Love it!

Love my new bakery boss. Makes cakes like a boss for real! Great for all cakes dough etc. Has made my life easier in the kitchen! Love the scraper.. Great for icing. And the light too!

Purchased in December 2018 at Myer Retail Stores for $369.00.

Build Quality
Value for Money
Ease of Use
Cleaning & Maintenance
Noise Level

Not great, returned and bought a Kitchenaid

Started off really great but within weeks it started making louder sounds struggling to knead dough. It was deemed faulty and Breville arranged for a replacement. The replacement had a fault in the head of the unit so it was returned for a refund, I didn't try for a third.

I ended up buying a Kitchenaid and I am more than happy with that one. Incidentally, the Kitchenaid doesn't have a splashguard but manages to keep contents in the bowl, whereas this mixer threw a lot out even with the splashguard on which made quite a mess.

What did attract me to this particular Breville model was it's high wattage, but what I learned is that this means little if the motor isn't up to scratch.

Aesthetically this unit looked great, it just didn't deliver on what it is designed to do.

Purchased in May 2018 at David Jones Retail Stores for $300.00.

Build Quality
Value for Money
Ease of Use
Cleaning & Maintenance
Noise Level

Absolutely love it !

Wanted a stand mixer and narrowed it down to Breville Bakery Boss. Mainly because it’s Australian and any problems can go direct to Breville service centre. Really did want the BEM825 as had the 2 bowls. Very apprehensive considering so many negative reviews concerning the “useless” small metal bowl and ineffective scraper beater. Expecting the worst, 1st thing I beat 2 egg whites and WOW light and fluffy with no residue in the bottom of the metal bowl. Next I creamed butter and sugar with scraper beater . Again WOW amazing. No need to stop and scrape down the sides. Did EXACTLY what was promised. Am so relieved, excited and extremely happy with this machine. I just don’t know why others are having issues. I’m not a professional cook/baker but do know my way round the kitchen. Have used it every day for over a week . Made cakes, meringue, bread without 1 single issue. Absolutely love it and highly recommend.

Date PurchasedDec 2018

Total Fail - machine and Breville Service

Impulse purchase - big regret. Upon using the BEM825 (RRP$749AUD) for the first time to make pavlova, using four XL egg whites, I found the whisk attachment did not do anything more than tickle the top of the egg whites. I tried the large glass and small metal bowl - same non-result. I attached the 'scraper' paddle that Breville brags about ad found it also did not come within millimetres of the bowl, let alone actually come in contact in order to do its job of scraping "so you don't have to'. Breville Service Centre advised that 'that's the way it is' and suggested I take it back to the store if I didn't like it. I see in other reviews that Breville SC had suggested taking this model in to 'be adjusted'. BSC lady thought this was strange but I could if I wanted to - no offer of doing so under any sort of warranty. Totally unhelpful and off-handed, like there had never been a problem with this model and they had not had feedback before. I mentioned that my machine attachments didn't look like the video and photos of this machine at work, and was not fit for purpose - no other response than 'take it back.' I will be calling back after the new year to speak with the manager.
Such a poor design flaw in a machine that promised so much. GLad I still had my Kenwood on hand as this saved Christmas Lunch.

Date PurchasedDec 2018

Disappointing product with equally disappointing customer service.

Let me start off by saying that I have been using and loving my mother's Breville Scraper Mixer that she has had for almost 6 years at this point which is what lead me to purchase the new BEM825. I was under the impression that being a new and 'improved' version of my mother's, that I would love it just as much if not more...

After receiving my new machine in the post I unpacked it was blown away with how sophisticated and beautiful the mixer is but still with similarities to it's ancestral model. However, the first thing that became evident after attaching the whisk was that the clearance between the bottom of the bowl and the bottom of most (excluding the scraper beater) of the attachments was a good 1-2cms in both the glass and stainless bowls. I considered this to be insignificant because after all, this is a new model which is bound to be an upgrade to the older models right?

Wrong. I started off using the machine to cream butter and sugar which worked a treat for the most part and I can't fault the machine over that. It wasn't until I used the mixer to make meringue that I realized that there was a problem. I had used 4 large egg whites which sat in the bottom of the bowl hardly touched even when the mixer was at full speed. I figured that I was doing something wrong so in an attempt to finish my meringue, I increased the quantity of egg whites by 2 more. This time the whisk was able to touch the whites but was only whipping the small top portion and leaving whatever was left underneath still clear and untouched. I spend the rest of the afternoon trying out different quantities of ingredients, different attachments and the two different bowls but still with no luck. Furthermore, I began to realize that the tilt head - when tilted- had some resistance and made a loud clunk when pulling it up into it's lock position. Something that the older model certainly DID NOT do.

Exasperated, I then proceeded to contact Breville's customer service number where I got a surly woman who, after realizing she couldn't blame the machine fault on user error, proceeded to tell me that if I only wanted to whip 4 egg whites, then I would be better off to use a hand beater for the job as the machine needs large quantities to work... This comment made me ask myself why I had even bothered buying a stand mixer if these machines were only ever good for recipes in bulk. As a small home cook, not many of my baking recipes call for whipping more that 4 egg whites at a time so her solution to the problem only began to frustrate me more. The last straw was when I mentioned to her the issue with the tilt head making a horrendous noise and her response was - 'Oh, yes that's meant to make that noise, it's quite common...' I hung up.

After the phonecall I decided to do my own research online to see if these issues where a common trend within this machine and I was shocked to find that many people had encountered the same problem. I even saw a review stating the same clearance problem between attachment and bowl to which a Breville official explained that it was due to the discrepancies of manufacturing of the glass bowls that the clearance has to be so high to eliminate the risk of chipping the glass when the attachments were in use. Which makes me wonder - why would Breville change a perfectly wonderful design and functionality of a once great machine only to accommodate a glass bowl which, may I add, is too heavy and impractical to use on a daily basis anyway! I thought it was strange that if this is a design change that is apparently known to Breville officials, why is it I needed to find this information out from an online review site and not from the mouth of a customer service agent working for the company? I believe that something like this needs to be completely transparent to a customer before purchasing a machine like this - especially if they plan on actually using it and not putting it on the counter as a decorative piece...

Luckily for me I was able to exchange it (at a store who were much MUCH better at customer service) for a Kitchenaid which actually functions as an at-home stand mixer by whipping, creaming and kneading all very beautifully! I'm just incredibly disappointed with both product and service I received through Breville which is a shame because all other products I have through them currently and throughout the past are wonderful.

I apologize for such a lengthy review but I would like to just inform anyone who is thinking about purchasing this machine about my experience and hopefully save anyone from the drama I had to endure. Especially if you are looking at an all-round machine for non-commercial SMALL homecooked recipes - perhaps look into Kitchenaid instead.

Date PurchasedJul 2018

Disappointed with the 'bonus' stainless steel bowl.

I purchased this brand and model because it had the second bowl. I thought this would be great for whisking egg whites to fold into cakes or making small batches of macarons. Like other reviewers, I found out the whisk doesn't come close to three large egg whites in the bowl and just touches the top of 4 whites (approx = or >120 mls). Reading Brevilles reply to a similar post, I am reluctant to take it to a service agent for adjustment as it then may not work with the glass bowl, so for the moment I have cut a disc of rubber to put under the bowl to lift it. Obviously I then have to hold the bowl in place as it won't lock in, so can't multitask while the egg whites are whisking. Very disappointed in this aspect of the machine, but love it if using the glass bowl. Breville should be redesigning the stainless steel bowl and replacing it.

Date PurchasedDec 2017

Impressed then disappointed

I bought this machine in September and have used all components now: scraper, whisk, beater and dough hook. I was impressed with the speed the machine got the job done, very effective. It labours a little with the maximum bread dough ingredients but a little less than maximum and it kneads it quickly and easily.
Overall I would be extremely satisfied with the machine however I was saddened to find that the smaller stainless bowl does not sit high enough for the attachments to mix ingredients which was a huge disappointment after experiencing the speed and effectiveness using the glass bowl. The large glass bowl works well but is unwieldy and very heavy to scrape batter into a cake tin and a smaller bowl is far more practical for those quick, small batches. I wanted a machine with two bowls which is an advantage for cooking anything where egg whites are whisked separately and folded in at the end like a sponge cake. If the mixer worked with the stainless bowl Breville would have an excellent product. As is I would say it is OK as it advertises a mixer with two bowls but only one works with the machine.

Date PurchasedSep 2017

Makes mixing so much easier

I bought this mixer in July 2017 to replace my hand mixer. I was making marshmallow using the hand mixer which is very hard on my arms, wrists etc. The Breville has a powerful motor which has made making marshmallow, beating butter cream & making fabulous pavlovas so much easier. The scraper/beater makes mixing so much easier as I don't have to stop to scrape the sides. As I don't make any doughs I can't comment on the efficacy of this attachment. With 2 different sized mixing bowls all my needs are catered for. I love my Breville mixer.

Date PurchasedJul 2017

Unable to whisk egg whites

I tried to whisk 2 egg whites however the whisk attachment doesn't even touch the egg whites in metal bowl. I phoned Breville and was told that the eggs had to be 50 grams each. So I tried 4 egg whites. It does whisk the top of the egg whites but after a few minutes there is still liquid egg white at the bottom because the whisk attachment is well above the bottom of the bowl. I gave up and used my hand held beater. There should be discussion of this in the manual. I view this machine as not fit for purpose.

Date PurchasedDec 2018

Perfect except.....

Impossible to whip 2 egg whites or whole eggs in metal bowl as contact barely/not made with whisk. Most everyday cakes require 2 eggs. I purchased the BB to replace handheld mixer and save my wrists. I will try beating 2 egg whites in the big, HEAVY glass bowl. Glass bowl is great for 12 egg white angelfood cakes, bread dough, etc.

Date PurchasedSep 2017

brilliant ...but dont expest response from breville

brilliant machine. . glass bowl whips up 2 egg whites fast... bread dough is faultless..pasta dough.. faultless.. in fact everything beats up beautifully making all tasks a breeze. scraper beater works perfectly.
HOWEVER... the metal bowl is a waste. I wanted to use it so the glass bowl doesn't get chipped. supposed to be able to do small batches in the metal bowl. BUT the whisk doesn't even touch the 3 egg whites on the bottom nor does the dough hook even begin to mix 200g flour and a cup of water.
I have tried to call breville but was on hold till my phone went flat. I tried to email but no response.
I also found that you have to turn it on then off then on again to start it working.

Date PurchasedAug 2017
Thanks joy671 for your feedback and apologies for the delay in response. Regarding the issues you’ve highlighted, firstly all BEM825 accessories have been designed to operate safely with the Glass Bowl, there should be no concern of chipping the glass under normal operation of the Mixer. For the smaller stainless bowl, this has been designed to whisk at least two egg whites, approximately 60mL. Through testing we discovered whisking a low volume of egg whites will take longer in the small stainless bowl than in the glass bowl. So we suggest to possibly try whisking with the small bowl for a longer period to achieve a soft peak. Also ensure egg whites are fresh and at room temperature for best results. The difference in timing is due to the whisk wire clearance to the stainless bowl wall. This is greater than the clearance to the glass bowl wall, therefore less wire is submerged in the egg white. Breville needed to accommodate the glass manufacturing process, which is dimensionally less accurate than the stainless steel manufacturing process. The difference in clearance allows for the whisk to be safely used with a smaller tolerance glass bowl, without risk of contact. Unfortunately this means the whisk sits relatively higher within the small stainless bowl. For dough in the small stainless bowl, the same issue applies as the whisk, a greater clearance between the accessory and the bowl wall. For the dough quantities stated, try combining ingredients with a spatula initially for a 'rough' dough, then fit the dough hook to commence the kneading process. A standard dough (700g-1Kg) should not require pre-mixing however. We appreciate your feedback and raising these concerns.sorry you are missing the point...in the steel bowl... the whisk does not even touch the 2 egg whites AT ALL.( my chooks lay big eggs) doesn't even move them with the breeze it creates on full speed... the dough hook doesn't even touch or move the 200 gm or even 300gm of flour with a cup of water.. AT ALL.. the whisk and hook don't go anywhere near THE BOTTOM of the bowl. I thought the smaller bowl was designed for smaller batches.. I know the glass bowl wont chip while mixing but it will in the sink if knocked around the top edge when tipped upside down to dry... less use =less chance of damage so I don't want to use it unless I do big batches... please forward an email address and I will send you a video of the failure to mix... I am not complaining about the mixer.. with the glass bowl its great... BUT the steel bowl is useless and I can prove it to you. also you didn't reply to why I have to turn it on then off then on to get it to work...Hi joy671, thanks for further outlining the issue. Your description of the Whisk and Dough Hook not contacting ingredients in the small bowl ‘at all’ is a concern and should not be occurring. The Mixer Head Assembly angle may require adjustment; your BEM825 will need to be assessed by a Breville service agent for this. Please contact Breville customer service on 1300 139 798 for information on your nearest agent. Also note, adjusting the Mixer Head will also increase contact between the Scraper Beater and Glass Bowl, which may result in slightly more head movement. Your service agent should also check for this. We apologise for the inconvenience this has caused you. Regarding your question on speed control, this is a safety mechanism designed so that your Mixer will not potentially run at high speed immediately when power is returned to the unit. This is also the case after the Timer has counted down. Breville recommends returning the Control Dial to the ‘Off’ position after use.

Makes baking a breeze

This is a fantastic unit. It makes bread dough without a hitch; doesn't get stuck or miss ingredients at the bottom of the bowl.
The scraper attachment works wonderfully for batters; the whisk attachment is great for egg whites or whipping cream.
Since having a baby this has really helped for me to continue baking. It makes all the beating, scraping, whisking and kneading dough an absolute breeze.

Date PurchasedDec 2016

Nice machine but the scraper not great for glass bowl which is not dishwasher safe

My 5yo sunbeam cafe series attachments broke so after much reading & then good sale prices I prevaricated between kMix & BM825. After the Sunbeam's pluses I enjoyed like the Pause I opted for the latter. (In looking at the much desired kMix attachments I thought I didn't need them anyway eg- I'm not going to make sausages). BMs 2nd bowl was desirable & it looked like the beaters were better shaped to the curvature of the glass bowl than the kMix. So got it home & was surprised that with the glass bowl removed from the machine it was the same weight as the sunbeam - 7.5kgs so +ve is it's easy to move around -ve would be whether it would be stable with dough. For first go I made some simple cookies 1/2c butter 1/2 sugar. I found the scraper is no good with the glass bowl. It pushes all the mix up the sides & rattles!! I never had to scrape down in the sunbeam. So while the instruction booklet said do not cream for more than a few minutes it took ages as I had to scrape maybe 10 times. It also rattled - the groove attachment for the scraper is too large so there is too much give and the scraper doesn't scrape the bottom of the bowl effectively. I am so disappointed. I transferred the mix to the smaller metal bowl and the scraper worked as it should though it still rattled.
Now most surprising is that in this day and age the glass bowl isn't dishwasher safe - what??!!!! didn't say that on the box and definitely a major negative.
In summary
-has a timer & pause but it only relates to pausing the timer - you have to manually turn the dial to pause (the Sunbeam's was irrespective of timer - ie during mix could hit it with your elbow to chuck an egg in & hit it again to start) so I feel the BMs is only a half positive.
- two bowls - one nice small metal, one large glass - nesting only relates to storage. The glass bowl fine for microwave but not dishwasher safe. Half positive again.
- scraper beater is supposed to be optimal with glass bowl w no scraping involved. It actually pushed the mix to the top of the bowl & I had to continually scrape the mixture from. The scraper worked well with small bowl.
- the scraper rattled in place but otherwise seemed more sturdy plastic than the Sunbeam -all the attachments seemed more sturdy.
- its comparatively light 7.5kg but glass bowl adds weight. So can easily be stored in cupboard.
I feel like they have copied good bits from other machines & tried to improve on them but not always successfully.

Date PurchasedSep 2017

Amazing power

I bought this because i didn't had enough money to buy a Kitchen Aid. but after using it i realised its way better than a kitchen aid. it's not only cost less than a kitchen aid it works better than a kitchen aid. the scraper mixing bowl option will save you lot of time. because of this option, you don't have to worry about keep looking into the bowl and constant mixing. i dont have enough words to say how amazing this mixer is.

Date PurchasedJul 2017

Mighty Muscle Power Of The Breville Bakery Boss.

I've been procrastinating for months now. I need a new mixer. I've moved into bread making with a passion and my 40 year old Kenwood was starting to complain. It's been a fantastic machine all the way but I need more grunt, more power, stronger engine for bigger loads and a bigger bowl. Thought hard about the new Platinum Kenwood, but when looking at it in the store although it had "Engineered in Britain" and "Designed in Britain" plus a Union Jack all attached to the side of the machine. The box it comes in tells the truth. It's made in China! That deception really put me off buying it. Lots of the cooking shows are using The Kitchen Aid Mixer for their contestants and I thought hard about buying it. Great time of year to make a purchase, but I just couldn't feel any warmth when I looked at it. Then my toaster failed and I set off to Harvey Norman's at Aspley to buy a replacement and whilst there I looked at the Breville Bakery Boss and I just knew it would be coming home with the new toaster. Have a really good look at this machine if you're in the market for a mixer which can do anything. It goes from being a delicate Ballet dancer, to an underground mining construction worker! At the same time it looks exquisite, well made and begging to help me become a super duper baker, pastry maker, pavlova expert and an all round great cook! Yeah!!!! Only had it for one week and so far made 3 loaves of bread, and 24 muffins and have plans for a lot more baking next week. It's brilliant at kneading the dough. Has a timer on the side which will count up or count down. I just let it run and it counted up to the eight minutes I wanted it to knead. The dough was perfect! The machine comes with two bowls. A humongous class bowl for big heavy loads and a beautiful stainless steel one for pavlovas and cake mixes. There are four mixers. The dough hook which I'll be using a lot. One which creams and has a soft edge for getting all the mix from the bowl. A whisk which has about twice as many stainless steel tubes for getting much more air into meringues than my Kenwood and a beater for normal to heavy mixtures. There's even an up market plastic spatular included. There's also a lid which fits on either of the two bowls to keep them clean while "The Boss" is sitting on my bench beckoning me to come use it. There are heaps of helpful tips in the instruction book. I'm not sure but I bet a woman has had a hand in the design of this beautiful machine! On the Breville.com site there are heaps of recipes designed to compliment this machine and I'm going to try out most of them. The only downfall I can see with owning this great Breville machine is that I might have to be very careful not to gain weight! I'm a very happy customer with a beautiful new mixer. It's getting 10 out of 10 from me.

Date PurchasedJun 2017

2 faulty machines!

I ordered a bakery boss had it delivered and it seemed to be really noisy, took it into the shop and compared to the demo and mine definitely didn't sound right. Revived a new machine only to get it home to have the same thing happen. It's so noisy it sounds like it's going to die any minute.

Date PurchasedMay 2017

This should last a loooog time

After considering several Mixers (Kenwood, Kitchenaid, etc) I decided to go with Breville BEM800 as it seemed good value for money. However, I was not happy with it. After a few use it seems to get noisy and also shake a lot. Maybe I got a dud or perhaps that’s just how it’s designed. After reporting my concerns to Breville I was advised to exchange it for a new one as I had only just purchased the item. I too it back to The Good Guys and they agreed to swap it over for a new one. But I never felt confident the BEM800 would last the distance so I paid an extra about $200 to get the BEM825. I was really happy I made this decision. I feel I really got a lot for the extra $200+. Not only I got a mixed with a more powerful motor, but this model has all metal gears, a more sturdy construction (no shaking) and you get a few extra accessories too. And of course this model gives me the peace of mind that it may actually last a long time. I have used it several time over the last few weeks and I absolutely love it. I feel I could not have bought a better mixer. Granted the BEM825 does not have the features for add on additional functionalities (like Kenwood or Kitchenaid does for a similar priced model) but I just wanted a good quality mixer that I felt was built for the job and I feel I got what I wanted in the Breville BEM825. I highly recommend this model if anybody is considering buying a quality mixer.

Date PurchasedJul 2016
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Hi Timmy - thanks for your comments. The Breville team

Bakery in my house

I had a Breville BEM400 Mixer for 10 years still going strong but felt I needed one of the newer ones. So I chose Breville The Bakery bossBEM825. Used it for the first and my cake was finished and in the oven in half the time beautifully mixed. Dough hook, whisk, flat beater, Scraper beater, spatula. lovely Glass bowl, smaller stainless steel bowl and a light above the beaters. as well as a timer. So professional looking Sour Cherry color pride of my kitchen bench. I gave my other Breville mixer away to a friend who only has a hand held mixer. Thanks Breville once again.

August 5th 2018 Update: Update since 2016

My Bakery Boss BM 825 is now 2 years old I have used the small Stainless steel bowl only in that time and find it has mixed perfectly( I usually mix up cakes, pastry at least twice a week)I have only used the glass bowl about 2 times in 2 years. I admit it is a bit heavy but as I am male can manage it alright. In fact I whipped up 2 egg whites in the small stainless steel bowl just this morning no trouble at all. As the cake recipe required 2 bowls for mixing. I may use the glass bowl a little more frequently now. Thanks Breville.

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Hi Masterchef - thanks for your comments. The Breville team

Questions & Answers

Is there a small bowl and whisk compatible with the Ben 825bal to whisk cream and small amounts. Diane
1 answer
No. This machine's whisk does not reach the bottom of the bowl at all, so only larger amounts can be worked with. I couldn't whisk 4 egg whites for a pavlova. Breville's response - use a hand whisk.

Whats the difference between BEM 823 and 825? Is it just two bowls versus one or are they different machines?
1 answer
They are exactly the same machine and you are correct that the only difference is the 2 bowls. I opted for the 825 to get the 2 bowls and can say I rarely use the glass bowl due to its size. The metal one is more convenient for my normal day to day baking. Haven’t had any of the issues with the metal bowl re disparity of distance between whisk and bottom of the bowl. Perfect mixer. You can easily purchase an additional bowl if needed from nearest breville factory outlet. They fit both machines.

Can bowls used for bem800 be used for bem823/825?
1 answer
BEM800 Bowls are compatible with the BEM823 & 825, however all accessories have been optimized for use with the BEM823/825 Glass Bowl. Please also note BEM800 Accessories cannot be fitted to a BEM823/825. The Breville Team

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