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Bridgestone Dueler A/T 697

Bridgestone Dueler A/T 697

3.8 from 137 reviews

Second set but not happy

My first set of tyres were very good and I put 70,000 kms on them with probably 5000 kms left, I towed my 2000 kg caravan 30,000 kms and no problems, even when the tread was get low they felt pretty safe on wet bitumen. I didn't hesitate to buy another full set of 5 tyres in preparation for a trip to the Flinders Rangers, the new set preformed well on and off road, when the tyre reached about 35,000 kms I noticed the tyres had lost there grip on wet bitumen, I have preserved with them and now the tyres have 68,000 kms and probably still 15,000 kms left on them ( 10,000 km 5 tyre rotation) they have become deadly in the wet. Bridgestone always set my tyre pressure to 40 psi for every day driving, I have lowered the pressure to 35 psi to see if that would help with traction but no it hasn't helped, the tyres are so scary in the wet I'm getting rid of them and changing brands. I honestly wouldn't recommend these tyres because I consider them outright dangerous after some wear. Going to give Toyo AT 2 ago. Bridgestone has lost my business.

Purchased in May 2016 for $1,050.00.

Build Quality
Value for Money
Noise Level
Tyre Mileage 68,000 km
Car ModelNissan Patrol Y61
Tyre Pressure Used40 PSI
Off-Roading FrequencyYearly
Wet Weather Handling
Dry Weather Handling

Good Tyre

Run on a fleet of rangers px / pk's
my px with tool boxes 4wd
there are a good all round tyre
Only get the LT. ........ ( seen the others crack between the tread blocks )
Hard wearing tyre due for set number 3 @165k km
Horrible to drive on in the wet when >5mm very hard and slippery ( but it is wet so drive to conditions)
personally not a bad choose in a very competitive market for this style of tyre
would i bet again 50/50 but more than likely... would come down to cost against others

CarPx Ranger with tool boxes

110,000 kms out of one set, but then the shakes in the new set.

OK, so, I've been a long time user of the D697 in the LT variant.

First fitted a set of 245/70/r16 to a 2015 model MN Mitsubishi Triton. Car had about 80,000kms on it at that stage, and I was happy with the tyres, so when I traded the vehicle at around 120,000km I had the tyres swapped over. The new vehicle was a 2015 MN Triton. So both 4wd, both Manual.

That first set I managed to get 110,000 kms out of ... semi regular rotations, and wheel alignments. I'm not a 5 or 10,000 km habitual tyre rotator. They get done when I feel it needs a wheel alignment.

So, happy with the original D697, I opted to get another set. Oh boy, bad move.

From the first drive out of the tyre fitter (Bob Jane) the car didn't feel right, and as soon as up to 80 kmh it would shake. Car went back in total 11 times to get, at first the wheel balance correct, and then the wheels rotated, replaced, and finally at another T-Mart a full new set of tyres, alignment and balance. This final replacement set is way better, but at 105-107kmh the vehicle starts to shake / vibrate and by 110 - 115 kmh (per speedo, which is actually just under 110kmh per GPS) the car has a really weird 'harmonic' out of balance, shake / vibration.

Bridgestone has said tyres are "in spec" and have wiped their hands now. So too Bob Jane.

I am very very disappointed I put these on my car again. I'm stuck now with this weird vibration until the tyres wear and I replace them. I strongly recommend you avoid these tyres.

Having recently had tyres fitted to my wife's car at Jax Tyres, it was an interesting discussion about the D697 and the problems they were having with them. I asked about them out of curiosity and the Jax guys said they would fit them, but could not guarantee a smooth ride (so we put Michelin tyres onto my wife's car).

CarMitsubishi Triton MN (2005 and 2015) 4wd Manual

Best A/T tyre I have ever driven

Moving from H/T tyres that came on the car to A/T i was a bit nervous of on road noise and handling but was pleasantly surprised that the A/T 697 was actually quieter than the H/T. They handle extremely well in the dry. The H/Ts felt a fraction sharper in hard corners but the A/Ts do everything right. In torrential rain i pushed them really hard to see if they would let go and again i was pleasantly surprised. They are fantastic in the wet and dry. On the highway they feel luxurious. I never really understood the word "Comfort" when talking about tyres but now owning the A/T 697 i do. These tyres feel a little softer ride than the H/Ts. They absorb small pot holes a lot nicer and feel less abrupt than the H/Ts. They are much more comfortable to drive and offer a more comfortable ride for anyone in the car.

Off road these tyres do exactly what a good A/T should do. In the sand they are excellent, In the mud you have to spin them a bit to clean the mud but grip is pretty good. In the rocks they have surprisingly good grip.

In the past i have owned Dunlop AT3Gs, BFG A/T, Mickey Thompson A/T, Cooper A/T and these tyres out perform all of them. On my last car (PX Ranger) i put Dunlop AT3G on and they performed well compared to the H/T but were noticeably heavier than the OE tyres. This meant that the shock absorbers didn't really keep up so i had to go to a better heavy duty shock. I was particularly worried about this on the Amarok as i also changed sizes slightly going to a slightly larger size. I went from the original 255/60R18 to a 265/60R18 and was pleasantly surprised that the standard shocks still worked brilliantly.

Overall these tyres are fantastic. I will definitely buy these again.

CarVolkswagon Amarok V6

Love these tyres

I have these tyres on my Jeep and they are great onroad and just as good off road. Would recommend to anyone.
They are reasonably quiet on road and have really good grip in wet or dry. Good price and excellent service from the people at Bridgestone and great after sales service.

CarJeep Cherokee trail hawk 4wd

Great tyres, a bit noisy towards the end.

I have had 2 sets of AT 697s. First set were LT 245/65/16 on a Jackaroo. Great grip on wet and Dry surfaces. Off road were really good on all surfaces except Mud. No punctures.Ended up getting 75000kms out of them. (5000km tire rotations and 10000km alignment) Got noisy after halfway thru tread life.
Second set were P 225/65/17 on a Suzuki Grand Vitara. Again great grip on all surfaces except mud. Was told by tyre dealer that I should get 80000kms out of the set, but got a disappointing 45000kms. (5000km 5 tyre rotation, 10000km alignments) Recommend the Light Truck variant if
Longer mileage is a priority.
The P version also got noisy towards the end. Both sets when new collected a lot of stones in the tread. As the tread wore down this became less of a problem.

Car2003 Holden Jackaroo / 2012 Suzuki Grand Vitara.

Put through some of the harshest tracks Nanaturra Rd past Witenoom, Gibb to Mitchell Falls and Bungl

Put through some of the harshest tracks Nanaturra Rd past Witenoom, Gibb to Mitchell Falls and Bungle Bungles.
Not a single puncture, even with my 18" wheels.
Nanutarra Rd is harsh on tyres, sharp ore rocks all over, did the whole 240kms with only shallow slices, which were gone by the time i got to Broome.
Won't buy anything else, cheaper than BFG's, much quieter too.
Can guarantee most of the people saying they're noisey are running 10 year old vehicles and have never replaced the shock absorbers, which is destroying the tyres and causing noise after a while.
Replace your shocks people! It's not the tyres fault!
Also adjust tyre pressure and speed to conditions of road!
If you're still getting blow outs in 2018 you're either not doing the above or have something other than BFG or B/Stone.

CarLand Rover Discovery 4

Durable and Hardy Tyres

These have been on the hilux for five years now and still going strong. We don't do that many kms but we do get off road on the farm and they can end up getting over some pretty hairy roads. I am more than satisfied with the ride and performance of these and would buy the same in a heartbeat.

CarToyota Hilux

very long life

We've had these for three years and they still have loads of trip. We got them for a really great price but since then they have doubled in price but we would deffenatly buy those again as they have been great on our family car and lasted a super long time


Survived a flogging

These tyres have had a very hard life at our expense - we just got back from extensive trips in FNQ and they have been absolute champions and real survivors. I want sure at first but in time came to be really impressed. Road noise is not too bad and they have solid grip in all conditions. Have become very accustomed to them and would replace with the same

CarToyota Hilux

Been through hell and back

My god these tires have been a life saver they're durable af have been though the desert many times and while my friends tires popped or resulted in their cars being bogged mine got all the way through the desert (and back).
Only gripe is that they're a little on the expensive side but I guess that you pay for quality.

CarSubaru Forrester

OK Tyre

I have had these tyres for a while and hey have been good, No issues to date and wearing well. I am hoping to go off road soon and will sure get the feel form there. So Far so good so will keep an eye on them and hopefully get good mileage. I looked at https://www.tyrereview.com.au/reviews but the font have Bridgestone.. weird.


Bridgestone Dueler tyres

These are very good tyres with very good traction. They respond very well to the steering and brakes even in very wet conditions. I am using these tyres on a Toyota Rav 4 and they haven't disappointed me. They are also on the quite side on the bitumen which ia a plus. But I haven't noticed any fuel saving advantages as compared to previous tyres I have used.

Car2008 Toyota Rav 4

Couldn't be more happier

Got these tyres back in 2016 when it was a wet year as I was going to wait till the tyres I had originally had on it to wear just but I got sick of slipping and getting bogged as they were highway tyres.
So I ask a lot of mates around what they had on there 4x4 and most of them had Toyo Open Country AT. Priced around and KMart were the cheapest. So I went to order them and there was 6 week wait on them.
As I couldn't wait that long I asked what AT they can get, and the said the Bridgestone Dueler AT.
And iv had these on for 45000km and would still got 50% tread left.
I'm so happy with these as I live on a farm, I don't necessarily do 4x4 but I do go around the farm when it's wet and threw the creeks etc. They handle really well in all conditions mud, creeks, gravel roads.
For a tyre I wasn't going to get in 1st place I will definitely get again.
But make sure you rotate them every 10000km as that will help in the life of the tyre.

Car2015 Toyota Hilux SR5

Love them

At first it feels bumpy because brand new and the treads are trying to settle in . You will get use to it. As it wears in, its much smoother.
I feel safe with these tyres great grip on the roads.
I know they will last for a long time..


I love them

I had a really bad tyres and once i was driving and two of my tyres exploded because they were cheap but i went to the mechanic and asked him to put me the best tyres so he told me about bridgestone and I trusted him and now i love them they’re nice and strong thank u

Car2016 toyota corolla

Poor wear and noisy

I am onto my 3rd set of these tyres on my 2003 Prado. I got 70K kms from each of the last 2 sets. This set only gave me 38K kms and need replacing already. I am now finding them noisy from left rear, tought was a wheel bearing until reading here. Very disappointed now.

CarToyota Landcruiser Prado

Great gripping tyre

We had to replace our Spain tyre and decided to replace it with this tyre as they are a good price and have very thick rubber on the outer rims. They were also the closest to the originals we had on our car. Then later brought a new set and they look great on our ute. The only problem we had was having to get new rims to fit them.


Good long lasting tyres

Yes they are tyres durable. they impact really good on my commodore Ute because when I curry heavy stuff the tyres will hold they don't go flat quickly and they last a while. if you look after them they will last heaps long. go find some and try them. travels long distance good too

CarHolden Ute


Had these tires fitted to my px2 xlt ranger from new. have just gone over 75k and have been quite happy with their performance. Good grip on road and fairly quiet. Handled snow on gravel skifield access roads fine. Had 2 punctures in their lifetime. Would buy again, just waiting for next Bridgestone sale!

Car2015 px2 ford ranger xlt

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Questions & Answers

I recently had fitted and balanced 4 new Desert Dueler A/T 697 265/17 tyres to our Toyota 150 Prado. The car now shakes from 80kph thru to 110kph. The old tyres were the identical type but never made the car shake. Why do the new tyres cause the car to shake?
1 answer
TBH, I wish I knew so they could be fixed on my 4wd too. My opinion is there is a manufacturing fault but Bridgestone do not care enough to admit it. I had several sets on my Triton (trying to fix the problem) and was told the last set now on the vehicle were specifically tested and were 'in spec'. I'm so annoyed everytime I drive over 100kmh the whole car shakes. In spec BS.

Is it good on snow? And snow/mud terrains?
No answers

Is Dueller AT 697 suitable for Toyota RAV 4?
1 answer
I am sure there will be a size in the AT697 to suit a Rav4. 225/65/17 I think is the standard size you are after. Need to look at your tyre sticker that shows size, load and speed ratings for your vehicle.


Dueler A/T 697
Release dateMay 2012
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