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Better Built Homes

Couldn’t ask for better quality, service & value.

Right from the first engagement with Better Built Homes we felt like they were a class above the competition.

Having spent several weeks shopping around the display villages we had closely considered other builders but we went with Better Built because their sales people took the time to explain the finer details of the building process, listened attentively and were quite accommodating with the design variations we wanted. We felt confident we’d made the right choice whereas with other builders we felt like we were just being pitched to without really knowing if we’d get what we were paying for.

Once we’d signed up and the build commenced, the excellent service continued and the inevitable issues that came up such as unavailability of materials we’d selected were managed with ease, and more than once we received free upgrades to compensate.

At practical completion we were again pleasantly surprised with the attention to detail that went in to the inspections, things that we hadn’t, and probably wouldn’t, have even noticed.

We couldn’t ask for better.

Construction End DateDec 2018
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Hi Scott, thank you for taking the time to write your wonderful review. Our team really appreciates your feedback. We take pride in our workmanship and quality trades for all the homes we build. It has been a pleasure building your new home and we hope you love living in your new home for many years to come!

Outstanding quality home builders

We didn’t know what to expect as this was our first time building and we were building our forever home. We had read and heard horror stories from people who had bad experiences with other builders. After own research and much consideration, we decided to go with Better Built.

The entire building process was seamless and stress free. My husband and I were very impressed with the level of professionalism and care we received from day one right through to handover. The team were upfront with the costs and the upgrades which we appreciated. This enable us to make the right choices and they worked with us to create our dream home.

Our house was completed within the expected timeframe. We were kept in the loop the entire time. We received communication and honestly from our site manager and the team. The quality of our house is superb! Only very minor defects that were addressed right away with no fuss (defects which you wouldn’t even notice).

We love living here and wake up every morning with a smile as this is our dream home where we plan on growing out little family and creating memories. We cannot thank the team enough.

Thanks Neel – We loved the feature window and your expertise with the initial stage
Thanks Mel – For assisting us with choosing our interior finishes
Thanks Aaron – For providing genuine care and support
Thanks Brayden – For being so approachable, kind and providing all the maintenance

Construction End DateAug 2018
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Hi Shruti, on behalf of Aaron, Jayden and the team, we would like to thank you for taking the time to write your wonderful review. We really enjoyed building your new home and may you have many happy years in your beautiful new home.

Efficient and stress free

Very professionally and friendly process with very helpful staff.
Project was completed in a timely manner and within budget and any inquiries or issues raised by me where promptly handled with minimum fuss.
The finish was the best that I have experienced with almost nil minor defects.
The final cost was the same as the original estimates provided and the builder was very obliging and understanding and didn't issue cost variations for any minor additional requests.

Construction End DateMay 2018
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Hi Bill, thank you for your wonderful 5-star review. Our clients are very important to us and we strive to raise the bar every time we build a new home and it certainly looks like we achieved it with your lovely new home. We enjoyed being part of your building journey and hope you enjoy your new home for many years to come.

Great team and so far very impressed

The team at BBH is excellent. From meeting the sales consultant at the display home to the site manager, they have been very professional, helpful and quick.

They have been accommodating to our requests and have delivered on their promises. We are expecting to move in into our new home in the new year and looking forward to a great finished home and we’re sure BBH will deliver. We highly recommend BBH as they are not your typical builder that just wants to make money and leave.

Well done Aaron and the BBH team.

Construction End DateJan 2019
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Hi Danny, thank you so much for your 5-star review and for your recommendation. Our team really appreciates feedback from our clients as it helps to confirm we are getting things right when we build new homes. We wish you all the best for the future in your new home.

Outstanding Home Builders!

If you are after an outstanding home builder, Better Built Homes is the way to go.

The whole process of building a new home seems so confusing and stressful. You hear many tragic stories of builds going wrong and really rely on others experience and reviews to make your decision. Most display homes have nice features but none of them feel like home. When it comes to alterations many companies have limits. This alienated us from the idea of creating a new home but after doing our homework and getting an idea of what we’d like, we were determined to build our dream home and Better Built Homes made that dream a reality.

We stumbled across Better Built Homes from browsing reviews, I was not happy about the reviews I was reading so clicked on the Better Built ad. I was in complete shock that all their reviews were five stars and urged my husband to go and view their homes in Oran Park. We thought we would just be asking a few questions, but by the end of it, thanks to the help of the friendly and helpful Sales Consultant, Neal, our dream home was sketched right in front of our eyes. The process was so easy, everything was explained clearly and most importantly, everything was up front. The standard inclusions are above par, we were able to have that high ceiling we always dreamed of, I was able to alter my roof to not look flat and we were finally able to have a parents retreat away from the kids. It was perfect. With everything being so perfect, we were a little intimidated and decided to check the reviews again to see if it is all talk and no action, but nonetheless – all the reviews were honest and positive.

After Neal, we were introduced to Lesley to continue the process. She was fantastic. She took care of the council, answered any questions and if we didn’t understand what was going on, she would go over it slowly with us. (Mind you, every time you ring up you would talk to Lesley and she was like your case worker for this stage of the process). In the meantime, while all paperwork was getting done by Lesley, we were also introduced to Mel – she is great at what she does and helped us effortlessly in choosing our colours for the interior of our home. Her team took charge and assisted in making every stage of the process as easy as possible for us. If we had an idea – they worked with it. They didn’t push their ideas on you and they were very patient and understanding when it came to the selection process. It wasn’t stressful, it was extremely fun to be creative and see your ideas be put to life.

Better Built Homes are more about quality over quantity. They limit their builds to focus on their customers and reach deadlines effortlessly. They check up with you frequently to keep you updated with the process and have a high level of communication with their clients. Peter the site supervisor was outstanding. He was readily available if we needed him and got every issue solved immediately. In his own words ‘something is always bound to happen – if it didn’t I wouldn’t need to be here’. Nothing is going to be perfect but it is how professional Better Built Homes were in dealing with these mishaps that really made them stand out for us. If Peter couldn’t solve something, Aaron was here the very next day, or even the same day to solve it. We felt like our home was important to them, just like it is for us. Peter. We thank you from the bottom of our heart for being part of building our new home. Thank you.

Our home was expected to be finished by Christmas this year, but the team were so effective that we had the keys for me and my daughter’s birthday in September. We can’t believe we are now living in the home of our dreams. It has been a long process but well worth it. The whole process was stress free, don’t be scared to let them be your home builder. You will not be disappointed. The whole family are in love with our new home from Better Built Homes.

Thanks to everyone for making this possible; to Neal, Lesley, Mel, Peter, Aaron. To the whole Better Built team. Thank you.

Construction End DateSep 2018
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Hi John & Carmen, thank you so much for your 5-star review. It has been a pleasure building your home for you and we hope you love living in your new Home for many years to come!

First time builders - Dream Duplex

We built our first dream duplex home with Better Built Homes probably theirs too, completed just over 1 year ago and settled in well. As it was our first home and that too a duplex; I had to do a lot of homework, later found many builder's don’t do duplex it was disappointing for me then my colleague found better built homes based on their good reviews in productreview.com so first of all thanks to productreview.com for helping us to find this builder. Then I and my friend met Aaron from the initial meeting with the owner of the company we felt very welcome, comfortable and confident and knew we will be building with better built homes and we both ended up building with BB Homes. We both don’t regret the decision and in fact, it turned out to be one of the best decision I have ever made hence a big thanks to Aaron. Then our journey was as usual; it was pleasant; had some hiccups from council later from the bank because of under-valuation. That was the most stressful time during our entire project. I was dealing with Bianca from BB Home at that time and she understood my situation and happy to wait for me to arrange the adequate fund and resolve the problem. I was under tremendous pressure and I was not in any position to take any more pressure from the builder and they supported me well during my difficult time hence a big thanks to Bianca. Mine was a custom duplex and also there was no cost variation during the course of construction which helped us to stick to the budget; the project completed in about 9 to 10 months as planned and that was surprising because I know some other builders take 18 months to complete custom duplex.

Since I built two I may not go again soon but if I do I will definitely choose Better Build Homes. Thanks once again Aaron, Anthony, Bianca, Michael & The Better Built Team.

Construction End DateJun 2017
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Thank you so much Vinod for taking the time to write your lovely review. We are delighted to hear that Aaron and our team made your first building experience a pleasant one. It has been a pleasure building your home for you and we hope you love living in your new Home for many years to come!

Professional and Quality Builders

My wife and I were apprehensive at first to build after hearing the many horror stories of the stress, challenges, unprofessionalism, dodgy trades, miscommunication, non-existent site supervisors, and so on. After visiting five or so different home building companies and their numerous display homes we eventually decided to go with Better Built Homes. From the very first meeting, to the completetion of our home, we were astonished at how easy and stress free the whole build process was.
Aaron, Mel and the Better Built Team were fantastic. They were honest and upfront, kept us up to date during the build. Their tradespeople were highly professional and workmanship was of top quality. So much so, we have had other tradespeople after the build completion (eg: blinds, security door, landscaping) ask which company we built with, as they were amazed with the excellent quality of work in our new home.
Thank you Better Built Homes! We love our new home and always recommend your company to others.

Construction End DateSep 2016
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Thank you Shane & Nicola for your wonderful review. We appreciate your feedback as our team are always striving to produce the best results for our customers. We are delighted you have mentioned Aaron, Mel and the Better Built Homes team as well as our tradespeople. They all work so hard for each client. May you have many happy years in your beautiful new home.

Excellent Home and Fantastic Builder

We have enjoyed excellent experience with Better Built Homes in building our new home. Their commitment to quality service and product was consistent right throughout the process and we would have no hesitation in recommending Better Built Homes to anyone considering to build a new home.

Aaron was absolutely fantastic and he went above and beyond to make sure everything was as planned and without any issues.

Thank you to all Better Built Homes team for providing a wonderful service. We Really appreciate what you have done for us. And if I ever build again, I will be going with you guys again.

Construction End DateMay 2017
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Thank you for your great review Nilesh. We value your positive feedback and are over the moon you would recommend us to other home buyers. It has been a pleasure building your home for you and we wish you all the best for the future.

Quality build. Love it!

This is the second time we have built with Better Built Homes, the first was five years ago. Yet again, they have gone above and beyond to create a home we are really happy with. The build was well managed, we were kept up to date on a weekly basis and the end result is fantastic. We've had lots of people comment on the quality of the build, and we couldn't be happier. Thanks again BBH!

Construction End DateAug 2018
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Hi Justin, thank you for your fantastic review. We are delighted you have chosen us to build two homes for you and that we have met your expectations on both projects. It has been a pleasure building your home and we wish you all the best for the future.

Just what we asked for

We were running around from company to company and all were telling us no you can’t have it until we spoke to Better Built Homes. We were able to work with them until they drew up exactly what we wanted and at the right price . We then started the build, they would call us every week and let us know exactly where they would be by weeks end until we turned the key and moved in. The initial price did not change all the way through. Once we moved in 15 months ago and till today if there’s any appliance faults or building issues it’s pretty much sorted straight away. Can’t ask for any more. I know people who have built with some of the larger building company’s who have not had such a smooth journey as we had.

Construction End DateMar 2017
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Hi Hazem, thank you so much for your lovely 5 star review! We are delighted that you enjoyed building with us and hope you enjoy your home for many years to come!

Didn't think that building could be so easy!

If you are looking to build, Better Built Homes are the way to go!

My husband and I were never keen on building a new home, we had heard so many horror stories. However, after a year of searching and being unsuccessful, we decided to bite the bullet and purchase land. We had visited over 50 display homes and were unable to make a decision after hearing and reading some bad reviews. I then decided to look up Product Review and seeing that Better Built Homes were rated 5 out of 5, we decided to head to Oran Park to look at their display home. Long story short, we fell in love with the design, charm, and practicality of the Astoria 39 and with the assistance of the Sales Consultant, Neel, we were able to achieve a plan that would work for us without significant issues.

The team at Better Built are simply outstanding. Neel's dedication is second to none; Jeff and Lesley made the tender and presentation process easy; Mel was fantastic and patient when it came to the Colour Selection. We had many custom requests and she worked efficiently to get us what we wanted; nothing seemed too difficult. When the build commenced, Peter our Site Supervisor was impeccable. He maintained contact regularly, providing us with updates and answering any questions; we weren't viewed as just a number or a job and he really took the time to get to know us. This is what really made a difference for us and he truly is an asset to Better Built.

Building a home will inevitably come with its problems; it is how Better Built responded to this that really impressed us. Unlike other companies who attempt to avoid or blame, the few issues we did have, Better Built were responsive and quick to resolve them. Aaron, the Director took the time to speak with us and take our situation into consideration to help us get into our new home quicker. It was pleasantly surprising to be able to speak with the Director and feel heard. While we never met Aaron, we truly felt that he made the effort and took the extra step for us. Better Built Homes has integrity, they are not a money hungry company like other builders out there. The staff seemed to really enjoy their jobs and go above and beyond what we had expected.

We have now been in our new home for over a month and love it! We are extremely pleased with the result and there have been no major concerns. Any minor issues we have had, Peter and Kevin have rectified in a timely manner. Friends, family and other trades that have come through have commented on what an excellent and quality job Better Built have done. If we ever decide to build again in the future, we would go with Better Built without any hesitation. We have had more issues installing a pool than building a house, which speaks volumes about Better Built Homes!

A final thank you to the Better Built team, it's nice to see that there are still businesses out there that care about their customers!

Construction End DateJun 2018
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Hi June, we value the trust you put in us to build your new home. We hope you get years of enjoyment and wish you both all the best for the future.

So Happy!

We are so happy we found BetterBuilt Homes! After our contracted builder refused to be flexible about the design we wanted, we found BettterBuilt who really listened to us! When we decided on Betterbuilt they even refunded the Contract deposit from the original builder. The appointments for all aspects from tiles to bricks to electricals were open and honest and conducted without any pressure.The build was well-organised and we were always kept informed on progress. They were always happy for us to ask questions and were very up front about the build. When we moved in they were quick to remedy the few issues that were outstanding and did so in a timely manner. It was obvious that all those that we dealt with from BetterBuilt had pride in their product, craft and in their company.
We could not recommend them highly enough!

Construction End DateApr 2018
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Thank you Zac for your wonderful comments regarding your experience building your new home with us. We have built our reputation on great service and high quality workmanship and it is great to have it confirmed by one of our clients. We are delighted you enjoyed working with our hard working team here at Better Built Homes and that you were provided with answers to all your questions throughout the process. Our clients are very important to us and we strive to raise the bar every time we build a new home and it certainly looks like we achieved it with your lovely new home. We hope you enjoy your new home for many years to come!

Great builder

Great Builder. Good quality build and deliver on time. Deliver as they promise. If we do another home, there is no doubt we will choose Betterbuilt homes. Each part of the journey, Betterbuilt homes proactively advise us what is going to happen and they do what they promise to deliver. Site supervisors are excellent, and the owner Aaron is very helpful and has great knowledge in every aspects f house building

Construction End DateMay 2018
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Hi Pradeep, on behalf of Aaron, Jayden and our team, we would like to thank you for posting your fantastic review. Our Team at Better Built Homes really enjoyed working with you and are pleased to hear that you would build with us again. We hope you enjoy your home for many years to come!

Great Builders

The owners were really helpful, honest and decent. Very rare to find that in builders!
They used high quality fixtures and really good tradesmen. They tried really hard to sort out any issues that came up and tried to be fair to us. We were very happy with the finished product, happy with the time frame and happy with their response to warranty issues afterwards. Would highly recommend building with them.

Construction End DateJul 2016
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Hi Michael & Mary, on behalf of Aaron, Jayden and our team, we would like to thank you for your amazing feedback. We are delighted that you enjoyed building with us and hope you enjoy your home for many years to come!

Fantastic builders highly recommended

If your the type of client that demands excellent service and workmanship, you won't be disappointed. Yes there will be certain challenges throughout the build requiring regular updates from BB team. We managed to resolve all issues within a timely manner. A project builder flexible enough so we could achieve our Hamptons look home, we couldn't be happier. Slab Cutting in May6th 2017 - completed Feb 2018 2 storey. BB team from Jeff, mel, Lezley, Accounting team, Peter and Aaron well done creating this beautiful home. You guys Rock!

Construction End DateFeb 2018
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Hi John, a BIG thank you for taking the time to post such a positive review. We are pleased you mentioned so many members of our team. We have built our reputation on great service and high quality workmanship and it is great to have it confirmed by one of our clients. The Hamptons design you chose has been so popular since we introduced it. And, as you say, it is a beautiful home. We hope you enjoy your Hampton home for many years to come!


When we decided on the monumental quest of building a house, we prepared ourselves for a long, stressful and challenging process. Finding a builder to build on a sloping block (4 metre drop) was no easy feat, to the point where we even questioned whether buying our particular block of land was the right decision. Upon the recommendation of a friend, we visited the Better Built display room and after a few hours with their Sales person Neel, knew we had found the right builder. Most Sales people we encountered were disinterested and didn’t go the extra mile . In fact, whenever we mentioned our sloping block, we were met with looks of surprise and therefore showed no interest in wanting to pursue our business. Not Neel. He was not fazed by the slope, was direct, extremely knowledgeable and even with that first meeting, had already suggested a floor plan that met our exact requirements. Without question, we signed with Better Built. We are almost at the construction stage and I have to admit the whole process to date has been unbelievable, which was something we did not expect after all the terrible home building stories we had heard. Everyone we have met at Head Office have been true professionals. Jeff (Sales Manager) delivered such a thorough tender presentation and his knowledge and ease at answering all our questions was very impressive. Emma (Pre-Construction Coordinator) has been nothing short of amazing. Her constant communication, attention to detail and her building and construction knowledge is commendable and is one of the main reasons this whole process has been so smooth and relatively stress free for us. Credit also goes to Mel (Colour Consultant) who made our 6 hour selections meeting not only easy with her expertise and recommendations but extremely a fun process for us. I suppose that’s the easy part and now the big challenge commences soon. If the past excellent service of Better Built is any indication of what’s going to happen moving forward, then we are confident that they will deliver our dream home.

Construction End DateFeb 2019
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Hi Marjorie, A BIG thank you for your amazing review. We do pride ourselves on your customer service and construction quality and are grateful to be building your beautiful home for you and your family. Our Team at Better Built Homes really enjoyed working with you and are over the moon with your fantastic review. We look forward to hearing from you as your build progresses and can't wait to see your new home completed.

Building with ease, would do it again!

We built our first home with Better Built Homes, completed just over 1 year ago. From the beginning of our journey, Better Built Homes were amazing. They worked with us through the design of our home, and they helped with our internal selection / style guide. They were both accommodating with our needs, and also patient with our requests. The communication once build had commenced was flawless. We never had to ask where our house was at, and received regular progress updates. A year later, the house is still standing, looks brand new and we love it!!! People generally say that they will only ever build once, we would do it again with Better Built Homes. Thanks Aaron, Jayden & The Better Built Team.

Construction End DateOct 2016
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Hi Michelle, on behalf of Aaron, Jayden and our team, we would like to thank you for your amazing feedback. We pride ourselves to building quality homes and are delighted that you have enjoyed building with us. It has been a pleasure building your home for you and we are pleased to hear that you would build with us again. We hope you enjoy your home for many years to come!

So far so good

We signed up with Better Built last year and to date, we have been very happy with their service. When we initially were looking for a builder, we spoke to several building companies and we were keen on a house with a large builder, but on a whim we decided to check out BBH as we came across their five-star rating on Product Review. We were quite amazed and a little sceptical that practically every review was super positive. We went to their display house at Oran Park and met with Neel. Initially he was quite direct with his questions, asking us exactly what we were after and our budget, but we heard him out and an hour later we were completely open to signing up with BBH. Neel’s insight into the actual building of a house and experience impressed us. On so many previous occasions when speaking with reps from other building companies, we found them having little building knowledge and that they glossed over costings. Neel was upfront and knowledgeable so we could make an informed decision. We signed with BBH and our encounters with Lesley during the planning process and Mel for the colour consultations was fuss free and efficient. Our building supervisor Peter, calls us each week with an update on where the build is at. We have a slab, frame, roof and bricks. We are now up to the nitty gritty of building where the devil is in the detail and we hope to see their high quality of workmanship that so many before us have commented on. We will post a review upon completion.

Construction End DateJul 2018
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Hi Jac, thank you for your fantastic review, we are over the moon to hear that you have had a great journey so far and can't wait to see your new home completed.

Honest,reliable and upfront

We are building for first time .had lot of builders to choose from.was quite daunting to decide .BBuilt staffs have been very clear with charges, admin team followed up promptly and gave regular updates regarding what stage our council approval is upto..bank delayed our application but Bbuilt had done all work ready to start..very happy with the progress. They are not wasting any time . Starting from front office till final contract is drawn,everyone has been fantastic.very approachable.we are very excited to see the construction progressing well with good quality jobs..site supervisor Michael is just amazing. Thank you to Neel, Sharmini, Lesley and Rachael. We feel we have made the right decision.looking forward to see more progress .

Construction End DateNov 2017
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Thank you for your fantastic review, we are happy that you have had a great journey so far and can't wait to see your new home completed.

This is the Builder to Choose!

If you are going through the arduous task of trudging through display home after display home every weekend looking for the best builder to build your dream home, you owe it to yourself to give Better Built Homes a chance. Their customer service is what they pride themselves in and are second to none. Their build quality and workmanship are of the highest standard and their commitment to fixing problems as they arise has been nothing short of amazing.

We have read and heard of so many building horror stories. Being first time builders we could have easily been one of those stories. We feel blessed to have had the privilege of building with Better Built Homes and if we had to do it all again we would choose them again.

It is so hard to give a full picture of how our build went in a few small paragraphs. To give you an idea we setup a running blog and timeline to show how BBH built our house in 34 weeks (2 weeks before the contract timeframe). You can read our journey for yourself here: https://forum.homeone.com.au/viewtopic.php?f=31&t=87063

Thank you Neel, Lesley, Mel, Peter and last but definitely not least Aaron and the rest of the Better Built team who went above and beyond to make our dream a reality. We are living in our dream house and you made that a reality for us! Thank you again!

Construction End DateNov 2017
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Thank you for this amazing review. We will do pride ourselves on your Customer Service and construction quality and are pleased to know we met your expectations. It has been a pleasure building your home for you.

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Questions & Answers

Hi, do you take house extension work ? Regards VJ
1 answer
Hi VJ, Thank you for your enquiry. We do not do home extensions, we are new home builders. Good Luck with your extension. Better Built Homes

Do you build Acreage Homes/Country.Hawkesbury area?
1 answer
Hi JoF, thank you for your query. Yes we do build Acreage/ Country Homes in the Hawkesbury area. We’d love to help you on your building journey. Our new home sales consultant will be able to help you with any other enquiries. Please call 1300 100 922. Alternatively you can visit our website on https://betterbuilthomes.com.au and submit your enquiry through our contact form. Regards, Better Built Homes

Hi , would you like to build split level homes as i had purchased sloppy block in cadden hills , nsw?.
1 answer
Hi Shiyara, our new home sales consultant will be able to help you with your enquiry, please call 1300 100 922. Alternatively you can visit our website on https://betterbuilthomes.com.au and submit your enquiry through our contact form.

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