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Big W Retail Stores

Big W Retail Stores

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Price match

I bought a toy from a store and found the same toy for 60% less than what i paid for in big w. They wouldn't price match it even though it was within the same week and i had the receipts. I wasnt asking for a refund. I only wanted a price match. Very disappointing. Wouldn't buy anything from them now.

Cheap Rackets

On Thursday 1st September 2016 I purchased 2 Wilson Energy XL Power Rackets for $54 ($27 each) from the Ringwood Store so I could play it when I go to the RACV Healesville Country Club with Ashley from Saturday 5th November 2016 to Monday 7th November 2016.

Instore party supplies

Purchased all the stuff for my daughter to have a party and was surprised at the range of stuff that was available.
We purchased a few large balloons and they were filled the next day and we picked them up just before the party.
We got plates/decorations/cups/
knives and forks and even small stuff for pass the parcel !
Order was filled and the balloons
( which were as big as a 12year old child)
Stayed inflated for a few days !
Price was cheaper than a party supplies store !


For xmas my kids receive some lego from their uncle in Perth, but he forgot to also send us the receipt to exchange if needed. We were told all we needed was a sms of his bank statement with the purchase on it which we did.
We were kept waiting for 90 mins while a staff member tried to find the receipt on computer, another staff member told her after 20 mins to call [name removed] as he could find it faster ,but she said it was fine she'd do it.
So after the 90 mins she decided to call [name removed] who found the receipt in 5mins.

unsatisfactory customer service

Recently I purchased Finish Classic dishwasher 110 tablets at a cost of close to $20 at Big W Tea Tree Plaza.
I have a dishwasher under 12 months old and these Finish tablets did not remove tea stains from cups. I had previously used another brand and also used Finish in the past without any problems. I even tried using 2 tablets with the same result, tea stains not removed.
I called the shop and was diverted to someone whom I presume was the manager. After explaining the problem she did not offer any help what so ever, in fact I consider her to have had quite an attitude. She seemed to ignore what I was telling her and she just kept repeating over and over again that tea stains are hard to remove.
I have been using dishwashers for over 50 years and have never had this problem with good quality products. I suggest this person would benefit from some training in customer care and service, she is not a benefit to Big W with here lack of assistance and her attitude.

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Questions & Answers

Has anyone else had any issues with the big w range of licensed tshirts finding small holes in the front of them once they have worn them once then washed them? I have a snoopy one, two bon Jovi tshirts and a Volkswagen one and they now all have holes that have appeared in the front of the fabric? I thought I must have moths but I have checked other clothing in my wardrobe and they are fine ???
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crap products made in china. shoes are the same the sole fell off the shoes after 2 days

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