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Wonderful Wonderful Wonderful

Blue Print have been more than amazing from the start, especially our sales consultant Shannon Gust. We are first home buyers and completely out of our depth. They answered all of my 101 questions without hesitation and kept us updated very regularly, The home tracker is my favorite.
Shannon was super flexible with my working hours and met with us mostly outside of standard business hours.He has been overly helpful, always remaining cool calm and collected even when i was having a panic attack about finance.
I have been more than happy so far and our house is currently underway.
Would definitely recommend.

Construction End DateJun 2019

Excellent customer service & quality workmanship

I've heard different stories of people's experience with building a house and some negative. After choosing Blueprint I could not fault them with anything. Right from the pre-sales stage through to design, construction and handover they clearly explained the process and expectations. If you are a first time builder this information really helps and gets you up to speed with the building process. The regular communication and updates as well as immediate response to queries also demonstrated customer service way above and beyond what I've experienced with most service organisations. In addition to the customer service we are very happy with the quality of end product as well. After they handed over the house to us we are in the process of installing a swimming pool and the level of customer service of the pool installation company we are dealing with leaves much to be desired in comparison with Blueprint, it is totally poor that I'm almost at the point of telling them they need to get some learnings on customer service from Blueprint homes. Blueprint has set a high unforgettable benchmark for quality customer service. This has been a real differentiator that would lead me not to hesitate in choosing them again, the next time I'm building another house. Thank you so much for the great building experience Blueprint...

Customer Service
Site Admin
Structural Integrity
Plumbing & Waterproofing
Electrical & Lighting
Build StagePost-Construction
Construction End DateJanuary 2019
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Hi Mwansa, Thank you for your feedback and 5-star review! We will certainly share your comments with everyone involved. We are delighted to hear you found communication from our team throughout your build timely and helpful and are happy with the overall quality of finish on your new home. Thank you again for choosing Blueprint and congratulations on your new residence! Blueprint Homes

Best Building Company

Our building experience with Blueprint has exceeded all of our expectations. From day one we were amazed at the ease of the building process and had hardly any issues during the process. All the team members we worked with were professional and helpful. And our end result is proof that Blueprint builds to a very high standard. Cant thank them enough for building our home.

Construction End DateFeb 2019
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Hi Joshua, Thank you for the opportunity to build your new home and your feedback. We are delighted to hear our team helped make the process as easy as possible and you are happy with the quality of workmanship. Congratulations again to you both on your new address. Enjoy settling in and making it your own! Blueprint Homes.

Beautiful new family home

From choosing the house design, selecting fittings and the actual build Blueprints team have been friendly, knowledgeable and accommodating of my needs. The final product came in at the cost I had budgeted and was of a high quality. All of my questions were answered quickly and the team at Blueprint went out of their way to solve any problems that arose during the process. My children and I are very happy with the new home Blueprint have built for us.

Construction End DateJan 2019
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Hi Nicola, Thank you for your feedback and 5-star review! We will certainly share your comments with everyone who was involved on your build. We are delighted to hear you are happy with your home and found our team flexible and helpful throughout. We wish you and your family many happy times ahead in your new home. Blueprint Homes.

Just what we wanted

We could not fault Blueprint at all. We were kept updated with regular progress reports from our client liaison and all of our questions were answered promptly.
We had on site meetings with the site supervisor at milestones to go over everything.
We experienced no issues at all and the people we dealt with from start to finish were amazing.
Cost was exactly what we thought by the end.

Construction End DateJan 2019
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Hi Nicolle, Thank you for sharing your experience building your new home with us and 5-star review! We are so happy to hear you found the regular communication updates and on-site meetings helpful and our team responsive to your queries. We will certainly share your feedback with everyone. Congratulations again on your new home. Enjoy moving in and making it your own! Blueprint Homes.

A Wonderful Experience!

Blueprint managed the building process well, with prompt updates and delivered as per timelines.
The workmanship was impressive and did their best to come up with solutions when faced with setbacks, for instance fitting tiles neatly in the bathroom where tiles sizes available made it quite a challenge.
The final cost was reasonable and not much different to what was expected.

Construction End DateNov 2018
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Hi John, Thanks for your feedback. We are so pleased to hear you found the regular progress updates from our team beneficial and are happy with the quality of workmanship. We will certainly share your comments with our team. Thank you again for choosing Blueprint Homes and the 5-star review. Congratulations on your new address!

Great Job Blueprint!!

From Start to finish we have been very impressed with Blueprint. From the design stage with Russell. Eden, Jaime and Nicky always there to help and iron out any problems. Debbie on reception always bright and cheerful when visiting HQ or calling the office. The build was managed very well, our site supervisor Nigel was great and formed a good relationship, any problem we did have he was a phone call away and was handled efficiently and promptly The build quality was excellent and only took 5 months from slab down to handover. The schedule was spot on and trades were there when supposed to be. We would definitely recommend Blueprint Homes on our own building experience. We are absolutely delighted with our Home.Thank You.

Construction End DateDec 2018
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Hi Susan, We appreciate your time in outlining your building journey and thank you for 5-star review and recommendation! We are delighted to hear you had a positive and enjoyable experience throughout working with our team, and are happy with the finish and quality of construction. We will be sure to share your feedback with everyone involved. From all of us at Blueprint, enjoy your beautiful new home. Congratulations!

Absoulety incredible

We can not find the words to express how incredible our experience has been with blueprint homes. All the ladies in the office are polite, professionals and answered my 100 questions a day. Up front and honest down to earth beautiful women and i can not thank them enough for their time, efforts and hard work.
Especially nicky so thank you

Lee our sales rep always down for chat in full detail about every aspect of our home there were no nasty surprises or unfinished touches to our home once completed. If he missed my call he would call straight back there was no wait again amazing

Nigel our construction manager what a legend old school hard working champion 10/10 can not fault him. He even got our home done before school starts which just puts the cherry on Top of the cake.
Nigel built our home as if he was building his own dream home.
Which made us feel comfortable and at ease our whole construction phase Even at our pre hand over he had picked up on things that we didn't even notice he's attention to detail is second to none and he's work ethic is 1 that is a rarity these days.
When we said thank you for all of his efforts
His simple reply was " i was just doing my job"
Modest and humble

Last of all deb the front desk lady. Ain't she a gem always happy bubbly. If the girls were busy is there anything i can help with? She made me feel comfortable welcomed and nothing was a hassle.
Such a lovely lady

We are forever grateful that our dream home turned out more than what we could if ever hopped for .

Build with blueprint you wont regret it
We never will

Construction End DateJan 2019
Hi Daniella, Thank you so much for taking the time to outline your experience with Blueprint Homes and 5-star review! We will certainly share your feedback with our team, who will be absolutely delighted to hear your building journey was such an enjoyable and memorable one. Thank you to Shane and yourself for allowing us the opportunity and privilege to build your home. We hope you share many happy moments and years ahead with your family and friends. Congratulations and your new address! The Blueprint Homes Team.Thank you so much to all the blueprint team We are in love with our new home and so extremely greatful.

Highly recommended

The entire build was well managed and we were always informed of the progress of the construction. We are very pleased of our house built by blueprint homes from the standard inclusions til some of our upgraded items we know that it really is of good quality.
Some minor issues post construction but blueprint homes team were very attentive and helpful everytime we call. A really BIG THANK YOU to all the personnels we’ve dealt to from the first meeting with Clayton til the handover day with Nicole.. I can highly recommend Blueprint Homes to friends

Construction End DateDec 2018
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Hi Anthony, Firstly, thank you for allowing us the opportunity to build your new home! We are delighted to hear you found the regular communication throughout helpful and you are happy with the quality of the build. We will certainly share your feedback with our team and thank you for your 5-star review and recommendation. Congratulations again on your new address. Blueprint Homes.

Rathe impressed Blue Print

My home was a "one of design" and grew from a drawing on paper to this lovely home.
I was always met with well mannered and polite staff who were keen to assist at every step of the process. Queries or any doubt I had were attended to promptly and left me to enjoy the experience of the build.
With regard to value for money I am very impressed with the finished product and the quality of the items installed.
While I have built three time before (over a 30 year period) I appreciated the process of having a finished product with regard to flooring window treatments and electrical installations etc.
One other very simple but helpful item was the bucket of household necessities you left in the cupboard. Fly spray toilet paper and cleaning items were so helpful when I first arrived at the property.
A sincere thank you to all involved and I may even do this again!

Construction End DateJan 2019
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Hi Louise, Thank you for your wonderful 5-star review. Our team strive to deliver the best care and attention and we’re so pleased to hear you enjoyed the experience and happy with the quality of build. We're glad also the bucket of those little essential items came in handy! Again, thank you for choosing Blueprint Homes Louise. It has been our privilege to build your home. From all of us at Blueprint.

Thanks for Building our home (our Dream) so professionally

The entire build process from construction start phase to hand over was very professionally managed, we were always well informed by our construction manager. Our build supervisor was also very professional and when requested to prepone the handover date, he did work very professionally and achieve to give us the keys on the date we requested (just before Christmas). We did not encounter any issue during the construction phase, we still have not moved to the property yet. Even if we have issue when we move in the house, we are confident the blueprint team is more than capable of handling the same professionally. The got some credit back at the end of the construction cycle (Council fees for crossover& shire footpath repair/ remove) pushing the final cost bit below the estimated cost.

Construction End DateDec 2018
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Hi Mukesh, Thank you for taking the time to outline your building experience and 5-star review. Our team always endeavour to provide the best level of service throughout the entire building process, so it is an absolute pleasure to hear first hand this has been the case. We wish you all the best for moving in and hope you enjoy your new home for many years to come. If there is anything we can assist with moving forward, our team is always happy to help. Congratulations again on your new home. Enjoy! The Blueprint Homes Team.

Stress free building experience from start to finish!

Any builder can be great, but there is so much more to the building process than just construction. Our previous building experience with another builder was awful, but Blueprint put our minds at ease during the entire process.

From the sales and design stage, Clayton was very attentive and took the time to get our design right and within our budget, and most importantly did not feel like we were just another "sales pitch". Jenny was very helpful at prestart stage, and was very knowledgeable in the different options and colour schemes etc. Sonya, our construction liaison - I can't really say enough about her! She gave us a progress update once a fortnight, and most importantly responded to emails and calls either on the same day or the following business day. Where there was an issue, she raised it with the relevant people and even if it couldn't be resolved straight away, I was given a time frame as to when I could expect a resolution. Her friendly and helpful nature made me feel comfortable to ask questions and raise any concerns. Peter was a very knowledgeable and prompt construction supervisor. Although I dealt mostly with Sonya, Peter provided answers to my questions straight away and where there were any problems to deal with, he was onto resolving them straight away - whether through Blueprint's contractors or my own independent inspector, no problem was too big or small to fix. They even managed to handover the keys to us before Christmas, over a month ahead of schedule.

This has been such a positive experience for us, and the quality of the build has been outstanding. I wouldn't hesitate to recommend Blueprint to friends and family. If anyone had a team half as great as the one we had - they would be very lucky. Thank you for making our forever home exceed all our expectations!

Construction End DateDec 2018
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Hi Maria, You are most welcome! Thank you very much for your kind words and 5-star review. It was a pleasure for our team to partner with you on your forever home and we are absolutely delighted we met your expectations and could deliver your home ahead of schedule. Please be assured we will pass along your wonderful feedback to everyone involved on your build. Again our congratulations and welcome to your new address! The Blueprint Homes Team.

Outstanding customer focus and build quality.

Our build started out as a horror story until we came across blueprint homes. Initially we were signed up with another company and they were trying to get us to sign our loan papers fraudulently- declaring that I did not have a family to get a higher loan amount. We contacted a few builders and only one Sales Rep out of all the mix we approached offered to make life easier for us. Michael Win offered to meet us at our house after 7pm when our children were asleep and that way we could concentrate on the plans and costing. He visited us on more than one occasion until things were in motion. We used a private broker this time.
Once we had paid the deposit we were given information on what to expect for pre-start and links to their website where they have this home tracker function and home selections. The selection page helps with the pre-start because you can take your time and visualize what you would be paying extra for and then on the day of pre-start you can view the products at their display room. The Pre-start was with Holly and she was thorough, didn't rush the process and was open to communication after the meeting to make some small changes or selections.
The home tracker page on their website showed step by step stages of what would happen, including what was required with the documentation. They sent videos to keep you up to date with what to expect.
Once the build started things moved very fast. The house flew up in months and the building supervisor Peter was knowledgeable. He answered any queries we had and was open to communication through the building consultant Nicole.
In the final weeks before moving we had our inspections, and the minor things we noted were fixed. We had our own private inspector view the property to do a report and they mentioned that they struggled to find anything wrong. Blueprint allowed us to start storing stuff in the garage, the week before hand over and Nicole Macleod had offered to stay a little later past her finish time for us to pick up our keys once we received our final bank cheque.
Blueprints communication was outstanding and key to this build, there wasn't a week that I didn't throw questions at them and they were always happy to answer, and quickly too. If I build again, I will be using Blueprint. Highly recommended. Thanks Blueprint Team.

Construction End DateDec 2018
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Hi Nicholas, Thank you for such positive feedback regarding your building journey with Blueprint Homes, subsequent recommendation and 5-star review! We will certainly pass your comments to our team, in particular Michael, Holley, Peter and Nicole as you mention. We are thrilled to hear the entire process from start to finish met your expectations and you were pleased with the level of service offered. Congratulations on your new home! The Blueprint Homes Team.

Perfection from start to finish!!!

The house build was managed to absolute perfection and the workmanship quality was far beyond expectations. My supervisor James had the construction ticking over like clockwork, and whenever a issue was spotted it was resolved very quickly and without any hesitation. If anyone is looking for a quality home builder then you should absolutely put Blueprint Homes on the top of your list...

Construction End DateDec 2018
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Hi Marko, Thank you for your kind words! We are so happy you are pleased with the standard of workmanship and quality of service you received from our team during your new home build. We will be sure also to pass along your feedback to James. Thank you for taking the time to outline your experience and your 5-star review. Enjoy your new home. Congratulations! The Blueprint Homes Team.

Amazing! From Day 1 to the Finish..

Every step of this build was supported by the fantastic Team at Blueprint to high quality service and Standards. My new home is amazing and I can’t Thank or speak highly enough of the Blueprint Team.
Our Sales Representative went above and beyond his duties to ensure every moment was memorable and completed to the highest standards, his knowledge of all aspect of the build and communication was second class to none.
Our Construction Supervisor and Client Liaison were again fantastic to work with, nothing of low quality was accepted by our Supervisor and any small concerns were amended in a timely matter to match the high quality of his completed home. This was always communicated promptly and in good detail by our Liaison, so we had a step by step understanding of what was happening at various stages of our home. It was also really reassuring to know she was contactable at any time to ask for any further information.

I have and will continue to recommend Blueprint and the Team to all!
Thank you Blueprint

Construction End DateDec 2018
1 comment
Hi Chloe, Thank you for sharing your feedback on your home building experience and 5-star review! We are so pleased to hear you are happy with the quality of workmanship and level of customer service you received from our team from start to finish. We wish you many happy years ahead in your new home. Congratulations! The Blueprint Homes Team.

Very satisfied from start to end!

Everything was well managed and everyone was so pleasant to work with from the start. My husband and I were very satisfied with the quality of build and were impressed with the workmanship. All our queries were responded very quickly. Even when we had issues, all was resolved very efficiently. It has been a very fantastic experience building with Blueprint.

Construction End DateNov 2018
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Hi Jeyavarthna, Thank you for taking the time to let us know how you found the building journey with our team. We are so delighted to hear you enjoyed the experience and are happy with the level of workmanship and service you received. Congratulations on your new home!

We Love Our New Home

All aspects of our dealing with Blueprint Homes was amazing, from the salesman that sold us the house, to our supervisor and everybody in between.
Communication from Sonya was on point we knew exactly what was going on at all times.
The quality of the workmanship is above and beyond our expectations, build time was on track through out the entire build there were no delays it was scheduled like well oiled machine.
We love our new home.
Thank you Blueprint Homes

Construction End DateNov 2011
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Hi Johannes, Thank you for your 5-star review! We are so delighted to hear you enjoyed your building journey with our team and are happy with the quality of construction. We will pass your feedback to Sonya and everyone who worked on your home in some way. From all of us at Blueprint Homes, congratulations and enjoy!

Thanks so much Blueprint Homes!

My partner and I have only just hit the construction stage and so far Blueprint have been amazing! Our Sales Consultant Shannon has just been super amazing to us and has always been there to answer any questions we have whether great or small and has talked us through every step of the way, which made us feel super comfortable too. He altered the house plans to fit us once he listened to what we were after and came back with a perfect floor plan. We can’t thank Shannon enough and also a big thanks to Ruth, Jamie & Candice at Blueprint Homes, Kristy- Settlement Agent also Mark & Danielle from In Reach Finance (just naming a few). Each kept us up to date with what was happening and were happy to help with anything! The communication from Blueprint Homes was amazing and is one of the big reasons why we chose to build with them. We can’t wait to proceed with the construction stage-especially because everything has been super smooth so far- and will update once handover is completed. Thanks Blueprint Homes for everything so far!

Construction End DateJul 2019
1 comment
Thanks for your positive feedback Kassy! Great to hear you are loving your building journey with our team. We will certainly pass your kind words to Shannon and everyone you mention. We can’t wait until your home starts to take shape on site. Your open plan living and alfresco area will look amazing! We look forward to working with you to see your dream home become reality.

Best Builders in Perth - amazing experience

We had a great experience throughout the whole process from beginning through to the end (keys handover). Especially after having a terrible experience with Wow homes, we did our research and came across Blueprint Homes.Our special thanks to Fil who convinced and assured us that we are in good hands this time. We gave him a budget and he worked it around it. Throughout the process Our questions and enquires were responded on a timely and professional manner. A big thank you to everyone at Blueprint Homes to name a few Fil, Jaime, Ruth, Nicole, Paul (site supervisor) Vicky-settlement agent,Clair-Inreach Finance and others. Our first home in Australia and we are living our dream.The quality of workmanship is outstanding and we couldn't be happier with the outcome.. just for our mental peace we had to outsource a Building Officer to inspect our house and he couldn’t find any faults with house except few minor things but it was fixed straight away. We did not have any issues with Blueprint Homes during or after the building process.The final cost compared to our estimated cost was very close. The whole process was seamless and well organised. we can’t thank them enough for the service they have provided us. We definitely recommend Blueprint Homes.

Construction End DateSep 2018
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Hi Sherl, Thank you for taking the time to write your review and congratulations on your first new home in Australia! We are so delighted to hear you found the whole building journey from start to finish seamless and the quality of workmanship and finishing to a high standard. We will certainly share your comments and praise with everyone involved. Our best wishes for many happy times ahead in your new home - enjoy! The Blueprint Homes Team.

Fantastic Experience

The build was very well managed and the workmanship and build quality was excellent. Communication was excellent, as Sonya communicated with us every step of the way and answered any queries we had promptly. The build was completed a lot quicker than anticipated, especially as it was over winter, and we couldn't be happier with the end result and service we received!

Construction End DateOct 2018
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Hi Brooke, Thank you for sharing your feedback about your new home build and 5-star review! We will be sure to pass along your comments to Sonya and our team. We are so pleased to hear you enjoyed the experience and are happy with the quality of workmanship. Enjoy your new home. Congratulations!

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Questions & Answers

Does anyone know the warranty for structural defects from builds back in 2011? The homes not looking so good now with serious cracks forming along the bulkhead in several rooms. I can see internal brickwork it’s that bad.
1 answer
Hello, It would be appreciated if you could please kindly contact the Blueprint Homes office direct on 6241 4888, in order our Service Department can investigate this for you as soon as possible. The Blueprint Homes Team.

We built with Blueprint in 2008. 10 years on and the ceilings throughout the house are all bowed and splitting. Does anyone have an idea of their structural guarantees from 10 years ago? I cant find anything in our paperwork
1 answer
Hello Trish, If you could please kindly contact the Blueprint Homes office on 6241 4888 we will organise to inspect your home for you as soon as possible. The Blueprint Homes Team.

Can you please advice how many years of structural warranty blueprint provided those who signed the contract before 2016. I guess it was 25 years structural warranty. I am looking for proof. After building completion this year 2016 april, they are saying 7 years warranty only provide. But i do remember Home group WA provide only 7 years. Redink transferable 25 years. suddenly blueprint changed the warranty terms. Would like to investigate and put forward the case to HIA and relevant authority .
6 answers
Hi Ken, It would be appreciated if you could please contact our office on 6241 4888 regarding the period of structural warranty for your home. Our team would be more than happy to look into this for you. The Blueprint Homes TeamYour sales ref already talked to your management. Answer was negative. I am happy to discuss directly with upper management and hope i dont have to go further to legal steps . your job reference no: 14451b We understand that any defects usually noticeable with 12 months period ( settlement period) , but 25 years warranty give us peace of mind , that's why we declined other builder who was giving us 7 years warranty offer during contract signing stage. Moreover our third party inspection report ( jims building inspection) shows minor indication of long hair line cracks on slab (At this stage not a major issue, but easily noticeable ). that's another reason i need to get 25 years structural compliance warranty certs. When we browsed during builder selection- Celebration homes, Redink, Blueprint were giving 25 years warranty whereas Home Group WA was 7 years (min warranty requirements from HIA) . Why Blueprint drop there quality assurance standards from 25 years to 7 years recently. When i signed the contract, it was 25 years and thats what i expect to get to be covered.BE AWARE Blueprint provide 7 yrs structural warranty only recently whereas other few builder provide 25 yrs structural warranty , which will give peace of mind


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