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Bond Back Cleaning

Bond Back Cleaning

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Unprofessional, unethical and dissatisfying

They have quoted some amount on phone and raised the amount after seeing kitchen as they found it messy. Even after paying them extra, they have left things in poor condition. After pointing out the issues they have just made stories that real estate will have no problem with these issues and if there will be issue they can come back for resolving it. When real estate handed over a list of problematic things, we tried calling them but they didn’t even answer the phone or message.

Terrible service

Booked online, gave them the correct details (1 bed + 1 study + 1 bathroom). When they arrived they said that the study was not included and would be extra. I forwarded them the booking request which showed I had specified a study, then they claimed they were subcontractors and that they weren't told and I would have to take it up with the people who did the booking. Then they did a terrible job, including leaving a huge stain on the carpet. When I called them about it, they did the run around again and said that they weren't responsible and I would have to take it up directly with cleaner. So all up there were three parties involved and all passed on the responsibility to somebody else. The cleaner eventually got back to us claiming the stain was always there, which was a lie. We didn't get them to rectify it as we did not want them anywhere near the property again - they clearly were not experienced cleaners.


Horrified with this business. They broke my light shade admitted to it and now refuse to reimburse me the money the real estate deducted from our bond. Numerous phone calls made. I have made a complaint to Fair Trading.

DO NOT USE. Has anyone got a phone number?

Not simple in the slightest- they never showed. And we paid in advance. Trying to get our money back- does anyone have a phone number I can call? Please help!


Booked for our end of lease clean. Sent 2 separate msgs with address in it. Didn't hear anything. Told me didn't receive messages so cancelled. Didn't even bother calling me!!!

No show and not able to contact them

Organised a bond clean today and the the cleaners never showed. Tried calling all morning but they don't answer their 1300 number and no other number is available. Have contacted fair trading and emailed for a refund and booked another company.
Don't use this company!

Don't Use This 'Cleaning' Company

Wish I had read these review prior to booking them, big mistake. Communication? Zero. Bond back? Nup, also a fail. Had to employ another cleaning company to finish the job. Pathetic. They didn't want to know about me once they had taken my money and done their attempt of cleaning.

I've lodged a complaint with the Board of Fair Trading

Paid in advance (first red flag) and cleaner just didn't show. After hours of emailing without reply (no number was provided. Second red flag), I was finally told the cleaner was running late and should be there about 5 hours late. This might have been excusable had we not already agreed that I would wait out the front of the house to let them in as I had already moved and needed to return the keys.

After a few more hours of emailing without reply they agreed to send through a refund. That was 3 days ago and I've yet to hear another word from them.

I've lodged a complaint with the Board of Fair Trading here in NSW but if anyone has any other suggestions on how to get my money back from these scam artists.

If I could leave no stars, I would.

The company states they will not confirm a time with you, they had confirmed my booking for Monday and when I said my partner will be at the property to review the job and pay them they advised they can not confirm they will be there and I must hide the payment inside the property. I advised I wasn't happy with leaving money without seeing the work first to which I received a reply email stating that they were now mysteriously booked out but they had already confirmed my booking, obviously dodgy setup.

Waste of time - do it yourself

I wish I could select 0 stars but that function is not available.

Had an end of lease clean done for a 1 bedroom flat. When I came to meet the cleaner, I seriously thought he was a drug addict hanging around the place (there's a drug rehab centre a block away. He was nice enough though (despite the torn, dirty clothes and the DESPERATE need for a shower) and I thought I'd give him the benefit of the doubt. Wish I followed my instincts - end of lease inspection came around and basically nothing had been done. Skirting boards were dusty, shower was not cleaned, benches weren't wiped down and the mirrors were DIRTIER than before. Not sure what he did for the four hours he was there but it certainly wasn't anything to do with cleaning. Was told by the real estate agent that it had to be re-cleaned (fair enough, I would have done the same).

Called the company to complain and was told that we had to talk to the cleaner directly because technically the contract of sale is not with them (what rubbish). When it came to getting the guy to come back and clean it again he said he didn't have time to do it so bad luck. He did refund MOST of our money - $100 went towards the time he spent doing it already so we only got $300 back. So much for bond back guarantee.

Ended up having to come there and clean it again myself. Absolute waste of time and energy. Choose anyone else but these fools.

Worst Clean Ever And Most Unprofessional Service

Do not use this company. This is the worst service I have ever received. We paid the money in advance as we were busy with work. When we returned to the apartment, the place was a complete mess. Cobwebs still present, grease marks in the kitchen, skirting boards and plug sockets still filthy, walls had not been cleaned, nor the inside of the wardrobes. We had to spend a day ourselves cleaning to ensure we received our bond back. When I approached the cleaner [name removed], who also appears to be the Operations Manager, he advised we would not receive a cent despite providing evidence with pictures and that he would happily take it to court. Disgusting service, they are not even worthy of 1 star.

Very average service

This cleaning service was extremely average. The communication was terrible and mis-advertising cost me alot. I was charged more than first agreed because of technicalities the cleaner made up. If there is an advertisement for a 3 bedroom house cleaning that should be it's cost. Again, the main reason i was unhappy about the service, other than the exuberant cost was that the cleaner was rude and not a good communicator. He spoke another language in front of me to his colleague and made me feel as if i were quite silly.
I would not recommend their service.

Liar, Worst Cleaning Ever!!!

Didn't turn up to the 1st schedule, really hard to contact them and to get a call or email back! They came back to do the cleaning and it was terrible! The last inspection report from property manager was really bad, so we end up cleaning our self!!! They refused to refund us and we had to give the key back to the property manager 2 days later, which cost us and extra rental fee. The only contact we have is " name removed] " most likely a fake name. I am taking it further as I want a refund. If anyone want to join me please contact me!

Painful experience

To sum up, this was a painful experience. The initial contact was via email, they gave the cheapest quote, $429 with carpet cleaning for a 4 bedroom place. They asked me to respond to their quote with the address to book it in. I responded and received no confirmation. I then called them several days later to ask if they'd actually received my email and they said yes it was booked in and the area manager would call me closer to the time. They then called approximately 2 weeks before the scheduled date to cancel as the area manager had had personal issues. They were very apologetic and I understood. I then shopped around for another bond cleaner, booked another one in and then Bond Back Cleaners phoned again to say they now had someone to do the clean again. So I canceled my new booking and took Bond Back Cleaning up on their offer. Took about a week for the area manager (we lived in Brassall) to contact me himself to confirm. They arrived a bit late on the day (there were 2 of them). The real estate went in the next day and came back with a few issues. We forwarded this list to the bond cleaners who again, did not respond via email so I had to phone them to confirm they got it. The man on the line said he had forwarded the email to the area manager (how hard is it to just respond to an email to at least tell me they got it?!). It took 2 days to hear from the area manager. On the day they said they would come back out, they had to pick up the keys from the real estate. Again, they failed to turn up on time. I called them and they said they were still at a job in Brisbane and would be out in about an hour. Two hours later the real estate phoned me to advise that they still had not picked up the keys. I phoned the area manager (whose number I wasn't supposed to have but had from some correspondence at the time of the original clean), and got a very vague response about him getting there. Annoyed, it took an angry phone call to the direct phone line to get action. They arrived late, stayed about half an hour (my partner watched them around the corner) and then left without confirming they had attended. I would not recommend them and was very annoyed at how stressful a simple bond clean was

The worst service i have EVER had

Really unhappy with the results - had to hire another company to do the clean and steam clean of carpets again - Unable to get a refund or compensation of any sort so it cost me twice as much and a lot of stress.. Do NOT hire this company as you will be very disappointed

Think this is a hoax company, do not use

Agree with every other rating, worst job ever. Needed 2 recleans as didnt pass inspection and my house was ALWAYS spotless. Difficult to get on phone, dont call back when they say they will, sound fishy on the phone, tried looking for their website again to report them to ASIC and it looks like it has been taken down.....

Worst cleaning company ever.

OMG. Do not use this company. I had a Groupon voucher which cost about $250 for a clean worth about $600. It cost me an extra $80 for a window clean which was very good, but only other thing they cleaned was the oven. The bathrooms and kitchen bench were not touched and window sills left filthy. The rude person on phone when I complained told me that Real Estate agent needs to complain or too bad for me. I think this company may actually be a HOAX. If not, they should not still be in business. Buyer Beware !!!

Dont use this so called company!

Bought vouchers off Groupon, booked with bondbackcleaning a week in advanced, gave them the correct address and precise location, the day they were meant to do the end of lease clean which was the day our lease ran out, they didn't show up because the cleaner thought it was in Brisbane when I precisely said when I booked it, it was on the gold coast and I had to call them and ask where they were! Nothing but an unreliable and crappy business! Surprised they still have money to be able to run it! Luckily Groupon refunded my money!

OMG do not use this company!!!!

Received a written quote for $480. Came to house and wanted $550.00. Did not get a proper receipt. Had to call back 3 times to get house cleaned properly. Told them oven wasn't cleaned at all, response was which oven? Told them the only one in the house. Real estate company called me and complained about the cleaning. Told them cleaning company was a nightmare to deal with and would come back and do the cleaning myself. What a waste of money and time.

Did not clean anything. Ruin my wall. Lost my entire bond

Bond back cleaning, what a mockery! They take your money first as claim to be " company's policy". They don't want you to be there as you will stop them from cleaning. Well I wish! No visible sign of cleaning, plus ruin my wall. Boss of cleaners claimed that there will be 2 people clean for 4 hours. I came back to my house after 1 hour, no one was there. Basically they just took my money, spray some Sh!t in my wall, then go to the next victim. This business should be shut down.

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Questions & Answers

Is this the company? It's kind of hard to tell. My review has been left on this page which looks similar but I'm not sure? http://www.bondbackcleaners.com.au/bondcleaners
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Hi Gigi, that is definitely their website (and I was in Canberra). Save yourself stress and money by doing it yourself. Jim's Cleaning is also very good and consistent but they have to see your place first to give you a quote. Bond Back Cleaning will choose a cleaner to do the clean for you from their list of contacts in the area. Be warned - if there are any issues with the clean (which there definitely was with ours) then the company will say they have nothing to do with it because the agreement (verbal) is between you and the cleaner. It is very difficult to get any money back or for the cleaner to come back and do your clean if they did a crap job. Good luck!!!

Has anyone been able to get any contact numbers other than the 1300 numbers? I want to take my complaints higher
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0499610107 0468931664 This guys are some bunch of cheater....0415865358 Adam.... Total crap! Did you end up taking it further? I just lodge a coma in with ACCC...

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