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Budget Conveyancing

Budget Conveyancing

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Simple process gone WRONG!

Engage them when trading as Budget Conveyancing for a property purchase. Filled in names wrong on contract and bank rejected paperwork hence delaying settlement. Sellers lawyers charged extra which was passed on to me and had to foot the bill. Plus to rub salt in would, budget conveyancing had the cheek to charge us extra $250 for delayed settlement as blamed bank for not approving on time when the issue in the first place was due to the carelessness and mistakes. Do not use them or will recommend them to anyone. They never answer any phone calls and sent out rubbish automated emails which makes no sense! They have so many complaints and now work under a different name called Urban Edge Conveyancing but are the same MOB! WOnder how CASE allows this crook to still operate!! If you look up them website, its filled with fake 'testimonials' from 'customers' to scam customers which was how we were conned into using them. ABSOLUTE SCAM!!

Urban Edge Conveyancing- avoid at all costs

Mind boggling unprofessional service. Sent the Section 32 8 days prior to buying a home, spoke to [name removed] who informed me he would look over the Section 32 and reply within 48 hours. One week later, no email or correspondence whatsoever. 2 days prior to buying I called him again multiple times, left messages, and did not get a call back. Eventually he answered after 4 calls, and stated to call back in 8 hours-6.30pm. When I called, again he did not answer the call and did not return my voice message. I was so distraught I ended up having to arrange a new conveyancer an hour before the house went for auction. His business appears to be a complete sham.

Unprofessional, unreliable and full of excuses

I rang up Urban Conveyancing and explaining that I was selling my property and I required a section 32 asap and was told that it could be arranged by the end of the day so long as I filled out the company's questionnaire. I sent that off and within a few hours I received an email saying that I needed to pay half the fees immediately and my s. 32 would be sent out "when practical". I made the payment and then waited over a day to hear back and during that time I had contacted [name removed] at least 2 times to chase up the s.32 and was told it would be sent out in a few hours which was not the case. He then proceeded to send me a half arsed s.32 with missing information and after receiving this I decided to engage another organisation to handle my conveyancing. I informed [name removed] that what he had sent me was unacceptable and I will no longer be requiring his services, to which he replied "I spilled coffee on my computer which was why there was a delay" however when I contacted him twice that day he did not say anything except "I'll send it in a few hours." The next morning I receive another email from [name removed] and he had sent me someone else's s.32. Avoid this company at all costs they are unreliable, unprofessional and full of excuses.

Urban conveyancing Agree with others and save yourself the grief.

They have no clue of the law. They don't do what you ask and they are very quick to say yes to everything before you sign up. I'm writing this in an attempt to save someone the sleepless nights I have endured because of these people. Three failed settlements and a never ending story. They won't take calls or answer emails. They had to go to other companies to answer questions they didn't know. I would not use these people even if it was a free service was someone else's comment and I think that sums up my thoughts as well.

Worst conveyancer - waste of time and money!

Used these guys for my purchase and theyre very unprofessional.. Don't know what they're doing and when asked why they MADE SO MANY MISTAKES, received very RUDE CUSTOMER SERVICE. I don't know how this business is even in operation. Warning DO NOT USE they are a date of money and eventually had to hire another conveyanced to do the job


We used "Urban Edge Conveyancing" to do the conveyancing for our first home purchase and he was extremely uninformative through the entire process whose was frustrating but tolerable, when we went to pickup our keys from the realestate the day of settlement we were told to call our conveyancer as the sale hadn't gone ahead, when I called he said the transfer of land forms had been lost in the mail (we signed them in duplicate in his office so this is obviously a lie or else he'd just have used the spare) and he insisted that he had told us to re-do them and mail them to the other conveyancer, he then hung up on me and wouldn't answer my calls, he obviously checked his call records whilst ignoring me and realised he was wrong and had to drive 3.5hrs to hand deliver the documents that night. When we went to pickup the keys the next day and he had again moved the settlement back an hour and not notified us. Settlement then went through and he never contacted us again with any follow up information.
Through this proves we paid removalists to load then unload our furniture then reload again the next day at great expense to us as well as lose of wages now he won't even reply to requests for documents.
Arrogant, unprofessional, slimy scumbag! Avoid!

absolutely the WORST!!!

Avoid at all costs. This guy is a renowned con-man. His real name is [name removed]. '[name removed]l' is a fake name. He also runs company 'Urban Edge Conveyancing' which is nothing more than a website. He will pretended to have done some work and ask for part payment, then the money and the supposed work will disappear. The address he provides is a lie: he has no office there. He has stolen thousands from unsuspecting ppl then he disappears. Do not go near this guy!!!!

The worst conveyancer you can find. AVOID!

Over six months after settlement my transfer of title has not been lodged. I now need a lawyer to sort this mess out. Also trading as Urban Edge Conveyancing. The name used by the proprietor is a false name, Consumer Affairs Victoria lists his correct name and what appears to be his home address. Don't go near this.

Terrible service. Rude. Arrogant. Disrespectful. Fraud. Scam.

I had a property settlement done through them and it was a nightmare. Had mistakes in names in the land transfer document even after providing clear details prior via emails. They keep sending set template emails with no real value. In some instances they repeatedly ask for further info even when you have already provided to them earler. I did not have the final adjustment statement till the day before my settlement so I called him number of times with no response. Got hold of him on phone finally and he got angry for me calling repeatedly and hung up on me!!

After settlement found out that they have not made payments to council but they already gotdebited from my account. Now they wont respond to my emails or calls. Its a SCAM. Worst person and worst company.

Avoid at all costs.

They keep changing their company names - previously Budget conveyancing now Urban edge conveyancing also hear of MM Conveyancing. No office. No reply to emails. No call back to voice mails left on their registered contact numbers.

Poor and rude customer service

Very poor service. I have delayed my settlement by 5 days by his mistake. Me and my broker did all the work to organised settlement again. Now all parties are ready for settlement and bank and Vendor's solicitor are waiting for his booking. Still I didn't know how much is amount should I keep it in my account. After all these bad experiences I am decided to change the conveyancer and when I email him, he respond me with the invoice, and forcing me to pay the full amount with in 7 days, otherwise he said that he will take legal action. The only job I did was incomplete transfer of land. So many mistakes there and still not done the title of search. I am lodging a complain against him with Vic consumer affairs. I need someone to support me.


Budget conveyancing is the worst conveyancer service all all times.[name removed] is the head of that mad house
.Rude,disrespectful,no communication, will never return your calls or emails. I had to pay extra 2500 because of their mistakes....incomplete form,incorrect amount noted,even wrong address . FOOLS

Avoid at all costs!!

This company is absolute joke. Beware as they trade under 3 business names; Urban Edge Conveyancing, Budget Conveyancing, Melbourne Metropolitan Conveyancing (or mmconveyancing).
I requested their services over a year ago but fired them earlier this year due to their lack of attention and conduct. Since then the owner has refused to hand over any documents to my new solicitor. My property is about to settle and we still don't have any a contracts of sale or transfer of land documents.

Each time I call the owner hangs up on me. And last week when I called he yelled saying to never call him again. I then went to visit him at his office but there's NO office at this address!
I've contacted the developer of my property who have said they won't hand over any documents and we must go through our original conveyancer. It's all an absolute mess! I've lodged a complaint via Consumer Affairs and suggest you do also if you're having the same issues.
Complete scam!

Poor service and unhelpful team/ urban edge conveyancing

Never will we be doing business with urban edge conveyancing. We settled on land 3 weeks ago and emailed and phoned the team and [name removed] to send an itemised breakdown of fees involved at settlement. They kept on saying they will email it, after numerous calls and also paying a visit to the address it states no office is there. It is empty. Called up and asked them where their office is, the lady said the address and when we told her that we are in front of the office and the place is empty, she changed her voice and felt awkward. Then she came up with another address....something very weird. They are liars, not professional and don't deliver what they say. We are so disappointed in them that we will never return and also advice friends and family not to use this company. They got our business and so the books are closed when we ask for something we are entitled to have. Very very disappointed.

No customer service

Terrible Double Charged and still needed another conveyancer to fix and don't respond

Firstly they are incompetent and you need to pay someone else to fix their mistakes.
Next they charge you double the Amount quoted and force to make a payment prior to settlement and then took money out of settlement.
Then they ignore your emails and never seem to respond.
Before of after the settlement that gets delayed by them!!!

The Worst service ever!

Used this clowns for a property settlement a few months ago and still waiting on documents.Have now had to hire a lawyer to sort out the mess. They also go under the name of Urban Edge Conveyancing.

They are very prompt at trying to sign you up to their service, then it all went all downhill for us. E-mails, calls and messages ignored. And if they did answer the call they would hang up promptly as soon as they found out who was calling. They seem to have lots of time to keep updating their website with gloating reviews of their service, yet don't have time to service clients!

Plan to lodge complaints with consumer vic as think that they may have breached the conveyances act due to their lack of care and to pursue for loses via Vcat. If anyone else is lodging complaints against mob and would like to put a case together let us know. Perhaps time for a current affair even.

Surely conveyancing can't be this hard!

Use anyone else - it's impossible to get worse service

We hired Budget Conveyancing when we sold our house. This is the 12th home we have sold and have no super high expectations however the whole experience could not have been worse. I'll list some of the issues below.

The wrong name and address on the contract. Sent back for correction came back still not right. Told not to worry about it cross it out in pen.

Multiple emails and calls to get any response. Standard emails come out regularly which take no account of information previously supplied.

Charges for the section 32 and contract up front in advance and then conveniently forgets this and charges the full quoted price at settlement.

Has a real laissez faire attitude and takes complaints in their stride, possibly because they are used to it.

Still $60,000 out of pocket 9 days after settlement, unbelievable. Now cancelled his services and using the other parties solicitors to sort out the mess.

Had to ask five times for his final invoice and still to receive a full breakdown of his settlement distribution.

Seriously save yourself the greif and use anybody else. I wouldn't use them again if it was free. They have been known as MM Conveyancing, Budget Conveyancing and now Urban Edge Conveyancing. Why would you keep changing the company name ?
Absolutely nothing

Budget Conveyancing or Urban Edge Conveyancing - worst possible choice

Budge Conveyancing aka Urban Edge Conveyancing, was on the vendors' side for a private sale of property - he sparsely responded to our solicitor, hardly ever provided documents or information he promised. Ahead of the settlement, he failed to provide bank details in time (4 hours late) which nearly got the settlement date cancelled for the first time. Then he was late for the actual settlement by 15 mins which almost got the settlement postponed for the second time. Then he managed to get 3 out of 4 names on the transfer documents wrong. During the whole process, he caused delays and confusion. I can certainly not recommend working with him and would never do so again.

bad service, late

Budget conveyancing now called Urban Edge ConveyancingThis is the worst experience. as other's have

Our experience same as others, lost documents, late, forms fillled incorrectly, not picking up mail for a week. Must have phoney carlton address, but live in outer suburbs. Hangs up phone, short, no manners, untrustworthy, cannot and will not spend more than a couple of minutes on phone. Vendors, their solicitors and their estate agent said they have never worked with anybody so lacking in every area. Told our bank the day before settlement that he had forgotten next day was settlement. Only acted because we kept calling as he no dispursement. It was a 3 month settlement and did most stuff day before. We used him instead of doing it ourselves to save stress. He caused so many sleepless night. Please go elsewhere. Not cheap either costs for everthing, even we he loses them and fills them in incorrectly.

everthing was wrong. Totally incompetent.

Purchase of Land

The service was initially good to begin with then it took a while to get moving as different staff were handling the paperwork and so I didn't know who to speak to to get the ball rolling. It took a long time to settle. It has been over six months and still I'm waiting for the transfers of titles in our names. I had to organise the bills to come to my home address also. Yes it was cheap but you are better paying that bit extra to have peace of mind and no frustration or wasting time on your days off making phone calls.
Just about everything else

Very Disappointing

(Jan 2014)

Be aware of hidden charges!
In addition, very disappointing service as they didn't even do all the basic paper works such as notifying the authorities on the ownership change (water, body corporate)!
Finally, I had to pay penalty as some of the bills were overdue (They been sent to previous landlord) and very disappointing service when I called them and complained.
I was waiting for followup call from [name removed] and [name removed] for more than 5 weeks (and everytime they passed me to each others).

Finally, I had to call most the authorities to change the ownership and give them my address and paid more than $250 as a penalty of the overdue bills.

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