover in July 2018 the large majority of items on our defect list have been fixed. Would definitely recommend Bellriver homes, especially to first home buyers.

Construction End DateJul 2018

So happy with our experience with Bell River

We committed to building with Bell River back in 2016 and moved into our new first home last month. The delays were out of Bell River's control but once the land had been approved, they worked hard and quickly to produce our home. Despite a couple of hiccups along the way, we were so happy with the final product. The finishes on the home were great. To be honest, we wouldn't have been able to get through the last couple of months if it wasn't for our Site Sup Mat Warton. He kept us in the loop every week with his Friday phone calls, worked so hard each week to fulfill our dream of being in the home before Christmas. We will always appreciate Mat's honesty and ability to produce a flawless product. THANK YOU MAT & the team at Bell River!

Construction End DateNov 2018

Excellent Building Experience

We are first home buyers purchased a land, shopped around the market to find builder for about 3 months and finally ended-up choosing Bellriver Homes. We have never regretted for our decision throughout construction process. It started with Dane Oliver – Jordan Springs display home sales officer. He explained all the details and went through the initial process of house building. Tender pricing was very clear in terms of what is included in the pricing.
Communication manager Liz Latham was helpful to get the approval quickly and also you can always expect a prompt response from her.
Supervisors are very experienced and knowledgeable and always call us to discuss the progress. Our special thanks to Phil. It was very fast and quality construction – slab poured on 18-May-18 and we did the PCI by end of October 2018 (5 Months Construction – half of contract duration).
We can honestly say that we have high quality home. Over all we had great experience dealing with Bellriver Homes. AND our 2nd will definitely be with Bellriver Homes. Thank you Bellriver Home Team.

Construction End DateOct 2018

So happy with Bellriver so far

We are first home buyers who have just purchased a house and land package from Bellriver homes. Never in our wildest dreams did we think that we would be able to afford to build a house ourselves, but Bellriver have made that possible for us.

After reading a number of great reviews online, we attended the display home in Jordan Springs to inspect the features of the house. We loved the quality and the finishes, and our Client Executive Fred Van Urk took the time to sit down and discuss the possibilities with our budget. In comparison, a number of other sales people from other building companies had laughed at our budget, and told us we wouldn’t be able to do much with it. Fred presented us with a package and a block of land that is absolutely perfect for us, and well within our budget. We were astounded that we had found something so affordable. Even our broker was shocked, and encouraged us to jump on the great deal that they had offered us. Our broker asked if Fred would be willing to have a quick chat over the phone about the features and location of the house with him, just to ensure that the right questions were being asked. Fred did so, and an hour later we put down our $1000 holding fee, which we were advised would go towards the overall deposit.

Approximately one week later, we were given the land contract which was a lot faster than we were expecting. Our conveyancer looked over the documents, and any small issues that were pointed out were altered promptly. Fred continually liaised with our broker and solicitor without us even asking, and to be honest, a large proportion of the time we haven’t had to lift a finger because Bellriver staff have liaised so well with the people representing us.

We added a number of inclusions to our plans, and Fred was never pushy towards us spending more money, and was upfront and honest about what we would/wouldn’t need.

We then set a time for the tender appointment, and Greg and Fred took a lot of time sitting down with floorplans, facades, and the tender. Having never been through the process before, they were both patient with us when we had questions or didn’t understand elements of the tender and build contract. Fred once again was happy to speak to our broker and solicitor at the conclusion of this meeting, in case we had missed anything before we signed the tender. Changes to the progress payment schedule were requested by our broker, and these were altered by Bellriver on the spot without any issue. We then paid the tender acceptance fee, which we were advised also goes towards the overall deposit and signed the tender. We were worried about getting the valuation and unconditional approval back, and Greg was able to compromise with us and stated that he would hold off on moving the process forward by a week until we had the green light from the bank. A copy of the build contract and tender was immediately given to us, and emailed to our broker and conveyancer at the conclusion of the meeting. This was all within two weeks of first walking through the display home.

We had a few issues with the bank side of things, however Bellriver were able to compromise with us to achieve an outcome that we are very happy with, which has ultimately resulted in us being able to move forward and book an appointment to sign the contracts next week.

So far, the team at Bellriver have made this stage of the process as seamless and as stress free as possible. The way we have been treated by every staff member we’ve come into contact with is outstanding, and we could not be more appreciative, especially being new to this process. They have presented us with plans for a home that we are over the moon with, and we can’t wait to see the end result.

Construction End DateJul 2019

Is this a Joke??? Worst experience so far !!!

We are into 8th week and still waiting for Tender even after paying $1000 as Tender Fee (many other builders quote for free and within 2 weeks). They had promised that it will be ready in 2-3 weeks. Forget about tender, we haven't got floor plan yet with the changes requested and agreed upon with the Sales Consultant before making paying for it. Relationship Manager hardly responds to queries on time.

Worst experience to start with. Not sure if I will continue with them.

Construction End DateDec 2019

Distressing, Horrible - The worst experience we have ever encountered.

We were initially referred to Bellriver Homes by one of our best friends.
Subsequently, we made an enquiry, in the enquiry we very clearly stipulated the houses we were interested in, the size of our block and the fact that we were keen to discuss costs ASAP. The Chief Operations Officer called to confirm a member from his team would be in contact with me. The details of our expectation were discussed with the COO and the Sales Team Member, including budget, expectations, timelines etc.

The COO and the Sales Team Member confirmed they were able to work with us and keep the price as close to our budget as possible. They advised they would make it work. After countless emails discussing plans, sizes, inclusions etc. we met with the Bellriver Sales Team f2f, where we again discussed our plan in further detail, costings, features, sizes of rooms and the new promotion about to be launched.

After all of the back and forth of putting together and finalizing the plan, Bellriver requested we pay $1000 AUD for a tender fee. The $1000 was to bring our plans to life and subsequently a contract which contained a fixed price, in line wit our budget.

When we arrived to our tender meeting, we were advised that they could not do the tender meeting on that specific day due to significant errors in the plans. This was very distressing to take as we had spent months looking for the perfect floor plan, only to have to completely alter it.

After finalizing our new plans, yet again, Bellriver Homes confirmed the draftsman would work on it over the weekend and have something to us by the following Monday. During the meeting we also met the Head of Operations who advised he would be happy to discuss the tender f2f and even offered to come and meet us outside of business hours or at the Jordan Springs office.

Monday comes, and nothing was ready. The draftsman had yet again made more mistakes with the plans and the tender. This then was extended to Wednesday, then the following Friday and then again where we were advised the latest we would have it was by Monday 29th October.

On Monday, we again had not received anything. I had called Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday to follow up with 5 different individuals, including the Sales Team, Relationship Manager and the head of Operations. No one could give me an answer. After speaking with my Relationship Manager finally, she lied to me and advised that Bellriver had tried to contact me multiple times and i was not available to take their calls!

When we finally got in touch, we were advised the COO was fired for serious misconduct and they couldn’t proceed with the tender because no one had authority within the company to approve our budget and it shouldn’t of been approved at all!!

To think that we were mislead to believe that Bellriver would build our house (keeping in mind this is where we were going to spend the next 20 years of our life and grow up our children) to putting plans together, being told we are moving forward to tender stages, therefore paying $1000 for a tender, attending a meeting where the tender wasn’t ready, changing our plans to meet the requirements that Bellriver made mistakes on, to then going back and forth with Bellriver not once, not twice but on 4 occasions until they got the tender and plans right - to then being advised that the Sales Director was no longer with the business and shouldn’t have approved or agreed to our budget, to then being told you cannot build our home due to costings is absolutely repulsive.

The worst thing about it - all of the Bellriver Team knew about this situation however, not one of them picked up the phone to call to explain, even after countless attempts to phone the COO, Sales Team, Relationship Manager and finally the Managing Director of Bellriver Homes.

We do not recommend Bellriver at all! Get out while you can.

Construction End DateAug 2019

An excellent outcome in quality and professionalism

We chose Bellriver Homes for the third time we built and were vindicated in our decision by the recent timely completion of the house to our complete satisfaction. The quality and appearance is of the highest standard as was promised by all BRH personnel we communicated with. Our sales consultant Daniel was personable, knowledgeable, helpful and importantly not your typical salesman. Our colour consultant at the BRH offices Nazneen assisted greatly with choices and suggestions in the various decisions that we made. Her approach was supportive and informative. Our building supervisor Peter kept us informed of progress on a weekly basis and was available anytime to discuss any of our queries if required and on site if needed. He explained construction details in a manner clearly understood by us. He provided other sources of information owners would require once the handover took place. This aspect speeded up our settling in period.
Two adverse experiences were in the electrical review and external media connection. I understand the electrical problem was a one off but the media (NBN,TV and Phone) needs more explanation by BRH especially to new purchasers.
Building a new home can be a daunting experience but with the professionalism of Bellriver staff It was smooth.

Construction End DateSep 2018

A very positive experience!

I have got many homes built over the years by different builders and I must say building with Bellriver has been a very positive experience. The Sales team was very energetic and customer focused. The home designs were contemporary with the right range of accessories and fittings for us and best of all, the construction quality was very good and committed time lines were fully met. This was important for me. Throughout the build, the site supervisor, Paul Griffin was polite and approachable with an acute eye for quality. He earned my trust and represented Bellriver very professionally. The only area I felt that could do with more streamlining was better co-ordination between their internal office teams. However this was a minor point really.

Overall, I would have no hesitation in building with Bellriver again.

Construction End DateOct 2018

Great experience

We happened to go with Bellriver by chance, but rather thankfully so. We were looking for home and land packages near Edmondson park area and this package was presented to us. The salesman was keen to explain all the details and went through the initial process thoroughly. It was altogether a new experience for us, however, at each step he assured that everything will be fine with this offer and throughout the phases of construction. I had good working experience during the colour consultation and great experience with the electrical appointment with YHC (Your Home Consulting). The site supervisor Peter called us every Friday throughout the construction period and kept us informed about the progress. The construction was quick and up-to the mark. Overall we had a great experience dealing with Bellriver.

Construction End DateSep 2018

Excellent building experience

I am extremely happy with the home that Bell River has built for us.

Particularly impressive was the fact that they started at the end of March (2018) and handed over the house on October 2nd (2018).

A huge shout-out to our site supervisor Immanuel Beckhit who not only kept us informed every step of the way but attended to any issues we reported immediately. The communication from Bell River staff across the board was great.

The build quality was also excellent.

Construction End DateOct 2018

A fantastic home building experience

My wife and I are so glad that we built our new home with Bellriver Homes. From initial discussions with their sales rep at one of their display homes right through to handover with our supervisor, the experience we had was nothing short of amazing.

To start, their fixed site costs were an absolute blessing for us, as we had limited savings to get into the property market. The colour selections process was enjoyable and they even provided morning tea and lunch! When we got to site, our supervisor was hands down the person that made this experience as good as it was... he called every Friday to discuss progress, his timeframes were accurate, and he made time to see us on site when we wanted to have a look at how it was all going. Even 6 weeks after we've moved in, he's still proving very helpful with our queries.

I'm not a builder, but my Father is and when he was checking out the build at the various stages of construction he was very impressed. He (my Dad) backed our supervisors comments and decisions, so we felt like we were treated very well and honestly during the construction. We had a few minor planning issues which our customer relationship manager was excellent in handling, and a few minor build issues where our construction supervisor handled efficiently and professionally (AND made sure it was exactly what we wanted!).

There were no hidden costs along the way, and having lived in the house for 6 weeks now we are incredibly happy with the build quality. We tell everyone that will listen to us how good our build was! We have friends building houses with other building companies and our new neighbours are building with a different building company, and they have so many things to complain about... When I think back to the experience we had, we consider ourselves very lucky to have had such a great experience with Bellriver.

Do yourself a favour and talk with one of their sales guys at your closest display home location!

Construction End DateAug 2018

my lovely bellriver home

I built with Bell river homes because they have fix site cost . so there want be no other cost to us .if they hit rock . I went to lots of Buliders .but Bellriver homes are the best of them all. they started my house in may 2018 and I move in my home in September 2018 they built my house quick. and they done a good job we are happy that we built with them. and peter my Supervior ring me every Friday to update me . about my house , me and my husband are happy with our new home thank you to bellriver homes for built me my dream home .

Build StagePost-Construction
Construction End DateSeptember 2017
Quote AccuracyFinal cost was significantly over

Happy Owners

During house construction we were well informed of every progress of the construction. the building supervisor Manny would call us personally almost every friday and inform us what work has been done and what will be done the following week, so we were aware of every stage of our new home construction. during the construction we were also invited to have a look the progress of the construction. we did have a good experience with Bellriver homes and our house keys also given on the promised time. we are very thankful to Bellriver homes for building our dream home and there was no hidden charges attached to the final cost.

Construction End DateAug 2018

By dream house came true because of bell River Homes

building dream home is always a challenging job. me and my wife received our first dream house delivered by bell rivers home. its always a matter of time how long they gonna take to built it, surprisingly it took them no longer than 3 and half months to handover it to me. the construction period went very quick and nicely and the process through the construction was very nice and smooth as we wanted. we started with the design and plans, the sales team very good, as we were new buyers that had no much ideas they provided me with lots of ideas that has made my house so excellent. well done sales team. after that all the process of colour selection, electricity appointment and the handover was so smooth and hastleless.
i would like to thank suzzanne russell, head of tenders and contract for the excellent support that she has provided.
starting from our relationship manage Liz latham had a good communication with us about the registration and construction with the house.throughout the construction time Peter, our supervisor was excellent to the task. he was so informative that i don’t need to worry much about the house. every week he used to provide me the detailed information about what was done and what will be done nest week. he was professional and up to the task.
Now talking about the quality of the product that has been used is excellent. the quality with choose were best. from design to the construction we can not ring any complains on it.
The cost price was the same as we aggries before signing the contract. No dramas at the time of handover, excellent
At the end to sum of bell river homes is excellent and had a very good experience with them. if in near future i would have one more house i would go with bell rivers again. i recommend it to others if you have a dream of a house than bell river homes is the one who can bring your dream comes true.

Construction End DateAug 2018

Could not have made a better decision!

My wife and I have recently received our first home delivered by Bellriver Homes. We couldn’t be more happier. The home was completed much earlier than anticipated and was finished with the same quality as discussed. This being an investment property we were particular about the money we wanted to spend. From the moment we entertained in one of the Bellriver display home and met Ray ( Sales team member) we instantly felt right. He listened to us and the objective of the property and suggested us the plan that would suit our purpose. We instantly decided Bellriver over other builders we met. We found Bellriver’s product much more competitive with others we saw. Once we signed the contract we met Mat ( site Contractor) who guided us step by step as we were so new to the whole process of building a home. He gave us enough time for us to plan and educate us all the way. He was very approachable and professional. To sum up we had a great experience with Bellriver homes and I would chose them again to make my dream home. I wish all the best to the team for future.
Rusty and Nikita.

Construction End DateAug 2018

An Old Fashioned Aussie Customer Service

Recently we sold our house and when scrolling through the internet just by chance we found Malcolm who represents Bellriver homes. Saying by chance although we don't believe in chances and accidents in our course of life. We firmly believe everything that happens, happens for a strong reason, just like it's described in my favourite movie "The signs". Basically everything is for a purpose and everything has an explanation and the full meaning of this is going to be known at some later stages of our lives. So we decided to call Malcolm and what struck me first was his calmness and patience while explaining every detail of buying a house and land package and then we decided that this was a turning point to choose Bellriver Homes. In on coming days and weeks Malcolm reserved land for us and helped us in an incredible way in every other details in buying our new home. This reminded us of true beloved Australia and old fashioned quality service of the 60's and 70's that are these days hard to find. So if you guys want to venture into buying a house or buying a house and land package and want a peaceful night's sleep at the same time, we would strongly recommend Bellriver Homes. Our rating so far is 5 out of 5 or 9.9 out of 10..Well done Bellriver Homes

Construction End DateJul 2019

Perfect dream home delivery

Construction of our first home with Bellriver went extremely smooth and we faced no hassles at any stage be it design, color selection, liasing with the bank for payments leading upto the handover.

Georgie from the sales team was pleasant and patiently showed us several designs and made some design changes to cater our needs.
The promotional complimentary upgrades included in our package were 'nice to have' items that we didn't have to shell out extra money to upgrade separately. Lucky we!!!

Our relationship manager Liz was helpful by providing all the required documents on time and promptly responding to our queries.

We were also delighted with our experienced site supervisor Mat who sent us regular weekly progress updates since the commencement of construction. This made a huge difference. It was nice working with such a friendly person who had strong attention to detail with the ability to time manage, problem solve & met deadlines. Infact, Mat handed over our home a month earlier than the expected delivery date without compromising on quality and on many ocassions he also went an extra mile to ensure any minor issues identified after handover were addressed quickly & effeciently by engaging the sub-contractors. Such people are definitely an asset to the Bellriver team.

There were no indirect costs involved and fittings were of good quality.

In a nutshell, it was a great experience building with Bellriver especially this home being our first. The process was seamless and worry free about the final outcome. So happy to say that we absolutely love our dream home. We would highly recommend Bellriver to our friends and family.

Construction End DateJul 2018

An easy way to build a beautiful new home!

I built a new home at Calderwood Valley and it couldn't have been easier. Bellriver homes were a delight to work with from the very beginning. The day spent colour selections was an enjoyable experience and it was never too much trouble to answer my questions by the team in the office. Paul, my construction manager was exceptional and delivered a quality home, on time, on budget and to the envy of my neighbours who didn't get such great workmanship. I made variations to the build early in the design phase and nothing was missed. I am extremely happy with the outcome and can't believe how seamless the Bellriver team made this experience. Highly recommended and would use Bellriver again.

Construction End DateAug 2018

Great Experienced Builder

Bellriver was refer to me by another friend who had used Bellriver Homes previously.
Bellriver is my first home building experience. The customer service team that I dealt with prior to building my first house was quite helpful at the colour selection stage. They provided pros and cons to the products selected to assist me with my decision and were patient..

During the construction stage,I was kept to date with my progress. The site manager Manni was quite experienced and was happy to walk my partner and I through the stages when we requested. Whenever I see a fault, Manni would note it down and make sure the contractors attend to it the next time they come around.

Overall constructions was completed swiftly and no stress.

The aftercare service that Bellriver provided,especially Lincoln, once the construction was completed to fix any faults and defect. This made me feel like I made the right decision to go with Bellriver to complete the construction of my first home.

Construction End DateJun 2017

Building of our new home

From the moment we entered the bellriver office to our hand over , all exceeded our expectations!
Each person we were assigned went over and above. Manny our Project manager was amazing ! He was in constant communication with us and provided weekly updates. Both Liz and Vicky in the office were great !
From booking in our colour selection ( also a great experience with Nazneen )to setting up payment reminders all was taken care of by Bellriver. This is our third build ( 1st with Bellriver) and have nothing but positive things to say about them in both product and build . Absolutely NO hidden extra costs!!!!! Thank you Bellriver we love our new home. We could not be happier ! if we are ever lucky enough to build again. It will definitely be a Bellriver

Construction End DateJul 2018

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Please contact Dominic Rego [contact detail removed] New build at 34 Victoria St Malabar NSW 2 storey 4 bedroom rear lane double garage and granny flat. Scope: Knock down existing fibro house and new build DA approved plans by architect Looking for a reliable competitive builder Modern design with lightweight building materials Aim to start building end of 2018 Please let me know if this fits your scope [email address removed]
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Hi Dominic, Thanks for your enquiry. We would welcome the opportunity to discuss this with you. Please contact Bellriver on (02) 8858 6100 and we can set up a meeting to better understand your design requirements Thank you Bellriver Homes

We are hoping to build a Lachlan Homestead Home? Anyone built this home? We would love to be able to view the finished home via a photo at least? Alison
1 answer
I wont recommend building with this company. They are dishonest people. I am sure about reviews that give them 5 star rating are fabricated and done through their own associates. I can list huge number of things about their mistakes and unfair dealings. Be safe.

I am about to put a deposit now and i am building the Bays Water 254. Anyone who has recent build with em if can help what wss the experience and what was the fix tender
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Be careful. they are not trustworthy people. just finished building with them. worst experience ever. fix tender is a joke. they will rip you off when you reach color selection. and things sales people promise before the contract changes after the contract signed and then excuses for not honouring those promises starts. I wont recommend anyone to go ahead and build with this company after what i have experienced. They may sound cheap as they advertise compare to other big brand building companies but they are not cheap at the end.-What stage are you up to now in construction?

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