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BGC Residential South West

BGC Residential South West

4.8 from 56 reviews

A honest build for my first home! So stoked!

BGC South West have just completed my first home, and made the process a breeze! While the build was not stress-free, BGC South West were honest and transparent through the whole build and were happy to explain anything I didn't understand in detail and were there to answer any questions I had. The staff were super friendly and helpful and accommodated my financial situation to make sure I would be comfortable.

I have recommended these guys to everyone!! :-)

Customer Service
Site Admin
Electrical & Lighting
Build StagePost-Construction
Construction End DateApril 2019
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Hi Samantha, thank you for leaving a review we are so glad you had a great experience with our lovely staff and you were comfortable through the build process. Enjoy your brand new home!

Currently A1

Ben Golwyn is A1 he has enabled me to get back into the home owner market. I’ve been indecisive and he has handled it like the professional he is. Going through plans now and he can’t help enough even when I changed my mind on block and plan size.
So far so good keep an eye out for updates.

Customer Service
Build StagePre-Construction
Not sure where the name BiteMe came from or the photo of a cat but hey it is what it is updates to follow as things progress1/5/19 12:42pm ASK FOR BEN GOLWYN Ben sent me docs and sketch today, I went through it and went back with a list of questions on numerous revisions. He called me through his lunch hour made the changes and said he would send the docs and new sketch back through when he was back in the office! Now that is good service. If BGC keep this up throughout the entire build this should be a breeze. Keep checking for updates JGHello, thank you for keeping us updated and we are glad the process has been a breeze for you so far.

Our first built family home

We have been in our new house for over a week now and we are over the moon! The build was fast and can't fault the workmanship! All the staff with going through the process was amazing and helpful and and if we have any concerns they were more then happy to help or fix it!

Customer Service
Site Admin
Structural Integrity
Plumbing & Waterproofing
Electrical & Lighting
Build StagePost-Construction
Construction End DateMarch 2019
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Hello, Thank you for your positive review, we hope you enjoy your new home for many years to come.

Honey Potters

I had all intentions to build with BGC but unfortunately could not proceed with the building contract mainly for the reason I lost all trust in BGC Southwest. We had signed and paid our deposit happy with the Plan and Pre quotation sheet/ contract after signing we had no further contact with our sales rep until I got a text saying please sign there was a error in estimating with two pages of the PQS with no totals sheet or full PQS (which the totals page was written over with the new totals and no new signature) pressuring to sign with the old we cant proceed with out it signed. That was the last contact I had with the sales rep until I had to find him in the display to ask all the questions why all the promised "inclusions" and credits were not written down and to insure I would still get them. Next day i got a text saying the sales rep had been fired and immediately let go. I gave BGC 48Hrs before I had to call to find out who our new sales rep was as I was being pressured from the real estate agent due to the first sales rep putting an offer on the block with 26days finance which was up and i didn't want to get stuck with land and no house. After the new rep was put in place he advised site works were $20000 under priced and all our "inclusions" were pretty much out the window combining this and the lack of contact I felt I had no choice but to pull out which is a hard decision as no one wants to throw way 8 weeks and $2000 all I asked for was my structerre site classification report which I think is fair but even that seems too difficult as it's been a week and I cant even get a time frame for the report out of them. unfortunately I can not recommend BGC Southwest it was a very costly and stressful 8 weeks. I could write alot more but my goal isn't to bag out BGC only to warn others to take care when told things face to face make sure everything is written down and keep copies of all contracts and quotes and dont be pressured into decisions

Construction End DateJan 2020
Hi Chris, We are disappointed to hear about your experience. Please send an email to mail@bgcsouthwest.com.au with your name and contact number so we can look into this further. Kind regards, BGC Residential South WestI sent through the information on the 30th. I am concerned at the lack of communication I have yet to recive the structerre report I payed the $2000 deposit to getThank you for sending the information through, Chris. We understand you are currently in communication with one of our staff members. Kind regards, BGC Residential South West.

Highly Recommend

I have just received my keys to my first home that I built with BGC.
Being my first home I didnt know much about it all.
BGC where more then helpful through the whole experience.
I was able to contact them whenever needed and always got the help or assistants I required with no hesitation.
It was also so amazing how fast my home came along! only 21 weeks.
My house is perfect and I couldnt recommend BGC enough!

Construction End DateNov 2018
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Hi Kia, We are so glad you enjoyed the whole building experience, we wish you all the best for a happy future in your new home.

Still waiting for home to be complete June 2017 - Oct 2018

I signed up with BGC June 2017 based a lot on the 24week building guarantee for Commodore Homes heavily promoted online. I gave the project a realistic 12month time frame for completion taking into account the land title being issued. It's now Oct 2018 and my home is not complete. 20th July, plastering was complete & a 8-10week PCI was given that has been & gone. This is a 3 x 2 off the plan home on a 405m block (small by Dunsborough standards). I was informed 12th Sept that the moisture in the walls is too high to paint. What is being done about it? Nothing. Reasonable communication is getting me nowhere. A site visit revealed "Soft Crap Plastering" etched/vandalised across a main wall. It looks like the ball has been dropped & no-one is interested in picking it up. Kristy who signed me up was fantastic, she always went above and beyond to get a great outcome 5stars for her. Once the project left her hands it has steadily gone downhill. The site manager cannot determine if the walls will be ready to paint in 2 weeks or January & I am in limbo with no resolution on offer. Would I recommend BGC? No.

Construction End DateSep 2018
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Hi Jody, Thank you for your feedback. We understand our construction manager is currently in contact with you regarding the matters you have raised. Warm regards, BGC Residential South West

Highly recommended

We have had such a great experience so far in building our first home, the customer service and support has been fantastic. Prestart was great and we were surprised how great the standard range is. The commodore homes portal is brilliant it’s great to be able to see the progress and made choosing our selections an easy and exciting experience. Definitely highly recommend BCG southwest to everyone looking at building a home.

Construction End DateFeb 2019
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Hi Bec, Thank you for leaving such a great review. We are so glad you have had a great experience so far, and enjoyed your Pre Start and selections process.

Excellent Family home.

We recently got the key to our new BGC residential southwest home and we are super impressed with everything. The whole process from start to finish was very easy, great communication from everyone and the actual build finished well ahead of schedule! Everyone we dealt with was super friendly, the weekly progress updates from Kim during construction were amazing. The Online portal is excellent to keep us up to date and keep track of everything. The finish's inside our new home and excellent and we cant wait to spend many many years enjoying our new home. Highly recommend.

Construction End DateMar 2018
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Hi Lisa, thank you for your review. We are so happy that you are impressed with our whole building process and especially the final product. We hope you enjoy your new family home for many years to come.

Great Experience

Although the house hasn't been built yet, I cannot say enough about BGC residential South West. Kristy has been wonderful. She knew exactly what we wanted and delivered first time. The process so far has been nothing but easy. The pre-start was a breeze, Chrissy knew what we were after, so that also made it easy. Everyone has been very helpful and patient, and could not recommend them enough.

Construction End DateOct 2018
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Hi Marian, Thank you for leaving such a great review! We are so glad the process has been made easy for you and that our Pre-Start Consultant, Chrissy made it a breeze.

A Huge Thank You

Just wanted to say BGC residential south west are awesome! Have just moved into my new home and absolutely love it. We had no problems whatsoever and everything ran smoothly. I am surprised how easy Alisha, Katie and Kim made it all for me. The online portal was great to follow the progress of the build and all the staff that I dealt with in the bunbury office were lovely and were great at keeping me up to date. I love the quality of house I received and in the time frame they stated and would highly recommend building with BGC.
Thank you!

Construction End DateFeb 2018
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Hi Drew.d, Thank you for your positive review. We are so glad the whole process was made so easy and you are happy with your brand new quality home.

Pleasant Experience

I was disappointed with the professionalism of my sales consultant. Although BGC stepped up their game with a knowledge and helpful prestart consultant so made the experience smooth. The Go Homes customer portal is a fantastic tool to keep track of your build and is easy to navigate. BCG has a wonderful standard range and I would highly recommend this company.

Construction End DateSep 2018
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Hi BJF, Thank you for your honest review. I have passed your feedback onto Management, if you have any further queries please do not hesitate to contact us. We are so glad you like the portal it is a great tool to use.

Lovely staff only issue has been communication with builder.

The staff at BGC residential south west have been amazing, i'm a young first home buyer so it was pretty daunting but everyone I have dealt with really helped me out. The only issue I've had so far has been the construction side of things and communication between the BGC staff and the builder I've had to go into the office quite a few times with some issues and yet the builder has still not done his part. I finally met up with the supervisor who is building my house and not very impressed but were still in construction stage so i'm hoping things improve. overall I'm pretty happy with my experience with BGC would definitely recommend.

Construction End DateJun 2018
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Hi Emma, Thank you for your honest review. Someone will be in contact with you today to discuss the issues you have been having.

So far so good!

I am currently building or about to build with BGC Residential South West. I am about to be up to the prestart stage and so far everything has been as smooth as you'd hope from a builder. I've already been given access to my 'portal' which is an online selection for my prestart colours, tapware etc. which is very exciting and such a bonus to the company! My sales rep, Chanel, is fabulous and would highly recommend her. She's young, professional, polite and knows what your talking about in the sense she would appear to have much more knowledge than another young person in the industry. Chanel is a true asset to BGC Residental South West. Chanel has worked hard and alongside her manager to ensure I am getting the product I want and need in all aspects. When your choosing a building company you need to be happy and so far I am!

Construction End DateOct 2018
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Hi Brittany, Thank you for leaving such a great review, Chanel will be so happy to see your review and to know she made the process easy for you. We hope you continue to enjoy your building journey with BGC Residential South West.

A beautiful Family home

Very Impressed. We are first time builders and the service we got from all the staff at BGC was wonderful. We lived a few hours away from where our house was getting built and we were kept up to date on all the stages in the house. The new "Portal" website is the best. We got all our photos and documents in one place. We had a few problems but they where fixed ASAP... Beautiful finished house that we can call home.

Construction End DateFeb 2018
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Hi Ashley, Thank you for your review. We are glad you found the new portal helpful it simplifies the process a great deal. We hope you are enjoying your new family home and thank you for choosing to build with us.

A great house and very professional team

From start to finish, the BGC team has given me very professional, friendly and helpful service with the purchase and construction of my new home. Starting with the super helpful sales team, followed by the very caring and informative pre-start team and finishing with the very professional construction team, every stage has been dealt with by BGC to the highest of standards. Even though I was living a 3 hour drive away from where my new house was being constructed, with the use of BGC's construction porthole, I was able to keep track of the construction with updates and photo's at the completion of every major stage.
Unfortunately, we did encounter a few problems with a couple of the sub-contractors workmanship but these issues were dealt with swiftly and professionally by BGC and were rectified quickly as the problems became apparent.
I have now been living in my new home for 4 months and I couldn't be happier with the product that I have received!! This is the first house I have ever built and with plans of building again in the near future, BGC with be the first company I will be approaching to assist me with my next venture.
Thank you BGC for my lovely house and keep up the good work!!

Construction End DateSep 2017
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Hi Norto, Thank you for your great review. We are so pleased you have been happy from start to finish we pride ourselves on customer satisfaction. We hope you continue to enjoy living in your beautiful first home and cant wait to work with you again on your second.

Excellent service

So far my experience building with BGC residential has been excellent. I have been offered ongoing support throughout the entire process. Every team member I have dealt with from BGC has been more than helpful,all my queries and concerns have been dealt with promptly. I am currently in the construction stage of my home and honestly the whole process has been smooth sailing. I am very pleased I chose BGC to build my first home. I would highly recommend BGC for your building needs.

Construction End DateApr 2018
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Hi Luke, Thank you for your great review. We are so pleased the process so far has been smooth sailing and you have received ongoing support. We are sure the rest of your building process will run just as smoothly.

So far excellent work and detail

Am impressed with the build so far. Our house is near on completion. Am happy with the workman ship and support from BGC. This being our first home built was a bit overwhelming at the start but am happy with the progressed. The past few months have gone so quick. Thanks again to the BGC team. Your awesome. Would recommend to any one.

Construction End DateFeb 2018
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Hi Rhoda, Thank you for leaving such a positive review. We are so glad that you are happy with our workmanship and that the time has gone quickly for you. You are more than welcome, we hope you enjoy your new home.

Very happy to be in our brand new home from the begin the

From the begin it was pretty exciting..We had a wonderful salesman who was also a great bloke .Then a very supportive , amazing finance lady..Both went above and beyond to make our dream a reality..First we watched our block turned into a pad , to the brickwork n now our home. Bgc are a great team to deal with.Good communication, supportive and upfront.

Construction End DateDec 2017
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Hi Trudy G, Firstly thank you for leaving such a positive review. We are so glad you are happy with your whole experience from start to finish. The team at BGC South West hopes you enjoy living in your brand new home and thank you for choosing to build with us.

Highly Professional and Excellent Support and Service

We are really impressed with the quality of the build of our home. We moved in two weeks ago ago and BGC Residential South West still continue to be highly supportive as we have had some ongoing issues with some of the work that other non-BGC contractors have done, and the team is ensuring that everything is repaired and finalised.
The office staff at BGC Residential South West are just lovely; so helpful, welcoming, understanding and bend over backwards to help. Our onsite supervisor Rhys was highly professional; very patient; and worked his hardest to get our home finished within the appointed time.
I highly recommend building your home through BGC; we loved that the company makes the majority of the products, and so did not have to wait for building supplies. If you are in the South West, I recommend you give the team at BGC Residential South West a call.

Construction End DateJan 2018
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Hi Jacqui, Thank you for leaving a review we greatly appreciate it. Congratulations on moving into your new home, we are glad our supervisor Rhys could make this happen for you on time and in a professional manour. We take pride in making and supplying our own products so we are happy that this is something you loved. Thank you for choosing to build with BGC South West.

Outstanding!!! Highly recommend !!

We moved in to our new home a month ago and are very impressed with the high standard and quality of the build.
When we signed up to have our home built we found the level of customer service to be excellent this remained consistent throughout the build. What we found to be most helpful was having access to the constructive portal which is where you can select choices of bricks, tiles etc. All documents pertaining to your build are also uploaded to this portal and photos of the stages of the build, any new updates to this portal you will receive an email to inform of these updates. For us this portal was particularly useful as we were living interstate during the build. All queries we had during the build we did via email or phone and at each occasion of these the level of customer service was exemplary . This is the third house we have built over the years this is the first time with BGC and we have to say this is the best building experience we have had by far. Thank you to all of the BGC team for a home which we totally love.

Construction End DateDec 2017
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Hi AlexElaine H, Thanks for taking to time to post your review. We are glad you found our online portal so useful and enjoyed your building experience with us. It's great to hear you love your new home. Thank you for choosing BGC South West as your builder.

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Questions & Answers

Now that BGC is for sale, what happens to the "Lifetime (true lifetime, for as long as you are the owner you are covered, not just 25 years) structural warranty?
No answers

Everything thing was good But I asked a few times that my carport be a coarse higher due to me having a transit van and at the time the first guy said it would cost another $1000.00 to raise it. OK fine Then the next per person I.spoke to told them the carport must be kept higher.Anywaay the last handover carport was standard height.I phoned the lady I was dealing with she said you signed off on.it.I hand to.buy a smaller car for my carport.Told customer portal but no.response. Any ideas?
1 answer
Hi Martin, Thank you for your question. We would like to follow up on this for you. Please send your job number and a summary of the issues you are having to swservice@bgcsouthwest.com.au so we can look into it further. We are more than happy to help with any questions you may have. Warm regards, BGC Residential South West

Hi, we are building through BGC Residential at the moment and our slab just went down yesterday. Just wondering how your builds are going and how far away from finishing you are?
3 answers
Hi , my slab went down on the 12 of January and I am now at pci which is usually a week or two from moving in , so about 7 months stat to finish , the build its self ran quite smoothlyHi Bree, thank you for your question. I am from BGC Residential in the South West - We build from Bunbury to Margaret River. Can I please ask which area you are building in so I can put you in touch with the right person to provide you with an update on your job?. We would be happy to help you with any questions you may have. Thank you.Hi Bree Our slab went down 8th June and our brickwork was completed 18th July. Roof shall be done by early next week. Not sure on finishing date but hoping by December/January 2017

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